Guest Blog: Mat Oxley - Racism in the paddock is delighted to feature the work of iconic MotoGP writer Mat Oxley. Oxley is a former racer, TT winner and highly respected author of biographies of world champions Mick Doohan and Valentino Rossi, and currently writes for Motor Sport Magazine, where he is MotoGP correspondent. We are featuring sections from Oxley's blogs, which are posted in full on the Motor Sport Magazine website.

Racism in the paddock

Will there ever be a Lewis Hamilton of MotoGP, a black king of motorcycle racing? Of course there will be.

Who does best at what often has much to do with culture, race, class and geography, but while international motorcycle racing is an overwhelmingly white sport, a black racer has already climbed the highest heights. American James Stewart has won world and US championships in motocross and Supercross. Thus it is only a matter of time before a black, Asian or Chinese racer gets to the top of MotoGP.

But despite the success of Hamilton and Stewart, the odds are stacked against black people in car and ‘bike racing. I’ve spent three decades working in motor sport and my own experience tells me that the paddock is more racist than most areas of modern life.

Only weeks ago I heard a well-respected figure in the higher echelons of ‘bike and car racing refer to Hamilton as “Sooty”, and we all know that this person is by no means the first to hit the twice Formula 1 champ with a racist slur.

It’s the same in MotoGP. I’m not suggesting that the paddock is a ferment of racism – there are many kind, intelligent and liberal-minded people around – but I believe there’s more racism within than without.

A few years ago I heard a factory MotoGP rider say the words, “the older I get, the more racist I get”. I know a factory MotoGP team owner whose derisive term for all journalists was “press n*****s”. I know a famed factory mechanic who, when discussing the death of Pakistan’s British cricket coach Bob Woolmer a few years ago, declared that it “serves him right for working with P***s”. And I’ve heard a couple of ‘bike racers refer to black music as “that n****r s**t”.

Read the rest of Mat Oxley's blog on the Motor Sport Magazine website.

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I come here to read about racing, not about "race".

Regarding "n*gg*r music" : many blacks in the US make a practice
of driving around with a large subwoofer and power amplifier for the
sole purpose of making lots of noise -- and I have asked some of these people why they do this and some of them admitted they do it because they know it annoys other people. That is behavior which is not going to win
any friends, unless the friends are also sociopathic scum.

US crime statistics prove that blacks are many times more likely to commit violent crime than people of other ethnic backgrounds. There are solid reasons for many people in the US having what others might call prejudice,
and no amount of posturing from the likes of Matt Oxley is going to change this. Reality has to change before prejudice changes, not the other way around.

To Matt Oxley I say : you embarrass yourself with your attempt to tell others what to think. There are things you do not know about other parts of the world and your posturing is as such revealing of nothing so much as your
narrow band of actual life experience.

Please, Mr. Emmett, no more articles like this. Have we been subjected to any articles on the ethnicity of Spaniards vs. Italians or Germans ? No.
Again, this site is about racing, not about ethnic differences. Please keep it that way.

Um …

Edit: to clarify, this comment is precisely why articles like this are needed. 

"Um …

Edit: to clarify, this comment is precisely why articles like this are needed."

Does your knee hurt from jerking in response instead of actually thinking ?


I have read your comments, you seem to have incited reaction among many here on the site that clearly did not appreciate your point of view.

My personal feelings about your comments aside, you appear to be an intelligent person. I believe you have every right to a hold an opinion that deviates significantly with assumed 'acceptable norms' as well as every right to announce your opinion as you see fit.

But for anyone to take you seriously there are qualifications:

1. When holding a prejudiced or bigoted point of view, it is folly to expect that others presented with your opinion would not take offense. You should not be suprised by this, but expect it. The burden is on you to justify your prejudice in a way a reasonable person can appreciate before expecting that anyone would ever take you seriously.

2. If you are to own up to your prejudice, you'll definitely need to hear opposing views and reconsider your prejudice in light of strong counter-arguments, or proof to the contrary. Otherwise you are not only prejudiced, but also stubborn and/or ignorant. This would make you deserving of ridicule as a human being. Remember: YOU COULD BE WRONG about even your most cherished beliefs. It is always a possibility, and refusing to see it will lead you astray.

In my estimation, you have done neither of the above: You appear to believe that most comments are of either kneejerk, or of thoughless quality AND you also do not seem to want to justify or elaborate on your prejudiced position in a way any reasonable person could possibly accept.

I'll take you at your word. You say you are not a racist. But I'll admit that the language you've used to explain yourself would lead almost anyone and everyone to think otherwise. Clearly you admit to being prejudiced if not Xenophobic.

It sounds like you are saying, "I'm not a racist, but let me give you plenty of examples to justify hating them as a group"

Please understand, it is not self evident from your comment why you believe your prejudice is justified but it is clear to me from what you have said that your prejudice is rooted in self-preservation. As far as I can tell, your justification is that if you didn't believe it, harm would come to either you or your loved ones. I.E. trusting black people might get you killed.

So let me understand:

You appear to be saying specifically the hatred of black people is justified for 'driving around with a large subwoofer and power amplifier for the sole purpose of making lots of noise'.

Reasonable thing to hate. Since this behaviour is not limited to blacks at all, this doesn't really tell us anything besides the fact that you too also hate the behavior. You have my vote: I think this behavior is totally annoying. I dare say we agree, but...

You are ignoring the fact that this behavior has specifically NOTHING to do with being black. Some white people ride obnoxiously loud Harley Davidsons with straight pipes. Should we also hate White people because of this?

"US crime statistics prove that blacks are many times more likely to commit violent crime than people of other ethnic backgrounds"

This is a false statement used as confirmation bias. U.S. crime data shows that 'blacks commit a higher % of crime in the United States'. It does not provide "proof" that 'blacks are more violent than any other ethnicity'. It does mean however, blacks do commit proportionally more violent crimes in the U.S. But it is also true that whites commit the largest number of crimes in the U.S.

Data also shows that poorer people commit a higher percentage of violent crimes as are they also the victims of more violent crimes. Blacks in the U.S. also tend to be poorer than whites. There is a relationship there. Perhaps it would help to try and make sense of it?

'Reality has to change before prejudice changes, not the other way around'

Do you ever stop to wonder whether your Reality is based on misinterpreted or mistaken beliefs? Mistaken beliefs are built on a foundation of false assumptions and understanding, lazy thinking and often fear. Unless you address this, your Reality will never change.

