Your Questions Answered: What Do Yamaha's Big Announcements Mean For 2021 And Beyond?

After the carpet bombshelling done by Yamaha's press department over the past couple of days, it's time to answer your questions. In yesterday's piece looking at Yamaha's choice of Fabio Quartararo over Valentino Rossi, I promised to answer questions for subscribers. So below, here are the answers to some of the questions you asked.

Questions answered include:

  • Franco Morbidelli and Pecco Bagnaia
  • Valentino Rossi – one-man team, two-man VR46 team, or Petronas Yamaha?
  • What happens to Andrea Dovizioso?
  • The likelihood of rider retirements
  • Suzuki, Gresini, Aprilia, and a Suzuki satellite team
  • The chances of Yamaha building a V4
  • Will Repsol leave Honda?

Answers below:

Thanks for your questions. I hope to make this a regular feature. The next Q&A session for subscribers will come after the test at Sepang.

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This was perfect. Exactly what I've wondered about as we've watched the bombs burst from Yamaha. 

I looked back at the final results tally for 2019 and see that Marquez finished with 420 points. Nearly twice what Vinales managed at 211. 

Looking at bikes in the top ten overall, I see all the Yamahas finished 3rd, 5th, 7th and 10th. Ducati finished 2nd, 6th nd 8th. Honda had two bikes, Marc won of course and Cal in 9th. Of the two Suzuki's Rins finished in the top ten at 4th. 

Pol was the top KTM in 11th and his brother top Aprilia in 14th. 

To me that says what we knew, the Honda isn't that great a bike for most riders. The Yamaha is certainly pretty damned good for at least four riders. The Ducati, not too bad at all. 

But, to beat Marc on the Honda is going to take a lot of bike and a good bit of talented rider and a very consistant team. 

Though, if and that is a big if, Yamaha, Ducati, Suzuki, KTM and maybe Aprilia bring enough bike then maybe the the many can chip away at Marc's weakest tracks, and those few bad days he ends on the second step may be multiplied to such an extent he is pushed off the podium altogether. 

That to me is what it is going to take for Marc to lose the championships anytime soon. He can't just have one challenger on Sunday, there have to be ten. Bad news for him, great racing for the fans. 

Sepang test is a week form now. This is goingt o be fun. 

This format really does justice to your insights and knowledge. Be glad to see it continue. Thank you David!

Really enjoyed the Q&A format, and hope you can do more. Thanks.

Interesting comment in there about the hot properties to sign soon being MM93, Rins, Mir and Miller. MM is obvious, but could you elaborate on the other 3? Is Rins/Mir because Suzuki will want team stability and they show decent talent, or something else? I would have thought Mir would be a hot prospect because of how he did in the last half of '19, but was surprised to see both Suzuki riders. Is Jack seen in the paddock as a big improvement? I think he's matured a lot and picked up his game, but was thinking that might have been a bit of national bias kicking in on my part.

Oh, and please put the Save button at the top of the page, under the editor screen where you can re-edit after the preview. Right now we hit Preview, check our post, then scroll right to the bottom of the page to Save.

Thanks for the almost real time Q&A session, I hope you have the ability to do these periodcally during the normal season too but understand the constraints that travel and deadlines make.  This should also serve to differentiate the Motomatters experience as a visitor (lurker?) and Subscriber.  Real value and differentiation to be had when paying a modest sum for the year.  

but what’s been going on with the user voting? Is somebody angry/frustrated with the site? How can there be so many two star votes?

keep up the great work David and get rid of the voting for non supporters!

Perhaps the people have no idea what 'user rating' and 'rating' mean in this context. I don't so I never give a 'rating' or a 'user rating'. Maybe it's time I find out about that...Anyone? Explain 'rating' and 'user rating', please

those people who click the two star do it with intention, so much is clear... especially if you look at the results... it's no coincidence.

  1. Voting has been removed on comments
  2. You no longer have to preview comments. Subscriber comments are posted directly, non subscriber comments are still subject to moderation 


You look to be in a rapid development stage David! Has Gigi been by? Looking great.

Don't worry about moving the save button now that we needn't preview. Now that there aren't **'s I will feel free to say what I really think.

Lots of changes. Wow! Vroooom.