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MotoAmerica: Gagne Under Race Lap Record In Superbike FP1 At Ridge

Fri, 2022-06-24 20:40

Editorial Note: The current MotoAmerica Superbike All-Time Lap Record is 1:39.568 by Jake Gagne in 2021 and the current MotoAmerica Superbike Race Record is 1:40.602 by Cameron Beaubier in 2020.

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MotoGP: Team Leaders Give Mid-Season Assessments

Fri, 2022-06-24 16:16

Half-term report: MotoGP factory team managers

The six factory team managers sit down at the TT Circuit Assen to talk about the first half of the season and look ahead to the future

Friday, 24 June 2022

On Thursday at the Motul TT Assen, the six MotoGP factory Team Managers sat down for a special half-term report Press Conference to look at the first half of 2022 and ahead to the future.

Massimo Meregalli; Team Manager of Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP, Paolo Ciabatti; Ducati Corse Sporting Director, Paolo Bonora; Aprilia Racing Team Manager, Francesco Guidotti; Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team Manager, Livio Suppo; Suzuki Ecstar Team Manager, and Alberto Puig; Team Manager of the Repsol Honda Team were all present.

Here are some quotes!



Monster Energy Yamaha Team Manager Massimo Meregalli. Photo courtesy Dorna.



How impressed are you with Quartararo’s recent run and where has he improved since 2021?

“The beginning has been difficult, difficult also because we were expecting something from Japan that we were not able to deliver, and I think we lost some motivation or goodness, but then we decided to stop thinking about what we didn’t get, and try to maximise what we had. We went to Qatar and the race anyway didn’t go as expected, also it took us a bit to understand the new aerodynamics. Then we moved to Indonesia, we had a really good result in the wet, a circumstance that we usually do not perform well in. But I think the switch that Fabio had was in COTA, when at the end of the race, even though we had a really big gap in top speed, he was able to fight with Marc until the end of the race. When he arrived in Portimao, he arrived, in my opinion, in a different way, and from there I think we maximised our package, and they really worked well in his corner to not lose anything in preparing for the race, working very well with the tyres.

“Anyway, all the little aspects have been kept very well under control. Then as you know, Fabio has great consistency, and probably in this moment is the only one that could really exploit the strongest points of our bike as much as possible, and he has such a strong feeling with the bike now. He’s mature, more than last year, because he’s improving the lap time wherever we are going, and he’s very determined. Also, when I said mature, because in difficult situations like Argentina, in COTA, in Qatar, in the end he was disappointed, but not in the wrong way. Since we returned to Europe, he started to be really focused and fast, and what he did in the last three races, for me, was amazing. He achieved these results in very fast circuits, where at the beginning we could not expect it, and also at the Sachsenring, which is not really a good circuit for Yamaha.”

How much are you hoping Luca Marmorini will help develop the M1 in the future?

“The hopes are not only about this new synergy, but the way that also in Japan they probably changed their mind. They always work internally but now they are starting to be more open-minded and focused on improving the bike and the results. For sure, I’m expecting to see some results of this new collaboration, probably, at the end of the season, because they are already – as you can imagine – working on next year, but I’m happy, I’m very confident.”


Aprilia Racing Team Manager Paolo Bonora. Photo courtesy Dorna.



How rewarding has it been to now be title contenders?

“After some difficult times, we are now so happy about the results we have achieved this year. Everybody in Aprilia Racing is very proud about the results, about the level, and the motivation of all our riders is very high. I think – my personal opinion – it could be very realistic [to win the Championship]. What is happening now is a deserved reward to all our efforts.”

You mean it is realistic to fight for the Championship to the last race?

“I don’t want to say anything. My way of working is to keep the feet on the ground, keep working as we have done for many years, and doing it step by step, race by race. We don’t want to think about more than this, but to keep working like we have is, for us, the correct way of managing the race. So, we will see.”

How do you think you can develop the bike in the second half of the season?

“Usually, they say that if something works, don’t touch it, but to be realistic, in such a high-level championship like MotoGP, you can’t relax, even not race by race. So, at the moment, we are currently working still on the chassis set-up and the electronics setting, and for sure, of course, on the engine performance. This is to achieve the goal to give more confidence to the riders. We are following the Aleix and Maverick comments, and with the help of Lorenzo Savadori and our test team, we keep pushing to solve some problems on our bike, for sure, to improve it. In the end, we are so happy about the improvement that Maverick is making race by race, and Aleix, as you can see, is doing an amazing job. So, we must keep this way of working until the end of the season, and keep pushing.”


Ducati Corse Sporting Director Paolo Ciabatti. Photo courtesy Dorna.



What is your analysis of the first 10 Grands Prix so far?

“I think consistency is what matters today. If you look at the standings, and if you look at Fabio and Aleix, they score points in every single Grand Prix, they are among a few without any zeroes, and they are doing an amazing job. For us, obviously on one side as a manufacturer, we are happy with the results because we have won five races out of 10, we have been on pole seven times out of 10 races, there is always a Ducati on the first row, always a Ducati on the podium, and we’re leading the manufacturers’ championship. But obviously, we are behind in the riders’ standings, especially with Pecco and Jack, because they are sixth and seventh, 91 points from Fabio, and this is heavy, because obviously the zeroes that especially Pecco had recently – one was not his fault, but still is a zero – are affecting his chances to fight for the Championship, which is always our goal, and it looks like a difficult challenge now on for the season.”

How difficult will it be to beat Quartararo in 2022 now?