You manufacture your own reality.

My neighborhood is 75% Chinese. Every time someone does something stupid on the street while driving a car, 3 out of 4 times it will be a Chinese person behind the wheel. My subjective experience is that Chinese are the worst drivers in the world. However, I know better than to judge all Chinese as bad drivers even if it SEEMS to be true based on the situation. I have no data to tell me how having parents who are Chinese will have any outcome on their children's driving ability. But if I wanted to believe Chinese were bad drivers, I need only to look for the next offender, 3 out of 4 times I'd confirm my bias once again.

Assessing Risk

I suggest in your 'risk analysis' you balance both sides of the equation:

A. What is the danger/reward to society when we ascribe traits and label a group of people rather than identify with each as an individual?


B. What is the danger/reward to our society when we treat people as individuals?

I'm pretty sure we all know the danger of A. We've seen the disgusting results of this behavior, time and time again, throughout history. Each time the words inhuman and evil were used to describe the outcome.

Of pidgeon appears on the board, a " musashiwasajedi "........and sure enough , it lives up to their reputation.

Sad, very sad.

Provided he makes and wins an argument about Buddhism with those who live there, any wondering monk can remain in a Zen temple. If he is defeated, he has to move on.

In a temple in the northern part of Japan two brother monks were dwelling together. The elder one was learned, but the younger one was stupid and had but one eye.

A wandering monk came and asked for lodging, properly challenging them to a debate about the sublime teachings. The elder brother, tired that day from much studying, told the younger one to take his place. "Go and request the dialogue in silence," he cautioned.

So the young monk and the stranger went to the shrine and sat down.

Shortly afterwards the traveler rose and went in to the elder brother and said: "Your young brother is a wonderful fellow. He defeated me."

"Relate the dialogue to me," said the elder one.

"Well," explained the traveler, "first I held up one finger, representing Buddha, the enlightened one. So he held up two fingers, signifying Buddha and his teaching. I held up three fingers, representing Buddha, his teaching, and his followers, living the harmonious life. Then he shook his clenched fist in my face, indicating that all three come from one realization. Thus he won and so I have no right to remain here." With this, the traveler left.

"Where is that fellow?" asked the younger one, running in to his elder brother.

"I understand you won the debate."

"Won nothing. I'm going to beat him up."

"Tell me the subject of the debate," asked the elder one.

"Why, the minute he saw me he held up one finger, insulting me by insinuating that I have only one eye. Since he was a stranger I thought I would be polite to him, so I held up two fingers, congratulating him that he has two eyes. Then the impolite wretch held up three fingers, suggesting that between us we only have three eyes. So I got mad and started to punch him, but he ran out and that ended it!" said elfking 'appeared to be an intelligent person'.

It seems likely that elfking (and kiwi) are afflicted with the illusory superiority that David Dunning and Justin Kruger wrote about, and presenting an opposing viewpoint is as futile as the pigeon chess from the plagiarized quote that the flightless fruity one is so obsessed with.

It may be more effective to merely hope that they put on the lemon juice and disappear.

As an American, I'm guessing you're not one, though you reference US culture a few times here.

While you rely on statistics (and for the sake of this conversation, I'll assume they're correct), you cannot rely on just the statistic on the top of a deep well of research. Perhaps "blacks", as you say it, are more likely to commit crime, though I imagine the true statistic is that black men and women are more likely to get arrested due to "broken window" style policing. You could most likely also say that those with lower levels of income and education are more likely to commit crime or be arrested. The black community in America and abroad, has been marginalized for decades/centuries in ways that non-black citizens would be hard pressed to understand. When given fewer opportunities to succeed, one must find other ways to survive. Sometimes that includes operating outside he legal system that is oppressive to your kind.

As a life long New Yorker, I can honestly say I've never personally had a criminal run in with a fellow New Yorker of color. All of my distasteful events, including a State supreme court run in with a landlord and other offenses and unpleasantries I'll categorize as "corporate crime" have all been done by rich white people - the only difference is those people don't get arrested. Lawyers handle the fall out.

Truthfully, I don't know what Mat's purpose of this article was. It's certainly thin to me. Someone in the paddock once said this, or someone thought that. it's not news, it's not noteworthy and it feeds the circle of bullshit in a way, but I disagree with your support of racist sentiment much, much more.

Mat, America has a Black president, There's a black F1 champ, a black MotoX champ. Black achievement is possible, but the road to success for them has many more potholes to navigate - let's celebrate these achievements and the talent that these men have honed and displayed, rather than giving a few, old racists in the paddock a platform and an amplifier.

- Highside

"As an American, I'm guessing you're not one, though you reference US culture a few times here."

Your guess is wrong. Perhaps you were allowing your conclusion to
be affected by your own prejudices. That's a joke, but as with many
jokes there could be some truth contained therein.

I am an American by birth and I have lived all over the United States, on both east and west coasts and in between. I have also traveled extensively in other parts of the world.

Your anecdotal evidence proves nothing except your own personal experience. It's a happy thing for you that you have not been a victim
of violent crime. But many other people have been victims and the crime statistics reflect that reality. And that reality is hugely more statistically significant than your life experience, which reflects only the experience
of a single person.

You wrote : "When given fewer opportunities to succeed, one must find other ways to survive. Sometimes that includes operating outside he legal system that is oppressive to your kind." Sure, desperate conditions sometimes require desperate measures. Stealing food or squatting illegally so you don't freeze to death are at times crimes which should be excused. However, I defy you to justify crimes like rape and murder. Black men shot and killed over 10,000 black men in the year 2010 in the US. There is no possible excuse or justification for that. The reality is that a subset of the black
race in the US is given to extremely violent behavior. If you read some
of the lyrics of certain "rap" songs you will discover that such behavior
is even glorified.

The statistics are what they are. You can view them at various government websites if you are curious. I did not lie about the statistics and I fervently
wish the statistics were not true. But they are true, and if you choose to
ignore realities you may put yourself at greater risk. Prejudice can indeed be an awful, distasteful, and hateful thing. But there are some prejudices which if heeded just might keep you alive. It requires wisdom to discern which prejudice is a foul and awful thing and which is wise to heed, and that might be too much like work for most people, but it is nonetheless
true that some prejudice can be useful.

