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Maverick by name, maverick by nature

Maverick Viñales topped last week’s MotoGP tests, but it may take a while before he’s on top for real

It was no great surprise when Maverick Viñales showed the rest the way home at Phillip Island last week.

Last year at Phillip Island the class rookie finished just six seconds behind winner Marc Marquez, on a bike that was 7mph and probably 20bhp down on Marquez’s Honda. That’s the joy of Phillip Island: it may be the fastest MotoGP track of them all, but its fast, sweeping curves allows real talent to use corner speed to compensate for lack of horsepower.

Viñales is one of those spectacular talents that jumps out at you, like Marquez or Casey Stoner. You’re standing trackside and you flinch in awe as he comes rocking past, toying with the bike, making it do things it shouldn’t be able to do.

If his genius hadn’t grabbed you by the time he won the 2013 Moto3 title with an audacious pass at the last corner of the last race, it surely must’ve done by the time he cruised to victory in only his second Moto2 outing, at Austin in April 2014.

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We know that the Suzuki turns incredibly well and with Honda seemingly still struggling with the aggressive engine issues and Suzuki having caught up to Yamaha in power, I wouldn't rule out Maverick to be in the title race even for 2016.

Also important to note is that Suzuki still has the advantage of unlimited testing and more engines, so they have a lot bigger scope of improvement. Given the right circumstances, I can definitely see Maverick being an underdog for the title in 2016.