Summer Sale: Get The 2012 Motorcycle Racing Calendar At A Hefty Discount

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The 2012 motorcycle racing season is well past halfway, but there's still plenty of racing to be done. Planning your visits to the last races of the season is one reason to buy the 2012 Motorcycle Racing Calendar, but there are two more and even better reasons: The first is simply that it is an object of great beauty, featuring many of Scott Jones' breathtaking photos from the 2011 MotoGP and World Superbike seasons. The second is that you can now get the calendar at a very attractive discount, as we are selling the last few units for just USD $14.95,  ten dollars off the original purchase price. Hurry to get your copies now, before we run out, and you will have a racing souvenier you will treasure for years to come. 2012 Motorcycle Racing Calendar Front Cover

The calendar has a double-page spread for each month, with one of Scott Jones' fantastic photos above a month grid containing birthdays for most of the leading riders in the MotoGP, World Superbike, Moto2, World Supersport and 125cc classes. To help race fans plan their weekends, every MotoGP and World Superbike round is highlighted on the month grid for easy reference. Planning your race trip, viewing party or personal watching schedule has never been easier. As an added bonus, the center pages feature a double-page close up of the 2011 MotoGP World Champion Casey Stoner. 

This year's calendar is large (12" x 9.25", or 30.5cm x 23.5cm), and features an additional high gloss finish to make Scott Jones' pictures shine. The calendar is to be produced in a limited run, with no more to be produced once the calendar sells out. Calendars are priced at $14.95 US plus shipping and handling, though subscribers receive a massive discount of over 50% of the original price, and can order the calendar for just $10.95 plus shipping and handling. The discount is applied automatically if you order a calendar while logged in as a subscriber.

Calendar Layout

Below you can see a sample double-page layout. US readers should note that the calendar grid has been laid out with the week starting on Monday (European style). This is an explicit choice; the purpose of the calendar is to allow our readers to see the racing at a glance, and as the races are nearly always run on Sunday, it is much easier to see when a race weekend is if the calendar starts on Monday, rather than on Sunday (US style). In response to requests from last year's calendar, shading has been added to Saturday and Sunday, to make it clear from a distance that the weekend is at the far right-hand side of the grid. 2012 Motorcycle Racing Calendar - Monthly grid layout

Back page, complete with overview of all the photos shown on the calendar: 2012 Motorcycle Racing Calendar - Back cover


Technical details

24 pages + cover
12" x 9-1/4" finished (12" x 18-1/2" flat)
80 lb paper stock
5/5 Process Color + Ultra High Gloss varnish 
Folded, with a saddle-stitch and punched hole.

Price: USD $14.95
Weight: 175 g
Dimensions: 315 mm × 250 mm × 5 mm

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..... the standard of work for this calender is nothing less then breath taking.

Pure, fantastic, 100% #Moto_Porn of the highest standard.

I can see the

"Dear Santa .... I have been a good boy "

letter been written as we speak!

If you ever offer the calendar in a US-spec, with Sunday as the first day of the week, please make an announcement. I'll order the same day. As it is, I can't use a calendar that is laid out with Monday first--it is too confusing when glancing between a wall calendar and Google Calendar (especially when the calendar is stuffed with kid and adult activities on most days).

The photography will no doubt be stellar, and I hope you sell a metric ton of them.

I agree with the confusion... BUT, it makes it alot smoother when "RACING" is the purpose of the calendar.

I think it is great to put in the garage or another room(not to be used for your family activities).. if anything.. a great way to show your support of a website that has a lot of information on a sport we cannot get enough of..

My main reason for the purchase.. to continue the work of this site.. and to admire the stellar work of Scott Jones.

If anything.. buy to support.

I don't mean to say this to cause angst or issue. Simply letting you know that Google Calendar allows you to start the weeks on Mondays. it's in your preferences. So you could get the calendar and still have everything line up proper ;o).

use the calendar for anything, at $10.95 it's less than a buck a photo! Mine hangs nearby my desk at home and when the end of the year comes, I simply place it in a nearby drawer for safekeeping and reviewing from time to time. I've had them all and don't plan to stop. I couldn't allow it to be used as a "normal" calendar, that just wouldn't do ;)

I'm sure I'll probably be sent one since I'm a supporter of the site but will also be placing an order soon as I've got several race friends on my Xmas list that are going to get a wonderful surprise. What a freakin' bargain!!

