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MotoGP: Silly season or stupid season?

So, the silly season started early this year; in mid-January to be precise. Next year it’ll start this year, if you see what I mean.

HRC say they may try to grab Jorge Lorenzo for 2015 and other rumours have the twice MotoGP world champ negotiating with Ducati.

No surprise about Honda. First, why wouldn’t HRC try to buy the man who’s their only serious threat to world domination? It’s the oldest trick in the book: by stealing your average rival’s top player you boost your own hopes, while dismantling those of your opposition.

No surprise about Ducati either. That’s the other oldest trick in the book: you start negotiations with a rival team, or at least spread rumours that you are talking with a rival team, to hike up your salary. Both Lorenzo and Yamaha have denied the Ducati talks, but the paddock whispers alone will help to get Yamaha digging deeper into their pockets for 2015.

In other words, there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors going on here with those involved being very economical with the truth and very generous with untruths. So always read between the lines and hear that noise – it’s the sound of people furiously grinding axes.

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...for why Matt Oxley would find (ridiculously) Silly Season tiresome but I rather enjoy it. Long may it continue.

may just be rumor or speculation, but I do like reading it - especially in the off-season.

I think the only way Ducati will land Lorenzo is if they manage to come out with something amazing and fast by the end of the year. And I hope they do, because there needs to be more than 4 bikes capable of winning a race.

I'm looking forward to how things turn out.

Off-season rumors heating up means we're finally getting closer to some action. But this year could also be the last one of an era. Rossi could move to Suzuki ? Pedrosa to Yamaha ? Dovi ? Also Mat Oxley is apparently not a big fan of Lorenzo but I sure am thrilled to see where is he going to end up, because make no mistake about it, he will strongly consider (at least) one other offer outside of Yamaha.

So yeah rumors & speculations are on their way but it's only a beginning, this is not your usual stupid season, this could be a silly one, for real.

I was quite dissapointed in that there was little meat, all speculation which led me to the conclusion that Mat was filling in a space. Having said that, as Causa states above, this year has the potential to be the mother of silly seasons. Given there appear to be only two aces in the pack it is reasonable to spend most speculation on where those two will end up. No disrespect to Pedrosa but while MM and JL remain healthy and push each other it looks like he will always be playing catch up.

MM may well surprise us all and elect to jump to demonstrate he is the difference (unlikely but I can always hope). JL won't make any decisions until he sees how the Yamaha stacks up against the Honda so that is going to take a few races. If it is obvious to one and all that he is on a pile of pooh I suspect Honda will hold the advantage in the negotiations and any silly speculations of JL to Ducati, Suzuki or anywhere else but Honda will do nothing to help his stocks.

Where Pedrosa ends up is perhaps more worthy of speculation. For Suzuki's sake I think they would be hard pushed to do better and the feed back would have to be better than from a rider who has never won a MotoGP race.

Of course it's all speculation. Doesn't make it any less interesting to read about.

Thanks Mat, the olde worlde stories were enjoyable :) especially the one involving Barry Sheene, what a character he was.

Should HRC woo Lorenzo at the expense of Pedrosa, it would be magical to see Pedrosa then take the 2015 title on an M1 :) I have no brand loyalty, or even rider loyalty really - since Stoner left at least - so seeing the best go at it on whatever bike they happen to be on is what it's all about to me. And I think Pedrosa should take at least one premier level title away from the sport before he goes sailing.