There is no doubt that black people are capable of excelling in many fields.
And there are many many black people who are good human beings. But this doesn't negate other possible realities which are less than pleasant. The world is made up of all kinds of people and not all of them are good. Understanding that all these things exist is an important part of personal risk management ( unless you are luck enough to have your own personal security detail ) and can change the odds for one's survival in the real world.

I don't have a problem with James Stewart being a motocross champion, or
Lewis Hamilton being F1 champion. A champion is a champion regardless of ethnicity or economic background. Stewart has abilities on a motocross bike
which are truly in a different zone from most other riders, similar to the
way Marc Marquez is in another zone.

By the way, I voted for Obama twice. That undermines your claim that I am a racist. I now think Obama is a liar who failed to keep many important promises he made. But that has nothing to do with the color of his skin and everything to do with his character. I DO judge people, but I judge them based on their behavior, not on their appearance.

I don't support racist sentiment and your claim that I do is a weak "ad hominem" argument which I find laughable but at the same time
it is insulting in a manner which is typical of those who are not willing to
think and instead respond in a reflexive manner.

I support paying attention to reality. If you live in the real world long enough you will discover that ignoring reality can be both painful and expensive.
Those who encourage all prejudice to be abandoned would send us out into a dangerous world with no protection. And that is not a wise choice. The trick is knowing when to avoid prejudice and when to use it wisely yet not allow it to taint your life in a negative way.

Motor racing tends to be a sport which involves rich people. Formula 1 in the past involved a lot of rich ( mostly white ) playboy drivers. Obviously people from low-income backgrounds have been excluded. I have absolutely no doubt that if the various barriers to entry in motor sport were all removed the world would see many champions who were not Caucasian, because black people have athletic abilities which are obviously far superior to the athletic abilities of most people from many other ethnic groups. However, it is sad that dreams of athletic ( or motor sport ) success are held out in the manner of a carrot on a stick when success at high levels is so exceedingly rare. If average people want to better themselves, an education which can, if desired, be had for free at any public library is a much better bet than spending time on an athletic field or a race track, where the odds of high level success are so vanishingly small. If you doubt it is possible to get
an education for free at a library you obviously don't know about Eric Hoffer and his life and work ( Google it if you are curious ).

The lure of athletic success and the vast wealth which comes with it gives
false hope to most of those who would pursue such success. Fortunately
some people understand this, so we have airplane pilots, surgeons, lawyers,
and many other kinds of skilled people in the world instead of a bunch of
people who failed at their dreams of pursuing athletic success and a tiny
number of Lewis Hamiltons and James Stewarts.

I commend Mr. Emmett for allowing my first comment to appear on his website. These days when one posts something which deviates from politically correct "groupthink" it is usually a guarantee that posts will be censored by the entity which runs the website. This is a rather insidious form of censorship which is not healthy because it precludes actual discussion and healthy debate, from which learning can occur if one keeps an open mind.

Sure, because Gangsta Rap exclusively uses lyrics like “I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.” Oh, wait, that's not … um, ok.

Which rapper said “Kill ‘em all and let Satan sort them out. That’s my policy,” about Muslims? Ah, yes, that's not … ok, let's try again.
Still, at least you get a pass from being racist because you voted for Obama. That is indeed how it works. Right.

"There is no doubt that black people are capable of excelling in many fields.
And there are many many black people who are good human beings."

"I don't have a problem with James Stewart being a motocross champion, or
Lewis Hamilton being F1 champion."

"By the way, I voted for Obama twice."

Let me guess...some of your best friends are black....facepalm

...for someone who doesn't want to discuss race on this forum, you sure used a lot of words discussing race on this forum.

Is that a manifesto that you wrote, or a diatribe? I often get the various forms of nonsensical bloviating confused.

Glad you and your people have anonymous forum posting to minimize the time you need to spend hiding under white sheets. Must be hard to keep them clean, what with the soot from the burning crosses and all.

Debating libtards on the hackneyed subject of supposed "racism" is rather like trying to play chess with a pigeon; it knocks the pieces over, craps on the board, and flies back to its flock to claim victory.

Is it because they have trouble holding a pencil to play a game more suited to your skills, like tic-tac-toe?

Do you find that pigeons show a high likelihood of employing a Ruy Lopez opening? It just seems like they'd go for the classical stuff, but maybe I'm merely engaging in stereotyping.

Hahahahaha. That is perfect Kiwi! I may have to borrow that in the future, with your permission of course!

Be my guest, anything to suppress the PC leftist libtard cockroaches !

Does your permission suggest that you are taking credit for a well known quote commonly attributed to someone who likely isn't you? How's that compare to shitting on a chess board and claiming victory?

Wait, are you, in fact, a pigeon? I'll bet Motoshrink hates pigeons.

The original pigeon quote

To answer your question Jared, Libtard is short for "liberal retard," indicating a deficit in intelligence or level of overall development. Feel free to Google what researchers have shown to be true of conservatives in the United States relative to liberals. Conservatives tend to be...oh, well, ahhh less educated, more obese, more likely to be users of social service safety nets like welfare/food stamps, less able to take multiple perspectives or empathize, and inclined to be "low information voters." Fundamentalism by the way, which they are far more inclined towards as well, can be viewed as developmentally primitive. "Libtard" might be an ironic misnomer.

The fact of the matter here though is that Doves are losing jobs all over the world to those dirty ring necked rats with wings, and poop loving libtards like YOU are to blame for it. I don't hate pigeons, I am simply acknowledging the truth that Doves are superior birds as evidenced by such things as their general beauty, universal acclaim, good manners and such. I wouldn't expect you people to understand the difference. It is crows I hate, and the seagulls cracking fairings at Phillip Island. And you and Jared.

First Mr. Emmett thank you for posting this article on MLK day. It shows to your readers that you care about the subject enough to put it on your site. I've been wondering about racism in the motogp paddock and other world and domestic paddocks since I've started watching them. Those of us who continue to ignore or say it doesn't happen are very much part of the problem!
Maybe your right Mr. Erlenkonig, maybe this isn't the place to talk about this issue but I think that I fits the "Holiday". And maybe just maybe it’s a good idea to talk about it from time to time. Maybe things would change...
Great article!

"Maybe your right Mr. Erlenkonig, maybe this isn't the place to talk about this issue..."

I certainly am not the person who gets to decide which articles are posted on this website !

That is ( to the best of my knowledge ) David Emmett's choice and his choice alone.

