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Planes, trains, autocycles…

Whatever you are doing, drop it right now and plan your visit to the Italian Grand Prix because there may never be another MotoGP race like it.

Ride your bike, jump on a ferry, book a flight, buy a train ticket, strap a tent to the back of that rusting C90 in the back of the garage, share a car, hire a minibus, or hitch, or crawl the whole way, like a pilgrim, backwards.

Valentino Rossi is leading the 2015 MotoGP world championship, riding the crest of a wave, aiming to achieve what will be a hugely historical – not just in motorcycle racing but across all sports – 10th world title, 18 years after his first.

After defeats at the last two races he knows very well that he needs another win to keep his championship momentum rolling, and there’s nowhere else on earth where he’s going to be stronger than at Mugello. Rossi has won 10 GPs there, more than at any other track, including a remarkable series of seven consecutive MotoGP victories.

He adores Mugello and the Yamaha works well there because it’s a bumpy, challenging, corner-speed circuit that rewards an easy-going, fine-handling motorcycle. And then there will be the support of a hundred thousand or more delirious fans.

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to give Jorge Lorenzo any sort of press, let alone some praise I see sir Oxley, despite being the man of the moment and a good story to tell in regard to his rowdy past 12 months. Rossi, Marquez, Rossi, Rossi, Marquez, Rossi, Ducati, Marquez, Stoner, Rossi, Marq... Let's milk the cow. Rince, repeat.

When was the last article about Lorenzo already ? October, 2012 with a masterpiece of a quote to celebrate his second WC: " he was lucky that his Yamaha YZR-M1 gelled perfectly with the latest Bridgestone slicks while Honda had nightmarish chatter problems with the tyres."
And there comes your shiny asterisk, like the icing on a cake.

/Rant over.

Same old same old.....but yeahhh he's right, mugello has the potential to become a historical race. If rossi wins then you see the reception but if jorge wins then its the same as jerez and le mans.....

Lorenzo might have won two races on the trot, but he's not leading the championship... and he's not Valentino Rossi heading into his home race.

If it was Lorenzo heading for his home round, ten years older, nine WC's under his belt, and leading this years championship - then I'm sure that's who Mr Oxley's article would have been about.

I like Lorenzo and I find there's plenty of articles on him each month all over the net... I don't really care who writes them, and I certainly don't bother adding up how many rider-specific articles any given GP commentator writes.

Seriously, life is too short...

What V4 said.
(You fan boy blah blah blah! Stoner is God!)

Maybe Toseland can play that song on the grand piano, on the Mugello grid just before the lights go out.

Justin Timberlake...

A man writes an article about Jorge Lorenzo and gets slagged off for... not writing enough articles about Jorge Lorenzo?

Man alive!!! LOL

Decisions, decisions.... Write about potentially the most epic race of the season at arguably the best track in the world, focus on the Current championship leader who is the most consistent and best rider of 2015, who happens to be a nine time world champion with an international following that transcends the sport and is favourite to win his tenth title against riders who on average are 8-10 years his junior, has just eclipsed 200 podiums, runs a riders academy and his own team.

Or mr Oxley could write about Jorge Lorenzo

Seemed like the article is more about the anticipation of Mugello and a renewed form of Rossi. Lorenzo and Marquez are mentioned as well as Ducati. He said Lorenzo is on a roll, but Mugello is a home race for Rossi. An Italian in an Italian race that is well known to spark the blood cells of Italian fans. For the last few years, if Rossi does not win, (or even podium for that matter), no one trips. He had been written off by just about everyone, including a good deal of his faithful fans. This year has shown a consistantly strong Rossi that no one has seen in at LEAST 4 years! The fact that he can win, even if Lorenzo and Marquez are on form and having the race of their lives does build up some serious anticipation. It seems to me that Oxley was just trying to paint a picture of the whole situation.

According to Kayak, if I sit in steerage, I can do a round trip to Rome from Dulles for about $2,000. I only need to pack a tent. Granted, I have a 10-day-old son, but he'd hardly remember...

(On a serious note, I made it to Mugello 5 or 6 years ago with my wife and had the time of my life).