We changed the way we handled the subscriptions, and now only offer the $40 subscriber package with huge discounts (10.95 vs 24.95 for the calendar) on merchandise. The administration and logistics of the system was too complicated to make it work properly.

However, all of the "old" subcribers will be getting an email in the next few days explaining what is going on. Everyone who signed up to the old package will be receiving a calendar in the mail.

So when can we expect the new shirts to come out, Old one is getting a bit worn now. (I know its not in the subscription) just wondered if and when ?

Calendars to "old" subscribers will be going out next week. And I hope to send the email as well very soon.

Yes. That's it exactly. I'll likely still make some sort of donation to the site, but the format of the calendar is a non-starter for me. Seriously.

First, thanks to everyone who has responded so positively to the calendar, and especially to our cherished repeat customers! It really means a lot to us that some of you buy the calendar every year, and this is one of the reasons we try to make each year's offering better than the previous one. 

We realize that starting the week on a Monday causes confusion for some who would otherwise like to enjoy the calendar, and will sadly continue to do so because, as I found recently on Wikipedia, "According to the Hebrew calendars, traditional Christian calendars and the Islamic calendar, Sunday is literally the "first day" of the week. According to the International Organization for Standardization ISO 8601 Sunday is the seventh and last day of the week." 

I believe it is the last bit that explains why we receive thanks from our European customers for the Monday to Sunday layout. We love to hear this as it helps offset the complaints from those who are riled by the layout.

Frankly, ISO 8601 certification is less of an issue than the fact that we are all about motorbike racing, and while we wish to upset no Hebrews, Christians or Muslims by starting the calendar on Monday, we do appreciate any and all who indulge our desire to make MotoGP and WSBK schedules as clear as possible. 

Trying to make the time that Steve McQueen called "just waiting" easily identifiable at a glance, we have added this year a background shade to Saturday and Sunday so we all know when that waiting is over and it's time to go racing. I hope this will ease the challenge created by years of looking at Sunday to Saturday calendars for those who think the benefits of our calendar may outweigh the Old Dog-New Trick aspect. 

This old dog has made the change, and I have iCal and Google Calendar set to start on Monday, not only to coincide with my wall calendar, but because it just makes more sense to me. And each year I hear from a handful of folks who have made the switch as well. I believe we have refunded one customer's payment as he was unable to do so, and I appreciate that he liked the content and the concept enough in theory to try.

So in summary, as I do every year, I can only offer our regrets that the way we've chosen to do this thing doesn't please everyone. But we still believe that this is the best format for a racing calendar wherin Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the focus and should be united. 

And as I began, we really appreciate those who adapt in order to support MotoMatters by buying the calendar. If it weren't for that suport, David and I wouldn't be doing what we do!

Love the calendar. Will be getting one again this year.

Thanks for sticking with the Monday - Sunday format too. And thanks for pointing out that I can change iCal & Google Calendar to match - I didn't know that!

I have just ordered my second calendar and being an Aussie am looking forward to seeing the World champion centre spread, for those that can't handle the layout, why don't you just buy it for the photos, take out the staples and just hang all the photos on the wall and buy maybe a woozie flowery calendar with your Sunday to saturday layout. I can't see that it makes a difference Its taken me till October to notice that I have both sorts of layouts hanging on various walls in my house and I must admit I consult Moto matters more often than the other ones. Keep up the great work on the site, its by far the best site for motogp.

david and scott,
i was an "old package buyer" that didn't get an email about this year's set up and was fooled by the statement at the top of page indicating we instead got a discount. please keep the money and only send one calendar. consider it a small "support us" contribution.
many thanks for all your amazing work and wish i could do more to support you.

We'll find some way to compensate you. New vs old subs will be sorted out soon...

