MotoGP Silly Season State Of Play Post Misano In A Nutshell - Updated

Misano was the stage for a flurry of negotiating among riders, though much of it was dependent on the fate of Scott Redding. As was previously the case with Marc Marquez, Jorge Lorenzo and Cal Crutchlow, Redding was proving pivotal in which seats would be available. With Redding now firmly ensconced in the Marc VDS Racing team for the next two years, the other seats can start to fill up.

Below is a list of all of the seats currently filled and available in MotoGP, with notes on individual contracts and speculation on who could fill the empty seats. PBM has sold its grid slots to IRTA, who will be selling them to Suzuki. The IODA team have made no announcement on their future, but they seem unlikely to continue, given the dearth of funding for the project. The grid as it stands consists of 24 bikes, two more than IRTA's target of 22. All 24 will get a start, but the grid slots with the worst record at the end of 2015 will lose their IRTA travel allowance.

Here's the state of play so far:

Team Rider Bike Duration Status / Notes
Repsol Honda
  Marc Marquez RC213V 2016  
  Dani Pedrosa RC213V 2016  
Movistar Yamaha
  Valentino Rossi YZR-M1 2016  
  Jorge Lorenzo YZR-M1 2016 Believed to have an option to leave after 2015
Factory Ducati
  Andrea Dovizioso   2016  
  Andrea Iannone   2015  
LCR Honda
  Cal Crutchlow RC213V 2015  
  Jack Miller RC213V-RS 2016 The Miller deal was announced hours after this article was originally published. Miller has a contract directly with HRC for three years, but will ride for two years at LCR. The press release also revealed that the Open class Honda has been renamed, and will be known as RC213V-RS
Marc VDS Racing
  Scott Redding RC213V 2016 The Marc VDS Racing team has a contract for three years with HRC, and a contract for two years with Redding. The bike will be kitted with Ohlins and Brembo
Monster Tech 3 Yamaha
  Pol Espargaro YZR-M1 2015  
  Bradley Smith YZR-M1 2015  
Drive M7 Aspar
  Nicky Hayden RC213V-RS 2015 Hayden has a contract, but it is dependent on his wrist being fully recovered from surgery. If Hayden is forced to retire,this seat will also be open. In that case, current rider Hiroshi Aoyama would have a chance to remain.
  Eugene Laverty? RC213V-RS   Laverty has signed a proposal with Aspar, and his departure from WSBK to move to MotoGP has been confirmed, but his destination has not yet officially been announced.
Forward Yamaha
  Stefan Bradl Forward Yamaha 2015  
  ??? Forward Yamaha   For the second seat, Forward are looking for anyone who is prepared to bring €250,000 to race. That could be Alex De Angelis.
Gresini Aprilia
  Alvaro Bautista Aprilia ART 2016  
  ??? Aprilia ART   Marco Melandri had been in the frame for the second Aprilia seat, but the Italian looks set to remain in World Superbikes, preferring to race for wins rather than develop a slow bike. Who will take his place is unclear
  Aleix Espargaro Suzuki XRH-1   Suzuki is yet to officially confirm their intention to race, but the rider line up is said to be fixed. The only question is, what happens to Espargaro and Viñales if Suzuki decide against coming back in 2015...
  Maverick Viñales Suzuki XRH-1 2017
Pramac Ducati
  Yonny Hernandez   2015  
  Danilo Petrucci/Loris Baz?     Ducati are keen to sign the popular Petrucci, Dorna want a Frenchman. Baz is undoubtedly fast, but the short-sighted MotoGP team managers can't see past Baz' height (1.92m).
Avintia Ducati
  Hector Barbera Open GP14 2015 The Avintia Ducatis will run as full open class entries, and be used to develop the bike with the unified (spec) software.
  Danilo Petrucci? Open GP14   If Petrucci cannot be slotted in at the Pramac team, then Avintia could be another place where the Italian could fit. Alternatively, the second Avintia rider could be filled by Dorna, depending on their TV needs.
Cardion AB
  Karel Abraham RC213V-RS   The Cardion AB team will continue to race for as long as Karel Abraham wants to, and for as long as he feels he can be (relatively) competitive in the Open class.


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Apparently KTM is coming back in 2017 as well. I wonder who's grid slot they're gonna buy.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe KTM is just selling bikes, not starting a team. So they won't be looking to buy grid slots.

Interesting to read in this post and previous articles which have stated LB is too tall for MotoGP. Leon Camier has proven at 6'2" to be picking things up pretty quickly and his speed hasn't been hindered by his height.
Surely the extra few cms wouldn't have a massive adverse impact on his riding a MotoGP bike...

Small riders have an undeniable weight advantage, which is useful when things are going right. But I've noticed that taller riders have a leverage advantage, which seems to be quite useful when saving a bike from a potential crash.

I've seen on more than one occasion a taller rider being bucked off the seat into the air, then holding onto the bars and spreading his legs while the bike squirreled around beneath him, then landing on the bike and regaining control. I seem to remember Aaron Yates being particularly good at this.

I doubt if he's been turned down purely based on the fact that he's tall. There are a number of successful tall riders, including Rossi.
I suspect it was more to do with the team looking at the easiest way to progress. As I understand it they had agreements pending with several riders including Baz. They may have all been similar in term of ability, prospects, sponsorship etc. Baz may simply have been the one who'd have been the most work and expense to get the bike ready for him in terms of weight distribution, seating position etc. so they ruled him out of the equation.
I might be totally wrong but it seems likely.

Baz is ~4' taller than Rossi, and 31 lbs heavier (1.92m/79kg vs. 1.82m/65kg).