“Well, it is still possible, obviously, because there are still 10 races, or nine races, and we can score many points, but realistically, it’s going to be very difficult. As you can see, Fabio and also Aleix are consistently on the top and make very few mistakes, so we just have to do our best, as you can imagine, trying to win where we can. We were very pleased in a way to see many Ducatis competitive at the Sachsenring, which traditionally has never been a very favourable track for us, but obviously then there was a mistake. We had two bikes on the podium, but obviously Pecco was supposed to be challenging Fabio for the race win, because of his form, because of his pole position, but crashed. So, we can’t be completely happy, but we have to try our best until the end. It’s the only thing we can do.

Are you in talks with Alex Marquez about Gresini and when will Ducati be able to confirm its full, eight-rider line-up for next year?

“Well, we have said that we will decide at the end of August, who will be the team-mate of Pecco at the factory team, and the other rider, either of Enea or Jorge, will be in the Pramac team with Johann Zarco. We are discussing the final details of his renewal and they will have 2023 bikes, so, equal treatment in terms of technical package. Concerning the discussions between Alex Marquez and Gresini, we know that it’s an ongoing discussion but it’s something more managed by the team than by Ducati.”


Red Bull KTM Team Manager Francesco Guidotti. Photo courtesy Dorna.



What is your assessment of the first 10 races after a good start and difficulty since then?

“I mean, it’s a sweet and bitter start of the season. I mean, the start was really stunning, but then we faced some difficulties in some circuits. In the last five races, we performed pretty well. Our race results have been affected more from the qualifying, where we have to improve our performance, but the race pace is good and the effort of the riders… they are fully committed. We are now focused on how to improve our performance in qualifying to be more competitive during the race. We saw, where we’ve been able to start on the first row, we were able to fight for the podium, so this will be they key for performing better in the next races.”

What are the improvements that KTM hope to make in the second half of the season?

“As I said, it’s more on Qualifying Practice that we have to improve, and we also changed the way of working in the garage a little bit, the method of working from last year, so it’s some automatic that has to be more easy for the technicians in general. We have to improve only qualifying, and then we will know better where we really are in the race.”

Is Pol Espargaro coming back and when might KTM decide its rider line-up?

“We already made an announcement for the factory team, which is a big move for us, and we need our time to make the decision with Herve and Tech3 for the line-up of the satellite team. There are still some decisions ongoing.”


Suzuki ECSTAR Team Manager Livio Suppo. Photo courtesy Dorna.



How satisfied were you after the first five races?

“Sure, I was super pleased, very happy to be back in the paddock after four years, and the team welcomed me very well. It’s a fantastic group of people that are very professional, very friendly. Basically, in Portimao, we were leading the Teams’ Championship and Alex was on the same points as Fabio, and that was the time when I knew we should have retired [laughs]. It has been a very good start, Alex showed he was in good shape, a different rider compared to last year. Joan was struggling a little bit more but it’s also true that he has kind of a way to approach the Championship, he wants to start calm, and be stronger when he arrives in Europe. Then what happened probably had some influence.”

How difficult has it been since Jerez, and what are Suzuki’s targets for the remainder of 2022?

“First of all, I need to really thank all the guys in the team because, despite the news, they didn’t give up, they kept a good mood. If you stay in the paddock, you see in the evening that the atmosphere in our hospitality remains very friendly and happy. Of course, I’m trying to help them to find a solution for next year. But, the important thing is, apart from the impact and the shock of the first hours, they had a very strong reaction.

“For the riders, it’s very difficult to say. For Alex, he has zero points from the last two races, but basically not from his fault, because of the Barcelona crash. He has been fast anyway, so I think it’s difficult to say if the news has had an influence on their performance, but also I think Joan after especially the Barcelona test found something better in the set-up of the new machine, and I’m really confident that we can try to finish this season with good results, because of course, this will help us to be more happy.”


Repsol Honda Team Manager Alberto Puig. Photo courtesy Dorna.



What is your assessment of the first half of this season?

“Well, I think you said it clearly; it’s not a good season for us and there’s nothing to go more deep in the situation. We are clearly not competitive, and we have to improve, and this is what we are trying to do. You can say many different ways of giving a long explanation, but the truth is that we must improve and we must change our procedures, and this is what we are trying to do. I mean, in the history of Honda, we’ve had more good moments than bad moments, results-wise, but now we are in a bad one. So, we have to fix it.”

Where does the change have to come from to make Honda more competitive again?

“Well, the history of Honda is that they never give up. We can take this time, or this time, or this time [moves hands further apart], but we know we will get there. But, we have to try to probably change a little bit our way of thinking, and the key point is to not give up in the chase, in the will to find the better solutions.”

It’s difficult to develop without M. Marquez, but is the best-case scenario that he gets onto the bike this year?

“Yes, if possible, it would be good that he could try the bike by, let’s say, after summer, end of the year. This would be the best, especially for our engineers, so that they understand which direction. But, the priority is the total recovery of his arm, so this is something that is, like, no question, and this is how we will proceed.”

There is talk of Mir to Repsol Honda, Rins close to a deal with LCR… can you give us an update on the line-ups for next season, and the chance of Ai Ogura moving up from Moto2?

“Well, when Suzuki’s story appeared, we were all shocked and obviously I think the Suzuki riders went to talk to all the guys that are sitting right here with me – it’s normal. There are options, there are different options, and we are considering them.

“We said since the beginning that it will take more time this year for Honda to decide, and this is where we are now. We have possibilities, he has big possibility also, and regarding the satellite team, of course, the satellite team is run by Lucio, it’s his team, and we will support him with whatever decision he decides. Regarding Moto2 riders, this is something that’s still not on the table, because still the championship is ongoing, and in case Ogura can make a good result, it’s something that should be discussed probably in Japan.”

