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California Roadrace Association: Ketelsen, Lanuza, Prince Star At Laguna Seca

Wed, 2022-06-29 23:29

California Roadrace Association 2022 Round 2 @ WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca:  Bryce Prince, Brenden Ketelsen, Daniel Lanuza Dominate!

[Monterey, CA] California Roadrace Association (CRA) held the second round of the 2022 season at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca June 25-26. Racers came from everywhere: Northern and Southern California, various other states, and even other countries. There were over 200 racers participating which resulted in healthy grids for every class and several reaching 40 riders on the grid.  The weather was unseasonably beautiful with sunny skies from the first green flag to the last checkered one.

“While announcing, it was amazing to look out over a full paddock at Laguna Seca for a club race,” said CRA Co-Founder Lyle Geoff Brown.

CRA’s “Racers First” focus continued this weekend; The club shipped in and set up air fence protective barriers provided by the Roadracing World Action Fund. The club would like to thank all of the racers who volunteered to help with installation and teardown.

“Thankfully nobody actually ended up in the fence but a few riders did get close. It sure felt great having it there as extra insurance. We encourage everyone to donate to the Action Fund here:,” said Co-Founder Daniel Mole.

The weekend started off with Toby Khamsouk on his GSX-R1000 taking the win in the 20-lap 61DTC 1000GT race, followed by Yamaha YZF-R1 mounted Ben Hodges in second and Andrew Lee aboard his Kawasaki ZX-10R in third.

Bryce Prince showed up with his BPR Yamaha R1 and R7. He dominated the weekend in the Twins classes with a win in Bellissimoto Twins GT over Ari Henning on his Yoshimura YZF-R7. Bryce continued the victory streak by also taking P1 in the Bellissimoto Twins Grand Prix from pole position, with a blistering best lap time of 1:32.182. He also took first in Bellissimoto Battle of the Twins.  Prince’s domination continued in the 1000 classes where he took P1 in the TRACKDAZ 1000 SUPERBIKE race.

Brenden Ketelsen, on board his Graves Kawasaki ZX-6R, turned up in top form. He took the win in Blud Lubricants 600 SUPERSPORT over Kawasaki ZX-6R mounted Patrick Coleman and Sahar Svik. Ketelsen also came in first in Carters @ the Track 600 SUPERBIKE, as well as 61DTC 600 GT. Declan Van Rosmalen on a Yamaha R6 and Orel Madar on his Kawasaki ZX-6 rounded out the podium in SUPERBIKE, and Patrick Coleman and Declan Van Rosmalen in GT, respectively.

In Sunday’s premier race, the 12-lap Riderzlaw Gold Cup, Bryce Prince rode his BPR Yamaha YZF-R1 to the top step with a commanding victory over Kawasaki ZX-10R mounted Andrew Lee and Brenden Ketelsen on his Kawasaki ZX-6R.

Some of the most compelling races of the weekend were the FEEL LIKE A PRO 400 SUPERBIKE and SUPERSPORT along with the 16-lap FEEL LIKE A PRO 400GT race. In impressive fashion, young gun Daniel Lanuza dominated the weekend by winning all three of the 400 class races. In the 400GT, Kawasaki Ninja 400 racers Jesse Sims and Andrew Gawer completed the top three spots. Sims also got second in 400 SUPERBIKE, with Matt Hornschu on his Ninja 400 in third. In 400 SUPERSPORT, Kawasaki Ninja 400 mounted Ramkumar Subramanian and Jasmine Nichols rounded out the podium.

“I’ve been riding at Laguna Seca for years but I never thought I’d have a chance to race it because I’m not a professional racer,” said Co-Founder Dustin Coyner. “When the opportunity came up for us to host an event here, we jumped at it.  This is an iconic track and racing it was truly one of the best moments of my life. The great attendance meant I had epic battles in every race. Making a pass on someone into the corkscrew is the stuff of dreams.”

Round 3 of CRA competition will be held the weekend of July 23-24 at the Buttonwillow Raceway Park on Configuration-1 Clockwise-Direction.

For more information on CRA visit their website at Get licensed and let’s go racing. #areyoucra #racecra #iamcra

CRA would like to thank their sponsors for their support:

Dunlop Motorcycle Tires, Racers Edge Performance, Riderz Law, Feel Like A Pro, CTML Consultants, Motorsport Exotica, VnM Sport, TrackDaz, Let’s Ride Track Days, Carters @ the Track, Fun Track Dayz, 61 DTC (Pirelli), Racers Edge Performance (Dunlop), Blood x Sweat x Tears Vodka, Fosters Freeze (Sanger, CA), Blud Lubricants, Bellissimoto, AZAD Wheels, Action Sports Canopies, Boxo USA, Captit Performance, ASV, KYT Helmets, Thermal Technology, Mullico, Life Aid/Fit Aid, Suspension Matters, #376 Design, Cinepixel Productions, The Heights Restaurant & Bar, ChaChaCha Motorsports, Maria Cid Insurance Agency, 844-MY-MOTOW.


2022 ROUND 2 RESULTS (WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca)

61DTC 1000GT

1. Toby Khamsouk (Suz GSX-R1000)

2. Ben Hodges (Yam YZF-R1)

3. Andrew Lee (Kaw ZX-10R)

4. George Myshlyayev (Kaw ZX-10R)

5. Sahar Svik (BMW S1000RR)

6. Garrett Pacheco (BMW S1000RR)


Bellissimoto Battle of the Twins

1. Bryce Prince (Yam YZF-R7)

2. Ari Henning (Yam YZF-R7)

3. Justin Bordonaro (Apr RS 660)

4. Stefano Mesa (Energica)

5. Jesse Davis  (Yam XV920RJ)

6. Shannon Deane (Apr RS 660)


Bellissimoto Twins GrandPrix

1. Bryce Prince (Yam YZF-R7)

2. Stefano Mesa (Energica)

3. Justin Bordonaro (Apr RS 660)

4. Troy Siahaan (Kra Evo2R)

5. Daniel Lanuza (Kaw 400)

6. Jesse Sims (Kaw 400)


BST Vodka Formula 40 Heavyweight

1. George Myshlyayev (Kaw ZX-10R)

2. Dustin Coyner (Yam YZF-R1)

3. Thomas Assaeo (Yam YZF-R1)

4. Terry Heard (BMW S1000RR)

5. Fabrice Vilder (Yam YZF-R1)

6. Thomas Babcock (BMW S1000RR)


BST Vodka Formula 40 Middleweight

1. Sahar Svik (Kaw ZX-6R)

2. Stephen Rue (Yam YZF-R6)

3. Josh Fogle (Yam YZF-R6)

4. Keir Leonhardt (Yam YZF-R6)

5. Jose Flores (Suz GSX-R750)

6. Jesse Carter (Kaw ZX-6R)


BST Vodka Formula 40 Lightweight

1. Shannon Deane (Apr RS 660)

2. Yuri Barrigan (Kra Evo2R)

3. Charles Silver (Kaw 400)

4. Jared Kapoor (Kaw 400)

5. Christopher Goelz (Kaw 400)

6. Tony Nolley (Kaw 400)


Blud Lubricants Expert 600 Supersport

1. Brenden Ketelsen (Kaw ZX-6R)

2. Patrick Coleman (Kaw ZX-6R)

3. Sahar Svik (Kaw ZX-6R)

4. Harm Jansen (Yam YZF-R6)

5. Declan Van Rosmalen (Yam YZF-R6)

6. Keir Leonhardt (Yam YZF-R6)


CT Racing 600 GT

1. Brenden Ketelsen (Kaw ZX-6R)

2. Patrick Coleman (Kaw ZX-6R)

3. Declan Van Rosmalen (Yam YZF-R6)

4. Stephen Rue (Yam YZF-R6)

5. Orel Madar (Kaw ZX-6R)

6. Josh Fogle (Yam YZF-R6)


CTML Consultants Expert 1000 Supersport

1. Andrew Lee (Kaw ZX-10R)

2. Jack Bakken (BMW S1000RR)

3. Toby Khamsouk (Suz GSX-R1000)

4. Georgo Myshlyayev (Kaw ZX-10R)

5. Ben Hodgees (Yam YZF-R1)

6. Travis Ellis (Duc V4 R)


Carter’s @ The Track Expert 600 Superbike

1. Brenden Ketelsen (Kaw ZX-6R)

2. Declan Van Rosmalen (Yam YZF-R6)

3. Orel Madar (Kaw ZX-6R)

4. Patrick Coleman (Kaw ZX-6R)

4. Sahar Svik (Kaw ZX-6R)

6. Zach Harrington (Yam YZF-R6)


Feel Like A Pro 400 GT

1. Daniel Lanuza (Kaw 400)

2. Jesse Sims (Kaw 400)

3. Andrew Gawer (Kaw 400)

4. Andres Orozco (Kaw 400)

5. Steven Kopp (Kaw 400)

6. Aliki Karayan (Kaw 400)


Feel Like A Pro Expert 400 Superbike

1. Daniel Lanuza (Kaw 400)

2. Jesse Sims (Kaw 400)

3. Matt Hornschu (Kaw 400)

4. Ramkumar Subramanian (Kaw 400)

5. Charles Silver (Kaw 400)

6. Jasmine Nichols (Kaw 400)


Feel Like A Pro Amateur 400 Superbike

1. Jacob Allegra (Kaw 400)

2. Tony Nolley (Kaw 400)

3. Ryan Robinson (Kaw 400)

4. Anja Tschopp (Kaw 400)

5. Peyton Daughhetee (Kaw 300)

6. Michael Jobling (Kaw 400)


Feel Like A Pro Expert 400 Supersport

1. Daniel Lanuza (Kaw 400)

2. Ramkumar Subramanian (Kaw 400)

3. Jasmine Nichols (Kaw 400)

4. Charles Silver (Kaw 400)

5. Jared Kapoor (Kaw 400)

6. Andrew Gawer (Kaw 400)


Feel Like A Pro Amateur 400 Supersport

1. Jacob Allegra (Kaw 400)

2. Tony Nolley (Kaw 400)

3. Ryan Robinson (Kaw 400)

4. Anja Tschopp (Kaw 400)

5. Kathy Zhao (Kaw 300)

6. Nicholas De Sena (Kaw 400)


Fit Aid Amateur 1000 Supersport

1. Jason Rodriguez (Yam YZF-R1)

2. Sean Williams (Yam YZF-R1)

3. Jesus Ruiz (Yam YZF-R1)

4. Jarrod Pellizzer (BMW S1000RR)

5. Anthony Huizer (Suz GSX-R1000)

6. Jack Joaquin (Yam YZF-R1)


Fit Aid Amateur 600 Supersport

1. Quincy Bowers (Kaw ZX-6R)

2. Christopher Morris (Yam YZF-R6)

3. Will Shy (Yam YZF-R6)

4. Josh Martin (Kaw ZX-6R)

5. Chad Pocher (Tri 675R)

6. Geoff Sims (Yam YZF-R6)


Fosters Freeze (Sanger, CA) American Iron

1. Jesse Davis (Yam XVR920)

2. Anthony Sollima (H-D FXFB)

3. Eric Stahl (H-D FLHX)

4. John Trujillo (H-D FXDL)

5. Gregory Stinnett (H-D XR1200)

6. Chris Rivas (H-D FLTR)


Formula E

1. Stefano Mesa (Energica)

2. Troy Siahaan (LF LF19R)

3. Kenyon Kluge (Zero SR/F)

4. Patrick McBride (En Ego)


Fun Track Dayz Amateur 600 Superbike

1. Christopher Morris (Yam YZF-R6)

3. Chad Pocher (Tri 675R)

4. Josh Martin (Kaw ZX-6R)

5. Garrett Graves (Kaw ZX-6R)

6. Will Shy (Yam YZF-R6)


Ladies of CRA presented by Let’s Ride Track Days

1. Shelina Moreda (Yam YZF-R1)

2. Rainey Pogue (Yam YZF-R6)

3. Savannah Jaska (Apr RS 660)

4. Daniela Fredrick (Yam YZF-R6)

5. Bridgette LeBer (Yam YZF-R6)

6. Jasmine Nichols (Kaw 400)


Mullico Amateur 1000 Superbike

1. Jason Rodriguez (Yam YZF-R1)

2. Jesus Ruiz (Yam YZF-R1)

3. Nathan Flud (BMW S1000RR)

4. Ryan Wolf (Kaw ZX-10R)

5. Jarrod Pellizzer (BMW S1000RR)

6. Jaycee Sterling (Suz GSX-R1000)


Sportsman presented by Motorsport Exotica

1. Jesus Ruiz (Yam YZF-R1)

2. Jack Joaquin (Yam YZF-R1)

3. Anthony Huizer (Suz GSX-R1000)

4. Miguel Romero (Duc)

5. Nathan Flud (BMW S1000RR)

6. Jason Diaz (BMW S1000RR)


TrackDaz Expert 1000 Superbike

1. Bryce Prince (Yam YZF-R1)

2. Toby Khamsouk (Suz GSX-R1000)

3. Jack Bakken (BMW S1000RR)

4. George Myshlyayev (Kaw ZX-10R)

5. Ben Hodges (Yam YZF-R1)

6. Andrew Lee (Kaw ZX-10R)


Riderz Law Gold Cup

1. Bryce Prince (Yam YZF-R1)

2. Andrew Lee (Kaw ZX-10R)

3. Brenden Ketelsen (Kaw ZX-6R)

4. George Myshlyayev (Kaw ZX-10R)

5. Tyler Bengford (Kaw ZX-10R)

6. Daniel Velazco (BMW S1000RR)

7. Dustin Coyner (Yam YZF-R1)

8. Josh Fogle (Yam YZF-R6)

9. Terry Heard (BMW S1000RR)

10. Stephen Rue (Yam YZF-R6)

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MotoAmerica Live+ Now Available At Mid-Season Price

Wed, 2022-06-29 21:49

Midseason Pricing Special For MotoAmerica Live+

Five Rounds And 10 Races Remain In The Exciting 2022 MotoAmerica Medallia Superbike Championship; Watch Every Lap Of Every Class For Only $59.95

IRVINE, CA (June 29, 2022) – The 2022 MotoAmerica Championship is reaching the boiling point with heated battles in all the classes, including one of the closest battles ever in the headline Medallia Superbike class as the series reaches the halfway mark. Thus, with five rounds left in the 10-round season, MotoAmerica is now offering midseason pricing on its live-streaming and on-demand platform, MotoAmerica Live+.

