Editor's Blog: MotoMatters.com Migrating To A New Server - Disruption Possible

The ongoing success of MotoMatters.com means we have to expand. Monday 31st March and Tuesday 1st April, we will be moving from one server to a new one, with more processing power, more memory, and better able to handle the demands of growing traffic. 

While this is good news in the long term, it is likely to cause some disruption to our service. Over the next couple of days, the website could become unavailable for short periods of time. As we are moving to another server, it may take a few hours for this change to register with the DNS system, the worldwide system which ensures that your computer can locate any website on the internet. The website move may also impact email, so any emails being sent to MotoMatters.com may be delayed for a few hours.

Once the move is complete, the website should be more responsive, and ready for the challenge of the next year or two. Thank you in advance for your patience, and thank you especially for reading and supporting the website over the past seven years. If you'd like to make a financial contribution towards the move - and the continuing success and existence of the site - you can take out a subscription and become a MotoMatters.com Supporter, send us a donation, buy a MotoMatters.com calendar, or just Paypal money to sales@motomatters.com.

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This is yet another reason displayed as to why I appreciate your site Mr Emmett. Most would never bother to tell us unless we complained after the effect was discovered.

Thank you.

Thanks. That was a security thing I'd put in place while moving and forgot to remove. Move is done now, and everything should be working properly. Hopefully...

Not sure what your current infrastructure looks like, but you should move to the cloud during your next refresh. Less down time, no more hardware purchases and a lower electricity bill.

Websites are in the 'cloud' by their very nature. The cloud comes from architecture diagrams where the internet is represented as a small cloud.

Well done on having to upgrade - a sign of success :)

Funny comment on The Cloud. It's just a [relatively] new buzzword, not a new way of doing things. it doesn't mean everything happens magically. Your server still requires electricity... your server still can go down.... and The Monkey King can still summon you.

Oliver was talking about the "cloud" as an infrastructure model (IaaS). Deploying your site in a "cloud" (remotely maintained) server is different from deploying your site in a physical server sitting at your house/office, accessible to the world 24/7. In the cloud, you don't need to own a physical machine (no hardware purchase) and you have lower electricity bill and less downtime because your cloud service provider takes care of those. Though in the case of MM, I don't think David hosts it in his own physical server, anyway, so it is already "in the cloud" if that were the case. :)