I was merely expressing my personal opinion which is and remains that I come here for racing news, not for the sort of news or opinion I can see any time on the BBC or ABC or NBC or CNN. The world is often a nasty place. I know this better than many people due to the life I have lived. But I come here to ( however briefly ) escape the nasty business by reading about racing. I don't come here to think about politics or religion or race or government or taxes or where the next war or bombing will be. I get more than enough of that elsewhere, and racing is a wonderful relief from that real-world stuff which can weigh on the soul so very heavily at times.

Prejudice in all forms will always exist. It's a nice dream to believe it can end, but it won't end because prejudice is part of the nature of humans
( and animals too, as any bird which has been pecked to death because its plumage was different could tell you). All any of us can do is try to lead our own lives in a manner which is consistent with our own value systems and if we value not engaging in irrational prejudice then we need to live accordingly. Preaching to others won't change their views. It is better to lead by example. My question to Oxley is : if he believes so deeply in minority participation in motorcycle racing, why doesn't he contribute some of his personal wealth to sponsor a racer who is from a minority, In other words, instead of just talking, actually DO something. Talk accomplishes nothing. Martin Luther King knew this, and that is why he arranged marches instead of arranging a bunch of people just sitting around talking. King followed the ideas of Ghandi, who practiced non-violent civil disobedience.

None of you who would claim I am a racist are making an accurate claim,
but if it helps you to feel like you are fighting the good fight then you
should do what you need to do to feel better about yourselves. What
you are actually doing is jumping to a conclusion based on your own
personal prejudices. The irony in this is severe.

For those few that seem a little hurt over an insiders insight. You can move on. Call Matt a liar or just say, hmm. That's interesting. I belive it was Carl Fogerty who went on record several times saying he didn't think much of the US or Americans. Ok. I can respect people that don't hide or pretend. I like Colin Edwards even though we don't share the same political views.

What this all says about racing IS: How much of an accident is it that racing is how it is? And who is not being looked at? Racing can't grow if it stays the same. People of color & women must pay their dues but also need more help AND acceptance at the lower levels to make it to the top.

Who cares what Carl Fogarty thinks or does? That is his opinion and he is entitled to it. Whatever. Just like this article. Whatever. I log into this place to read about racing. Not about race. That crap is EVERYWHERE else. Can we just talk about racing here? This is not a political forum. Thanks.

How condescending and out of place. Is there no safe haven from all the race bait preaching.

Most of us never see a color when they watch an athlete. Notice American football, people of all colors buy $200 jerseys with a black athlete's name on the back. Tiger Woods, in a "white sport" , ever notice how popular he is ? If I want another sociology lesson, I will take another sociology course. Pls, give us some respite from the finger pointing and innuendo's we have to endure every day.

I hope that loud music doesn't interfere with the sweet sound of the loud pipes on your bike, Mr(?) Erlenkönig?
By the way, after years in the paddock I do wonder at the redneck ethos, and political naivety of the protected species I live with. Thanks for this rant Matt, you're speaking for those of us that smile and say nothing.

It's unfortunately natural to be threatened by people different to your herd. It's unacceptable to lump them together as 'a bad lot'!

There are some bad people in the under classes which spring up due to lack of opportunity, both black and white. But there are also some very nice people too, they just don't attract the attention that the bad ones do!

It's a fact that in European based societies, including the USA, that other ethnic groups do not get the same opportunities afforded to the whites. People tend to flock together in their groups and exclude anyone remotely different. That could be socially or in employment.
The black people tend to practice this exclusion as much as the whites, as do other races.

I don't know what the answer is, other than tolerance and acceptance. This doesn't mean having to accept criminal activity from any group, but it does mean accepting good people for what they are, good people!

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

It does not get more simple than that. The problem is that if you judge someone by the content of their character you often get called racist anyway. (Usually but the ones who have no quality content in their character.)

As some have mentioned, keep this racism crap out of here! I was sadly shocked to,see Max's article. Some blacks hate whites, and some whites hate blacks. Some Hispanics hate blacks and some blacks hate Hispanics. That's reality. I won't say what I really want to say to you Max for writing such a pointless stupid article. Why don't you write about something that actually pertains to the upcoming season. No one wants to read that crap on here!


"I was sadly shocked to,see Max's article."

umm, his name is Mat, Mat Oxley, former GP racer and author of Valentino Rossi's biography. I don't think he's going to be too bothered by your critique of his article. In fact I think people like you were probably what motivated him to write it in the first place.

I think you'll find the majority of motomatters readers, who are mostly intelligent, liberal and respectful do want to here about these sorts of issues. Some other well known motorcycling news sites are probably more to your taste.

Ok, to Mat, Max, Bob, Bill, Tony, Tiiiimbooo. Mat's credentials are not in question. I have actually read MAT'S book on Vale. I race, and am an avid follower of the sport. You don't know me, and don't insinuate what I am. Also, you have now labeled me as a racist just because I don't want to debate about race on this site? "People like me"? I highly doubt that all Motomatters followers are 'liberal'...again as you purport. I am respectful of other people's opinions, as you obviously are not because I simply don't like MAT'S article or his belief that occasional comments made by non-black people automatically label them as rascists. Who on this site has never uttered a racial slur in all their lives? White, Black, Asian or otherwise? Go ahead, cast the first stone!

...did you need to stop and wipe a little spittle off the monitor? Somehow, it seems like it may have been the way it came out...

I'm sure Max will be quite pleased to learn that he's been thoughtlessly trashed by a well qualified non-racist individual who's read one of his books, as the royalties will help ease the pain of your courageously restrained, articulate, and allegedly non-racist critique.

Are we starting a politcal correct discussion here???? For me I don't care what race becomes WC, for what I care he came from Mars as long as the best man/woman/homosexual/muslim/jew/christian/atheist and God knows who else becomes the best at the end of the season and this I do agree with Erlenkoning lets not talk about politics but about racing thats what this site is about.