For the special pricing of $59.95, MotoAmerica fans can catch every single lap of the remaining Medallia Superbike battles, Supersport, Yuasa Stock 1000, Junior Cup and REV’IT! Twins Cup races in what is the next best thing to actually being at the races.

The remaining five rounds of the 2022 MotoAmerica Championship are as follows:

July 8-10        WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca            Monterey, CA

July 29-31      Brainerd International Raceway                     Brainerd, MN

Aug. 19-21     Pittsburgh International Race Complex         Wampum, PA

Sept. 9-11      New Jersey Motorsports Park                       Millville, NJ

Sept. 23-25    Barber Motorsports Park                               Birmingham, AL

About MotoAmerica

MotoAmerica is the North American road racing series created in 2014 that is home to the AMA Superbike Championship. MotoAmerica is an affiliate of KRAVE Group LLC, a partnership that includes three-time 500cc World Champion, two-time AMA Superbike Champion, and AMA Hall of Famer Wayne Rainey, ex-racer and former manager of Team Roberts Chuck Aksland, motorsports marketing executive Terry Karges, and businessman Richard Varner. For more information on MotoAmerica, visit Also make sure to follow MotoAmerica on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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MotoAmerica: The Final Press Releases From Ridge Motorsports Park

Wed, 2022-06-29 21:31

3D Motorsports’ Power claims top-five finish Sunday in MotoAmerica Supersport race after suffering big crash on Saturday

Shakespeare takes home points-paying finishes in Stock 1000, Twins Cup at The Ridge Motorsports Park

SHELTON, Wash. — 3D Motorsports’ Luke Power was back to competing with the frontrunners in MotoAmerica’s Supersport Class Saturday and Sunday at The Ridge Motorsports Park. Though Power crashed out of the Saturday’s race, the Australian – who netted his first MotoAmerica podium finish at the prior round – capped off his first time racing at the Washington State track with a top-five finish on Sunday.

One of the team’s other riders – Brit Steven Shakespeare – pulled double duty at the June 24-26 event and claimed points-paying finishes in both Stock 1000 and Twins Cup.

Power took some time to learn The Ridge’s undulating 2.5-mile layout in practice but upped his pace for Friday qualifying. He finished Friday practice 10th fastest but moved up three places in Qualifying 1 while shaving more than three seconds off his best lap time. The team’s third rider, Joe Mariniello, struggled to start the weekend, as he finished Junior Cup Friday practice in 13th and Qualifying 1 in 14th.

Shakespeare also endured a challenging start to the event in Twins Cup. He finished Twins Cup Friday practice in 21st and Qualifying 1 in 20th, though he did improve his best lap time by about three seconds in qualifying. In the Stock 1000 Class, Shakespeare had better fortunes. He concluded Friday practice in 16th but fell to 20th in Friday’s Qualifying 1.

Qualifying for all classes concluded Saturday morning, with Power having secured seventh on the Supersport starting grid, Mariniello 11th in Junior Cup and Shakespeare 21st in Twins Cup and 17th in Stock 1000.

First up to race on Saturday afternoon was Shakespeare in the first of the weekend’s two Stock 1000 races. Though he didn’t get a great start, Shakespeare made up two places in the first three laps of the 10-lap race and was able to finish the race in 16th. Mariniello got a decent start in the Saturday Junior Cup race but wasn’t able to move up the running order and ran in a lonely 11th place for all 10 laps of the race.

Power showed excellent pace in the opening laps of Saturday’s Supersport race. He had moved up to sixth place on the first lap, but a crash on Lap 4 brought his race to an early end. Shakespeare was back on track later Saturday for the Twins Cup contest. Though he was struggling for pace, attrition farther up the running order in the shortened seven-lap race allowed Shakespeare to finish in 15th and score his first Twins Cup points of the 2022 season.

The first race of the day on Sunday was Stock 1000, which saw Shakespeare net his second points-paying finish of the event. Shakespeare was running as high as 15th before the race was stopped due to an on-track incident. Taking the restart from 16th on the grid, moved up to 15th on Lap 4 of the restarted 5-lap race thanks to attrition father up the order, then advanced another position on the last lap to finish 14th. Shakespeare was right back out on track for the day’s Twins Cup race, which he finished in 16th place.

Mariniello had an unfortunate start to the Sunday Junior Cup race, as he was assessed a time penalty for jumping the start. Though he advanced past another rider on Lap 1, Mariniello slipped back to 11th in the running order on Lap 2 and retired from the race on Lap 5.

Power bounced back from his crash on Saturday to nab a top-five result on Sunday. Starting in seventh, Power finished Lap 1 in sixth place – a position he maintained through Laps 2 and 3. Though he dropped as low as seventh during the 15 lap race, attrition on the last lap promoted Power to a fifth-place finish.

The 3D Motorsports LLC team will be back in action the weekend after next when MotoAmerica visits WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca on July 8-10.

Luke Power / No. 68 

“This weekend was definitely not what I’d hoped for. We made great progress on Friday, which made the weekend promising for myself and the team. In Race 1, I was in the podium fight and was feeling really good, but unfortunately sent the bike into the trees. The 3D Motorsports team worked their butts off all night to get the bike fixed. I wasn’t feeling great for Race 2, but I pushed on and managed to salvage a fifth place even with a fading rear tire. A massive thank you to the whole team for their endless work and late nights, as they definitely got me out of the crap today. Now it’s on to Laguna, which is a track I’ve been looking forward to all year.”

3D Motorsports’ sponsors for the 2022 MotoAmerica season include Orient Express, K-Tech, BTEC Turbines, 4SR USA, Blud Lubricants, CG Law, Evol Technologies, AF1 Racing, Southern Adrenaline, M4 Exhaust, Valor Farms, Second Hand Motorsports, LS2, Motorcycle Dealer Services and DrippinWet.




More, from a press release issued by

Double Deuces for LiMandri at the Ridge

Joseph LiMandri Jr. backed up his first professional win last round with two 2nd place finishes in his very first visit to Ridge Motorsports Park in the Junior Cup this past weekend [June 24-26].

Despite only seeing the track for the first time during Friday’s practice session, Joe was able to quickly adapt and qualify a reasonable sixth.  That enabled him to get away with the lead group and keep the pace.


Joseph LiMandri Jr. (62). Photo by Brian J. Nelson, courtesy


Being under the weather all weekend, Joe gave credit to his team. “Corbo (of Bauce Racing) always gives me all the confidence in this Ninja 400 I need, so I can just focus on riding.  A couple of laps in, I could barely breathe, but I knew if I kept them in my sights, I’d have a shot.”  Speaking of shots, he’s quick to mention his main sponsor, “Without the support of, we wouldn’t be here, so I’m super thankful to them too.”

LiMandri finished just 0.2 second off the leader in Race One, and 0.4 second off in Race Two while setting the fastest lap of the weekend.

Teammate Max Van had solid rides with a fifth in Race One, then improving to fourth in Race Two.  “We just didn’t have the pace of the lead group this weekend,” Max said.  “These were tough races, but given the last couple of unlucky ones, I’m happy to get the points haul, and ready to regain some confidence at Laguna.”

Joe and Max sit third and fifth, respectively, in the championship standings with five rounds remaining.

The squad returns to the West Coast on July 8th at Laguna Seca.

As always thanks to: all the customers, Helmet House, Bauce Racing, Cybersafe Solutions, Racing for a Reason, Vortex Racing, M4 Exhaust, REB Graphics, Armour Bodies, Woodcraft Technologies, Motul, Alpinestars, Shoei Helmets, RST, Arai Helmets, SportbikeTrackTime, Evolve GT Track Days, N2 Track Days, Gazebo Contracting, UTR/Torres Racing, Brake Tech USA, Ferodo Racing, Scott Powersports, Spiegler USA, Hanshaw Racing Engines, Precision Auto Works and Driven Racing.




More, from a press release issued by Rodio Racing/Warhorse HSBK Racing:

Nearly perfect performance for Rodio Racing/Warhorse HSBK Racing at The Ridge

With two combined pole positions, three race wins and a third place Rodio Racing/Warhorse HSBK Racing riders Gus Rodio and Anthony Mazziotto had their best event of the season at Ridge Motorsports Park near Shelton, Washington.

A qualifying time of 1:53.572 earned Gus Rodio the pole position for the races, over a half a second ahead of the competition. He used the grid position to his advantage to stretch out an early lead in Race One that at times was over two seconds, ultimately bringing his Kawasaki Ninja 400 home for the win. In Race Two, a mechanical issue caused Gus to jump the start. He finished the race in second place, but after a five-second penalty for the infraction Gus was scored in third.


Gus Rodio (96). Photo by Brian J. Nelson, courtesy Rodio Racing/Warhorse HSBK Racing.


Gus Rodio: “From the beginning of the weekend I felt great at this track. The bike was working well and I was having a lot of fun. When Sunday came around we had clutch issues from warm up to the race, but managed to bring the bike home. We’re going to keep working at this and I’m happy to be leading the championship going into Laguna.”

Smashing the existing Twins Cup lap record with a 1:46.152, Mazziotto claimed the pole position for the weekend and earned a Wilbur watch in the process. Winning red flagged Race One and a full-distance Race Two Anthony leaves “The Ridge” in second place in the championship.


Anthony Mazziotto (516). Photo by Brian J. Nelson, courtesy Rodio Racing/Warhorse HSBK Racing.


Anthony Mazziotto: “Coming into The Ridge I had an amazing feeling that the Rodio Racing Warhorse HSBK Aprilia was going to perform well. It was a track where I have experience and felt confident in coming back. We started off leading in P1, but slipped to third in Q1. The team knew what to do to get the bike on pole, and in Q2 we did just that. We are coming home with a pole position and two race wins, so this weekend was a perfect one for us.”

Rodio Warhorse HSBK Racing returns to MotoAmerica racing at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca July 8-10, 2022.




More, from a press release issued by Altus Motorsports:

MotoAmerica: Results from The Ridge Motorsports Park for the Altus Motorsports WPS FLY Racing Team

(Shelton, WA) The first stop on the West Coast for MotoAmerica was the beautiful, but technical track at Ridge Motorsports Park in Shelton, Washington. The fantastic weather welcomed the team (which was without Justin Jones who opted out for the remainder of the season) for what turned out to be a great weekend.

Superbike Cup & Stock 1000

Brandon Paasch continued his progress on the Altus Suzuki GSX-R1000R. Unlike some other races on the schedule this season, “The Ridge” featured a doubleheader for the Stock 1000 class. Paasch finished both in sixth position. In the Superbike Races, he finished 15th in Race One and 14th in Race Two. The Superbike Cup is a race-within-a-race of Stock 1000 bikes among the Superbikes. In that class, Brandon garnered good points taking third place both days.


Brandon Paasch (96). Photo by Brian J. Nelson, courtesy Altus Motorsports.



Jaret Nassaney made a step forward in his riding this year. He has finished in the top 10 almost every round and is now targeting the top five spots. In Supersport Race One at “The Ridge,” Nassaney started in eighth and finished in seventh. In the second race, he was battling for fifth when he and another racer collided and ended up on the ground. In spite of the crash, Jaret finished 10th after picking the bike up.

“I was excited to go back to ‘The Ridge’ because it’s a track I really enjoy. I rode my tail off all weekend but didn’t get the results I was hoping for. I was in fifth for most of all Race Two but had an incident with another racer that caused us both to go down. I got the bike up and managed to finish 10th. I was really looking forward to another top five finish! We know we can be up there and I’m looking forward to Laguna Seca in a few weeks,” said Jaret Nassaney.


Jaret Nassaney (59). Photo by Brian J. Nelson, courtesy Altus Motorsports.


Junior Cup

Kayla Yaakov has been on almost every Junior Cup podium this year, but the top step has eluded her. That changed at “The Ridge.” She started both races from the middle of the first row – her best qualifying of the season. In Race One, she managed third place but the bike setup was not optimal. After a set-up overhaul, Kayla rolled the bike out in Sunday morning warm-up and it was “perfect.” And it showed in Race Two. Kayla led most of the race and notched her first victory. This is not only an iconic moment for her, but also for the sport. Yaakov is the first female winner since MotoAmerica began running the American series. Kayla currently sits in fourth place in the Junior Cup series but is only eight points out of first place.


Kayla Yaakov (31). Photo by Brian J. Nelson, courtesy Altus Motorsports.


“What an absolutely amazing weekend at Ridge Motorsports Park! Not only was this a huge win for me personally, but I became the first woman to ever win a MotoAmerica race! This truly feels like the best weekend of racing in my entire career. I was in the top three in all of my sessions. I started the weekend with my best ever qualifying position of second, (a big step up from my previous best qualifying position of seventh). That gave me a tremendous amount of confidence going into the races. In Race One, we battled a bit with the setup but still came home with another podium in third place. I knew that a change needed to be made for the second race. My entire Altus Motorsports crew (with the help of Stoney and Rocco Landers) made a bunch of adjustments. In Sunday morning warmup, the motorcycle was almost completely different from the start of the weekend, but it felt absolutely perfect. This was a huge confidence boost. I had an awesome Race Two. I led the most laps and had one of the fastest laps of the race. Most importantly, I had a great bike under me that was able to give me the confidence and ability to win. I’m so happy to finally get this elusive victory, and hopefully, there are many more to come in the future! This year has been dedicated to my brother Dylan Quaid, who passed away in December of last year. This win was entirely for him, and I know he’s smiling wherever he is. Thank you to all of the wonderful people and sponsors who have made this possible!” said Kayla Yaakov.

“The team had a great weekend in Washington. Our crew is a great family and our pit is a wonderful place to be. We support each other and I could not ask for a better group of crew and racers. I can’t express how proud I am of Kayla. We knew her win was coming. She is an immensely talented and fantastic person and we are just glad to be a part of her success. And I’m also super proud of Jaret and Brandon. Both continue to make progress. Jaret was up as high as fourth at one point. His step forward this year has been impressive,” said team owner George Nassaney.