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Dunlop Named Official Tire Of Mission Foods AMA Flat Track Grand Championship

Fri, 2022-06-24 01:00

PICKERINGTON, Ohio — Dunlop Motorcycle Tires will be the Official Tire of the 2022 Mission Foods AMA Flat Track Grand Championship, which takes place at the Du Quoin State Fairgrounds in Du Quoin, Ill., July 7-13.

“Everyone at Dunlop is thrilled about the resurgence of the AMA Flat Track Grand Championship, and we are happy to be the Official Tire of the event,” said Dunlop Amateur Motocross/Flat Track Support Manager Rob Fox. “We recently extended our highly successful MX amateur Team Dunlop Elite support program to flat track enthusiasts, as we want to see flat track roots grow from the bottom up. The Flat Track Grand Championship is the perfect event to help grow the sport and show off our newly released 17-inch DT4 tires.”

For more than 100 years, Dunlop has led the industry in tire innovation, introducing the first use of Kevlar belts in motorcycle tires and producing the first original-equipment radial street tire. The company continues to lead the industry with revolutionary firsts.

Dunlop also holds over 100 national championships in many forms of motorcycle racing, such as AMA Supercross, motocross and off-road competition.

“Dunlop’s many championships, which include those won by both pro and amateur racers, are impressive, and we appreciate them supporting amateur flat track racing at the Mission Foods AMA Flat Track Grand Championship this year,” said AMA Track Racing Manager Ken Saillant.

The AMA FTGC has served as the premier amateur flat track event since the mid-1970s and is the only race in the country where you can earn an AMA National No. 1 plate in amateur flat track racing. This year’s event will feature AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer and On Any Sunday star David Aldana as Grand Marshal. Aldana plans to strap on his own steel shoe to race the Du Quoin Mile, which will be his first time racing a Mile event since his On Any Sunday days.

AMA National No. 1 plates will be awarded to racers in each class who have the highest number of points across all four disciplines of flat track racing: Mile, Half-Mile, Short Track and TT.

Special awards that will be presented at the end of the event program include the prestigious Nicky Hayden AMA Flat Track Horizon Award, AMA Fast Brain Award, AMA Vet/Senior Racer of the Year and AMA Youth Racer of the Year.

To learn more about Dunlop Tire, visit

For more information on the upcoming AMA Flat Track Grand Championship, visit and look for the latest event updates on and the AMA’s social media channels.

Racers can pre-register for the event at

About the American Motorcyclist Association

Founded in 1924, the AMA is a not-for-profit member-based association whose mission is to promote the motorcycle lifestyle and protect the future of motorcycling. As the world’s largest motorcycling rights and event sanctioning organization, the AMA advocates for riders’ interests at all levels of government and sanctions thousands of competition and recreational events every year. Besides offering members money-saving discounts on products and services, the AMA also publishes American Motorcyclist, a recently revitalized and monthly full-color magazine (and digital version of same) that covers current events and motorcycle history with brilliant photography and compelling writing. American Motorcyclist is also North America’s largest-circulation magazine. Through the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in Pickerington, Ohio, the AMA honors the heroes and heritage of motorcycling. For more information, visit

Not a member? Join the AMA today:


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MotoGP: City Of Assen Honors Quartararo

Fri, 2022-06-24 00:49

Walk of Fame: Quartararo takes his place in Assen history

Fabio Quartararo (Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP) was on hand at a special ceremony to help unveil the City of Assen’s new Walk of Fame on Thursday. The walk, located in the city centre, will eventually feature large bronze plaques bearing the names of each of the riders who have taken victory in the Assen TT since it began way back in 1925.

From its beginnings as a long street circuit before it was part of the World Championship to the shorter but no less incredible track that exists today, there is no doubt Assen is a special part of the calendar – and it’s been part of it every year since 1949, barring its pandemic-obliged stint on the sidelines in 2020.

The first two plaques to have been laid are for Quartararo, who won last year’s race, and Piet van Wijngaarden, who won in 1925 and also 1926.

Eventually, the names of all of the riders who have triumphed in the Assen TT will be featured in bronze in what will form a walking route through the city. For now, two are located at the intersection of Kerkstraat and Torenlaan, and Quartararo was touched by the honour.

“That’s pretty cool,” said the 2021 World Champion. “I mean, it’s quite big. I saw before coming some pictures on social media, but I didn’t expect it to be that big. It was super nice and I was impressed by this plate. It will be a great memory and of course, it is a big pleasure because as a rider, to win in Assen is something big, something that for me means a lot and it’s only the first one. So, I hope I can win many more!”

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MotoAmerica: Petrucci Undecided About 2023 Racing Plans

Fri, 2022-06-24 00:39

European media outlets are reporting that Danilo Petrucci, the current MotoAmerica Medallia Superbike Championship leader, may join the Ducati World Superbike team next year, but the 31-year-old Italian says his 2023 racing plans are undecided.

“For sure, Ducati is following us really close [and] is helping us. I know that I am one of the riders on the list,” Petrucci exclusively told Thursday in the paddock at Ridge Motorsports Park, site of this weekend’s MotoAmerica event. “I got the chance also last year, but last year after MotoGP I needed a bit of rest to, let’s say, take the level a little bit down. Not the riding but less pressure. For a rider, racing in [World] Superbike is like racing in MotoGP. I don’t want any more to have this kind of pressure.

“First of all, I want to win this Championship, and then I decide. I don’t think Ducati [is in a] hurry to know the name of the second rider, and especially from my point of view, I need to understand what I like to do.