This may lower the level of discourse somewhat, but the weekly start day of the calendar should not be an issue. It's akin to only using US Customary wrenches because the metric system is too much effort. The brain and its cognitive abilities are wonderfully adaptable. Try it for $14 and see how it goes.

If you're unable to figure it out then you will at least have an opportunity to review the photographs and give it away to someone that can read. Does anyone you know have small children? Their neural pathways won't be so inflexible.

I'm looking at mine now. It hangs side by side with my 'year at a glance' wall calendar and though they are different formats each is easy to read, especially with the shaded sections to indicate the weekends, aka: track days, race days, build days, etc.

Of course I hung it up two months in advance.

>>This may lower the level of discourse somewhat, but the weekly start day of the calendar should not be an issue. It's akin to
>>only using US Customary wrenches because the metric system is too much effort.

if all the nuts and bolts on your bike are in standard sizes buying metric wrenches doesn't make much sense no matter how pretty they are.

I have just received mine in the post, all the way from the US to Australia.

Awesome job Scott Jones.

I love it. The comments for each picture are thoughtful and well written. The Stoner center spread was a real surprise and delight - I purposely didn't preview the calendar online. Turning the page to see a vertical centre-spread of a monster wheelie from the World Champ - really made me grin big time :) And not just cause i'm Aussie.

I'm left shaking my head at some people saying they wont buy this, or complaining cause the week starts on Monday! That's absolutely laughable. Consider yourself the backmarkers of Motorcycle fandom - and look to be lapped by fans that have bought this fabulous piece of work!

PS love the pic of Checa. Really captured his spirit, I think.

Got mine. Fantastic, love the centre fold. I basicly just use it as wall art at work, the calendar bit is just a bonus. A suggestion though, if it was offered in a bigger size i would happily pay more :)

Got home from work and YAY my motomatters calendar has arrived and I think its even better than last years. Absolutely love the centrefold,the look of determination in Casey's eyes is awesome,I could never take great photos like these in a million years, even if I knew how, I bow to your awesome shots Mr Jones, the captions are great.Job well done everyone.

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for the compliments on this year's calendar. It really means a lot to hear from you that you're pleased with what we're doing. We have such a fantastic community of readers and friends here that it's very rewarding to produce something you like. Thanks again!

David, Scott - just received and the calendar is an absolute joy. Thank you so much. I'm giving two to good mates and keeping one myself to help ward off the winter blues. Go well in 2012. John

David, Scott - just received and the calendar is an absolute joy. Thank you so much. I'm giving two to good mates and keeping one myself to help ward off the winter blues. Go well in 2012. John

A 2012 & a 2011 each on their way for me and a friend. Had to have that Honda exhaust pic! Shame the postage is almost as much as the calendars, but you get that on this side of the world.

The cost of the overseas postage is not something that's lost on us and we are looking into a better solution for next year. In fact the shipping is the biggest challenge for us, and we want to make devliery to distant lands more affordable. Until we find a good solution, we continue to appreciate very much your support while we try to improve out products and our service. Thanks again!

That would be nice, it irks me that half the money I give you is effectively wasted. I want to support the site, not the postal service! Maybe an option to choose a slower delivery that costs less?

The friend who received two calendars was very appreciative. I think we're both just using them as a source of shed pics rather than as calendars.

hi David,
Love the calendar, great pics that capture glimpses of what we love about our sport.
If I can make a technical suggestion (I'm sort of in the business)... you should maybe not have the varnish on the text/ picture pages that make up the internal pages of the calendar. By all means have it on the cover but for the text pages it makes it difficult/ messy to write and highlight.
For next year.

That was my oversight. We've done that very thing each previous year but moved to a new printer for this edition and I forgot to mention that. It won't happen again!

Just got my 2012 calendar and "Kropotkin thinks ..." t-shirt.

Both look beautiful, but all four corners of the calendar were a bit dented and scuffed, as the cardboard packaging wasn't sturdy enough to withstand the voyage. Mine was an international order, so maybe the extra distance provided more opportunities for "postal abuse".

Still glad to get the goods!