The Altus Motorsports team is supported by our great family of sponsors: Altus Motorsports, FLY Racing WPS, Suzuki Motor USA LLC, MOTO-D Racing, Bonamici, Hot Bodies Racing, M4 Exhausts, Vortex EK, Motion Pro, Barnett, Maxima Racing Oils, SBS Brakes, BrakeTech USA, Inc., Ohlins, K-Tech, RS Taichi, Arai, Law Tigers Oklahoma, and Altus Factory Racing.

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Canadian MiniSBK: Lalande Sweeps At Lombardy Raceway

Wed, 2022-06-29 21:01

Lalande continues perfect season in Canadian MiniSBK with victory in race one at Lombardy

Lombardy, ON – Teenage phenom Vincent Lalande continued to etch his name in the record books on Saturday [June 25], winning race one in the Canadian Mini Superbike Championship for his sixth consecutive Motul Canada Cup victory to begin the season at Lombardy Raceway, presented by the Super Sonic Road Race School.

Lalande swept the opening four races at Lombardy this May, before winning a one-off race five at the Grand Bend Motorplex two weeks ago, but a return to his familiar stomping ground brought only more success on Saturday as Lalande jumped out to an early lead from rival Benjamin Hardwick.

The 14-year-old Mirabel, QC native didn’t have an easy win in store, however, as Hardwick made up for a poor start with a number of consistent laps, reeling in the championship leader on his mandatory Pirelli-mounted Ohvale machine.

Hardwick eventually began to put real pressure on his counterpart, setting the fastest lap of the race with a 38.969 and building towards another late duel between the duo, but his charge was spoiled when he crashed in the hairpin with just three laps to go.

The 13-year-old Sudbury, ON native re-mounted to finish third, continuing his own impressive run with a fifth-consecutive podium to begin the campaign.

Splitting the two familiar finishers was debut entry Dexter Falkenberg, who was making a wildcard appearance out of White Rock, British Columbia. The understudy of pro racer and four-time National champion Tomas Casas, 14-year-old Falkenberg was riding an Ohvale GP-O 160 machine for the first time but didn’t look at all out of place, running consistently just a second off Hardwick and Lalande to score a debut podium in second.

The newest member of the feature Canada Cup class traditionally races a KTM machine in the Pacific Coast Mini Roadracing Club, but had never turned a wheel in Ontario prior to this week. The youngster was able to shave nearly 11 seconds off his lap time by Saturday alone, thanks in large part to the mentorship of Casas and the Super Sonic Road Race School.

Lalande added two more victories to his day in the support classes, winning the GP-1 and Moto-1 categories aboard his SpeedFactory67 Buccimoto machine to extend his title lead in both groups.

Both victories came against newcomer Felix Di, who pushed Lalande early before ultimately losing out in the late stages, while Hardwick joined them on the podium in the Moto-1 class and Falkenberg completed the podium in the GP-1 ranks.

Di had an eventful GP-1 race, briefly challenging Lalande before running off but recovering just in time to battle with Falkenberg for second place, a position he would come away with thanks to a brilliant move late in the race.

The final race of the day saw another victory for nine-year old star Michael Galvis, who continued his epic form in the Moto-2 category. The youngest rider in the Canadian MiniSBK field stole another win aboard his Kawasaki KX65 ahead of pro national racer Colin Campbell, with Mike Bell completing the podium in third.

Lalande and company won’t have to wait long for their next opportunity to battle it out in Lombardy, with the second half of the round four doubleheader going on Sunday.




More, from another press release issued by CSBK/Professional Motorsports Productions (PMP):

Lalande completes another weekend sweep in Canadian MiniSBK at Lombardy

Lombardy, ON – The fourth round of the Canadian Mini Superbike Championship wrapped up with a familiar face at the front, as teenaged star Vincent Lalande won his seventh consecutive Motul Canada Cup feature race [June 26] in Lombardy, presented by the Super Sonic Road Race School.

Lalande had swept the first three weekends and all five races before adding a sixth win on Saturday, and Sunday brought the same result as the 14-year-old maintained his perfect season aboard his Pirelli-mounted Ohvale machine.

Sunday’s race brought a new challenge for the field, however, as the grid had to navigate a slightly revised layout around the tight, challenging Lombardy Raceway, but the change wasn’t enough to unseat a resilient Lalande at the front as he stormed away for one of his most dominant victories of the campaign.

He was joined once again by rival Benjamin Hardwick on the podium, who maintained his perfect podium streak in second, though Hardwick had perhaps his stiffest challenge yet in what was a thrilling battle with newcomer Dexter Falkenberg.

With Lalande clear of the duo, it was Hardwick who led the wildcard entry for majority of the race, maintaining his advantage thanks to slightly better pace through the new, revised turn two chicane. Falkenberg didn’t look out of place through the rest of the layout, however, and managed to hang with Hardwick right to the line.

The 13-year-old Hardwick ultimately finished just 0.218 seconds clear of Falkenberg, with the 14-year-old British Columbia native completing a spectacular debut weekend with a pair of podiums in his first ever race appearance in Ontario.

Hardwick’s spectacularly consistent form will keep him ever so slightly in the title mix, though he will need to put some distance between himself and Lalande over the final two rounds and four feature races in August.

The trio battled again in the Moto-1 class support race later on in the day, with Falkenberg briefly grabbing the holeshot off the line before Lalande restored his lead en route to another victory aboard his SpeedFactory67 Buccimoto machine.

Falkenberg would settle in to second and lead Hardwick for almost the entirety of the contest, but the younger Sudbury, ON native eventually used his experience to make a brilliant move as they approached lapped traffic in the hairpin, clearing Falkenberg at the line to take another second-place finish on the day.

The other two support categories were won by nine-year old sensation Michael Galvis, as the youngest rider in the MiniSBK paddock dominated both the Sport-2 and Moto-2 races on Sunday.

Galvis was especially strong in the Sport-2 event, lapping the entire field aboard his Kawasaki KX65 to finish well clear of Mike Bell in second. Bell would place his Bellistic Films TTR110 just ahead of Sean Hickman, who scored a debut podium in third.

As for the Moto-2 ranks, it was pro national racer Connor Campbell who represented the biggest challenge to Galvis, though the emerging superstar held on for another victory with Bell completing the podium in third.

The Canadian Mini Superbike field will now enter their unofficial mid-summer break, with seven weeks of rest before the youngest talents in Canadian racing return to Lombardy on August 20-21 and again for the season finale on August 27-28.

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MotoAmerica Mini Cup: More From The Ridge

Wed, 2022-06-29 20:53

By Shawn Smith

A total of 24 young racers from across the United States gridded up for MotoAmerica Mini Cup races on the kart track at Ridge Motorsports Park last weekend. Nathan Gouker, Kensei Matsudaira, and Anthony Lupo Jr. all won races riding spec Ohvale 110, 160, and 190cc racebikes.

The 110 class saw Nathan Gouker of Lexington, North Carolina dominate both qualifying rounds. Anthony Lupo Jr. out of Carlsbad, California lined up second on the grid with Mac MacClugage taking the last spot on the front row. Race One started with all three getting good starts and maintaining their running order for entire race, with Gouker winning, Lupo finishing second and MacClugage taking third.

Race Two for the 110 class was a repeat of race one, with the only difference being that Lupo was able to keep Nathan in sight. As the white flag flew Gouker crossed the line in first, Lupo in second and MacClugage in third. But that didn’t last as Gouker made a slight bobble in Turn Five, and Lupo grabbed the lead while MacClugage closed in on Gouker. MacClugage showed Gouker a wheel in the last sector but was unable to make the pass. At the finish line second-generation racer Lupo was out front, with Gouker in second and MacClugage in third. Gouker leads the 110 title chase with 95 points, followed by Lupo in second with 85 points, and MacClugage third with 64 points.

In 160 qualifying Gouker and Lupo traded fast laps back and forth for most of the session. When the checkered flew Gouker was the quickest with Lupo for second. Ryder Davis of Oil City, Pennsylvania filled out the front row by qualifying third. Kensei Matsudaira, the 160 points leader from Los Angeles, California, would start from fifth on the grid.

When the red lights went out for the start of Race One Lupo jumped out to an early lead as Gouker’s aggressive launch resulted in a big wheelie, his bike’s front wheel reaching for the sky. But within four corners Gouker was able to pass Lupo for the lead and never looked back. Meanwhile, Jesse James Shedden had an off-track excursion that would cut his race short. When the checkered flag flew Gouker took the win, Lupo was second, Davis was third, MacClugage was fourth, and Matsudaira rounded out the top five.

Race Two for the 160 class saw Lupo jumping out to an early lead with Gouker trailing him. This would last just over a lap and a half until Gouker set up a pass going into the chicane dropping down the ridge. Matsudaira moved into fourth place, pressuring Davis for third, but lost the rear when he tried to pass Davis and take third in Turn Seven.

While Gouker checked out, MacClugage worked through the pack to finish second behind Gouker and ahead of Joshua Raymond.  Davis and Lupo’s early race speed was thwarted when they both had separate incidents that would result in them finishing seventh and eighth, respectively. Nathan Bettencourt put in his best performance of the year and grabbed fourth and Mahdi Salem was fifth while Shedden finished sixth. Gouker now leads with a commanding 83 points;  MacClugage is second in the points with 69; and Matsudaira, who was the points leader going into this event, is now third with 58.


Kensei Matsudaira (74) won both Mini Cup 190 races at Ridge Motorsports Park. Photo by Dustin Ishikura/Fast Glass Media.


Matsudaira dominated in the 190 class, qualifying on the pole and sharing the front row with his American Racing Team teammate Raymond along with fellow Californian Shedden. In Race One Raymond jumped inside of Matsudaira in Turn One to grab the lead. The pace out front was blistering and the two leaders put a gap on the field. Shedden, stuck deep in the field after a bad start, made a mistake trying to make a pass to keep the leaders in sight and retired early-on.

Matsudaira soon found an opening to grab the lead back from Raymond and increased his advantage to the finish. When Raymond bobbled, Mahdi Salem grabbed second and Kyle Botkin finished out the podium in third.

Race Two for the 190 class saw Matsudaira out front the entire time after grabbing the holeshot. Shedden and Raymond were able to stay close, but Matsudaira’s consistency allowed him to build a small gap by the time the checkered flag flew. These three put in the fastest laps of the weekend and ended the race with Shedden in second and Raymond in third. As the 190 class heads to Pitt Race for the next round, Matsudaira is the points leader with 90; Shedden has 80 for second place; and Raymond sits in third with 59.



MINI CUP BY MOTUL 190 RACE ONE (All on Ohvale motorcyles and Dunlop tires) (June 25): 1. Kensei Matsudaira, 13 laps, 9:09.998, 85.091 mph; 2. Mahdi Salem, -13.118 seconds; 3. Kylie Botkin, -28.548; 4. Juliana Fernandez, -1 lap; 5. Joshua Raymond, -1 lap; 6. Jesse James Shedden, -7 laps. Race Distance, 13 laps, 13.000 miles; Race Time, 9 minutes, 9.998 seconds; Race Average Speed, 85.091 mph; Victory Margin, 13.118 seconds; Fastest Lap, Matsudaira, 41.544, 86.655 mph.

MINI CUP BY MOTUL 190 RACE TWO (All on Ohvale motorcycles and Dunlop tires) (June 25): 1. Matsudaira, 13 laps, 9:17.480, 83.949 mph; 2. Shedden, -1.404 seconds; 3. Raymond, -5.987; 4. Salem, -21.346; 5. Botkin, -42.593; 6. Fernandez, -2 laps. Race Distance, 13 laps, 13 miles; Race Time, 9 minutes, 17.480 seconds; Race Average Speed, 83.949 mph; Victory Margin, 1.404 seconds; Fastest Lap, Matsudaira, 41.211, 87.355 mph.

MINI CUP BY MOTUL 190 QUALIFYING ONE: 1. Matsudaira, 41.829, 86.065 mph; 2. Raymond, 41.877; 3. Salem, 43.291; 4. Fernandez, 43.898; 5. Botkin, 44.389.

MINI CUP BY MOTUL 190 CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS STANDINGS (After 4 of 8 races): 1. Matsudaira, 90 points; 2. Shedden, 80 points; 3. Raymond, 59 points; 4. Botkin, 53 points; 5. Salem, 33 points; 6. Fernandez, 23 points.

MINI CUP BY MOTUL 160 RACE ONE (All on Ohvale motorcycles and Dunlop tires) (June 25): 1. Nathan Gouker, 13 laps, 9:24.084, 82.966 mph; 2. Anthony Lupo Jr., -0.996 second; 3. Ryder Davis, -2.027; 4. Mac MacClugage, -5.460; 5. Kensei Matsudaira, -10.022; 6. Mahdi Salem, -12.577; 7. Joshua Raymond, -12.977; 8. Nathan Bettencourt, -19.791; 9. Juliana Fernandez, -30.640; 10. Evan Lamb, -32.691; 11. Kylie Botkin, -36.038; 12. Aden Parker, -1 lap; 13. Ryan Clark, -1 lap. Race Distance, 13 laps, 13.000 miles; Race Time, 9 minutes, 24.084 seconds; Race Average Speed, 82.966 mph; Victory Margin, 0.996-second; Fastest Lap, Lupo, 42.365, 84.976 mph.

MINI CUP BY MOTUL 160 RACE TWO (All on Ohvale motorcycles and Dunlop tires) (June 25): 1. Gouker, 13 laps, 9:28.269, 82.355 mph; 2. MacClugage, -2.221 seconds; 3. Raymond, -8.913; 4. Bettencourt, -9.184; 5. Salem, -14.070; 6. Shedden, -14.410; 7. Davis, -14.497; 8. Lupo, -22.394; 9. Fernandez, -30.827; 10. Botkin, -32.187; 11. Lamb, -32.398; 12. Parker, -1 lap; 13. Clark, -1 lap; 14. Matsudaira, -2 laps. Race Distance, 13 laps, 13.000 miles; Race Time, 9 minutes, 28.269 seconds; Race Average Speed, 82.355 mph; Victory Margin, 2.721 seconds; Fastest Lap, Gouker, 42.514, 84.678 mph.

MINI CUP BY MOTUL 160 QUALIFYING ONE: 1. Gouker, 42.533, 84.640 mph; 2. Lupo, 42.585; 3. Matsudaira, 42.891; 4. Davis, 42.896; 5. MacClugage, 43.050; 6. Raymond, 43.366; 7. Salem, 43.435; 8. Shedden, 43.533; 9. Bettencourt, 44.127; 10. Lamb, 44.237; 11. Fernandez, 44.561; 12. Botkin, 45.025; 13. Parker, 48.235; 14. Clark, 48.600.