“At the moment, to tell the truth, I have no idea about it. I really don’t know what Championship I will do next year, but it is something I don’t want to be in a hurry and take a decision now because I want to have a clear idea.

“Let’s see. I think I want to continue racing, but I don’t know in what Championship. For sure, I told the Ducati guys I will not go in the Dakar next year because it is too tough. If I want to, for example, [race in] MotoAmerica next year, going to the Dakar and the preparation and then leaving again for MotoAmerica, it’s too much. I am not any more a young boy. I need a bit of rest.”

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MotoAmerica: Previews Of The Other Classes Racing At “The Ridge”

Thu, 2022-06-23 13:55

Ridge Support Class Preview: Herrin, Barry All Clear But The Rest Are Up For Grabs

MotoAmerica Support Classes Promise Intense Battles From Top To Bottom In Dynapac MotoAmerica Superbikes At The Ridge Event

IRVINE, CA (June 23, 2022) – Coincidentally, the only two of the five MotoAmerica Championships that aren’t close as the series heads to round five of the series at Ridge Motorsports Park in the Pacific Northwest feature identical 51-point leads for the two riders at the top. Those two championships are Supersport and Twins Cup. Those two riders are Josh Herrin and Jody Barry.

The closest of the championships heading to Washington State and the Dynapac MotoAmerica Superbikes At The Ridge event is the Yuasa Stock 1000 class with just six points separating first from second. In the Medallia Superbike class, just seven points separate Danilo Petrucci from his nearest pursuer Mathew Scholtz. In the Junior Cup class, 17 points separate the top two.

Supersport – All Herrin. So Far.

With five podium finishes in the six races held thus far, Warhorse HSBK Racing Ducati NYC’s Josh Herrin has been dominant. Three of those podiums have been victories and his only non-podium was a fourth-place finish in race one at VIRginia International Raceway.

And it’s not that his pursuers have been slow. Quite the opposite, actually. In fact, four different riders have won races in 2022 on four different makes of motorcycles. What separates Herrin from the rest is a lack of consistency, not a lack of parity.

Landers Racing’s Rocco Landers sits second in the series point standings after six races with 73 points to Herrin’s 124. Landers has finished third on three occasions but was fourth and fifth in two of the other three. At the last round at Road America, Landers only managed to score a single point in race two.

And that single point was one more than the two also trying to chase down Herrin – the Vision Wheel M4 ECSTAR Suzuki duo of Tyler Scott and Sam Lochoff – with both riders failing to finish race two at Road America.

Scott is third, just one point behind Landers and with three podiums and a victory on his scorecard. Just 16 years old, Scott can’t be faulted for making mistakes and he’s made two. But he should also be praised for scoring a victory in race one at Road America in what was just his fifth career Supersport race.

Thus far, Scott has outpaced his teammate Lochoff, but the South African has been riding injured. Still, Lochoff has two podiums to his credit and is just six points behind Scott.

Australian Luke Power is fifth in the title chase after his second-place finish in race two at Road America in iffy conditions. Power and his 3D Motorsports LLC Suzuki GSX-R750 are six points behind Lochoff and just one point ahead of N2 Racing/BobbleHeadMoto’s Kevin Olmedo, who has shown newfound consistency with finishes in each of the six races so far.

The two others to win Supersport races in 2022 are four-time AMA Superbike Champion Josh Hayes (race one at VIR) and Kawasaki ZX-6R-mounted Jason Farrell, who scored an upset victory in the rain in race two at Road America.

Yuasa Stock 1000 – Still Gillim

Just when it looked like Hayden Gillim was going to step up and take control of the Yuasa Stock 1000 Championship, the veteran’s Disrupt Racing Suzuki had a mechanical problem in the lone Stock 1000 race at Road America and his big lead in the championship was suddenly whittled down to just six points.

And there’s now a gaggle of riders in with a shot of contesting the championship as the series heads to Ridge Motorsports Park.

Tytlers Cycle/RideHVMC Racing’s Travis Wyman is at the top of the heap, just one point ahead of VisionWheel/DiscountTire/KWS’s Geoff May. Wyman’s teammate Corey Alexander arrives in Washington fresh off his second victory of the year at Road America and with a renewed sense of championship possibilities. The New Yorker is now just 13 points behind Gillim in the title chase. Junior Cup – Wyman In Charge

With his three race wins out of six races, Alpha Omega’s Cody Wyman heads the chasing pack in the Junior Cup Championship by 17 points over Rodio Racing/Warhorse HSBK Racing’s Gus Rodio, who is the only rider in the top six to score points in all six races.

Rodio, however, doesn’t have it easy as three racers are within eight points of his tenacious hold on second in the title chase. Those three are teammates Joseph LiMandri Jr. and Max Van and Altus Motorsports’ Kayla Yaakov.

With four podiums, including two wins, LiMandri is one point behind Rodio and one point ahead of his teammate with Van scoring two victories and one other podium thus far. Yaakov, meanwhile, has three podiums to her credit and is just six points behind Van and 12 ahead of Calshine Racing’s Aden Thao.

Twins Cup – Barry, Barry Good

There have been six Twins Cup races held thus far in 2022 and two of those were at Daytona International Speedway. Those were the only two races Jody Barry didn’t win.

Since Daytona, Barry and his Veloce Racing Aprilia RS 660 have been perfect with the youngster from Lake in the Hills, Illinois, winning four straight races as the series heads to Ridge Motorsports Park.

Oh, and he was also fifth and second in the two races he didn’t win at Daytona.