I've never had much time for the comments of Mat Oxley and he's certainly confirmed that with this rubbish.
Is he headline grabbing?
I'd say a racist, is just as much someone that promotes positive discrimination.
But lets stick to the facts.
Walk down the paddock, it's FULL or oriental (Asian) folk. The series is dominated by the Japanese. They'd love a rider to make it in GP. there just isn't one good enough just now.
As for "blacks". it's a biological fact that as a rule, "blacks" are bigger and stronger than "whites", hence why they win so many medals at the Olympics and are so successful at power sports. Unfortunately that size plays against them riding a tiny motorbike where weight is a major factor. Clearly proportionality just as American Football, Basketball, Sprinting and Baseball are dominated by black guys, proportionally there are less that will fit the ideals of riding bikes.
Why smaller Asian's / Orientals don't benefit from their smaller size I know not :)
There's racism everywhere, to make up it's a bigger deal in bike racing is just silly

> As for "blacks". it's a biological fact that as a rule, "blacks" are bigger and stronger than "whites"
No, it isn't. 
What you're looking at is a small sample of African Americans, and there are significant other factors than race at play there. But that's a debate for a different day and one that encompasses selective breeding in American slavery and the social and economics of racism. It's not solely down to biology; it's much more complicated than that. 
What next, quoting "The Bell Curve"?

Great. Now Jared, please remember that you are supposed to stay over in the WSBK area. Up front here in the MotoGP area you are out of your depth. I've been reading your fascist articles, and guess what.

Know what brought the whole entire supremely cleansed early 4 stroke MotoGP era to its knees? Of course not, because you and your "complicating context" girly - man rubbish is part of the liberal conspiracy.

"Global recession" my tail section. "End of tobacco money?" Try again.

YOU pinkos GOT JUST what you wanted all along - PRODUCTION SUPER BIKES bringing their inferiority in to spoil the God blessed purity of MotoGP.

Don't act like you don't know exactly what I am talking about here...
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WHAT WE HAVE HERE IS A CLAIMING RULES TEAM BIKE LOVER. You make me SICK. Now we are going to have ALL of our traditional GP'S RUINED by some inter-class bred god forsaken OPEN bikes. When that beautiful Factory Yamaha machine was violated with mongrel CRT blood we all should have gathered at dark with race fuel torches and be ready and burned their trucks to ashes!

Forward my ass, sounds the same as "progressive" to me! Go crawl back to WSBK Jared, and take EVERYTHING that isn't pure Factory or Satellite running for home with your sinful ideas!

Gee, how long ago was the Charlie Hebdo tragedy? 1 year? 10 Years? Oh no that's right, just a few rotten days.....and ALREADY we're trying to strangle informed opinion because it challenges certain peoples view of the world. For shame.

Firstly if you don't like it, simple, don't bloody read it! Click the mouse and move on. But do NOT have the arrogance to presume that your opinion is shared by everyone, many of us ARE interested in more than final drive ratio's and the merits of Showa vs Ohlins suspenders.

Like it or not politics are a HUGE part of the inner workings of the MotoGP paddock, with riders supported or not (via Dorna) due to their nationality, tracks selected to open up emerging countries/markets, etc etc. Stick your head in the sand, justify your "views" any way you like, but politics pervade every facet of our lives and it's beyond me why you'd think the MotoGP WORLD championship would be any different.

I always thought bike racing was a brutally honest sport: when the flag drops the bullshit stops. There is no sugar coating ANYTHING, if a bike feels or handles like crap it requires honest feedback to sort it. If a rider is to improve he needs honest feedback on his weaknesses. The stop watch tells no lies. And so it should be for operations within the paddock: if it is to improve then we need to be honest about what is wrong.

So thanks Mat, your honesty, and courage for writing this article, is appreciated.

Now, for a guy riding an old Ducati that could be beat by a SV650 in SBK trim you make some sense about the Hebdo thing. We all know dang well that EVERY Muslim supports terrorism.

The problem I have with you is about suspensions. Are you saying that the merits of Showa can and should be measured in the same catagory as Ohlins? Everyone knows for fact why Showa is in GP at all...AFFIRMATIVE ACTION "equal opportunity" laws. They are inferior, and if YOU PEOPLE didn't cry about it so much they wouldn't be in the paddock on their own merit.

My favorite suspension? The KTM. That's right, WHITE POWER. Is there any other manufacturer that isn't run by dang Asians or brownish Italians? No, and that is why KTM is destined to rule motorcycle racing. Once we can get the HRC conspiracy machine out of control of things...

I am SO glad we are finally addressing real issues here! I hate for the testing news to stop this astute discussion!


There is a difference between world politics and the politics of sport, if you agree fine, if you disagree it is fine with me either.
To me this site is about motorsport and I don't need any political view on all the problems in the world.

I for one feel this subject is very important and often swept under the carpet, because its convenient. We can some of the blatant prejudices displayed in some of the responses disguised with a veneer of failed reasoning.

Good on you Matt!

There are some serious questions that need answering and some attitudes that need addressing. We need to tackle Racism and blatant sexism in the paddock.

These folks on here carrying on by blaming the victims or trying to ignore it are part of the problem.

I for one cannot wait until we start to see a female champion or one from the ethnic minorities emerge through the ranks.

Well done Matt and well done Motomatters and Motorsport Magazine for this publication. You are to be commended!

Many Thanks

Original sin, it was done once upon a everyone in motorsports is guilty

...these comments made it longer than a Casey vs. Vale story.

Motorsport has high barriers to entry. This would naturally preclude those of lower socioeconomic status. I raced in America. There were some of us there, but racing isn't cheap at any level. Not very many of us had the money (or credit) to spend, and even fewer were willing. That hits those with less money harder. It's not racism, just economics. Some of the treatment Lewis Hamilton has experienced is a wholly different matter.

No amount of statistics will ever justify stereotyping entire swaths of society or genres of music.

I recommend folks click back and slide down 7 posts to David's "brief hiatus" notice article. Look at the reader posted videos. Grab coffee or beer depending on your time zone. Feel free to share a link if you have one.

Mat, thanks for the other 99 great articles. I am ok if you decide to mate and date the same gender. The greatest unfortunate deficit I see in other people is the developmental one of the age that could be called "self involvement."

I will await your next article while enjoying being a middle class white male in one of the best cities in the world in 2015 that has 8 motorcycles in the stable. I hit the lotto on this life, and busy appreciating it and sharing in it.


Hey don't forget Ricky Gadson, Supreme Ruler of the Drag Strip, I thought we weren't discriminating ;)

If you're fast you're fast... Racing is the great equaliser because Speed is KING, Women, Men, Asians, Indians, Africans, Martians, even Canadians are welcome to compete at the highest level, if and only IF the have the prerequisite speed in spades...

Economics is zero sum. We don't all get to have the same advantages, my advantages are built on the back of your disadvantages, and his advantages are built on the back of my disadvantages.

We can't socialize racing, so lets just enjoy the show...