MINI CUP BY MOTUL 160 CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS STANDINGS (After 4 of 8 races): 1. Gouker, 83 points; 2. MacClugage, 69 points; 3. Matsudaira, 58 points; 4. Davis, 57 points; 5. Lupo, 48 points; 6. Salem, 38 points; 7. Shedden, 36 points; 8. Raymond, 32 points; 9. Bettencourt, 30 points; 10. Fernandez, 28 points.

MINI CUP BY MOTUL 110 RACE ONE (All on Ohvale motorcycles and Dunlop tires) (June 25): 1. Nathan Gouker, 10 laps, 7:16.434, 82.487 mph; 2. Anthony Lupo Jr., -2.429 seconds; 3. Mac MacClugage, -5.462; 4. Connor Raymond, -14.591. Race Distance, 10 laps, 10 miles; Race Time, 7 minutes, 16.434 seconds; Race Average Speed, 82.487 mph; Victory Margin, 2.429 seconds; Fastest Lap, Gouker, 43.260, 83.218 mph.

MINI CUP BY MOTUL 110 RACE TWO (All on Ohvale motorcycles and Dunlop tires) (June 25): 1. Lupo, 10 laps, 6:38.689, 90.296 mph; 2. Gouker, -2.058 seconds; 3. MacClugage, -2.863; 4. Raymond, -13.896. Race Distance, 10 laps, 10 miles; Race Time, 6 minutes, 38.689 seconds; Race Average Speed, 90.296 mph; Victory Margin, 2.058 seconds; Fastest Lap, Gouker, 43.334, 83.076 mph.

MINI CUP BY MOTUL 110 QUALIFYING ONE: 1. Gouker, 43.094, 83.538 mph; 2. Lupo, 43.477; 3. MacClugage, 43.554; 4. Raymond, 44.489.

MINI CUP BY MOTUL 110 CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS STANDINGS (After 4 of 8 races): 1. Gouker, 95 points; 2. Lupo, 85 points; 3. MacClugage, 64 points; 4. Raymond, 52 points; 5. Brayden Fager, 22 points; 6. Stanley Gustafson, 20 points.

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American Flat Track: Smith Filling In For Royal Enfield’s Injured Lewis

Wed, 2022-06-29 20:18

Cameron Smith to Fill In For Injured Johnny Lewis

Moto Anatomy X Powered by Royal Enfield Welcomes Cameron Smith for New York and Pennsylvania AFT Rounds

Milwaukee, WI (Wednesday, June 29, 2022) – After sustaining a knee injury at the Laconia Short Track round of the American Flat Track Series, Moto Anatomy X Powered by Royal Enfield’s Johnny Lewis will not be suiting up for the upcoming rounds of the championship. But Lewis’ misfortune spells opportunity for promising young flat track racer Cameron Smith, who will fill in with the Moto Anatomy X team aboard the Twins FT for rounds eight and nine of the AFT series in the Production Twins class, starting this weekend at the New York Short Track at Weedsport Raceway.

Cameron Smith of Coatesville, Pennsylvania, is already a familiar face in the AFT Production Twins class. The 23-year-old celebrated two podium finishes in 2021, including a second-place finish at Weedsport, and is fresh off a fourth-place finish at the Lima Half-Mile. Smith is eager for the opportunity to race aboard the Royal Enfield Twins FT motorcycle at both the New York Short Track at Weedsport Raceway on July 2 and the Port Royal Half-Mile in Pennsylvania on July 16.

“I’m definitely excited to be running the Royal Enfield at the New York Short Track and Port Royal—that’s my home race,” says Smith. “I definitely can’t wait to get on the Twins FT and see what we can do. I grew up near Johnny and I got my style from him. I think the way the bike is set up, and because Johnny and I are the same height and kinda have the same style, we should be able to do well.”

As for Johnny Lewis, it’s a bittersweet turn of events, but the Moto Anatomy X racer is happy to hand an opportunity to someone he considers a friend and protégé. “I trained Cameron when he was 11, 12 years old, and on and off in the last few years,” said Lewis. “He has demonstrated winning speed, and he trusts me so I know I can help point him in the right direction. So it’s a good match.”

Lewis and the Moto Anatomy X crew also have utmost confidence in the Twins FT motorcycle, which they have been dedicated to developing with Royal Enfield. “I think I could have won again at Lima,” said Lewis, referring to his landmark victory in Ohio last year. “The bike is that good. We’re really happy with where it’s at, so as much as it sucks for me, I think it’s also really neat to see our development to this point. We have high expectations for the short tracks and half miles coming up. My goal is to be back in time for Peoria and the West Coast swing later this summer. But for now, our focus is on Cameron for these next two rounds.”

Adrian Sellers, Royal Enfield Head, Industrial Design, is also looking forward to having Smith under the tent. “We’re excited to have Cameron ride the Twins FT. He’s clearly proved himself this year and last, and his close relationship with Johnny makes him a natural fit for standing in while he’s injured. We’re also looking forward to his insights into the motorcycle and his fresh perspective on the Twins FT package. As only the second racer to ride the 2022 chassis, his inputs will be valuable to the continued development of the Twins FT.”

About Royal Enfield

The oldest motorcycle company in continuous production in the world, Royal Enfield made its first motorcycle in 1901. A division of Eicher Motors Limited, Royal Enfield has created the midsize motorcycle segment in India with its unique and distinctive modern classic motorcycles. With its manufacturing base in Chennai, India, Royal Enfield has been able to grow its production rapidly against a surge in demand for its motorcycles. Royal Enfield is a leading player in the global middleweight motorcycle market.

Royal Enfield North America (RENA) is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and is developing a growing network of more than 150 dealers in North America, including the contiguous U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. RENA currently offers the all-new Classic 350, Meteor 350, Himalayan and the 650 Twins (INT650 and Continental GT 650) motorcycles, along with a range of Genuine Motorcycle Accessories and apparel.

For more information on Royal Enfield North America, visit,,

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WorldSBK: Team HRC Tests With Lecuona, Nagashima At Misano

Wed, 2022-06-29 18:03

A constructive Misano test for HRC rider Lecuona, HRC test rider Nagashima and a “special trackside observer”

Team HRC has been at the Misano World Circuit this week for another test session. Factory rider Iker Lecuona was out on track on both Tuesday and Wednesday, the hot and dry conditions in Italy allowing for uninterrupted work.

Having recently undergone surgery on his right hand, Xavi Vierge was unable to participate in the riding this week but was nevertheless in the garage with the team, keeping track of developments, watching some of the action trackside, and taking the time to analyse all the data together with his technicians.

For this test, Iker was joined on track by factory HRC test rider Tetsuta Nagashima. The Japanese rider worked intensively alongside Lecuona over the two days of testing, something that he will do again over the weekend of 5-7 August, as part of the #33 Team HRC: along with BSB Honda rider Takumi Takahashi, Lecuona and Nagashima will compete in the iconic Suzuka 8 Hours endurance race with a factory bike based on the CBR1000RR-R FIREBLADE SP.

The two riders and their technical teams spent the sessions focusing largely on the electronics, geometries and balance of the bike, comparing different set-ups with those used at the recent Misano WorldSBK round.

Having completed all the work it had planned, Team HRC is pleased with the progress made during these sessions. The team will now continue its work back at base in preparation for round five of the Superbike World Championship, which will play out at the Donington Park circuit in the UK over the weekend of 15-17 July.

Iker Lecuona  7

“After spending one day at Donington last week, which was very useful as I had the chance to experience this beautiful and fun, albeit very challenging track, we came here to Misano for two more days of testing, and I’m very pleased with how it’s gone. We worked our way through our test plan, and everything went smoothly, without any issues. The team did a very good job, Xavi was also here, with “Tetsu” Nagashima on the other side of the garage as well as quite a few Japanese engineers who came from the factory to see for themselves. Having Tetsu here was important because he is an official HRC test rider in Japan and was able to personally take part in the testing and share the track with me and other WorldSBK riders. It has been challenging in such hot and humid conditions, but we can be satisfied because I think we are continuing to improve. We completed two long runs and the feeling with the bike in the hot weather was pretty good, our race pace better compared to the recent round we had here. In general, I think we did a very good job over the two days. Now I feel a bit tired of course, but I’m happy and ready for the next step, with the Donington round coming up in a couple of weeks’ time.”

Xavi Vierge  97

“I’ve had mixed feelings here because of course I wanted to ride but, having had surgery recently, we thought it was best to avoid any risk. But I came along anyway because this is my first year in WorldSBK and I have never had the chance to watch the action trackside, and it can be very interesting. So we decided I would attend and it’s been very interesting to listen to the comments of “Tetsu” and Iker, to understand the different settings they are trying and to watch them and other riders in action to understand more in an attempt to continue improving. So I’m happy to have been here at Misano and I made the most of the weather, doing some training on my bicycle. I feel my condition’s improving day by day and this is very positive. And of course, it’s always nice to spend time with my team in the garage, even if it’s not in my usual role.”

Tetsuta Nagashima  45

“It’s been a really good experience for me because I’ve had the chance to understand the bike, the Pirelli tyres and the feeling with the CBR here at Misano. We completed a run with Iker today, I followed him and was better able to understand where we need to improve on the bike. I test the CBR in Japan and so this experience was very useful in that we could collect more direct information and also exchange opinions with Iker and Xavi. We worked very hard over these two days. The lap times were not too bad in the end, and the race simulation was also promising. We’ll keep working hard in Japan and I hope this will help the team and both Xavi and Iker. I wish to thank Honda for this great opportunity; I really enjoyed being here.”

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AMA Hires Kula As Manager Of Business Development

Wed, 2022-06-29 17:41

American Motorcyclist Association Welcomes Michael Kula

30-year industry veteran to lead the organization’s business-development efforts

PICKERINGTON, Ohio — The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) has tapped longtime industry veteran Michael Kula as its Manager of Business Development. Kula, whose career spans three decades in the motorcycle industry in sales, advertising and public relations, has spent the last seven-and-a-half years as Sales Director for EPG Media/Rider Magazine.

Before that he spent time with Bonnier Corporation and VerticalScope in various sales roles. Kula spent nearly 13 years with Marshall Advertising working on the Yamaha Motorcycle account, and also worked with PR firm Paine & Associates on the Suzuki Motorcycles account. Kula will focus his efforts primarily on partnership and marketing initiatives.

“There’s a lot of exciting stuff happening at the AMA,” Kula said. “The magazine has been revitalized and is now the largest-circulation motorcycle publication in North America; there’s a brand-new website in the offing; the organization’s social media efforts are buzzing; and the AMA’s events, led by AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days in July, are impressive, so I’m very excited to be joining the team.”

Kula will report to AMA Communications and Editorial Director Mitch Boehm and will continue to be based in Southern California.

“We’re very happy to have Michael Kula join the AMA team,” said Boehm. “He’s an industry pro and a guy with the high level of sales and marketing expertise we need to help promote our event and media assets — which are world-class — and strengthen membership. We’ve got a lot of exciting new things percolating at the AMA, and Michael will be a key factor in helping us get where we’re headed as the AMA approaches its 100th Anniversary in 2024.”

Mr. Kula can be reached at

About the American Motorcyclist Association

Founded in 1924, the AMA is a not-for-profit member-based association whose mission is to promote the motorcycle lifestyle and protect the future of motorcycling. As the world’s largest motorcycling rights and event sanctioning organization, the AMA advocates for riders’ interests at all levels of government and sanctions thousands of competition and recreational events every year. Besides offering members money-saving discounts on products and services, the AMA also publishes American Motorcyclist, a recently revitalized and monthly full-color magazine (and digital version of same) that covers current events and motorcycle history with brilliant photography and compelling writing. American Motorcyclist is also North America’s largest-circulation magazine. Through the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in Pickerington, Ohio, the AMA honors the heroes and heritage of motorcycling. For more information, visit

Not a member? Join the AMA today:

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Piaggio Unveils All-New MP3 Scooters

Wed, 2022-06-29 17:30






Paris (France), 29 June 2022 – The new Piaggio MP3 models made their début today in Paris, the city that symbolises the success of the original, world’s first three-wheeled scooter, which represents the finest, most tangible response to an ever-increasing demand for easy, fun and extremely safe vehicles for getting around the city and ever-expanding metropolitan areas in the greatest comfort. This success can be seen in the more than 230,000 vehicles sold in sixteen years worldwide. During this time, the MP3 was always the undisputed leader in the market that it created for itself, exemplifying the technological excellence of the Piaggio Group applied to scooters. Considered as the link between the worlds of cars and scooters and encapsulating the best of both, the Piaggio MP3 returns safer, more high-tech, luxurious and fun than ever before.

Made in the Piaggio factories in Pontedera, Italy, the models in the new Piaggio MP3 range are lighter, with higher performance, and have been technically overhauled. They’re equipped with the modern engines of the hpe family: the Piaggio MP3 400 hpe and Piaggio MP3 400 hpe Sport share the 400 cc variant with over 35 HP, while the range-topping Piaggio MP3 530 hpe Exclusive features the all new 530 hpe unit, with a record power output for this class of over 44 HP.

The design is now sportier than ever and even more automotive in inspiration, thanks to unique levels of finish and attention to detail; the full LED lighting system is new, as is the front shield, which results from extensive research into maximising protection against air. The riding position is now more comfortable thanks to the revamped saddle-footpeg-handlebar triangulation; the underseat storage capacity with electric opening heads up the category, with space for two full-face helmets. In order to remain at the cutting edge in terms of safety, all models are equipped with ABS and ASR; the equipment also includes the keyless system and maxi colour instrument panel, with the option of connecting a smartphone through the Piaggio MIA app.

