Happy New Year And A Successful 2014 To All Our Readers

As the final few moments of 2013 tick away (in this part of the world; for some readers, it is already 2014), we would just like to take a moment and say a big thank you to all our readers for your support and contributions this year. Thanks to everyone for reading the site, to the people who post such well-informed and well-thought out comments, and to everyone who has supported us. A special thanks goes out to everyone who has either donated or become an official site supporter by taking out a subscription. A special thanks also to everyone who bought a calendar, as that also helps keep the site running.

Thanks also to everyone who has helped the site in other ways, with suggestions, technical support, information and many other things. Thanks to everyone in the paddock for talking to us and putting up with our questions, however impertinent or stupid they may seem. Thanks most of all to everyone in the world of motorcycle racing, for feeding our passion, and providing a fantastic year of racing in so many classes, in MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3, World Superbike, World Supersport and the many national and support championships around the world.

We at MotoMatters.com wish you all a fantastic 2014. May your year be filled with good fortune, good health, good racing, and good friends.


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Happy new year Mr. Emmett! I am proud to support your endeavors to bring as much clarity to the sport as possible. If you've ever some time to kill in San Francisco, there's a free meal and copious amounts of alcohol available to you. Cheers!

P.S. You really are quite good at what you do. K

Happy New Year David. Keep up the stellar work and I rwally appreciate all the effort you put into making this site one of the "go to" places for me :)

Thanks for all you do, David. Enjoy reading the site, and look forward to another great season and great writing. Happy New Year 2014.

Thanks a lot for all you provided us in 2013.
Have a wonderful 2014 David, cheers.

Thanks for your effort in 2013 for this must see site. Congratulations for your just award.