Holiday Hiatus Is Here - Taking A Break Until The New Year

It has been a long year in motorcycle racing. A rewarding, entertaining, surprising, and wonderful year, but with so much going on, it has been hard to keep up. So much so that we have been left exhausted at trying to cover it all, and depressed at how utterly we have failed to cover just a fraction of all the things which happened this year.

So it is time for a break. For the next two weeks, until the start of the New Year, we will be taking some time off to recover, to read, and to dream up new ideas. That does not mean there will be no content on the site - we still have a few ideas for articles which may go up between now and the New Year - but it will be sporadic and irregular. 

We will be kicking off 2018 with our regular ranking the riders feature, along with another feature which we believe will be invaluable and entertaining for motorsports fans. And we will be considering a refresh of the website design, and a different structure to the way we work. 

So Happy Holidays of various sorts to all those who celebrate them, and happy days to those who don't. Thanks a million for all of the support we have had throughout 2017, it has meant an awful lot, both personally and professionally. And we look forward to doing an even better job in 2018!


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 For all the late nights, early mornings and loooong days spent to bring us readers from all round the world the regular info we all crave. To try and select a "best" piece cannot be possible but i like the post race roundups, they seem to do the best job of scratching the addicition of this motorcycle maddness. We are enduring the  quiet season where the riders get to spend time with families and friends, recover from those nagging injuries and recharge to perform in the constantly amazing way they do.

     The busy ones are probably the factory engineers and R+D dept guys and gals trying to bring the next big thing in motorcyclsport to fruition, to further amaze us with "how did they think of that"

   To everybody a happy festive season if thats your thing and hopefully a prosperous new year. Looking to the first of the official tests then WSBK at the island.

P.S. david how about some more T shirts the last one has worn out.


...and Happy new year. have a good break David ;) 

Hardly a failure David. Rest, enjoy, replenish energy and come back. Hopefully with a story about S. Nakamoto and the ugly destiny that coroporate culture of Japan Inc has in store for its people. Advisor to a Cup under Puig?

And a word for Livio Suppo maybe.

 Einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!

Thanks for another great year's coverage, it just keeps getting better, on track and on your site. Merry Christmas and a very happy and successful new year, David. Can't wait for the new season to start.

Wonderful and insightful coverage of an epic year in our sport. Enjoy your holiday.

I hope everyone will spare a kind thought for Nobby Clark, who passed this week.  He harks back to the days when giants walked the earth (well, last time) and was a giant himself to my way of thinking.


Happy holidays everyone.

...... & all the best for 2018 to yourself & Mrs E.

Have a great time off David, boy, have you earned it. Always been the best, always will be the best.

See you in 2018 my friend. 

Sincere appreciation for the work you put in and connectivity you provide to your readers.  I hope that Dorna and the GP paddock at least occasionally realize what folks like yourself bring to the overall fan experience and engagement for their sport.  Cheers...

I always come here first each day (and often during the day) for keen insight into a field in which I will remain a novice.  I ride, but I don't RIDE... I greatly appreciate the thought, insight and experience captured here by contributors and those posting comments, too.  


Thank You David & Team for making this happen in 2017, and I'm very much looking forward to more in 2018!

..........another year of great racing and superb articles and thoughtful, informative commentary from David and your team.  Worth the subs several times over!  Enjoy your break - you've earnt it!

MotoMatters is my go-to source for MotoGP news. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thankyou David and all the team (Mat Oxley too!) for giving us such a great view and insite into this magical world.  The detail, logic, interviews, history, pictures and occasional humour.  I only wish you covered the TT as well!  -Does anyone get close to similar TT coverage and behind the scenes info?

Hope you all have a really well earned rest and get to contemplate and dream big.  Really hope that bit of melancholy in your post David turns into a happy exhaustion and appreciation in what you have covered, an enormous amount!  Be good to hear about more of your own story/evolution of the website again sometime too. -What a typical Motogp weekend looks like for you.

Thanks again and Merry Christmas! 



Not very original, but thank you for your work, you express our passion, with the best style, the best intelligent analysises... with words we just can't express.

Thats the job of writers ... or the best journalists.

Merry christmas and all, Motogp is the best motorsport on planet, by far... just a fact no opinion :)

...and so,  a time to rest. You do deserve it, David and your team, this already great season was made even greater by all the amazing work of Motomatters. Thank you!

Now, my problem is to recondition my brain, and stop clicking on the refresh button every other hour,  and be patient until next year... :) 

A special word to all the posters here: i might have disagreed with a few of them (you, if you are reading) , but i utterly enjoyed reading them all. The variety and value of all the comments is what makes this site even more special

thank you to everyone.

And now, time to go back to whatever it is we do at this particular time of the year...

May 2018 be full of good surprises ! 



A big thank you to David and his team, and to all the people who do comment its always interesting reading

My new year resolution, to get interested in the Supers again





“Depressed at how utterly we have failed”

You’re being WAY WAY too hard on yourself and the team David and modest beyond words.

I appreciate everything you do and it’s an ongoing delight to me that in a world of bland press releases, click bait and “spin” you and your correspondents keep churning out such quality journalism.

Have a good break and come back refreshed and raring to go :-)

(Just booked my tickets to Mugello 2018 so already getting excited myself)