In keeping with its role as a great innovator, the new Piaggio MP3, 530 Exclusive version, is the world’s first scooter featuring ARAS Advanced Rider Assistance Systems, with an innovative suite of rider aid functions based on Imaging Radar 4D technology developed by Piaggio Fast Forward, the Piaggio Group’s robotics subsidiary. It’s the first time that these cutting-edge sensors have been developed for use on a scooter. The ARAS devices play a fundamental role in active safety, guaranteeing the Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) and Lane Change Decision Aid System (LCDAS) functions. The BLIS notifies the driver of the presence of vehicles in the rear view mirror blind spot using specific notices on the TFT display. Constantly monitoring the rear area at a distance of up to 30–35 metres, the LCDAS is also capable of identifying the vehicles which are approaching quickly laterally, creating a potential risk situation in the event of lane changes. In this situation, the driver is also notified through a specific notice on the instrument panel.

Reverse gear is another unique feature of Piaggio MP3 530 Exclusive and it now includes a rear video camera which allows for even easier and safer use. The wealth of standard equipment is rounded off with cruise control that can easily be managed using the new electric handlebar controls and the three Eco, Comfort and Sport riding modes, capable of modifying the response of the Ride-by-Wire throttle control as well as defining the calibration of the ASR anti-slip system.

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MRA: Applegate Wins Race Of The Rockies GTO At HPR

Wed, 2022-06-29 16:32

The Motorcycle Roadracing Association (MRA) was thrilled to hold its third race round of the season this last weekend at club affiliated High Plains Raceway (HPR) located in Deer Trail, CO. The North Course configuration was on offer for the competitors of this event.

Weather again played a factor in the weekend’s scheduled activities, with light and persistent rains as well as brisk winds affecting the riders and safety teams during several of the races throughout the race day on both Saturday and Sunday. Highs in the low 60’s, partially overcast and winds gusting to over 20 knots from the Southwest were the conditions that greeted the premier class’ Race of the Rockies GTO & GTU (RoRO RoRU) when they took to the grid early Sunday afternoon. A fastest race lap of a 1:13.862 was thrown down, and despite the conditions these competitors did not let off the gas for a second! Several serious accidents and even a visit from the local helicopter did conspire to slow the entire weekend down and cause a few delays. Accidents in two separate corners on the opening lap of RoR saw a red flag that halted the event for the better part of an hour while the riders, equipment and track were sorted out.

The action was as fierce as the weather after the restart with Jared Dear, Ken Yee and Cameron Lee leading the charge in RoRU. Dear was again on a borrowed motorcycle and was still again the man to beat in the middleweight class. A note here, Dear not only placed first in RoRU, but also third overall, beating out several 1000cc motorcycles. Yee ran with a similar pace to Dear but was unable to close the gap late into the lap count. Lee held onto a hard-earned third place!

In the RoRO, Mike Applegate put on a masterclass of consistency and speed on how to run the North Course at HPR. Blistering pace and form saw him take the checkered well ahead of his closest rivals in James Wilkerson and Daniel Spurlock. Though in the opening laps, it appeared that Wilkerson had more power from his motorcycle and was able to pull on the straights to show a wheel several times and keep Applegate very honest for most of the race.

Special thanks and nods to the HPR facility and the MRA safety team and trackside operations staff. Thanks to all of those that lent a hand in one fashion or another during the event. Thanks to Erik Maxwell, Louden David, and Dunlop tires for hosting the weekend’s cornhole tournament.

Dedicated to family friendly and close, competitive racing, the MRA thanks everyone involved for their support and patronage this last weekend, and hopes to see everyone again for round 3 coming June 25th & 26th at High Plains Raceway


Rnd 3 RoRO & RoRU

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American Flat Track: Series Headed To New York Short Track July 2

Wed, 2022-06-29 16:16

Expect Fireworks as Progressive AFT Arrives at New York Short Track

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Progressive American Flat is destined to deliver fireworks at the Mission New York Short Track presented by Mad Max Indian Motorcycle as the series arrives at Weedsport Speedway in Weedsport, New York, for an Independence Day weekend showdown on Saturday, July 2.

It’s been an explosive season to date in the Mission SuperTwins presented by S&S Cycle class with renewed parity and unpredictability. Still less than halfway through the campaign, the premier class has already witnessed five different winners across two manufacturers and three teams, while nine different riders and four different makes have been represented on the podium.

As much as some things may have changed, reigning champion Jared Mees (No. 1 Indian Motorcycle/Progressive Insurance FTR750) remains atop the pecking order, holding both the points lead and bragging rights as the only rider to score more than one win this season. Mees enters the New York Short Track with two prior wins at the 3/8-mile circuit, including a critical victory that helped kickstart his late-season flurry to take back the crown a year ago.

That said, he’s been under intense pressure on multiple fronts, not the least of which coming from the Estenson Racing Yamaha duo of Dallas Daniels (No. 32 Estenson Racing Yamaha MT-07 DT) and JD Beach (No. 95 Estenson Racing Yamaha MT-07 DT), who went 1-2 the last time the series visited a Short Track. Daniels is only growing in strength and looks more and more like a genuine title threat each successive week. Beach isn’t far behind and still has some of his best tracks ahead.

Two-time class champion Briar Bauman (No. 3 Indian Motorcycle/Progressive Insurance FTR750) is still very much in the mix as well. Currently ranked third in the points, Bauman is in something of a wins drought by his high standards, going winless since reigning supreme in the ‘22 season opener. Furthermore, that opening-night triumph stands as his only victory over the last 15 races, dating back to just before last year’s New York Short Track. Bauman is motivated, talented, and determined, not to mention a past winner at Weedsport, which could make him an extremely formidable contender this weekend.

Of course, there’s also last weekend’s winner, Brandon Robinson (No. 44 Mission Roof Systems Indian FTR750), who appears to be finding his footing at just the right time. He leads a group of ‘22 podium finishers ranked just behind the top four that also includes Bronson Bauman (No. 37 Latus Motors Racing Harley-Davidson XG750R), Jarod Vanderkooi (No. 20 Mission Roof Systems Indian FTR750), and Davis Fisher (No. 67 Bob Lanphere’s BMC Racing Indian FTR750).

And don’t forget about Sammy Halbert (No. 69 Mission Roof Systems Indian FTR750), who will be making one of his select appearances this season at Weedsport. Halbert showed plenty of pace at Laconia and split the wins with Mees here a year ago, and thus, should not be underestimated.

Mission Production Twins presented by Vance & Hines

The Mission Production Twins presented by Vance & Hines championship is fast taking shape as a two-man race featuring points leader Jesse Janisch (No. 33 Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson XG750R) and defending champ Cory Texter (No. 1 G&G Racing/Yamaha Racing Yamaha MT-07).

They’ve been nearly perfectly matched with both owning a pair of wins, while Janisch holds a slight podium advantage (6-5) to go along with his one-point title lead. Janisch has been on an incredible roll, racking up five consecutive finishes of first or second, while Texter finally unleashed his most convincing effort of the season last weekend at Lima.

With Janisch out of the series completely before getting an opportunity to ride as a sub late last year and Texter in the midst of his farewell season, either rider would make a most deserving and compelling champion.

A wild card will be thrown into the mix this weekend as 2020 class champ James Rispoli (No. 43 Wally Brown Racing/Haversack KTM 890 Duke) will be back in action. The WBR KTM 890 Duke proved itself a race winner straight out of the gate at the Red Mile. It’ll be interesting to see how it fares this weekend on a Short Track.

Several other riders could have their say as well, including the on-form Billy Ross (No. 109 Mission Foods/Roof Systems Harley-Davidson XG750R), Cameron Smith (No. 34 Thee Cathy Gray/Al Barker Yamaha MT-07), Ben Lowe (No. 25 Mission Foods/Roof Systems Yamaha MT-07), and Johnny Lewis (No. 10 Moto Anatomy X Powered by Royal Enfield 650).

Parts Unlimited AFT Singles presented by KICKER

Kody Kopp (No. 12 Red Bull KTM Factory Racing 450 SX-FFE) has been nearly unstoppable in the two most recent Parts Unlimited AFT Singles presented by KICKER races, barely providing his rivals a turn in the spotlight as he’s conquered practices, qualifying sessions, Semis, and Main Events alike.

Kopp now owns over half of the season’s race wins (four of seven) and is threatening to build up an unassailable points gap if his challengers don’t find a way to counter him and soon.

Morgen Mischler (No. 13 American Honda/Progressive Insurance CRF450R) stands as the only rider within even a two-race margin of Kopp. The Honda ace is due for a bounce-back effort after logging an eighth and seventh during Kopp’s last two dominant outings. Fortunately for Mischler, he won here a year ago and could desperately use a repeat performance right about now.

Mischler’s teammate, Dalton Gauthier (No. 79 American Honda/Progressive Insurance CRF450R), is ranked third and also stands as a former winner of the New York Short Track.

While Kopp, Mischler, and Gauthier are the only winners in the field thus far this season, a number of others have what it takes to join those ranks, including Trent Lowe (No. 48 Mission Foods/Al Lamb’s Dallas Honda CRF450R), Max Whale (No. 18 Red Bull KTM Factory Racing 450 SX-FFE), Trevor Brunner (No. 21 Estenson Racing Yamaha YZ450F), and Chase Saathoff (No. 106 American Honda/Progressive Insurance CRF450R).

There will be plenty to keep fans entertained off the track as well, including numerous vendors, a variety of food and beverage options, and the Kids Zone. Chasing Neon will entertain with its eclectic mix of live party music that ranges from country to classic rock and everything in between, while Rich the Magic Man will be performing the illusions that have made him Rochester’s most amazing and engaging magician for over 30 years. Finally, the evening will be topped off by a Independence Day weekend fireworks display.

Visit to reserve your tickets today. General Admission Grandstand tickets are available for just $25 in advance with kids 12 and under free when accompanied by an adult. Premium General Admission, VIP Experience, and Indoor Box Suite ticketing options are also available for purchase.

Paddock Access Upgrades are also available for purchase, which provide all-day access to the pits where fans can scope out the world’s fastest dirt track motorcycles and get up close and personal with the stars of the sport.

Gates will open for fans at 3:30 p.m. ET/12:30 p.m. PT with Opening Ceremonies scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m. ET/4:00 p.m. PT ahead of the day’s Main Event program. You can catch the livestream of all the weekend’s racing activities on provides free-to-view livestreaming of Practice and Qualifying. subscribers will then be able to watch the drama unfold from Opening Ceremonies through the Semis, Main Events, and podium celebrations. offers two subscription options, granting unlimited access to premium AFT content. Monthly subscriptions start at just $7.99, while a six-month subscription is available for $44.99.

The Mission New York Short Track presented by Mad Max Indian Motorcycle will premiere on FS1 on Saturday, July 9, at 11:30 a.m. ET/8:30 a.m, PT, including exclusive features, cutting-edge aerial drone and onboard footage, and expert commentary.

For more information on Progressive AFT visit To score the latest gear for the Progressive American Flat Track fan, visit our official merchandise store at

How to Watch:

FOX Sports and are the official homes for coverage of Progressive American Flat Track. For the 2022 season, all races will premiere in one-hour telecasts on FS1 during highly desirable weekend time slots. The complete schedule can be viewed at provides livestreaming coverage of every Progressive AFT round at

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WERA Previews Racing And Concours De Competition June 2-3 At Barber

Tue, 2022-06-28 19:03


Join us for the start of the July 4th weekend with an action-packed Saturday and Sunday at the beautiful Barber Motorsports Park.  Saturday WERA will host the 4th Annual Concours de Competition et D’Elegance.  Joining us will be Scott Russell who will serve as the Grand Marshal for the event.  The “go” class has a full slate of Vintage Machinery that laid the ground work for racing in the past.  The Concours will be on track between the Sportsman Series Sprint races which offer some action-packed racing for the “modern” bikes and will also have the WERA Vintage Classes mixed in.

We would like to thank the sponsors for this year’s Concours:  Ron Raven, Founder; Fast from the Past; G.M.D. Computrack; Freewheeling Powersports, Tony Dukas Racing; Ed Toomey Designs, Zen Cycles and Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum for their support of this event over the four years!

Sunday will see the second day of the Double Header Sportsman Sprints with the WERA Vintage classes mixed in.  Classes for Vintage machines, beginner classes all the way up to 1000cc machines.  Come claim a seat on the Hill and watch the action or come into the paddock and meet the competitors.

Credentials will be available at the credential building prior to the entry gate.  Camping is available as well.

WERA Motorcycle Roadracing was founded in 1973 and remains the foremost place to develop talent in the sport of motorcycle road racing.  The legacy of Pro Riders on a National and World level is legendary.  All events are run by WERA Motorcycle Roadracing with a co-sanction by the AMA and they go coast to coast offering entry level racing with the WERA Sportsman Series as well as a Pro-Am Series which is the Pirelli/WERA National Challenge Series.  WERA also offers Vintage Racing and hosts the Concours de ’Competition and Concours d’ Elegance in July at Barber Motorsports Park. Endurance Racing is also on the menu with our partner N2 and runs 4-5 events a year with a Big Bike Endurance and an Ultralightweight Endurance.  WERA Motorcycle Roadracing was voted the 2017 AMA Track Organizer of the year.

For more information on WERA Motorcycle Roadracing please check out our web site at

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MotoAmerica: Even More From Ridge Motorsports Park

Tue, 2022-06-28 18:38

Hector Barbera delivers double top five in latest MotoAmerica round at The Ridge

With temperatures soaring, the Tytlers Cycle Racing team were once again at the sharp end in the latest round of the 2022 MotoAmerica Superbike championship.

Fresh from their podium successes at Road America, riders Hector Barbera and PJ Jacobsen were full of confidence as the series moved towards its mid-point with the ninth and tenth races of the year.

A strong qualifying for Hector saw him qualify on the second row, although a penalty for a rider ahead would see him promoted to the front row for Saturday’s opening race. From lights out the Spaniard gave his all, making changes to his BMW 1000 RR when the race was red flagged. At the restart, his pace was strong with Barbera crossing the line a fraction behind the fourth placed finisher. He finished fifth. Sunday’s second race brought a similar result. Setting off from row two he was soon lapping faster than in Race 1, coming out on top am intense battle for P5.

PJ Jacobsen was racing at the 2.47-mile Ridge Motorsports Park for the very first time in what is his return to racing and whilst learning the track posed no real problem, the #66 struggled to find the optimum feeling. A spill in Race 1 added to the frustration. A determined Jacobsen dug deep on Sunday and whilst still not 100% comfortable was able to secure a top ten finish, with ninth, at the flag.

