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Hunting the Honda

As you read this, the wheels are probably still turning and the spanners still twirling at Valencia’s first off-season tests where the game is the same as it’s been for years: hunt the Honda.

We all know the RC213V is the best bike on the MotoGP grid right now (it’s won three riders’ titles and four constructors’ crowns over the last four years) and we all know why: because while Yamaha’s YZR-M1 carves the line of beauty – nicely arced all the way through the corner – the Honda is in and out, front tyre tucked on entry and a flurry of wheelspin (not too much, not too little) on the exit.

And not forgetting, of course, the most important item on the RCV part list: the fleshy and brave hi-tech computer that holds the handlebar grips. After all, it is only Marc Márquez who can ride the bike the way it needs to be ridden to fully exploit its genius design.

The Honda is short and wiry and fully wired up for 21st century race tracks. If MotoGP was still dominated by age-old venues like Phillip Island with grand, sweeping curves, the M1 would be a difficult motorcycle to beat. But tight turns and chicanes are the stuff of 21st century MotoGP tracks and through this kind of corner the Honda steals a metre or two on the Yamaha. Half a dozen turns like that per lap, multiplied by 25 laps, equals the Honda a hundred metres ahead at the chequered flag.

So what are Yamaha and the others going to do about it?

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well, all due respect, but Honda (or any other bike) is not enough for some years now. it might have been in Agostini era, but today? No. Honda won 1 800cc title. With genious riding it. When genious of Stoner was riding a d16, and other geniouses in form of Rossi and Lorenzo rode M1, Honda maby got to runner up spot. With a extremley fast an efficient rider, Pedrosa. But sadley, Dani is no artist. not a genious of Marquez Stoner calibre, and with no genious on bike, no title got to Honda since 2006.

The riders get the titles, bikes can't race themselves. And Honda knows that now. Valentino taught them.

Both agree and disagree. 93 might be the best rider AND Honda's seamless gearbox and electronics are definitely a step ahead of the competition. Pedrosa's accomplishments just do not merit his inclusion with the other 4...93,46,99,and 27.

Anyone know the MotoGP budgets for each manu per yr? i am guessing Honda's is quite a bit more than the others. Esp for the bike.

The electronics are 2 steps ahead. 260 horsepower is a step ahead. Seamless transmission 2 steps ahead. Where is it not ahead?

Humility maybe? :) Thanks for the article Mr Ox.