Your Questions Answered: Sepang Test Q&A, Part 1 - Honda, Ducati, KTM, Aprilia, 2020 Surprises, And More

The Sepang MotoGP test answered a few of the questions which had been raised over the winter break, since the end of testing at Jerez in November. You can read my preliminary conclusions, reached directly after the test, here, as a primer.

Though the Sepang test answered some questions, it raised many more for some of you. Last weekend, I asked subscribers to submit their questions for me to try to answer. I received a lot of questions, 27 in total, and so many that I will have to split the answers into several parts.

So below are the answers to the following questions:

  • Is Honda developing a holeshot device?
  • Is Ducati losing its way?
  • Has KTM gone oval?
  • Are Aprilia willing to spend what it takes?
  • Who will be the surprise package for 2020?
  • Could there be another plot twist in the Yamaha saga?
  • Will KTM lose Jorge Martin?
  • What is Alex Rins capable of in 2020?

More answers to your questions tomorrow.

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Thanks for answering both my questions. Fingers crossed for a good season by Oliveira then. Also, thanks for (another) excellent read.

That is a very cool q&a, thank you all. I was curious to see some of the questions that were posted during the inquiry, turning into the thoughtful answers David provided. Great details...

David,  as we collectively count the minutes to Qatar,  I find myself clicking to see what is new.... and there almost always is! ..  the interviews with the engineers, the photo spreads, the discussions with riders about their riding style, this year the Yamaha news, ... and these Q&A sessions ...

I just second Snowhawk in thanking you for continual, provocative contect !

Mine was the Aprilia question, I so want them to be a challenger, thanks for your considered answer, there is hope!

... Marc will have a tougher time in 2020 after taking all of this in?

  • A better qualifying, faster Suzuki
  • A faster, more consistent M1
  • A competitive Aprilia
  • A vastly improved KTM
  • The wunder-rookies move into their 2nd year: Fabio, Mir, Olivera

Love the new Q&A feature David!