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Why MotoGP should get even better

Despite a record-breaking 2016, MotoGP should become even more exciting, thanks to a major cash boost for independent teams

The racing in last year’s MotoGP championship was some of the best in seven decades of Grand Prix competition. Can the 2017 season and beyond get even better?

The answer – against all the odds – seems to be yes.

One reason for optimism is Dorna’s new five-year deal that doubles its additional financial support for all independent teams from 2017.

This season Herve Poncharal’s Tech 3 team, for example, will receive four million euros for putting Jonas Folger and Johann Zarco on the grid, in addition to the standard event fees that Dorna pay all teams, factory and non-factory.

Poncharal won’t be the only team owner wandering down the Losail pit-lane later this month wearing a big grin. All MotoGP indie teams will receive two million euros per annum per rider, thanks to some solid negotiating from teams’ association IRTA. That adds up to 20 million euros for Tech 3 over the full term of the contract and 10 million euros for Lucio Cecchinello’s one-man LCR squad.

Dorna’s deal flies in the face of other big sports – most notably Formula 1 and football – which give most of their income to the top teams that are already rolling in sponsorship cash.

Carmelo Ezpeleta is no socialist, but (whisper it) MotoGP’s current direction set-up is petrol-head socialism, with machine performance equalised to improve the action.

“We always tell Dorna, if you give more help to the strong and the rich and you give less help to the weak and the poor, then you will create a performance gap,” says Poncharal, who is also IRTA president. “Then the grid and the racing will look bad because some teams will struggle and they’ll be nowhere in the races.”

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In this blog Mat claims that LCR was the first indie team to win in a decade.

Didn't Jack Miller's win come first and that was with an even lower level of Factory support than Cal had?

Quoting from the Redbull site: 

Miller became the first independent (as in non-factory) team rider to win a Grand Prix in close to 10 years (Toni Elias in Portugal in 2006) when he saluted at Assen last June – and celebrated by bringing home a new companion …

The Marc VDS team gave Mat Oxley a bit of stick on Twitter for that mistake. It was of course Jack Miller who was the first rider for a private team to win a race since Toni Elias. And yes, Miller had less support than Crutchlow.

** and *** ratings on an article like this from Mat...

What the heck are you expecting?! Are you taking in the shite drivel generally available enough to notice that this is a solid article?

Perhaps you are self involved, expecting JUST what you think to arrive within an article. It doesn't, so you disagree and rate it so low. Why read anything from anyone else? Just write something down, read it, agree with it and tell yourself how right and great you are.

Or perhaps you do not see an article that is about that one pet topic you prefer to read about. Guess what - other people don't have the same preference. And we notice that you make the EXACT same sort of comment over and again and roll our eyes. Self involved.

Or maybe you have a personal thing against Mat for some simple reason...that he has spent too much time considering Rossi or something. So you criticize him. Guess what? That makes YOU a fan boy or whatever youn are saying about him, in reacting to him that way. Again, self involved.


Thanks for the article Mat. And hooray for the structural changes amongst Manu's and teams. Agreed on every point. The dynamics that made such shite regulations as the 800cc crap have changed. This era is a gem. Even the journalism of this era is great. And we have less fan boy shite comments. I managed to dodge the crap folks were rolling around in at the end of 2015 too. Did you? You could have and can.

Cheers Mat

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