All that amounts to a 51-point lead in the championship over Rodio Racing/Warhorse HSBK Racing’s Anthony Mazziotto, the New Jerseyan also mounted on an Aprilia RS 660.

While Barry thus far has had things all his way, the battle behind him is fierce as Mazziotto leads Cycle Tech’s Hayden Schultz by just 11 points, Daytona race-one winner Blake Davis and his N2 Racing/BobbleHead Moto Yamaha YZF-R7 by 16 points and Robem Engineering’s Teagg Hobbs by 17.

Mini Cup By Motul – Wide Open

With just one round and two races under their belts, the riders contesting the Mini Cup by Motul Championships are all in with a fighting chance.

As expected, the biggest of the classes is the 160 class and that is being led by American Racing’s Kensei Matsudaira, though the Californian hasn’t been perfect as Macc Racing/Broward Motorsports Tequesta’s Mac MacClugage also won a race in the series opener at Road America a few weeks ago. Matsudaira leads by nine points. Nathan Gouker Racing’s Nathan Gouker is just three points behind MacClugage and four ahead of Xtreme Autoglass Pros’ Ryder Davis.

Gouker, meanwhile, leads the way in the 110 class by 10 points over Anthony Lupo Jr. Racing’s Anthony Lupo Jr. after his two wins in Wisconsin. MacClugage is third in the 110 class after two podium finishes at Road America.

Jesses James Racing’s Jesse James Shedden was perfect in the 190 class in the series opener at Road America with the Californian topping Matsudaira both times out. American Racing’s Joshua Raymond finished third in the two races.

Ridge Motorsports Park Pre-Race Support Class Notes…

Sean Dylan Kelly won both of the Supersport races at Ridge last year, the Suzuki rider besting his rival Richie Escalante in both races en route to taking the championship. Kelly is now racing in the Moto2 World Championship and Escalante has made the move to the Medallia Superbike Championship with Kelly’s former team, Vision Wheel M4 ECSTAR Suzuki.

With two Yuasa Stock 1000 races scheduled for Ridge, this round of the championship could prove vital. If you predicted this year’s outcome on last year’s results, you’d have to pick Corey Alexander, the winner of both races a year ago in Washington. Alexander beat Jake Lewis in race one and Ashton Yates in race two.

Max Toth and eventual series champion Tyler Scott split wins in last year’s two Junior Cup races at Ridge.

Jackson Blackmon was unstoppable with wins in both Twins Cup races a year ago at Ridge. Blackmon is currently recovering at home after suffering leg injuries in a crash at Road America.

In Mini Cup action from a year ago, Kensei Matsudaira was perfect in the two 110 class races and both of the 160 races. In the 190 class, Jesse James Shedden and Travis Horn split the two wins.

About MotoAmerica

MotoAmerica is the North American road racing series created in 2014 that is home to the AMA Superbike Championship. MotoAmerica is an affiliate of KRAVE Group LLC, a partnership that includes three-time 500cc World Champion, two-time AMA Superbike Champion, and AMA Hall of Famer Wayne Rainey, ex-racer and former manager of Team Roberts Chuck Aksland, motorsports marketing executive Terry Karges, and businessman Richard Varner. For more information on MotoAmerica, visit Also make sure to follow MotoAmerica on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.




More, from a press release issued by Ducati North America:

MotoAmerica Supersport Round 4 – Josh Herrin in Dream Land as He Rides Into The Ridge

Josh Herrin is loving life on the Ducati Panigale V2 as the MotoAmerica Supersport Championship heads to The Ridge in Washington State for round four


Josh Herrin (2). Photo by Brian J. Nelson, courtesy Ducati North America.


Sunnyvale, Calif. – Josh Herrin (Warhorse HSBK Racing Ducati NYC) is in a purple patch of his distinguished career as he and his florescent red Ducati Panigale gel like dance partners on the racetracks of America in 2022.

The former AMA Superbike Champion heads to the round four of the series in command of the points table on 124, a substantial 51 clear of Yamaha’s Rocco Landers meaning he’s already more than a full round of points ahead of the chasing pack.

Following a test after Road America, Herrin and the Warhorse HSBK Racing Ducati NYC team believe they have found the optimum set-up in this learning year for the Ducati V2 platform as they aim to take another round win as the series reaches its halfway point.

Josh Herrin (Warhorse HSBK Racing Ducati NYC Ducati – #2):

“I’m stoked to ride the V2 at The Ridge and we have the right bike to be on,” Herrin said. “At some tracks we’ve had to take our time to get the set-up right as this is an all-new platform for us. But, with the MotoAmerica rules as they are for this year, I think a shorter, more technical circuit will suit the characteristics of the V2 perfectly. This year has been one of those years that reminds me why I wanted to be a motorcycle racer when I was growing up as a kid. I’m just hoping to keep that feeling going for the rest of the year.”

Round four of the 2022 MotoAmerica Supersport Championship kicks off with practice on Friday, June 24 with race one scheduled for 2:10 pm (PDT) on Saturday, June 25. Race two is scheduled for 2:10 pm (PDT) on Sunday, June 26.

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MotoGP: There Will Not Be Practice Friday Morning At Motegi

Thu, 2022-06-23 13:39

Grand Prix of Japan: Time Schedule changes 

Thursday, 23 June 2022

The FIM, IRTA and Dorna Sports are obliged to announce changes to the Friday schedule at the Grand Prix of Japan.

Due to the logistical challenges posed by the Grand Prix being staged back-to-back with the Grand Prix of Aragon, as well as potential delays caused by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and its effect on airspace, it has been decided to not run practice sessions for the Grand Prix classes – MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 – on Friday morning.