Prior to Camier coming into the MotoGP paddock, Baz was 7cm taller than the tallest full-time rider, Scott Redding.

It's not inconsequential in the MotoGP arena.

It's a totally ridiculous reason to give, as his height and weight are no secret.
If they were truly concerned, they'd have not signed an agreement with him.

Gresini had an RCV and a 1000, what is Honda going to do with the leftover production Honda? MVDS is only taking on the one bike one rider?

also, any chance Gresini tries to cut more costs by continuing to use Showa and Nissin on the Aprilia?

It is believed that RCV1000 will go to LCR. Some say for Jack Miller, but I hope that's not the case.

I believe Gresini were obliged to use Showa and Nissin kit to help develop them for Honda, as they are both owned by Honda, so doubt they will be used on the Aprilia.

In the past couple of days, both Ian Wheeler (MarcVDS Racing PR) and official twitter account Marc VDS Racing Team erased all tweets related to the team moving up in MotoGP with Redding on a Honda Factory.

They tweeted on Sunday night that it was done then Suppo reacted on GPone stating that it was to be official on Monday 15th...since then nothing happened.
French website reported that MarcVDS said it was just a matter a paperwork, that everything was agreed.

Still it feels like HRC was annoyed with MarcVDS beginning their relationship by "scooping" the news ahead of the official announcement. It's been 3 days and since then tweets have been erased but nothing has been made official yet.

Could this have annoyed HRC enough for them to purposely delay the official statement?

He chose to be well paid to fight for wins in Moto2 instead of ruining his career again on subpar machinery in MotoGP. Go Mika, the championship is far from over!

great bit of intel, although can someone help me understand the comment about de angelis. Can i take from that sentance that some riders are actually paying to race as opposed to being paid to race?

He'll need to bring a certain amount of personal sponsorship money for the ride to be viable for the team.

Really don't see how he warrants a move straight to GP. Doesn't look anything special to me.

Needs to cut out the tantrums for a start.

Agreed. I don't care about the tantrums but he hasn't shown anything in Moto3 so far that others haven't. He's talented, obviously, but I see way more growth in other people in that class.

I predict by 2017 he'll have stepped back to Moto2.

Nah, the tantrums are endemic to a rider who thinks he's entitled to a clear path around the track because, he's, well, the great Jack Miller.

The thing is, judging by his pit board, he seems to know quite well how he comes off to everybody. So maybe it's a head game thing. More likely, though, he's just another talented jerk rider from, well....("no stars for you!")

As for moving up to Motogp, I say do it. He'll either fall on his face or be successful. Either way, as an admirer of how the universe works or as a race fan, I win.

Sorry, I'm a bit slow, what country? You'd think that all the racers run sessions on how to rub all racers from other countries up the wrong way. So umm, speak your mind. Express frustrations. Rock the boat a bit.

Waaaaiiiit, like CAL CRUTCHLOW! You mean Britain!

The Miller announcement on and other websites say that Miller will be riding a "Honda RC213V-RS Open Specification bike". Is this different from the RC1000V?! Something between the Factory bike and the Open bike? Maybe a full Factory bike running Open electronics...seamless and all?

His contract is directly with HRC, so I am betting it is a Factory spec bike on open software. It is a good strategic move for HRC to get some data for 2016 when all bikes are on the same software.

That's the whole deal my friend :)

New name for this yr's Prod bike w this yr's Factory engine.

The rub, as w Fwd Yam, will be how many motors they get and what state of tune. Last yr this time I was bubbling w anticipation of a 2013 Tech 3 bike without the anemic fuel limit, more motors, softer tire compound options, and our friend A Espargaro wringing the throttle with less electronics keeping wheels in line. Then came a small allotment of detuned motors and a BIG power deficit.

Why is he not getting a shot? He is doing a good job filling in for Nicky.

Cal and Jack should be a good team.

Camier probably has some options, but unfortunately he seems to be on the long-lists not the short lists in either WSB or MGP.
Perhaps he is on the very short list if Nicky cannot recover his wrist action.

So back in the day when guys went from the 250s to the wrist snapping 500s that was ok but to go from a 250 4 stroke to a electronically controlled 1000 is worse, please explain. As for tantrums, my god, check your memories boys, name me one rider that hasn't. They all complain about something. Why dont we see what happens before we prejudge, remember that crasher Stoner in the LCR team he never won anything did he.

I think this has been discussed before. Honda has upgraded their customer bike to the RC213V minus the proprietary electronics and the seamless shifting gearbox. So they have changed the designation to RC213V-RS. Tougher times for competitors. Jack Miller is coming into the MotoGP class at a good time. A real test for his mettle.

There are no news about Suzuki MotoGP in the press about a month which is quite strange especially when the team is preparing to comeback.

As a Suzuki fan, I'm worried a bit about the situation of the team. IMHO, There are still building the team and that may takes time.

The team planed to test the bike this month but nothing happens right now.

There are facing the financial problem? I hope I'm wrong...

The teams seem to be overlooking the fact that both Camier and Baz offer twice the advertising space of a Pedrosa.

That should be of some interest to the more cash strapped teams, and potential sponsors with long names.


Hah! Funny Dan! Wouldn't a wide rider be even better? If I remember right there was one rider almost 10 yrs ago, Cardoso I think, that nearing the end of his Motogp career got chunkier and chunkier. Anyone else remember that?

Not only could you get long sponsor names on that width, but they could be...McDonalds?

Motoshrink, McDonalds or the Michelin Man!

Another bonus is even if they finish 3rd it looks like they came first in the photographs as their heads are higher than the other guys :-)