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Jorge Lorenzo’s MotoGP secret

Why was Jorge Lorenzo so fast on Sunday? Here’s one theory…

The human brain is a wonderful thing; at least some of them are. Each rider at the front of MotoGP is literally one in a billion; they feel things from their bikes and do things with their bikes that not only we, but most racers can’t.

During the Qatar weekend I watched several sessions out on track and Lorenzo was doing something that only one other rider was doing. While most riders treated Michelin’s front with a certain amount of nervous respect, especially through that tricky mid-lean moment as they turn into a corner, Lorenzo had completely understood the tyre and adapted his mind and body to get the most out of it.

Several riders have talked about how the Michelin front goes through a stage where it momentarily loses load and grip. One engineer puts it this way: the tyre has some nooks and crannies in the way it works. Only the best riders can find these nooks and crannies, then come up with a plan to get the best out of them.

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So are we saying that Lorenzo gets the bike settled (a relative term) and then goes that bit further than the rest? His smoothness allowing him to ask that minute bit more from the Michelin in terms of pure grip?

Who was this 1 other rider? Seeing Lorenzo adapting very well to this new setup, I wouldn't doubt (I used to) that he can put Ducati (even Honda) on the podium fairly consistently, perhaps even on the top step regularly. I would love to see what he can really do on the Ducati.