Editor's Blog: Happy Holidays, A Million Thanks, And See You In January

MotoMatters.com is taking a break for the holiday season. This will be the last post on the site until the New Year, circumstances willing. It has been a long year, with 19 rounds of MotoGP and 13 rounds of WorldSBK to cover, and it is time to recharge our batteries for what should be an outstanding 2019 season.

So let me first of all say thank you to all our readers for following the site, but most especially to our Site Supporters, the subscribers who make it possible to run the site and pay for us to actually attend races - my personal schedule included 14 MotoGP races, 3 MotoGP and 1 Moto2 test, plus a couple of sundry events - and to pay our contributors who add such amazing value to the site. The growth in the number of subscribers has allowed us to add such features as the beautiful action photos by CormacGP, or the tech porn of Tom's Tech Treasures, close up technical photos by Tom Morsellino with detailed explanations of what we are looking at by world championship-winning crew chief Peter Bom.

If we can replicate this growth in 2019, we will be able to even more great features. We have already signed up WorldSBK guru Gordon Ritchie to a monthly column, and have our sights on yet more world-class writers for next year. So if you love what we are doing, and what to help us make MotoMatters.com better, the best thing you can do is support us financially. You can make a donation via the website or directly via Paypal. You can support us via our GofundMe page. Or best of all, you can become a Site Supporter by taking out a subscription. In addition to the extra content we offer to subscribers, we will also be regularly giving away a variety of MotoGP-related goodies to subscribers, including signed caps, exclusive items such as the RCV213-S launch media pack, and more.

Thanks are also due to all of our contributors, especially MotoGP reporters Zara Daniela and Mike Lewis, WorldSBK reporter Jared Earle, WorldSBK writer Steve English, technical guru Peter Bom, and photographers CormacGP, Tom Morsellino, and Andrew Gosling. A special word of thanks to everyone who has helped us all year by patiently answering my stupid questions and supporting us with advice and information.

And thanks once again to you, our readers. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, or whatever you choose to celebrate. A happy New Year, and may 2019 bring you good health, great happiness, and above all, a season of fabulous motorcycle racing!

David Emmett

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Many thanks to all of the contributors who make Motomatters such a great site for racing fans. I am looking forward to the upcoming racing season with great anticipation. Merry Christmas and happy new year to all.

Thank you David. 

You have again above and behind.

2019 is shaping up to be an epic year, we look forward to hearing from you again in sepang 


to my favourite MotoGP writer - 2019 is looking really good, Lorenzo on the Honda, hopefully the Yams back to form, awesome rookies and, in the words of Simon Crafar, No more junk bikes on the grid.

Thanks for 2018

Hi David, wish you happy holidays and thanks to you and your contributors for the top work.

...to the GOAT MotoGP journalist, and all the supporting cast at Motomatters for yet another great year's content. Looking forward already to coverage of next season's contest between 'los dos toros' at HRC.

Raising a glass or 46 to you all - cheers!

Thanks not only for the outstanding journalism and photography, but the sense of respect and enthusiasm your coverage brings to this sport. It really adds to the positive experience of following MotoGP, for so many people. Thanks too the many site contributors, whose comments (and occasional essays) are just about the best on the internet.

One final thing was we have to nominate the best edition of the year - and for mine it was the coverage of Ana Carrasco's world championship win. For real lovers of motorcycling this was a genuinely huge moment, and you captured the sense of that moment along with a forensic coverage of how it all went down. 

I get a site supporter membership every year as a christmas gift, and it gives me pleasure for the whole year. Can't sat that about many other gifts, can you...

A heart felt THANK YOU, Mr, Emmett, for an outstanding all year long work! Very much appreciated! Greetings from Canada!


..... page in 2018 & no doubt will remain the same in 2019.

All the best to you, Mrs E & the entire MM team for the future.

tony G couldn have said it better.. thank you for everything... I am gonna renew my site supportership soon since i hang out here more then at motogp.com or all dutch motor magazines.  I think if the team goes on like this all constructive forum members and enthousiast will end up being part of your team :-) Thank you for everything!

And thank you! 

Thank you all for the great reporting and infos and the so many features that really make my day.

And thank you to the supporters/posters who make this site even more exciting...

So now i just wish a great new year to all of you.

May 2019 racing season be as exciting as we hope


Thank you for all your hard work. I was just wondering if you are coming out with a calender this year.  Thanks.

2019 is shaping up to be even richer in stories to tell with Lorenzo on the Honda, Triumph in Moto2 and the usual Márquez versus the grid.  I’m already exhausted on your behalf with an extra round on top of a whirlwind global tour schedule.  Thanks for the entire team effort but especially to the captain at the helm in Mr. Emmett.

And I know you’ll keep working to make it even better. There’s been a lot of words above so I won’t need many, just to say you’ve created a respectful, intelligent resource that gives us the best insight possible. You clearly have respect in the paddock and the press corps, bringing us big names to share their views with us. I’ve been travelling to GPs since 1985, and will be doing again next year; I can’t go without Motomatters, because without it I don’t have the perspective I need. Thanks David 😊

Just like to add my thanks for all the incredible work you do on this site David. Other than watching the races on MotoGP.com I rarely bother with any other website for moto news. Proud to be a supporter!!!!