Guest Video Blog: Freddie Spencer's Rider Insights On Phillip Island, Fast Corners, And The Penguin Parade, in association with Motor Sport Magazine, is proud to feature the rider insights of 1983 and 1985 500cc world champion Freddie Spencer. Every week after each MotoGP race, Fast Freddie will share what he saw and learned from the race.

In the latest episode of his video blog, Fast Freddie Spencer casts an eye over the events of a thrilling Phillip Island MotoGP race. Spencer shares his memories of riding at the Island, and his abiding memories of his first visit there, and being in the odd situation of testing during the day and then popping down to watch the Penguin Parade after he was done.

After sharing his thoughts on qualifying, and the strange spectacle of the Ducatis being so far off the pace, Fast Freddie delves into the race. He talks about the epic battle at the front, which saw Marc Marquez, Valentino Rossi, Johann Zarco, and Andrea Iannone slugging it out like it was a Moto2 race, and how the race will impact on the championship.

Fast Freddie then goes on to provide a detailed and technical explanation of how you slide the bike to help turn it through fast corners, and how the characteristics of the Ducati are preventing its riders from getting the bike to turn. He compares the ability of Casey Stoner and Marc Marquez to use the rear wheel to help the bike turn and manipulate the amount the bike is sliding. It is a fascinating and worthwhile listen, giving an insight into the mind of a Grand Prix rider.

For more insights from Freddie Spencer, his autobiography Feel: My Story is currently on sale.

The transcript of Freddie Spencer's video blog can be found on the Motor Sport Magazine website.

And for those who can't watch the video, here's an audio-only version of Freddie Spencer's rider insights


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I remember reading that King Kenny famously hated Freddie Spencer. How is this even possible? He seems like such an utterly loveable guy!

Ignoring the huge character differences between bigger than life Roberts and idiosynchratic Spencer have a look at the end to the Swedish GP in 83 for a reason for dislike.

I sort of hate Spencer a bit as well (not really!). I spent summer in 86 traveling around watching races from Daytona to GPs in Europe. At the time I wanted to see Fast Freddie more than anyone but sadly for both of us he never showed at any race I attended. That was the start of the end for him as he tragically went from 250 & 500 Champ in 85 to off the podium in the rest of his sadly shortened GP career.