Having a great deal of first hand experience with how quick on the trigger the moderators can be here, I'm a little bit slightly stunned that elfking's posts continue to exist. You don't like american cynicism and sarcasm, I get that now, and try to limit the dosage in my posts. But you tolerate scientific racism as if it's worthy opinion to be hosted here? I can't say the least sarcastically disparaging thing about Rossi without watching my post evaporate before my eyes, but you'll support elfking disparaging an entire race, because, you know, statistics, and he voted for Obama, so it's all good? Not getting that at all.

Isn't there still a stunningly and depressingly huge pile of unclaimed shoes in southern Poland to remind us all what happens when scientific racists go unchallenged and get to act on their theories? Aren't you people in Europe supposed to be especially sensitive to this stuff? Can someone explain?

As a rule, politics is a no-go area for this website. However, it is impossible to post this article by Mat Oxley without allowing a discussion of politics. I have left the comments section under this article unmoderated - however badly my moderator's trigger finger may be itching - because it is hard not to allow Oxley to make claims on one side, without allowing others to voice their opinions, however vile and uninformed.

My own experience is similar to Mat's. The MotoGP paddock can be a fairly racist place, sometimes just the kind of casual remark which you could argue the toss over, all too often harsh, directed, and intentionally racist. Does this mean that everyone in the paddock is a racist? Absolutely not, there are a lot of people who are tolerant, intelligent, and can see beyond the small world of motorcycle racing. But there are also people who are prejudiced, against race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexuality.

While this article will no doubt continue to amass comment, both informed and uninformed, and largely vituperative in nature, this will not be allowed to spill over into the comments under other articles. There, my normal moderation policy - delete often, and delete early - will continue. Both registered users and Site Supporters can expect to occasionally see their posts removed. Is that fair? Absolutely not. Is it logical that I allow comments to stand here that would be deleted in seconds elsewhere? Not really, but experience tells me that this works best. It is one reason why I have not made the user registration and comment system any more user-friendly. The casual commenter likely to post abuse is usually too lazy to jump through the necessary hoops. 

For those who think the website should only talk about racing, I suggest they don't read this article. And especially, don't read the comments. The bottom half of the internet can be a deeply unedifying place.


... for explaining. I appreciate how much thought you put into your thoughts, and how often you motivate me to think about my thoughts.

Vituperative. That's a hell of a word. It's somewhat amusingly ironical that the act of deleting a vituperative post is itself intrinsically vituperative, as it seems that censure by censor would be the ultimate form of condemnation.

I am very much in favor of free speech, wherever it may be, yet when moderating the comments section of this website, I find myself forced to be extraordinarily heavy handed. In the long run, it is much better. Look at how quickly the comments here have gone downhill. 

Which is a shame, as the comments here are usually exceptional.

Plz delete, dbl post blip. (Or CAN you? I dare you!)

Consider humor in here a white blood cell. Er, wait, I mean...whatever colored blood cell.

Every home needs a toilet. May as well have a defecation MM receptacle here. Well timed, right after break. Annual purging, keeps the rest of the site untainted. Antibiotics grew out of mold, heck, maybe a third way arises in the filth?

Q: What was the name of the suspension on KTM'S again?
Carry on...

Like the way he readers picked up some slack while you were away last week? Maybe that can grow? Inverse of "ask David" week? BTW you look nicely pink on the inside just like ME!

BTW - Know what I dislike? Kawasaki green. I hate it and always have, makes me cringe. And ALL the Suzuki livery besides the Riza one. I see color and feel strongly about it! I love Repsol livery, and am confused in that it doesn't look like a Honda factory...RED. Why doesn't Suzuki take YELLOW?! Like their dirt bikes have been? Yamaha = blue, and get Movistar backing. Ducati = red, and a natural Marlboro backing. Monster is puke Kawi green, and a natural fit for THAT INFERIOR COLOR I HATE. If they must be in the paddock may as well make it work. Suzuki, WEAR YOUR COLOR PROUDLY! BE YELLOW and see what sponsors naturally view themselves as "like you, same tribe." It is primitive, but seems to work.

Stupid, inferior Kawasaki puke the back of the motorcycle racing bus with YOU! Go back to WSBK where you cake from and STAY THERE! We all know that, as Greens, they won't do well there either, but they have a place to fill in this world as God intended. They got that ONE rain result in GP with O.Jacque, so they should quiet down now and take their appropriate place. DOWN TO THE NINJA 250 CUP WITH YOU, GREEN PEOPLE!

Cheers mate! kind of an awesome concept, and quite a worthy thing to support. Maybe one of the worthiest. The use of free to describe it is somewhat ironical with it's multiple meanings, as history shows it often comes at an extremely high cost.

But free anonymous entering of text, eh, not nearly the same thing. Probably should be more accurately labelled cheap speech instead of free. Possibly orders of magnitude less worthy of supporting. When the only repercussion possible is a mouse click from a moderator, shit gets said that doesn't get said when one is in the presence of others who know their identity and can terminate their employment, or file a harassment suit, or simply close the gap for a front roundhouse kick. Sure, there are plenty of articulate and thought provoking comments that are worthy of hosting, but the SNR on the internet has always been well under 1:1, and shows no signs of improving, so early and often heavy handedness is quite appropriate and appreciated, as is the resulting relatively civil forum.

And I think I could make a compelling argument that this thread didn't slide downhill, it pretty much hit bottom with the first post and had nowhere else to go.

You do an awesome job with this site, and I hope you continue to do so. I even have data to support my opinion, as I know which posts of mine you've moderated, and I mostly agree. Apologies for making you work so hard. I suspect I would have gone O for whatever in this thread, but I also suspect it would have been a pretty empty thread had you been active.

5 stars for you CB750wtf, but I am emboldened by relative anonymity to sit down and type that I DO NOT LIKE YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE A VINTAGE RACER. You and your inferior dumb ugly smelly loud outdated slow wobbly won't stop bikes oil the track for the upstanding citizens on modern bikes. Get it through your think old helmet, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME ON O U R tracks. Go get your own separate but equal old delapidated one that suits you people.

(I restored an old CB550SS and passed modern bikes on the inside left and right, so it is okay that I hate you, makes it not only right but DOUBT EXTRA TRUE right). Know what I call you people? "Oil spitters"


Enjoy a laugh, brother man!

...for being a vintage racer, but it's more about my vintage than the bikes. I have found old people to be quite annoying, ever since I became one.