Instead, Moto3 FP1 will begin at 13:15 local time, Moto2 at 14:10 and MotoGP at 15:05. This single MotoGP FP1 session that will now take place on Friday afternoon has been extended from 45 to 75 minutes. The time extension is for the premier class only.

The combined results for entry into Q1 and Q2 will be taken from FP1 and FP2 for all Grand Prix classes.

Fan activities will be planned with Grand Prix riders on Friday morning, giving fans at the track a chance to interact with their heroes as MotoGP returns to Japan for the first time since 2019.

There will also be track action at the Mobility Resort Motegi from 9:00 local time on Friday as the Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup gets the race weekend underway with FP1, FP2 and qualifying for their third round of 2022.

After three years away, the FIM MotoGP World Championship looks forward to returning to race in Japan; on home turf for several MotoGP factories and in front of one of the most passionate, dedicated crowds on our calendar.



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MotoGP: Assen Is A Special Track For Bagnaia & Miller

Thu, 2022-06-23 13:20

MotoGP arrives in the Netherlands at the TT Circuit Assen for the eleventh round of the 2022 season, before the summer break

Less than seven days after the German GP, the Ducati Lenovo Team riders are ready to return to the track in Assen for the Dutch GP, the eleventh round of the 2022 MotoGP season, before the summer break that will last until the end of July.

As always, the famous TT Circuit Assen, also known as The Cathedral of Speed and which has been on the calendar since 1949 – the debut year of the Championship – will be hosting the event. Ducati has only won at Assen on one occasion so far, in 2008 with Casey Stoner, while there are seven podiums in total and three pole positions taken by the Borgo Panigale manufacturer in Holland.

For Francesco Bagnaia, who suffered a crash in the German Grand Prix, the Dutch track is a place full of good memories. The Italian rider scored his first victory here in the 2016 Moto3 World Championship. Pecco is confident that he can be competitive this year in Holland and is aiming for a good race result with his Desmosedici GP. Jack Miller also returns to Assen to be among the weekend’s protagonists after his excellent performance last Sunday at the Sachsenring, where he finished third on the podium.

After the first ten Grands Prix of the season, Pecco Bagnaia and Jack Miller are sixth and seventh in the Championship, tied on points. Ducati leads the manufacturer’s standings, while the Ducati Lenovo Team is fourth in the team standings.


Francesco Bagnaia (#63 Ducati Lenovo Team) – 6th (81 points)

“I’m happy to be back on track this weekend at Assen: it’s a special track for me because it was here that I took my first win in the World Championship. I even have it tattooed on my arm! Unfortunately, we struggled a lot last year, but I am convinced that things will be different this year. Even in Germany, we were not among the favourites, but in the end, we were very competitive at the Sachsenring throughout the weekend. That’s why I’m even more disappointed about the crash in the race because up until then, everything had been perfect. I want to make up for it here in Holland and end on a positive note this first part of the season, before the summer break.”

Jack Miller (#43 Ducati Lenovo Team) – 7th (81 points)

“I’m excited to be racing in Holland again. I have great memories of this track, as I took my first MotoGP win here. After the Barcelona test, we took big steps forward, which helped me find a good feeling with the Desmosedici GP, allowing me to be competitive in the last race in Germany. I hope to find these sensations again here at Assen. The weather is predicting rain, so the track conditions will be decisive on Sunday. In any case, I’m ready to face the last GP of the first part of the season.”

The Ducati Lenovo Team will take to the track for FP1 at the TT Circuit Assen this Friday, 24th June, at 9:55am local time. The Dutch GP will get underway on Sunday, 26th June at 14:00 CEST, over a 26-lap distance.

Circuit information

Country: Netherlands

Name: TT Circuit Assen

Best lap:  Quartararo (Yamaha), 1:32.869 (176.0 km/h) – 2021

Circuit record: Viñales (Yamaha), 1:31.814 (178.0 km/h) – 2021

Top speed: Iannone (Ducati), 319.8 km/h – 2015

Track length: 4.555 km

Race distance: 26 laps (118.1 km)

Corners: 18 (6 left, 12 right)


2021 results

Podium: 1° Quartararo (Yamaha), 2° Viñales (Yamaha), 3° Mir (Suzuki)

Pole Position: Viñales (Yamaha), 1:31.814 (178.0 km/h)

Fastest lap: Quartararo (Yamaha), 1:32.869 (176.0 km/h)


Rider Information

Francesco Bagnaia

Bike: Ducati Desmosedici GP

Race Number: 63

GPs Started: 162 (57 x MotoGP, 36 x Moto2, 69 x Moto3)

First GP: Qatar 2019 (MotoGP), Qatar 2017 (Moto2), Qatar 2013 (Moto3)

Wins: 16 (6 MotoGP + 8 Moto2 + 2 Moto3)

First GP win: Aragón 2021 (MotoGP), Qatar 2018 (Moto2), Olanda 2016 (Moto3)

Pole positions: 16 (9 MotoGP + 6 Moto2 + 1 Moto3)

First pole: Qatar 2021 (MotoGP), Francia 2018 (Moto2), Gran Bretagna 2016 (Moto3)

World Titles: 1 (Moto2, 2018)


Jack Miller

Bike: Ducati Desmosedici GP

Race Number: 43

GPs Started: 182 (127 x MotoGP, 49 x Moto3, 6 x 125 cc)

First GP: Qatar 2015 (MotoGP), Qatar 2012 (Moto3), Germania 2011 (125 cc)

Wins: 9 (3 MotoGP + 6 Moto3)

First GP win: Olanda 2016 (MotoGP), Qatar 2014 (Moto3)

Pole positions: 9 (1 MotoGP + 8 Moto3)

First pole: Argentina 2018 (MotoGP), America 2014 (Moto3)

World Titles: –


Championship Information

Riders’ Standings

Francesco Bagnaia (#63 Ducati Lenovo Team) – 6º (81 points)

Jack Miller (#43 Ducati Lenovo Team) – 7º (81 points)


Manufacturers’ Standings

Ducati – 1º (221 points)


Teams’ Standings

Ducati Lenovo Team – 4° (162 points)

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UtahSBA: Norton Comes From Behind To Win Again

Wed, 2022-06-22 21:56

Round 3 of the Utah Motorcycle Law Masters of the Mountains series was held on June 18 at Utah Motorcycle Campus on the East track configuration.