Stock1000 title contenders Corey Alexander and Travis Wyman were also in action in the Superbike class. The pair finished seventh and eleventh respectively on Saturday, whilst Corey also secured an eighth placed finish on Sunday.

Hector Barbera: “Race 1 was not the easiest. I expected to fight for the podium, but the track conditions were so different to this morning and with the start/stop because of the red flag we made changes and I lost a little bit confidence. The gap to the front wasn’t too bad and P5 is not so bad. The second race was much more normal as we didn’t have a red flag. I started well but lost some feeling with the rear tire which started to spin. We are making progress, but we still need to keep working to be in the podium fight more regularly. I am not happy with another fifth position, but I am happy when I see we are getting faster. I am super motivated and looking forward to being at the front at Laguna.”


PJ Jacobsen (66). Photo by Brian J. Nelson, courtesy Tytlers Cycle Racing.


PJ Jacobsen: “The whole weekend was tough for me. I had to learn the track as it was new to me and then in the races I struggled. In Race 1 I don’t know whether it was tire or suspension, but I didn’t have a good feeling with the front of the bike and unfortunately, I went down. Race 2 wasn’t much better. I had no confidence and it’s not what me or the team expected in terms of results. That said, we will regroup and go again at Laguna.”




More, from a press release issued by N2 Racing:

N2 Racing Scores a Podium Finish at The Ridge.

Media, PA – June 2022 – N2 Racing scores its second podium finish of the year with a third-place finish in Supersport Race Two by rider Kevin Olmedo. Blake Davis scored a fifth place in Twins Cup Race One and an incredible fourth place finish in Race Two on his Yamaha YZF-R7. The Ridge was the teams best overall weekend with strong finishes by both riders and great points in the championships.

Kevin Olmedo had his best weekend of the year at The Ridge. The Yamaha YZF-R6 was competitive on Friday, only requiring a few gearing and suspension adjustments to allow Olmedo to qualify in fourth place. Kevin got boxed out at the start of Race One falling back to fifth place early on but fought back to third during race long battle with Sam Lochoff. In the latter part of the race, the rear tire became very greasy, and Kevin finished in fourth place. In Race Two, Kevin got a better start and immediately locked into a race long battle with Tyler Scott. The two riders battled with by far the most exciting action on track. In the end, Kevin was able to score his first podium of the year. This was also the teams first podium in Supersport since entering the class in 2019. Kevin is now fourth in points.

Blake Davis qualified 11th in the middle of the fourth row for Twins Cup at The Ridge, leaving a tall mountain to climb for both races. Blake had a great start and made up 2 places before turn 1.  He started making passes back and forth with two other riders and on lap seven, broke away and his lap time dropped by half a second. The race was red flagged on the 8th lap and he didn’t have time to catch the other riders. In Race Two, Blake got a great start again and made several key passes. When a few of the leaders had issues, Blake was there to capitalize to finish just off the podium in fourth place. Blake is fourth in the Twins Cup Championship standings, only 56 points from first.


Blake Davis (22). Photo by Brian J. Nelson, courtesy N2 Racing.


Blake Davis – “What a great weekend! The bike was pretty competitive straight off the truck, but the team made good changes and we dropped time in every session. The struggle right now is in qualifying. It’s very hard to start from the fourth row and get on the podium with the talent in this class. When we get the qualifying figured out, we will be good to go. That is the focus.”


Kevin Olmedo (16). Photo by Brian J. Nelson, courtesy N2 Racing.


Kevin Olmedo – “This was best the bike has felt all year. The team has done an amazing job of adapting the bike to me and finding a competitive set up and I can’t thank them enough. They are professional and I love the family atmosphere. Thanks to Yamaha, Dunlop, N2 Track Days, Dainese, Arai, and all the other sponsors that help make this happen.”

Shiloh Salopek (Crew Chief) – “The Ridge is one of the more difficult tracks to find a balanced compromise in the bike’s setup to accommodate all the variables in the track layout.  For us to be able to overcome this obstacle and have such solid results with both Blake and Kevin, it gives us a lot of confidence and momentum to roll into Laguna Seca in two weeks.”

About N2: N2 – Ride, Race, Learn.

Founded in 2014, N2’s mission is to build a sustainable motorcycle community through safe, structured motorcycle track days, advanced rider training programs based on Yamaha Champions Riding School teaching methods, with a strong affinity for motorcycle road racing. N2 successfully resurrected Motorcycle Endurance Racing in America partnering with WERA Roadracing and creating the N2/WERA National Endurance Series by Dunlop. N2 is a premier participant in the MotoAmerica Pro Racing Series with a multi-rider team competing in several classes. N2 is also a major contributor to the Roadracing World Action Fund through fundraising efforts and support from its large member base.

N2 Racing is proudly sponsored by: Dunlop Motorcycle Tire, Yamaha Motor Corporation USA, Dainese, BobbleHeadMoto, Karnes Performance, Trading Paint, GB Racing, Westby Racing, Attack Performance, Robem Engineering, Puig, Eazi Grip, ProBolt, SBS Brakes and Yamaha Champions Riding School.

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MotoGP: Marc Marquez Blogs About His Decision, Surgery, And Recovery

Tue, 2022-06-28 17:54

Marc Marquez On: The road to recovery

Speaking with Box Repsol for his latest blog, Marc Marquez shares an update on his recovery from the operation on his right humerus and how he arrived at this point.

I’ve received many messages of encouragement from you, the fans, and they are appreciated, especially at times like this. I want to let you know how I am doing with my recovery.

The idea that perhaps I needed to have another operation was there since September of last year. We were checking my arm periodically, to see the evolution of the fracture after the third surgery. When preseason came around, I wanted to convince myself that I could do it, with the phrase “power is in the mind” as my motto. But as the season began, I realised that the limitations were very big. My idea was to compete the whole season –since the bone was not one hundred percent consolidated from the third operation–, but whilst knowing my limitations and hiding the discomfort, to avoid daily questions. Only those closest to me knew about the situation.

The defining moment came around the French GP, when everything was prepared for a 3D CT scan. We made the decision to have a new operation. Having surgery in the United States surprised me a lot, because of how they had planned the pre-op and post-op period. It is very different from Spain. The postoperative period was very fast, I was immediately discharged, authorised to fly and able to return home. The preparation, on the other hand, was very thoroughly planned and everything was done well in advance.

Before the operation I was in very good spirits, but in the hours afterwards I felt worse, because of the anaesthesia and because of the pain. I had a bad time for two or three days, but since this wasn’t the first time my arm had been operated on and I already knew what it would feel like, I was aware that the pain was normal and that it would subside later.

Now I feel quite good, because there is no pain. I still have my arm immobilised and am doing light passive mobility exercises. I feel motivated, because the feeling is good, and I am excited to start recovery as soon as the doctors tell me to, to see if my arm works as it should.

My current feeling is one of hope. Because of the way I was riding and competing, I didn’t see myself as being on the bike for much longer -maybe another year or two. After the intervention in Rochester, the hope is there that I can continue competing without pain and have fun on the bike.

I am waiting for an X-ray to be done in week six. Depending on how the result of this X-ray goes, we will choose the path for recovery. Until then I’m enjoying a bit of a vacation, because we can’t start recovery 100 percent yet.

At the moment, although it seems like I have a lot of free time, I plan each day well. I get up early and go for an hour and a half walk. Then I try to keep myself busy with calls with the team, with my family or things around the house. In the afternoon I began to gently work on my lower body and a little on my left arm.

Sometimes I stop to think about motivation and in my case, the only conclusion I reach is that mine comes from passion and enthusiasm. It remains the same as it has been for more than ten years. It also pushes me to think about the goal, which is to have fun and compete at a good level, without suffering or having pain.

I have to say that I am not alone on this road to recovery. I have been supported by riders like Àlex Crivillé –who went through something similar–, Alberto Puig –who is the person with whom I have the most contact, because he is also the Team Manager of the Repsol Honda Team– and also with Mick Doohan – because he had several serious injuries. They are the people who have advised me the most and I thank them for their support.

There is also a point of reference in Rafa Nadal, who even when people thought he was done has been able to overcome the pain and win again. I was with him at the Madrid Masters 1000. I know all that he has suffered and that is why he is a point of reference for me, because although he is not at his best, he is capable of winning tournaments like Roland Garros. I remember that in a press conference he admitted that the pain changed his mood, and I understand that.

Before saying goodbye, I want to thank you once again for the support I receive from all of you. I promise that I will do everything I can to compete again and enjoy good times together.

– MM93

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Scholarship Fund Created In Honor Of Fallen Racer Scott Mullin

Tue, 2022-06-28 17:27

Manchester Community College Honors Legacy of Scott Mullin

Manchester, N.H. – The family of Scott Mullin has established an endowed scholarship fund at Manchester Community College (MCC) to support students pursuing careers in the Powersports industry. Named after the longtime motorcycle enthusiast and racer, the Scott M. Mullin Memorial Scholarship Fund will provide need-based financial assistance to students enrolled in the Powersports program who aspire to work in the motorsports industry.

“Scott was a very close friend of the Power Sports program at MCC,” said Professor Marc Bellerose, chair of the Automotive Technologies department at MCC. “He knew the value of an education and how important it was for the industry to have a skilled workforce. The MCC faculty and staff were grateful for his energy and constant focus on supporting students. Scott’s influence helped his MCC family maintain a commitment to the educational, professional, and personal success of their students. With this scholarship, we will continue Scott’s legacy and help others enter the field.”

MCC offers a 22-credit Powersports certificate that prepares students to be highly skilled, work-ready technicians. With a focus on customer service, graduates will be trained to progress from customer concern to cause, and decisively to problem correction. The Mullin family was instrumental in the development process for the certificate program.


Scott Mullin, R.I.P. Photo by Martin Hanlon, courtesy NEMRR.


Scott Mullin was 38 years young, a husband, father and a resident of Milford when he passed. A passion for motorcycles and an entrepreneurial spirit led his family to open Souhegan Valley Motorsports in 2005. His education in and outside the classroom was instrumental in nurturing his vision to be regarded as an expert within the power sports industry. He was an accomplished expert-level racer, a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast and a pillar of the motorcycle racing community. He passed away August 1, 2021 in a racing accident.

“Through watching his family ride and race, Scott’s motorcycle passion started at a very young age,” said Scott’s parents, George and Barbra Mullin. “His desire to get into the industry started from day one. When he was in school, there were not any power sports programs, so he had to figure it out on his own. Once we started the business and recognized the need for a larger pool of skilled technicians, he took the initiative to work with MCC to recruit and was always more than willing to talk to students. We hope the Scott M. Mullin Memorial Scholarship Fund will open doors for others to start down the power sports path to continue his legacy and his desire to help others.”

The Mullin family’s investment has created an endowed fund held at The Foundation for New Hampshire Community Colleges (FNHCC). The family is asking all who knew Scott to consider a contribution in his memory and support MCC students for years to come. Donations to the Scott M. Mullin Memorial Scholarship Fund can be made online or by check to FNHCC, 26 College Drive, Concord, NH 03301.

The Foundation for New Hampshire Community Colleges provides greater access to educational opportunities through financial assistance for student scholarships, program development and enhancements to facilities across New Hampshire’s seven community colleges. The Foundation actively seeks contributions from public and private sources to create scholarships and program partnerships that prepare students for in-demand, skilled jobs to meet the needs in the workforce.


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MotoAmerica: Gilbert Undergoes Surgery On Broken Femur

Tue, 2022-06-28 17:15

One of the many red flags during the MotoAmerica races at Ridge Motorsports Park was a crash involving Michael Gilbert.

After taking a fifth in Stock 1000 Race One – while still nursing a two-week-old broken right ankle, Gilbert crashed his Cycle World/Octane/Chuckwalla Racing Suzuki GSX-R1000R on the seventh lap of Stock 1000 Race Two and fractured the femur in his left leg.

Gilbert underwent surgery at a hospital in nearby Olympia, Washington, on Sunday night.

Afterward, the California posted on his Instagram, saying: “Fortunately, surgery went smoothly and I’ve already been back on my feet with a walker. Not sure what I’ve done to deserve the luck I’ve had in 2022, but we’ll take the highs with the lows and be back on the motorcycle in no time.”

Read his entire post below.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Michael Gilbert (@michael_gilbert55)

Video of the incident showed Ezra Beaubier making contact with Gilbert. Beaubier said he had nowhere to go and “clipped” Gilbert, but he said he didn’t think he ran over his leg or legs.

Beaubier, who rides a Motorsport Exotica Orange Cat BST Racing BMW M 1000 RR, also went to the hospital after completing restarted Stock 1000 Race Two. Between doing the race and vomiting afterward due to a stomach illness, Beaubier was left very dehydrated and in need of IV fluids.

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MotoGP: Yamaha Objects To Quartararo’s Long-Lap Penalty

Tue, 2022-06-28 16:38


Gerno di Lesmo (Italy), 28th June 2022

Yamaha Motor Racing Managing Director & Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Team Principal Lin Jarvis expresses his disappointment with the long-lap penalty for the upcoming Monster Energy British Grand Prix that Fabio Quartararo received from the FIM MotoGP Stewards panel following a race incident with Aleix Espargaró on lap 5 of the TT Assen race.

Jarvis states, “Fabio Quartararo, the Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Team, and Yamaha have always striven for fairness and sportsmanship in MotoGP. We are disappointed to see the inequality with which penalties are applied by the FIM MotoGP Stewards panel.”

The Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Team disagree with Sunday‘s decision by the FIM MotoGP Stewards panel for the following reasons:

– Whilst Quartararo has admitted to making a mistake in Turn 5 at the TT Circuit Assen on lap 5, Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP view this as a race incident. Quartararo has the reputation of being a clean rider, without a track record of prior incidents. It was an honest mistake without malicious intent.

– Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP acknowledges that Aleix Espargaró‘s race was affected, but the severeness of the impact is a matter of conjecture. Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP feel the FIM MotoGP Stewards panel is measuring the severity of race incidents with inconsistent, subjective standards.

The inconsistency with which penalties are applied by the FIM MotoGP Stewards panel during the 2022 season damages the fairness of MotoGP and the faith in the Stewards‘ jurisdiction. There have been at least three more serious race incidents in the MotoGP Class (resulting in riders retiring from the race and/or causing injuries) that were left unpunished.

