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Is Rossi’s title challenge over?

Three podiums at the first three races and none since. Rossi needs a miracle if he’s to win a 10th world title

“It was strange because I won without pushing 100 per cent and this has never happened to me before… I don’t know why we won the last two races,” said Andrea Dovizioso after his second win in a week. And when a rider says something like that, you know that something strange is afoot.

Dovizioso’s favourite phrase has always been “the reality is…” and the reality of Sunday was that while the sun burned down, you could’ve been forgiven for thinking it was drizzling. The riders weren’t riding to their own limits or to the limits of their bikes, they were riding to the limit of the asphalt and the tyres.

The once-great Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is a horrible mess. The ancient asphalt is overused, bumpy, hellishly slippery and burns up tyres, which is why Michelin says it’s MotoGP’s most challenging track, even worse than Phillip Island. And when temperatures exceeded 50deg C during the weekend the tyres just couldn’t cope.

Dovizioso won his second consecutive race because his team worked well and because he rode well, using the Desmosedici’s superior horsepower very cleverly. He was gentle with the throttle to baby the rear tyre and he didn’t brake too aggressively to save the front tyre.

Between corner exit and corner entry he used the desmo V4’s speed to make the difference, even though he had to modulate the throttle to minimise wheelspin. He knew he would have to do this because he had so much wheelspin during practice that he was almost tailgated on the start/finish by Aleix Espargaro’s slower Aprilia.

The Desmosedici’s straightline grunt is one reason why the bike is so fast in the wet: when there’s so little grip that you can’t make up time in the corners, you really benefit from extra horsepower on the straights.

“We realised very soon that the condition of the track wasn’t so good and that rear-tyre consumption was very high,” said Dovizioso. “During practice we didn’t focus on being fastest, we focused on riding the bike with used tyres in the heat. Nobody had grip, nobody could push, because everyone had to save the tyres, a lot.”

Marc Márquez, as always, gave it his best shot, never mind his five crashes in the previous 24 hours. But he didn’t have the grip to make the difference. “What we lost on the straights we couldn’t gain in the corners because the limit was the tyres,” he said.

Rossi meanwhile struggled with all kinds of problems: his 2017 YZR-M1 doesn’t turn well, so he quickly burned up the rear tyre trying to get the bike through the corners.

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... for once I totally agree with Mat Oxley!... Dovi managed a brilliant race. For about 9 laps he used the grunt of the Ducati to show Dani his front wheel at the end of the start/finish straight then braked about 10 metres earlier, nursing his tyres & brakes but ensuring Dani braked as late & as hard as possible to prevent a non-existent Ducati from passing him into the 1st corner... result Dani's tyres were shot & Dovi went on to steal the win. Superb!

I love it! When the same two or three "aliens" were winning all the races all you people said how boring the races were and you didn't know if you could watch another race!  Now we'll start to hear the races are totally unpredictable and all you people will say how boring the races are and you don't know if you can watch another race!
Some people would cry if you hung them with a new rope! Get over yourself. Quit listening to these prima donna riders and their apologist motorsports scribes making a living telling you what to think. You want to watch predictable races? Go watch WSBK.


I've seen and heard many comments over the years where the rider has won easily, comfortably and people saying what a great race it was. Excitement is in the eye of the beholder. I reckon if the rider and say, Marquez had searing battles every race between now and the end of the year, which Marquez kept winning by 0.2 of a sec, people would be whinging about how boring the racing has become. Reverse the result and all of a sudden, it's exciting... 

"rossi's bike burns up tyres and doesn't turn well"

so it's the bike and not vale...

what is the main difference between his and vinales style in terms of burning up tyres on the Yamaha ? thought vinales style would burn up tyres quicker,

vale could have already had 10 titles but for the pup's mind games in 2015.  does he still hold a grudge against marquez ? carry that to the end of his career I expect ? fair enough too. He was robbed by a ruthless bandit!

I forgive...but i never forget.....


Pup MM93 or JLo99?

If VR46 wanted 10 titles, he should have stayed with Yamaha, instead of thinking he could win on a bike CS27 was giving up on.

As for grudges, I suspect Kenny Roberts Sr. still hates Freddie Spencer.