Editor's Emergency Fund Accepting Donations - UPDATE: Target Reached

The response to the tale of woe that my visit to Le Mans to cover the Grand Prix has become has been both touching and overwhelming. Offers of help have coming flooding in from all over the world, for which I am truly grateful. The only problem with having an international audience is that despite the many kind offers of help, few of them have come from anywhere close enough to be of immediate assistance.

So if you would like to help get me out of my predicament (a predicament almost entirely of my own making, I hasten to add), then any and all financial contributions would be gratefully received. All attempts at obtaining cover from insurance and breakdown services have failed completely, and so this is going to leave a rather large hole in the finances of MotoMatters.com.

If you are feeling generous, then contributions can me made by PayPal to david@motomatters.com, or by going to our donate page and filling out the form there. All contributions will meet with my eternal gratitude. And one day, we'll find a way of repaying the kindness and generosity all of you have already shown me.


The response to my appeal has been truly overwhelming. I am touched by the huge generosity so many of you have shown, and heartened by the support you have offered. In less than 24 hours of putting the appeal up, you, my wonderful readers, have donated just about enough to cover most of the expenses to get me back home and recover my bike.

Now, I don't want to profit from my own bad luck and occasional poor decision making, so you can stop sending money now. For those of you who would like to contribute in a more general way to the site, then in a week or so, we will be putting up subscription options, which will allow you to support the site financially, and allow you to customize the layout of the site (including hiding the adverts on the site and the MotoGP.com news block on the front page).

I have not yet thanked everyone who has sent me a donation, but I shall send you all a personal note within a few days. I do want to offer a big heartfelt thank you, from me, but also from my wife. It has been hardest for her, stuck at home, with a sense of frustration at not being able to do anything, and your kind responses on the site have helped her too. For that, you all have my deepest gratitude. 

You people rock.

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Hi David, I have sent some money your way via paypal. Hope you get home safe and sound as I'm looking forward to all the great news and stories still to come from your weekend at Le Mans.
I have been a regular reader of Motomatters for a few years now, but have just signed up today in order to say thanks for all the effort that you put in and to send some good vibes your way to help with the current situation, good luck.


Thanks ever so much for your fantastic donation. The money that you and others have sent has been a huge help in these difficult times. I am deeply touched by the kindness shown me to my readers, it means a lot to me. 

My wife and I were at Le Mans last weekend and I wish we had known about your situation (we drove from Germany with plenty of room in the back of the SUV). Sent a little donation, hope it helps. Just wanted to say that my wife and I have always enjoyed your insider's look into the paddock, and racing in general. This donation is the least we could have done. Hope to see you at Sachsenring.



Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight abooooooooooooout.........

NOW. Done.

You're worth it, David. (And it's quite a bit less than a plane ticket. OR a strippenkaart, for that matter...) Sorry that it couldn't be more, but when we can, we will do more. Anyway, know that you are greatly appreciated.

Can't knock down a honest working man! Thanks for your hardwork on covering what we love David and ave a safe trip back home.

Doesn't bode toowell with the reliability of the forthcoming MotoGP Beemer ;)

only kidding, David. Have a safe journey home !

I chipped in what I could.
Sorry I don't have the funds to airlift you out of there.
Hope all is sorted soon though.

I thought I did have breakdown coverage. However, my insurance company informed me that as I was in Le Mans on business, I was not covered. I was only covered for private trips. And (perhaps stupidly) I immediately explained what I was doing in Le Mans when I called for help. This, too, is my fault, I should have read my policy conditions more closely. And I shouldn't probably have gone with breakdown cover on top of my normal travel insurance.

But this whole sorry tale is a succession of bad decisions piling up on top of bad luck. I tempted fate, as you put it, and got slapped in the face for my troubles! 

Anything in order not to pay up...
I knew about this clause but maybe you can serve as a warning for Motomatter readers who take business trips ;-)

I hope it helps. I enjoy this site. It adds so much to my MotoGP / WSBK experience. it's the least I could do.

For all of us who visit MM regularly, David has become very important, he is our insider in the paddock. We can´t allow him to ride unreliable machinery from race to race, not to mention under-insured. (those b****rds!!) Therefore, as soon as we finish the rescue operation, I suggest we all chip in to get him some decent pair of wheels, a brand new Ducati Multistrada 1200 perhaps..

just a daydream idea!

Hang on David, hope everything turns out ok for you.


Thanks for this site. I follow it daily.

Best of luck in your travails!


I sent a small donation your way, wishing I could be of better assistance.

I hope you are back home by now and that you keep up the great work with the site!