Let's talk about racing instead of this s.......!! It's left minded people against right minded people, I prefer to talk about who to overtake someone, on his left or on his right side!! Politics sucks!!

And you...I obviously hate YOU. 2 strokes? There is nothing decent and respectable about ANY of you stink smoke, ring a ding primitive people! Go crawl back into a 40oz bottle of chain saw motor oil where you belong.



my bikes a 73 mach 3 in green and its a 2 stroke! ill go hide my head in the sand now!


I know more than enough about YOU and everyone like you. Can you believe this guy?

Vintage "Oil Spewing" track soiler...YOU use an inordinate amount of track funds to clean up your messes. AND stinking loud 2 stroke? AAAAND Kawasaki puss green? And named KEVIN for chrissakes? I knew a couple guys named that, they ALL would take your last beer without asking, then pee all over without lifting the lid!

Shut the hell up, repaint your bike in a self respecting shade, swap your motor for a real one with NO OIL LEAKS...or start paying more track fees for all the kitty litter and track time you spoil. We would ALL appreciate you sticking your head in sand, but we are out of it...from YOUR BIKE. Pull your head out of where it already is, and go find a vintage minority forum somewhere else.

Good LORD. If you've met one, you've met them all.

...with the way they try to redistribute the combustion sequence. Everyone loves 2 strokes, it's the chosen power cycle, scientifically proven superior. Only Al Gore believing, pigeon chess playing, PC800 riding libruls hate 2 strokes.

What?! I know everything there is to know about everything, and you sir, are WRONG. Not only that, a hippocrite, since your oil spewer is a 4 stroke.

The 4 strokes were set up by God himself, who is clearly a WHITE MALE btw. "SWINGING BOTH WAYS" on your intake/exhaust/compression/ignition is SIN. Not only that, it is a threat to normal, 4 stroke arrangements.

While you may well be "skyping with Mike and Peter," The rest of us can say we are "typing with My Computer" - consider this a warning, God sees everything you are doing with that 2 stroking oil forsaken horror.

God gets you people good. Know why your 2 stroke engines seize? High side? That's right, While the rest of us ride the pavement, you must HIDE in DEPRAVEMENT.

You should be ashamed, AND go find some minority racing site to pollute.

...found a minority racing site. If you're one of the 300 people that follow MotoGP in the US, I think you might be a bit of a minority.

In this country, all anybody seems to know about motorcycles anymore is what they've learned watching SOA or the Alexian Lien video's.

you are right on the limited exposure the real press offers moto gp here in the states. but i think more than 300 of us follow. moto cross is the big draw. im also a big drag race fan nothing like nitro and 10,000 horsepower to get your blood boiling.

my bike dosent leak oil smokes a little. but the sound is music to any ones ears at full song! also don't 4 strokes high side ounce in awhile. seem to remember a few pics of that happening. now back to the sand for me.

Thanks Motoshrink for noticing me, these days it has become realy hard to frustrate people with my smoky and smeley 2 stroke on a beuatiful Sunny day!!


PS: do you have some 2 stroke oil left in your garage, I'm running out of it!!

Kidding aside for a change I had a case of quarts of it that I couldn't go through fast enough so I gave most of it away (being a good liberal you see). I will send you some for Christmas, Kwanzaa or diverse winter holiday of your choice if you post your address here. But you risk someone else using it to burn a cross on your lawn. I can't stop the silliness with absurdity even when I try. Dang it!

Are you kidding me Motoshrink, now I must hate you to!! I thought I had found someone who was liberal enough to send me these bottles of envirement improving oil for free!!
If I had known you also have some shares in a carpenter workshop who produce wooden crosses for your fire place in or outdoor, I really have to reconsider if I can except your invitation to send my adress!! ;)

Vituperative ? Bottom Half ? Half is a very large number of people to be condemning.

Please David, this is the best racing website out there. Better than any other motorcycle magazine that I have access to in the U.S. Please do into poison it with issues that frankly exhaust us every single day.

Apart from the fact that vituperative is a wonderfully poetic word (which is reason enough to use it, whether appropriate or not), it seems appropriate, given that some of the commenters above have resorted to slinging personal insults and ad hominem attacks. Poisonous and abusive seems just about right.

As for 'the bottom half of the internet', it is a phrase in common use in the British media, to describe the comments underneath articles on websites. The 'bottom half' is a reference to the fact that comments are shown below articles. Googling the phrase throws up a rather intriguing back and forth about the merits or otherwise of public comments, and the (perceived) elitism of the columnists who use the phrase. For its origins, see Act 2 of this article on Smashing Magazine.

Finally, the comments on this website often leave me with a deep sense of shame. A sense of shame that the comments are often more informative, better written and better formulated than the article they appear under, which I wrote. There is nothing like intelligent commenters to give a writer a sense of inadequacy. 

The standard of comments on this website are, quite simply, astonishing. Intelligent, considered, informative. I enjoy reading them, for the most part, and the heavy-handed moderation policy is intended to keep the quality of input high. Unfortunately, the subject matter of this particular article makes it impossible to moderate. I would either have to ban all comments, or allow everything. I went with the latter choice.

Mr Erlenkönig,

I don't go out and commit crimes or play loud music. I live in a nice
middle class neighborhood. I ride My Ducati and I have a nice job.
I have watched Moto Gp since the late seventies. Contrary to popular belief, we even have internet access. Some of the comments on here, you would think that all Black people are just running amok throughout the country side. Some people need to get out more and travel. When I traveled the world(former military)
I came to a realization that people regardless of background or language want the same things out of life. Fortunately, I do not subscribe to stereotypes. I'm not bigger, stronger or faster either, lol.

5 stars.

But Warhammer, I now have good reason to dislike you. I don't like Ducatis. Possibly because I loved having one out on the track immensely but could not afford the upkeep. I both envy and dislike Ducati. You...I now see you as a MOTORBIKE ELITIST. I ride Hondas primarily. You?

Now, if a Harley rider shows up on the other hand, let's me and you connect in triangulation of shared hatred. Now THAT is a classed hatred we can all agree on on this site isn't it?

I now know everything about you I need in order to sort out if you are in my tribe or not. But Ihate Harleys more than you and your pompous Italian bike!

HAH! Enjoy a good laugh brother man!

"Some of the comments on here, you would think that all Black people are just running amok throughout the country side. "

Warhammer I was thinking the same thing.