In a replay of round two qualifying, King of the Mountain series points leader Anthony Norton would qualify his Apex Assassins ZX-10R on pole with a fast lap time of 1:36.7. When it was time to race, Norton would make life more difficult for himself by being late to pre-grid, forcing him to start from the hot pit.

As the pack roared into Turn One, it would be Dave Meyer in first with Cole Phillips and Alex Zinaich in second and third, respectively. Norton would be the last competitor through Turn One as a consequence of his hot-pit starting position. Norton’s dead-last placing would not last for long as he put his head down in a furious chase, moving all the way up to fifth by Turn Eight of lap two.

Norton’s pace would not relent as he moved up to third by the start of lap three and second on Turn Seven of the same lap. On lap four Norton would set the fastest lap of the race at 1:34.6 and secure a lead he would not relinquish for the rest of the race. Behind Norton, Meyer and Phillips would run unchallenged in second and third, respectively, for the remainder of the race.

After the race Norton was quick to credit Moto Station SLC for their Pirelli tire trackside service and their combined contribution to his race victory.

Behind the lead trio of Norton, Meyer, and Phillips, Remington Mathews would mount an impressive charge starting at half race distance. Beginning in seventh and passing racers Lee McNutt and Alex Zinaich to finish fourth overall. Kellen Birch would try a hair-raising pass on Kevin Dolan in Turn One of lap five that would ultimately prove unsuccessful. From there Birch would have to settle for eighth overall as Dolan finished seventh.

In the afternoon’s Vortex Open Superbike race Kevin Dolan would win the holeshot, with David Meyer hot on his heels and Stephen Marco trailing in third. Meyer would be in the lead by Turn Seven and Cole Phillips would move ahead of Marco. At the end of lap one the running order would be Meyer, Dolan, Phillips. Phillips and Kellen Birch would have a great battle for third, swapping spots multiple times before Phillips was able to break away and open a gap. By the midpoint of the race Phillips, at this point in third, had caught up to Dolan running second, and would pull through in Turn Eight. The running order now Meyer, Phillips, Dolan. Dolan’s hold on third place would prove precarious though, as Birch trailing in fourth would move past Dolan into third for a podium order of Meyer, Phillips, Birch.

As the track went cold, Utah Sport Bike Association racers gathered together for our traditional post-race BBQ to chew the fat and make plans for Round 4 being held July ninth at Utah Motorsports Campus on the West track configuration.

The Utah Sport Bike Association wants to wish the best of luck to racer Anthony Norton in his upcoming campaign with MotoAmerica, competing in their upcoming round at Ridge Motorsports Park.

As always, the Utah Sport Bike Association is able to race with the help of our families, volunteers, and of course our sponsors. We wish to express a sincere and heartfelt thank you to all of you who make our series possible. We can’t wait to see you all at Round 4!

 The Utah Sport Bike Association is a Utah Non-Profit dedicated to promoting education, safe riding, and competition in the Intermountain West. You can find more information about the USBA, upcoming events, and schools at or find us on Facebook.



Motostation/Moto United KOM Overall:

1. Anthony Norton (KAW ZX-10R)

2. David Meyer (YAM YZF-R1)

3. Cole Phillips (KAW ZX-10R)

4. Remington Mathews (BMW S 1000 RR)

5. Alex Zinaich (YAM YZF-R1)

6. Lee McNutt (YAM YZF-R6)


Motostation KOM GTO:

1. Anthony Norton (KAW ZX-10R)

2. David Meyer (YAM YZF-R1)

3. Cole Phillips (KAW ZX-10R)

4. Remington Mathews (BMW S 1000 RR)

5. Alex Zinaich (YAM YZF-R1)

6. Lee McNutt (YAM YZF-R6)


Moto United KOM GTU:

1. Brian Naylor (KAW ZX-6R)


AZ Riding Academy Combined GTO

1. Joshua Snow (YAM YZF-R1)

2. Gilbert Gonzalez (KAW ZX-10R)

3. Jeff Taylor (YAM YZF-R1)

4. Christopher Mousley (YAM YZF-R1)

5. Sam Arquit (HON CBR1000RR)

6. Jake Ferdinand (APR RSV4)


Off Highway Van Combined GTU

1. Joshua Fisher (TRI 675R)

2. Chayce Lance (YAM YZF-R6)

3. Scott Christensen (YAM YZF-R6)

4. Brian Gerwe (HON CBR600RR)

5. Mario Fernandez (YAM YZF-R6)

6. Donald Rothfuss (YAM YZF-R6)


The Edge Powersports Deseret Dash – Expert

1. David Meyer (YAM YZF-R1)

2. Steven Marco (YAM YZF-R1)

3. Joshua Snow (YAM YZF-R1)

4. Sam Arquit (HON CBR1000RR)

5. Marshall Miller (BMW S 1000 RR)

6. Joshua Fisher (TRI 675R)


The Edge Powersports Deseret Dash – Novice

1. Mario Fernandez (YAM YZF-R6)

2. Brian Gerwe (HON CBR600RR)

3. Landon Mattson (SUZ GSX-R600)

4. Zach Jenson (YAM YZF-R6)

5. Russell Carpenter (YAM YZF-R6)


Harrison Eurosports Formula 40 – GTO

1. David Meyer (HON CBR1000RR)

2. Jeff Taylor (YAM YZF-R1)

3. Kevin Dolan (KAW ZX-10R)

4. Christopher Mousley (YAM YZF-R1)


Harrison Eurosports Formula 40 – GTU

1. Lee McNutt (YAM YZF-R6)

2. Kirk Doyle (KAW ZX-6R)

3. Eliu Heredia (YAM YZF-R6)

4. Phil O’Bryan (KAW ZX-6R)

5. Dustin Lance (YAM YZF-R6)


Velosio Lightweight Superbike

1. Mark Taylor (KAW Ninja 400)

2. Raab Gisseman (HON RS125)


The Weekend Garage Middleweight Superbike

1. Joshua Fisher (TRI 675R)

2. Andrew Skov (HON CBR600RR)


Toxic Moto Racing Middleweight Superstock

1. Anthony Norton (KAW ZX-6R)

2. Lee McNutt (YAM YZF-R6)

3. Joshua Fisher (TRI 675R)

4. Brian Naylor (KAW ZX-6R)

5. Nicholas Koken (YAM YZF-R6)

6. Alex Hatfield (YAM YZF-R6)


The Mechanic Modern Vintage – GTO

1. Joshua Snow (YAM YZF-R1)

2. Kevin Dolan (SUZ GSX-R1000)

3. Marshall Miller (BMW S 1000 RR)

4. Dave Loynd (HON CBR1000RR)

5. Robert Jojola (DUC 999)


The Mechanic Modern Vintage – GTU

1. Joshua Fisher (TRI 675R)

2. Kirk Doyle (KAW ZX-6R)

3. Stuart Clotworthy (YAM YZF-R6)

4. Daniel Bodon (KAW ZX-6R)

5. Phil O’Bryan (KAW ZX-6R)

6. Brian Gerwe (HON CBR600RR)


Karl Malone Powersports  Moto 2

1. Anthony Norton (KAW ZX-6R)

2. Joshua Fisher (TRI 675R)

3. Brian Naylor (KAW ZX-6R)

4. Scott Christensen (YAM YZF-R6)

5. Nicholas Koken (YAM YZF-R6)

6. Landon Mattson (SUZ GSX-R600)


Redline Realty Moto 3

1. Mark Taylor (KAW Ninja 400)

2. Brian Gerwe (KAW Ninja 400)

3. Raab Gisseman (HON RS125)

4. Ian Jenson (YAM YZF-R3)


Legion of Speed Novice GTO

1. Jeff Taylor (YAM YZF-R1)

2. Christopher Mousley (YAM YZF-R1)

3. Jake Ferdinand (APR RSV4)

4. Scott Christensen (YAM YZF-R6)

5. Nolan Kiiskila(KAW ZX-6R)

6. Joseph Ruck (SUZ GSX-R1000)


Trackstar Novice GTU

1. Scott Christensen (YAM YZF-R6)

2. Kirk Doyle (KAW ZX-6R)

3. Landon Mattson (SUZ GSX-R600)

4. Zach Jenson (YAM YZF-R6)

5. Mario Fernandez (YAM YZF-R6)

6. Eliu Heredia (YAM YZF-R6)


Vortex Open Superbike

1. David Meyer (YAM YZF-R1)

2. Cole Phillips (KAW ZX-10R)

3. Kellen Birch (YAM YZF-R1)

4. Sam Arquit (HON CBR1000RR)

5. Marshall Miller (BMW S 1000 RR)

6. Kevin Dolan (KAW ZX-10R)


MotoUnited Open Superstock

1. Anthony Norton (KAW ZX-10R)

3. Steven Marco (YAM YZF-R1)

3. Cole Phillips (KAW ZX-10R)

4. Kellen Birch (YAM YZF-R1)

5. Lee McNutt (YAM YZF-R6)


Karl Malone Powersports Open Twins

1. Joshua Fisher (TRI 675R)

2. Donald Rothfuss (DUC 848)

3. Robert Jojola (DUC 999)

4. Jared Baird (DUC 1299)


TruSolace Production 500

1. Mark Taylor (KAW Ninja 400)

2. Brian Gerwe (KAW Ninja 400)

3. Ian Jenson (YAM YZF-R3)

4. Raab Gisseman (HON RS125)


Monarch Powersports Sportsman

1. Eliu Heredia (YAM YZF-R6)

2. Robert Jojola (DUC 999)

3. Jordan DeJarnett (YAM YZF-R6)

4. Jared Baird (DUC 1299)

5. Raab Gisseman (HON RS125)

6. Daniel Bodon (KAW ZX-6R)


Napa Auto Parts Tooele Stock 1000

1. Anthony Norton (KAW ZX-10R)

5. Cole Phillips (KAW ZX-10R)

3. Steven Marco (YAM YZF-R1)

4. Kellen Birch (YAM YZF-R1)

5. Jeff Taylor (YAM YZF-R1)

6. Joshua Snow (YAM YZF-R1)


Carbonsmith Super Street Bike

1. Victor Arias (YAM YZF-R1)

2. Alex Zinaich (YAM FZ1)

3. Remington Mathews (KTM Super Duke 1290R)

4. Robert Jojola (DUC 1199)

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