Vacancy Filled: Freelance MotoGP Race And Practice Summarizer For

This vacancy has now been filled. We are NOT currently hiring at the moment. Thanks to everyone for their applications.


As grows and evolves, the time has come to expand our merry band of helpers. To this end, we are looking for someone to provide race and practice summaries for every session of Moto2, Moto3 and MotoGP for the 2013 MotoGP season, and post the results on the website. We need your help.

The goal of this position is to free me, David Emmett, up and allow me to go out and chase more background stories. Instead of spending so much of my time in the media center watching the timing screens and video feed, I want to be in the paddock and pits talking to people and finding out what's going on. Having someone relieve me of the simple but time-consuming task of writing up each race and practice session should allow me to write more, and more interestingly, about what is really going on in MotoGP, and improve the quality of the website. Here is what we are looking for:

Freelance MotoGP Race And Practice Summarizer For


To write brief summaries of every free practice, qualifying practice, warm up session and race in all three Grand Prix classes, Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP, and post them on the website, along with formatted results of each session. Such summaries must be neutral and unbiased, regardless of any personal rider, team, national or manufacturer preference you may have.

Skills required:

Perfect command of the English language. The ability to pick out the most important events during a practice session, and summarize them briefly. The ability to summarize a race quickly and succinctly, yet still report it in a gripping way.

Basic knowledge of HTML is essential. A more advanced level of HTML is even better.

Knowledge of Content Management Systems in general, and Drupal in particular, is extremely useful.

Knowledge of the Perl programming language would be ideal, but is not required.

What is expected:

It is expected that you will cover every session of practice and every race on the schedule, regardless of time conflicts in your own time zone. As MotoGP events span at least three days, and always at least one normal working day, you will be expected to schedule your other work to fit around the MotoGP schedule, barring exceptions.


In return for posting results and summaries on the website, you will receive a nominal fee. Payment will be on a per-event, freelance basis.

What you won't get:

This is not a full-time, fully-paid job as a MotoGP reporter. You will not receive permanent accreditation via to attend each and every MotoGP race. You will not have any travel or accommodation expenses reimbursed. The amount of money involved for each event is nowhere near enough to cover the cost of attending a MotoGP round. You will not be getting rich.

This is only to write race and practice summaries, nothing more. Comment and news will largely be provided by me, David Emmett.

What you might get:

There is a small chance that you might be able to attend a MotoGP race on behalf of We will not cover any travel or accommodation expenses involved, but there is a chance we might be able to get a pass for your local event.

What you will get:

There is a major chance that your work will be read by those both inside and outside the industry. You will be noticed, which can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Those in the paddock will be either pleased or angry with you, and fans around the world will accuse you of bias. Ideally, fans of all riders will accuse you of bias, in equal measure.

To apply:

Send an email with either a summary of your work or a CV to, along with a motivation for your application, by Monday, 1st April 2013. Include links to your work or other online material. Expect to be Googled.

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Ideal for someone who is out of work at the moment, has good writing skills and needs a foot in the door of becoming a motor racing reporter. I'd be interesred but I just couldnt comit to being available every weekend

I would love doing this as I really do enjoy watching the timing sheets, etc. Plus I have lots of experience with Drupal, minimal html but close friends that are experts (use who you got right). Unfortunately I have .....what was it again....oh right a job.

But seriously, this might be something that you could part out if you can't get just 1 person, have each person do 3 rounds or something. On the other hand consistency could then be an issue.....

Well hopefully you find somebody. I know I'll read whatever comes up :)

An interesting opportunity and i have to admit, one which would free up David to bring us more of the content we want...

however, this is a role that is not just difficult to fill in terms of writing but extremely frustrating in the sense that some of the best writers out there cannot contribute because money, social media and plain common sense, are, as we know (from dorna's stance) overlooked, degraded and in some cases, simply misguided.

Should such a role be subsidised by, lets say... DORNA or any of the other powers that be in Motogp (i have little knowledge of how motogp actually works, nor did i study economics...) i believe the quality of reporting would improve and , lets be honest, allow opinion, inside information, extended coverage and, in a sense, the eloquently written race reports etc (that we receive on motomatters) to be an integral part of every Motogp fans reading.