Damn. You begin a comment talking about "ni**er music". Then it seems like you are explaining why someone would say that. Then you go into people are having kneejerk responses in their comments on the comment you just made explaining where that racist ass comment comes from. Nigger is not the name for black people for 1.

2, I live in the US, it way more than just black people that go around with big subwoofers blasting the hell out of rap music. From major cities to backwoods I have personally seen non black people with not a black person in sight rolling down the street rattling other peoples windows with bass. Which can be irritating. But definitely not just a black issue. All the songs are not just from black people either.

This could turn into a book of long commenting but I will just close it out with this. There are articles on here with Moto3 information. I do not have a log or statistics but I can see the number of comments posted under articles about Moto3 practice compared to Motogp practice. Less people give a damn about Moto3, but you do not read people going making a large deal about a class of racing they could care less about. Why, because they do not care and just move on to what they do care about. You do not like it, skip it. There is plenty to read on this site without defecating all over the person that wrote the article. Prejudice and racism is around. I personally do not see it going away soon, but if this is an article you could care less about you can skip it. It will not harm you, and if it does harm you to read and here about it there is no help for you from inside out because that is an internal problem. You are free to choose something else to read. I could even see if this type of article came up all the time, but as far as I have seen this is the one and only time. Every once in a while writers throw in a personal view on something.

Relax and make a selection you enjoy. Don't get to insulting people just to complain about an article that only effects your life because YOU chose to read it.

>>2, I live in the US, it way more than just black people that go around with big subwoofers blasting the hell out of rap music. From major cities to backwoods I have personally seen non black people with not a black person in sight rolling down the street rattling other peoples windows with bass. Which can be irritating. But definitely not just a black issue. All the songs are not just from black people either.

Which reminds me of this scene from Office Space...

That was an excellent scene! Back then when that movie came out, it was a closet kind of love affair with rap music many non black people had. But now people play it loud and it does not matter who is around. They can look just like him, regular white guy, and probably blast the music louder if he sees someone black. LOL!!! Thanks. I needed that laugh. Been years since I thought of that scene.

And YOU - I hate EVERYTHING AND EVERY ONE that has ANYTHING to do with Florida! No wonder you are so backasswards - what is in the water there? I know everything I need to know about YOU right there too. Why don't you people just take the whole South and secede already? You'd be a second world country and can go sit in a swamp for all I care.


got to agree some strange news storys come out of florida. my favorite is when the zombies eat people over there.

LOL! This season has got to start soon, otherwise I am afraid you may loose your mind. :D

LOL! This season has got to start soon, otherwise I am afraid you may loose your mind. :D

Thanks Motoshrink and Mr Emmett, I got a good laugh from both

You think somethings funny? Yeah, great, laugh all the way to your next dealership valve adjustment you "upper crusty European carbon fibre" bastard! Stay on Ducati island sipping lattes where you belong!


Comment posts coming to an end? Say it isn't so! This is the best thread ever. It gets so tiresome having to just focus on motorcycle racing all year long. Okay...if we must .

Time to watch Rea and Sykes begin their battle for a title, Crutchlow and an established team and bike getting a top 5 finish and leave some paint on the two red factory riders' fairings for a few races while they sort setting up the Gigi15. Valentino pulling another rabbit out of his arse. The new Moto2 bar bashing sliding style lead the way. Michelin test times matching up w Bstone ones in an entirely different manner. Kawasaki MotoGP test spy pictures coming out mid season. The Yamaha Factory bikes testing with 22L and BETTER front end feel for mid grid riders ready to adapt their style. Hungry young rookies taking each other out in free practice. A.Espargaro taking the Suzuki places it otherwise couldn't while the Suzuki doesn't take him places he otherwise could. New major sponsors entering. And then...


Trust me, I know. I am a middle class straight white male of faith.

Articles on the cultural aspects of motorcycle racing are fine by me. I guess we do have to accept that a discussion of racism will bring on an unproductive shitfight in the comments, almost as much as two-stroke vs four-stroke or Rossi vs Stoner. No-one is forced to read the comments, or the article.

i feel sorry for guys like you..and you're lucky i don't know where you live haha

I think Mat oxely needs to man up a bit (and I never thought I would say that about a man who has won a TT)
In the factory where I work, we rip the piss out out of people because they are black, Asian, fat, thin, wear funny glasses, have ginger hair, are middle aged virgins, still live with their mom and dad, have 5 cats, walk with a limp, talk differently, dress differently, have funny teeth, dye their hair, have funny names, have Spam in their sandwiches, are alcoholics, go to church, or worse if they are catholics, they are gay or just look gay, . Anybody is fair game for a laugh- its a leveller, it passes the day, and injects some mirth into life.
As a result of my cancer treatment I have a few things to laugh at- I am developing breasts, my body hair has dissapered and I am impotent. My penis is now like an acorn in birds nest. So take the piss out of that, tell the world, I don't mind, it removes the sting. There are jokes about it at work, with my biking buddies, and my family. It's all a part of life on planet earth.
Although I am English of English stock, I have a swarthy complextion and look Indian, so I get called Mohamed, Abdul, Hirohito or any one of a dozen worse names. It makes me laugh. It's who and what I am. I am at my lowly status in life not because of prejudice against Indians, but because I am pretty talentless and dont try very hard.
So stop treating skin colour and sexuality as some special no go area. Get over it, grow up, move on. Show your real worth.
There are plenty of of us other deformed weirdos that need just as much protection against prejudices.

TimGP20, if you feel intolerant of my post feel free to fire bomb my house, cut my head off, or shoot me.

...who wins, as long as they race 750cc 2 strokes. With no electronics.

And pigeons, we should try to involve pigeons somehow.

going to the races here in good old so cal and watching the kaw triples and yamaha's of roberts run around ontario. nixon and duhamel there too great times and sounds!

I think Marquez would beat Stoner over a season. But who cares so long as the battle is good?
I just love anybody who can race at this level, aussies, chinks, frogs, dagos, krauts, eties, cloggs, paddys, jocks, yanks and limeys. Even Kennan Soffoglue
They are all brilliant. I am happy for anybody that wins, and sad for anybody in the gravel traps.
Not much makes me happier than to see Vale and Marc in the parc ferme, all smiles.

Thanks for the article. It sparked a lot of debate from people that don't want to talk about the subject. Revealing.

That's enough free speech for the moment. Time to talk about motorcycle racing instead, and those comments will be policed more heavily.