Jarvis concludes: “We wanted to appeal the decision of the Stewards on Sunday at the Assen track, but this type of penalty is not open to discussion or appeal. We then wanted to raise the issue, as a matter of principle, with CAS (Court of Arbitration of Sport), but equally such a matter is not open to appeal. It is precisely for these reasons that correct, balanced, and consistent decisions should be taken by the Stewards in the first place and executed within the correct, reasonable time frame.”

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WorldSBK: Bautista Extends Contract With Racing Ducati

Tue, 2022-06-28 16:21

Alvaro Bautista on board the Ducati Panigale V4R of the Racing – Ducati Team also in the 2023 WorldSBK season

The Racing – Ducati Team is pleased to announce the contract extension for Alvaro Bautista who will ride the official Ducati Panigale V4R machine again in the 2023 WorldSBK season.

After becoming World Champion in the 125cc class in 2006 with 8 wins and a total of 14 podiums, Alvaro Bautista took part in the 250cc World Championship in the following three seasons, scoring 8 wins and a total of 24 podiums.

The Spanish rider – born in Talavera de la Reina (Toledo, Spain) on November 21, 1984 – landed in MotoGP in 2010 (scoring three podiums between 2012 and 2014) before climbing aboard the Ducati Desmosedici GP in the 2017 and 2018 seasons.

In his debut season in WordSBK (2019) with the Panigale V4R of the Racing – Ducati Team, he obtained 16 victories (24 podiums in total), finishing second in the championship standings.

After two years with another manufacturer, Bautista returns to the Racing – Ducati team at the start of the 2022 season. With four rounds out of twelve already held, the Spanish rider is currently leading the Superbike World Championship standings with 220 points.

Stefano Cecconi (Team Principal Racing – Ducati).

“I have always believed in Alvaro from a sporting point of view and we have always had a very good personal relationship even when our paths temporarily parted. When we decided to bet on him again last summer, some people called this move a very risky gamble, but there was a conviction on both sides that we were making the right choice: results so far confirm our decision and make us happy. This is also the reason why we are glad to continue our relationship with Alvaro for at least another year. Today we want to make a small exception to the rule and we toast his renewal; already from tomorrow, we are going back to work to prepare ourselves in the best possible way for the next races. The season is still long and we know very well that we cannot afford to let our guard down.”

Luigi Dall’Igna (Ducati Corse General Manager)

“We are very happy to be able to continue together with Bautista in 2023. As in the 2019 WorldSBK season, this year, Alvaro has been immediately competitive with our bike, starting from the winter tests; he is now leading, not surprisingly,  a wonderful season, fighting intelligently for the world title. He is a precise rider, easy to work with: his fantastic riding style is not only enjoyable to watch on TV, but above all, it is his key to fully exploiting the potential of our Panigale V4 R. We are convinced that together we can achieve many important goals.”

Alvaro Bautista ( Racing – Ducati #19)

“I am very happy to be able to continue at least one more year with the Racing – Ducati Team, which represents a family to me. I have always felt good with this team and since I have returned, the feelings have been even more positive than in the 2019 season. When something works so well, we can only keep working, looking ahead. I feel I am still at the top, I feel I can still give a lot. Physically and mentally I think this is the best time of my career. I am also delighted to continue working with Ducati, a very important factory, tech-oriented, always looking for development: to be part of this project, of this team is something incredible on a personal level.”

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MotoAmerica: More From Ridge Motorsports Park

Mon, 2022-06-27 20:47

Robem Engineering Aprilia riders score top-10 finishes in Sunday’s MotoAmerica Twins Cup race at The Ridge Motorsports Park

Twins Cup rookie Gloddy showed excellent pace Saturday before mechanical issue ended his race

SHELTON, Wash. — The MotoAmerica round at The Ridge Motorsports Park didn’t prove to be the big points-paying weekend Robem Engineering riders Teagg Hobbs and Ben Gloddy had been hoping for. Yet, the pair of New Hampshirites put a downer Race 1 at the June 24-26 event behind them to end the weekend with a pair of top 10 finishes in Race 2.

Hobbs started the weekend at less than 100 percent, as he is still dealing with the broken collarbone he suffered at the Road America at the beginning of June. Gloddy, who is in his first year competing in the MotoAmerica Twins Cup, was near the front of the field in Saturday’s contest before having his race soured by a bike problem.

Both riders were a little off the front-running pace to start the weekend. Gloddy was the faster of the two riders in Friday practice, finishing the session in sixth. Hobbs finished practice in eighth and was less than half a second off Gloddy’s pace. Both riders dropped more than second off their best lap times in Friday afternoon’s Qualifying 1, with Hobbs wrapping up the session seventh fastest and Gloddy eighth fastest. Qualifying concluded Saturday morning with Gloddy having secured fifth place on the Twins Cup starting grid. Hobbs qualified in ninth.

Later Saturday, Gloddy got a great start in the Twins Cup race and was right behind the leader at the first set of corners. He finished the first lap in second place, while he teammate Hobbs slipped down the running order to 11th place on the first lap. Gloddy held onto second place on Laps 2-4, though he slid back to third on Lap 5 and fourth on Laps 6 and 7. On Lap 7, Gloddy’s motorcycle unfortunately endured a mechanical failure that caused him to run off track and crash at Turn 6. Hobbs’ had moved into the top 10 for Laps 2 and 3 before he his race ended with a crash on Lap 4.

In Sunday’s Race 2, both riders got good starts and Gloddy and Hobbs finished the first lap in seventh and tenth place respectively. Hobbs fell as far back as 11th on Laps 2 and 3 before working his way up the running order to a seventh-place finish. Gloddy moved up from seventh to sixth on Lap 4 but wasn’t able to make any additional progress and had to settle for a sixth-place finish.

Gloddy and Hobbs will have a chance to bounce back to their usual frontrunning form in two weeks time at the next MotoAmerica round, which is scheduled for July 8-10 at the popular WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca.

Ben Gloddy / No. 72

“Overall, I had a good weekend at The Ridge. I felt really good in practice and qualifying. In Race 1, I got a really good start and me and another rider pulled a small gap in the first couple laps. Then my pace started to drop off. And then my bike had a mechanical failure that put me on the ground – which unfortunately ended my race. I didn’t get as good a start in Race 2 but was able to run with the leaders for a little bit. But the pain in my shoulder started to get worse and I wasn’t able to keep up with them.”


Teagg Hobbs (79). Photo by Sara Chappell Photos, courtesy Robem Engineering.

Teagg Hobbs / No. 79

“I was very happy to be able to ride so soon after my injury. The weekend didn’t go as smooth as we had hoped but we made steady progress. I am very excited to take a few weeks of rest before the next round at Laguna Seca. The team worked around the clock this weekend, and I can’t thank them enough for their amazing effort at The Ridge.”

Robem Engineering’s technical partners for 2022 include Aprilia Racing, Piaggio Group Americas, The Center for Plastic Surgery, Synchrony, Velocity Calibrations, Bitubo Suspension, Dunlop, Woodcraft Technologies, Dymag, Vesrah, Sprint Filter, DID, Magura USA, Sara Chappell Photos, NGK/NTK, Blud Lubricants, Millennium Technologies, Motovation USA and SC-Project.




More, from a press release issued by Tytlers Cycle/RideHVMC Racing:

Double win, another 1-2 finish and three riders in the points at The Ridge

The Tytlers Cycle Ride HVMC squad continued their run of form in the 2022 MotoAmerica Stock1000 championship – the latest round of the series at The Ridge in Washington state seeing Corey Alexander romp to a double victory after smashing the lap record to claim Pole Position during qualifying.

The winner of both races a year ago, the 2.47-mile circuit holds fond memories for Alexander who looked unbeatable as the weekend got underway on Friday.

Saturday’s opening race was a stop start affair with a series of red flags shortening the race. Despite the stoppages, Alexander withheld the pressure in the early stages to secure the win by a convincing margin with Travis Wyman narrowly missing the podium in fourth.

Sunday also saw a mid-race stoppage with the grid lining up for an even shorter five lap sprint for glory that saw the #23 under real pressure until the chequered flag. Initially controlling the pace out front, Alexander dropped to second with less than half a lap to go before resuming his position at the head of the pack to make it four wins on the bounce at the undulating and physically demanding circuit close to Seattle. The win saw Corey retake the lead in the championship as team mate Wyman kept his title hopes alive with a spirited ride to P2.

Zac Schumacher, the team’s third rider was also a double points finisher. The #90 brought his BMW M1000 R home fifteenth in both races.

All three riders head into the second half of the season which kicks off at Laguna Seca in two weeks.


Corey Alexander (23). Photo courtesy Tytlers Cycle/RideHVMC Racing.


Corey Alexander: “I am happy with the results on Saturday after setting a new lap record in Q2 and backing it up with the win in Race 1. It was a big points day with our nearest rival finishing behind us and it really set us up well for the rest of the weekend, especially with another top eight in the opening Superbike race. Sunday was another amazing day. It was a much tighter battle on track than on Saturday which makes it much more exciting for the fans and a little more satisfying when you come out on top in a last lap scrap. To take both wins was amazing for us and I hope to keep the momentum going into the next one at Laguna and for the rest of the season.”


Travis Wyman (10). Photo courtesy Tytlers Cycle/RideHVMC Racing.


Travis Wyman: “I was running third in the early stages of Saturday’s opening race, but I started to struggle with front end grip and settled for fourth. I got a good jump at the restart and fought my way through from fourth to second. I tried to close the gap on Corey, but I was just left with too much to do. I am happy that the team was able to secure another 1-2 finish and I am now focused on Laguna where I have had good results in the past.”


Zac Schumacher (90). Photo courtesy Tytlers Cycle/RideHVMC Racing.


Zac Schumacher: “A crash on Friday I still felt a bit rough when the lights went out on Saturday but after starting nineteenth, I was able to work my way into the points. I could have made it to P14, but I ran out of time. I made a good start in the first part of Race 2 and was battling hard with a couple of guys before the red flag came out. I got another decent launch at the restart and found myself battling for thirteenth position but on the last lap I made a mistake on the lap so settled for P15. I want to thank all my guys for putting the bike back together after the crash on Friday and I’m really looking forward to Laguna.”




More, from a press release issued by Team Suzuki Press Office:


Tyler Scott (SS): Suzuki GSX-R750 – 2nd

Liam Grant (SS): Suzuki GSX-R750 – 6th

Richie Escalante (SBK): Suzuki GSX-R1000R – 6th

Sam Lochoff (SS): Suzuki GSX-R750 – 15th

Teenager Tyler Scott raced his Team Hammer M4 ECSTAR Suzuki GSX-R750 to second place in Sunday’s Ridge Motorsports Park weekend of the 2022 MotoAmerica AMA/ FIM North American Road Racing season.


Tyler Scott (70). Photo by Brian J. Nelson, courtesy Team Suzuki Press Office.


While it was Vision Wheel M4 ECSTAR Suzuki’s Sam Lochoff who did the honours on Saturday, 16-year-old Scott took his turn in the spotlight in Sunday’s Supersport race.

Scott jumped to an early lead aboard his Suzuki GSX-R750 before settling into a race-long defense of second position. Despite facing heavy pressure on his rear wheel throughout the race, Scott kept his head and protected his racing line like a crafty veteran.

Demonstrating racecraft beyond his years, he managed to keep his rival corralled behind him to the chequered flag. The runner-up result was the rising star’s fourth podium finish of his rookie Supersport season.

Scott said: “All weekend we’ve been challenged with some handling issues, but we finally figured it out on the last day and made it count for the podium. I knew I had an aggressive rider on my back wheel. If I gave him an opportunity, he would have put a pass in there. The last five laps, I just put my head down and tried to keep 100% the best pace I could go.”


Sam Lochoff (44). Photo by Brian J. Nelson, courtesy Team Suzuki Press Office.


Unfortunately, the day wasn’t nearly so kind to Lochoff. The South African, already suffering from a painful broken ankle, crashed while running in fifth early. He remounted and returned to the pits for a quick check and adjustment before returning to the fray. Lochoff was awarded a championship point for his gritty effort with a 15th-place result.


Liam Grant (90). Photo by Brian J. Nelson, courtesy Team Suzuki Press Office.


Third Vision Wheel M4 ECSTAR Suzuki Supersport ace Liam Grant stepped up to fill the void. The up-and-coming rider earned sixth – his best Supersport result yet – as he continues to build confidence and speed in his rookie campaign.

Meanwhile, the squad’s MotoAmerica Superbike duo scooped a pair of top-ten finishes aboard their GSX-R1000Rs as well on Sunday. Richie Escalante made good on his impressive pace at the undulating circuit with a solid sixth-place performance. The premier-class rookie made a bid for a top-five, but ultimately fell just 0.171 seconds short at the flag.


Richie Escalante (54). Photo by Brian J. Nelson, courtesy Team Suzuki Press Office.


Escalante said: “To be honest, I am very happy with this weekend. Road America was very difficult for me, but I trained hard and was eager to get back on the bike at the Ridge, which I feel is easier for me to get up to speed.

“I felt strong on Friday and was going well on Saturday until I had the crash. Thankfully, my body was okay and the Vision Wheel M4 ECSTAR Suzuki team worked hard to get me back in the race and we were able to get 10th. The race on Sunday felt great; I was in a competitive fight for position throughout, and I feel like we made a lot of progress. I know the areas where I need to improve and I am looking forward to Laguna Seca.”

With Jake Lewis unable to ride after suffering a broken thumb, bruised hip, and banged up elbow in Saturday’s fall, Team Hammer test rider David Anthony filled in as a substitute. The Australian proceeded to put forth a steady effort to collect a 10th-place finish for the team.

Team Hammer will next head to Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey, California on July 8-10th.




More, from a press release issued by Aprilia:




Anthony Mazziotto (516). Photo by Sara Chappell Photos, courtesy Aprilia.


SHELTON, WA – 27 JUNE 2022 – Anthony Mazziotto hadn’t won a MotoAmerica Twins Cup race in 2022 aboard his Rodio Racing/Warhorse HSBK Racing Aprilia RS 660 prior to this weekend’s round at The Ridge Motorsports Park. By the end of the June 24-26 event, the New Jersey native, who amassed two wins and four additional podium finishes on an Aprilia in 2021, had notched a pole position, two victories and was at the head of a 1-2 Aprilia finish in Saturday’s Twins Cup contest.