In any case, i am sure the successful party will prove precisely why this website (and others, including motogpod, although not a website as such) deserve recognition for the service they provide and why dorna should be tapping into and providing for this vital resource for fans...

After all you'd have to be stupid to miss out on all this... right....... right?

If you need a french traduction :)

Please chose somebody more than a robot ;)

Some humble little style, some hidden humor, some passion ... good luck in your choice !

This would be an almost ideal task of love for a Southern-hemisphere domiciled motoGp tragic, as the track-time is generally in our evenings (our cold, long evenings for those of us whose abode is located at some altitude AMSL). The opportunity to have a little innocent fun with the English language would, I hazard, require some amelioration for consumption beyond those whose first language is English and who came through a scholastic system where grammar and vocabulary was a primary requirement.

Perhaps no place though for a pedant who insists that 'fulsome' be used only in its primary meaning of exaggerated, cloying and transparently false praise however, though one might be excused for insisting that the possessive use of 'its' be denuded of the incorrect application of an apostrophe.

'Tis another cause for regret on my part that I have access to neither a reliable broadcasting network nor adequate broadband connection speed to employ the motoGp site (or any other) live-streaming feed service. Our notional high-speed broadband network appears to be disappearing into the distance faster than Marquez leaving the rear of the grid (or alternatively, progressing more slowly than Ducati solving its understeer problems, take your pick).

On a personal level, I'd like to say that anybody contemplating this task might be well advised to become familiar with the Race Reports David produced some years ago, as shining examples of the art. His report on L.S 2008: is a stunning, lyrical piece that remains, in my view, as a paradigm of reporting both the events and the flavour, fairly and with due respect to the protagonists. In view of the almost unbelievable amount of argument that has been bandied about since the race ended, it should be compulsory reading for anyone professing to an opinion about that race. If mtm can continue to achieve a respectable proportion of that excellence in its race and pre-race on-track reporting, it will continue to hold the premier position it has earned as the font of wisdom.

And good luck with that, ye who would seek to draw the sword from the stone.. I'm sure mtm readers will be gentle, for a few races at least.

Yeah, I think this is what he is looking for.

But wait...

--- Snippet ---
"Sandro Cortese has sealed the inaugural Moto3 championship inthe best possible way.. "
--- End of snippet ---

^^^ Found that error in the first line. Maybe my imperfect command of the English language will do after all?! Maybe!?!


For more than 30 years I have made a living from, mostly, writing stuff: reports, proposals, pieces for professional publications - all for people who can understand and even expect big words. I even did guest columns in two Australian motorcycle magazines for a little while and in those days, the readers were ok with big words.

I was being ironical and a little cheeky; not what appears to be wanted here nowadays. There is a site that seems to be right up your alley, though -, with short reports in simple words and a group of fans more suited to your tastes.

Would be a dream come true as it would scratch a few itches at the same time. My favorite site on the net in need of help and not able to raise my hand given a job that has me travel up to 10 days per month, and a 5-week-old baby find me only able to wish the person well.

David, any chance you can split workloads among a few? Writing styles may not mesh and multiple schedules may present a hazard, but you may find more takers that way. Really do wish I could "try out" for this; would be an honor!

If whomever covers Indy and Laguna needs someone to keep them in beer and food, let me know as I will be at both traveling there from Maryland.

Best of luck to David and future correspondent.

Brief summaries of all practice, qualifying, warm-up and races... doesn't that pretty much define what is already provided by the official MotoGP site ?

Given your parameters, what content do you expect your assistant to provide you with that isn't already available from other sources ?

That is an excellent point, but I believe I have to post results to provide context to the other stories I write.

However, I've always thought that the results section of the MotoGP site provides more detail than just about anyone could wish for, including lap-by-lap analysis.

Personally, I always go there to check out the details of the results and stats.

e.g. Phillip Island 2012 MotoGP Race

This is published as public accessible (i.e. no log-on required) and I seem to recall that it's all posted in a timely manner, but I'm prepared to stand corrected on that point.

I also sent an application, but am yet to receive any kind of response. Automated or otherwise :)

An amazing opportunity this would be for me were it not for the foul barrier that is Code. Perhaps this means I just need to talk to a computer more and learn the language.