Mazziotto was joined on the podium Saturday by reigning MotoAmerica Twins Cup champion and Veloce Racing rider Kaleb De Keyrel, who also led the early laps of Sunday’s race before suffering an unfortunate crash.

The other full-time Veloce Racing rider, Jody Barry, didn’t have his usual dominating form at The Ridge. But the fourth place finished he scored in Saturday’s race added 13 points to his championship bid, and Barry left The Ridge with a 14-point lead over Mazziotto. The other Aprilia riders currently in the top 10 of the Twins Cup points standings include De Keyrel in fifth and Robem Engineering riders Teagg Hobbs and Ben Gloddy in sixth and ninth respectively.

Both wins for Mazziotto were hard-earned, as he bested De Keyrel to the finish line in Saturday’s Race 1 by a mere 0.162 seconds before the race was ended four laps early due to an on-track incident. In Sunday’s race, Mazziotto made a daring pass on the last lap at the tight and tricky Turn 13 to outpace another rider the victory by just 0.341 seconds.

Aprilia riders had a good start to the weekend. There were five Aprilias in the top 10 in Friday practice and qualifying, and six in the top 10 in Saturday morning’s Qualifying 2 session. Mazziotto took the pole, the fourth pole by an Aprilia rider in five rounds this year – and four Aprilia riders qualified in the top six.

Overall, 12 of the 29 riders entered in MotoAmerica Twins Cup for the Ridge round were on Aprilia RS 660 models, and there were a total of eight RS 660 that finished in the top 10. Among them was Edoardo Mazzuoli of Milano, Italy, who raced a Veloce Racing Aprilia RS 660.

Anthony Mazziotto, Rodio Racing/Warhorse HSBK Racing

“It couldn’t have been a better weekend. I qualified on pole, won a WILBUR Watch Co. watch and won both the races. My bike felt really good, and – even though it was really hot here – my Aprilia RS 660 was running fantastic. We found a good setup this weekend, and K-Tech got my suspension dialed in for me. I felt really confident coming into this event because this is a track I did really well at last year. The pace this weekend was a lot faster than I thought it would be, but my Aprilia handled it well.”

MotoAmerica is back in action July 8-10 at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca in Monterey, Calif. Championship Schedule, competitor information, and class rules can be found at




More, from a press release issued by Levi Badie Racing:

Levi Badie races to seventh and ninth in the latest round of the MotoAmerica Junior Cup Championship at The Ridge

Levi Badie leaves The Ridge Motorsport Park with a double top top finish in the latest round of the MotoAmerica Junior Cup Championship, the Belgian teenager once again riding strongly at another new circuit.

Running a strong second on Friday, Levi chased a better set-up all weekend, but with temperatures close to triple figures he was unable, when the lights went out, to improve over his qualifying position.

P7 and P9 this weekend see Levi move to within one point of the top ten in the overall standings, a more than respectable position for the #71 in his debut season of MotoAmerica competition, especially when you consider three events when he was unable to finish.

The series moves to the undulating Laguna Seca circuit in California in a fortnight, a circuit that should suit Levi, and one that he is excited to race at given its iconic status.


Levi Badie (71). Photo by Karen E. Ott, courtesy Levi Badie Racing.

Levi Badie: “I made a decent start in Saturday’s race, but the bike was sliding everywhere. I had no confidence and just did what I could not to crash. The bike was better in Race 2, but I still didn’t have the feeling I had had in previous rounds. I did the best I could and whilst I am disappointed not to be higher in the results, I am taking the positives and looking ahead to Laguna Seca.”




More, from a press release issued by Luke Power Racing:

Luke Power shows front running pace once again at The Ridge Motorsports Park

Aussie teenager Luke Power bounced back from a high-speed crash whilst in contention for another MotoAmerica Supersport podium at The Ridge Motorsports Park on Saturday, to secure a fifth-place finish on Sunday.

Luke, fresh from a maiden podium at Road America earlier in the month once again learned the 2.47mile circuit quickly in the opening session of the weekend before a small technical issue limited his running ahead of Race 1. Nevertheless the #68 put his 3D Motorsports Suzuki on the third row of the grid.

A rapid start soon saw him in contention for the podium in the opening laps on Saturday, before a small mistake saw him crash at speed, thankfully without injury.

A late night for the team, who rebuilt the bike for Sunday, were rewarded with a spirited ride to P5, a result that consolidates Luke’s position in the championship ahead of the next round of the series which takes place at the iconic Laguna Seca circuit in a fortnight.


Luke Power (68). Photo courtesy Luke Power Racing.

Luke Power: “It was a pretty disappointing Saturday, and I don’t really know what to say. We had an electronics issue which meant I couldn’t complete the full session in Q2. We made a change for the race, and I made a good start and felt really good and had good pace. I made a mistake downshifting and it bit me. The bike was a mess, and I was pretty banged up and I wasn’t sure I’d be on the grid on Sunday. Race 2 was pretty good considering what happened on Saturday. The team did a great job, working until 2am to give me a bike after I sent it into the trees, so I can’t thank them enough. I struggled a lot as the race progressed. My tyre dropped which affected my lap times in the final part of the race, but I was fortunate to be able to take advantage of a mistake ahead of me and was able to take another Top 5. It was damage limitation, and it could have been a lot worse. I am already looking forward to Laguna Seca, a track that I have always wanted to ride, and I hope to be able to put on a good show for the fans.”




More, from a press release issued by Pure Attitude Racing:

Hard work pays off as Liam MacDonald delivers first Twins Cup top ten of the season and Chase Black races into the top six

Pure Attitude Racing raced into the Top Ten of the 2022 MotoAmerica Twins Cup championship, and the Top 6 of the Junior Cup series at The Ridge Motorsports Park this weekend.

With temperatures skyrocketing the youngest member of the team, Chase Black, improved in final qualifying to secure a second-row grid slot in the Junior Cup category before putting himself in the leading group when the lights went out in Saturday’s opening race. Unfortunately, a crash put him out of contention. Buoyed but his pace on Saturday, Black was able to improve further on Sunday, running confidently throughout to take a well-deserved P6 aboard his Kawasaki at the flag, at the end of Race 2.

Twins Cup riders Liam MacDonald and Trevor Standish both made another significant step towards the front aboard their Yamaha R7 machines, the pair running much closer to the leaders during their first race on Saturday. A red flag following an engine blow up cut short the race and what should have been a double top ten for the duo. Trevor fell victim to oil on the track, along with a number of riders – a bitter blow for the #16 who was looking to build on season’s best to date. Liam MacDonald was able to avoid the carnage, crossing the line in ninth to record the team’s best result of the year, a feat he replicated on Sunday. Despite the best efforts of the team, Trevor was unable to take part in Sunday’s race.


Chase Blake (14). Photo courtesy Pure Attitude Racing.

Chase Black: “Overall it was good first race. I was running with the front group and could see the podium fight just ahead. I was pushing hard and was trying to get ahead of the guys around me but unfortunately, I hit the bumps and went down. It’s frustrating as I had podium pace. It was a solid second race. I didn’t make the best of starts but I dug deep and ran top six the entire race. We had a small issue towards the end of the race but after the crash on Saturday it’s a confidence building top six ahead of the next race in California.”


Liam MacDonald (37). Photo courtesy Pure Attitude Racing.


Liam MacDonald: “I am so happy with how this weekend has gone. Finally, things came together, and I was able to bring it home for the team inside the top ten not once but twice. All season we have pushed and worked hard to close the gap to the leaders and whilst we still have a lot to do, this result means so much to me. It was so hot out there on both days, but Sunday was insane, and my times were a little slower than the day before. The next race is at Laguna Seca, a track that I really enjoy, and I am keen to keep this momentum going there. A big thanks to the whole Pure Attitude Racing crew – this is just the beginning.”


Trevor Standish (16). Photo courtesy Pure Attitude Racing.

Trevor Standish: “We were having a really solid race until through no fault of my own I crashed. We made several changes and really started to go in the right direction. I made a decent start and was not too far behind my team mate when the lights went out. The nature of the class means that everyone is pushing for that little bit extra and one of our rivals blew up, dumping oil that claimed me and several others. It would have been nice to finish tenth which is where I was running when I went down but it is what it is. The team did an excellent job fixing the bike but unfortunately, I was unable to race on Sunday after I was sidelined with a recurring issue that I thought we had fixed before Saturday’s crash. I am disappointed to leave The Ridge with no points but that’s racing, and I am going to Laguna looking to build some momentum for the second half of the season.”

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American Flat Track: More From The Lima Half-Mile

Mon, 2022-06-27 18:05

Red Bull KTM Factory Racing – Lima Half-Mile


Kody Kopp. Photo courtesy KTM Factory Racing.

LIMA, Ohio – For the second consecutive round, Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Kody Kopp dominated the AFT Singles competition, sweeping everything from pole position to the Main Event victory, with an impressive performance at Saturday’s Lima Half-Mile in Ohio.

Coming off a triumphant Short Track victory at Laconia, Kopp didn’t break stride as he stepped into Round 7 of the American Flat Track Championship full-speed ahead. The young rider was comfortable from the start, claiming the top spot in AFT Singles qualifying. With a great start from pole position in Semi 1, Kopp immediately charged to the front and he led from start to finish on the wide open “cushion” track.

In the Main Event, Kopp shot off the line to capture the holeshot and early race lead. Keeping his KTM 450 SX-F wide open for all 21 laps, the 17-year-old series points leader maintained his stance for the entire eight minutes plus-two-laps, claiming his fourth victory of the 2022 season.

Kody Kopp: “Two-in-a-row! We had another great day of riding and the bike was pretty dialed in from the start. It got pretty gnarly, the track conditions were deep, and I just used my ability to ride through rough tracks to my advantage. We had a good battle in the dash with Australian Tom Drane and he actually edged us out, and that fired me up pretty good for the Main Event so we put our head down and went to work. We’re at our fourth win of the season, which is pretty crazy if you ask me. It’s an unreal feeling. This team works so well together and the bikes are spot on every weekend. We’ve got a long way to go but we’re going to keep charging and keep pushing because we can’t let up!”

Kopp’s closest competitor all day was 16-year-old Australian rider, Tom Drane, who had a stand-out performance in his first AFT round of the season. After besting Kopp in the dash, Drane kept his KTM 450 SX-F within a second of the race leader for most of the Main Event, ultimately finishing four seconds back for a respectable runner-up result.

Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Max Whale is still recovering from a knee injury sustained earlier this season. Whale’s recovery time is day-to-day at this point and the Australian native hopes to return to racing within the next couple of rounds.

Next Race: New York Short Track – Weedsport, New York – July 2, 2022

Round 7 Results – Lima Half-Mile

AFT Singles Main Event

1. Kody Kopp, Red Bull KTM Factory Racing

2. Tom Drane, KTM

3. Chase Saathoff, Honda


5. James Ott, KTM 

9. Hunter Bauer, KTM

14. Travis Petton IV, KTM


AFT Singles Point Standings (After Round 7)

1. Kody Kopp, 155 points

2. Morgen Mischler, 124

3. Dalton Gauthier, 102


5. Max Whale, 89

8. James Ott, 58

13. Hunter Bauer, 41

14. Travis Petton IV, 34

20. Ryan Wells, 18




More, from a press release issued by Indian Motorcycle:



Brandon Robinson (center), Dallas Daniels (far left), and Jared Mees (far right) on the AFT Mission SuperTwins podium at the Lima Half-Mile. Photo courtesy Indian Motorcycle.


Win Marks Robinson’s First at Lima Since 2016

Reigning Champion and Indian Wrecking Crew Rider Jared Mees Finishes Third,

Maintains Top Position on SuperTwins Leaderboard

Minneapolis, MN. (June 27, 2022) – Indian Motorcycle Racing, presented by Progressive Motorcycle Insurance, continued its 2022 American Flat Track (AFT) season Saturday night under the lights of Allen County Fairground for the Lima Half-Mile, where Indian Motorcycle privateer Brandon Robinson secured his first victory of the season after a bar-to-bar battle aboard his No. 44 Mission Roof Systems Indian FTR750. Joining Robinson on the podium was Indian Motorcycle Wrecking Crew rider and reigning champion Jared Mees, who finished the night’s main event in third place.

At the start of the race, Robinson launched off the line near the front of the pack, swapping positions multiple times throughout the opening laps before moving into second. Near the 8-minutes mark, Robinson snuck to inside of JD Beach to take over the lead, setting the pace for the racers behind him. He continued to ride unchallenged at the front, opening a small gap on the remainder of the field. With three-minutes and two laps remaining, Dallas Daniels closed the gap as the two engaged in a bar-to-bar battle. Daniels momentarily took over the lead by sliding into the inside corner, but Robinson quickly fought back to regain the lead position. As the racers entered the final two laps, Robinson continued to hold strong, maintaining his speed and position to extend his lead on Daniels. He ultimately took the checkered, securing the win with a 2.766-second margin of victory.

“This is a huge win for the entire team, as everyone worked hard to get the FTR750 dialed in. To take the podium after an intense battle is pretty awesome,” said Robinson. “We knew there was going to be strong competition when we lined up tonight. To come out on top after a tight, action-packed race really gives us some positive momentum heading into the second half of the season.”

Mees, who started on the second row, struggled to find his rhythm throughout the 25-lap race. At one point the reigning champion slipped back to fifth, but he was able to rebound and make multiple passes to finish third and maintain his position atop the SuperTwins leaderboard with 136 points.

Robinson’s first win of the season places him fifth in the championship standings with 103 points. Indian Wrecking Crew rider Briar Bauman finished the night in fourth and currently sits third in the season standings with 115 points.

The 2022 AFT season will continue Saturday, July 2, at the New York Short Track.

Sponsors for Indian Motorcycle Racing’s American Flat Track efforts include Progressive Insurance, S&S®, Indian Motorcycle Oil, Mission Foods, Bell Helmets, Drag Specialties and Parts Unlimited.

For more information on Indian Motorcycle Racing, visit and follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



Indian Motorcycle is America’s First Motorcycle Company®. Founded in 1901, Indian Motorcycle has won the hearts of motorcyclists around the world and earned distinction as one of America’s most legendary and iconic brands through unrivaled racing dominance, engineering prowess and countless innovations and industry firsts. Today that heritage and passion is reignited under new brand stewardship. To learn more, please visit


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