Editor's Blog: April Fool's Day 2020 Is Canceled, Here's Something Better Instead

Normally this morning, you would be reading a story here which would seem plausible but surprising, and wondering if it was true. I, in turn, would be wondering how long it would take for readers to cotton on that the story was just an April Fool's gag.

But not this year. As I sat trying to think up a story which was just about credible, I was overtaken by a feeling of sadness. There is not going to be any racing any time soon, and anything I might concoct might end up giving someone false hope, and make the wait for racing even more unbearable than it has been so far.

We are drowning under a sea of misinformation and disinformation surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, as a wave of grifters and charlatans try to make political gains out of a disease which has already killed over 42,000 people, a number which is likely to increase by one or two orders of magnitude by the end of the year. As my parents are both in the group most vulnerable to the disease, it is something which is a little too close to home.

So forgive me if I am not in the mood to concoct a likely tale I could pass off as almost good enough to be true. It is a shame; I enjoy coming up with those ideas (and have been passed a couple of good ideas by others). The trick is to find a hook into current events, and make it outlandish, and yet just this side of believable. Then, to try to drag the reader's credulousness as far as it will bear.

Perhaps next year. It is my (and presumably, your) fervent hope that on this date in 2021, we are back to normality, and in between the first couple of races, and looking forward to a full and thrilling season, as good as the one we have been so cruelly deprived of by this terrible disease. For the moment, we must bear through this.

Instead, here's something different to take your mind off things. Simon Crafar, ex-500 race winner and currently pitlane reporter for the official MotoGP.com website (and all round good person) has been answering questions on his Motovudu YouTube channel. So below is a playlist of the first ten episodes posted, all of which are worth your while. And visit the Motovudu website for riding tips. Enjoy, stay safe, and wash your hands.


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It has all become a bit desperately sad for April Fool flippancy hasn't it - the death toll is already unimaginable. It is an appalling prospect for anyone to die from a thing so poorly managed and potentially proventable. In case the 2015 Bill Gates TedX talk didn't convince you that we should have seen this coming, the fact that pretty much every Epidemiologist on the planet had predicted it might be persuasive. Anyway the readers of this site are (mostly) all motorcyclists and we belong to a community that is reality based and observant as a matter of course. I think some of us might end up pretty angry before this is all over. To all my fellow motomatters crew - be safe, be well and tell everyone you love, how damn much you love 'em.

What's to be said, we really miss the racing, but other stuff is far more important. Glad you gave a shout for Simon Crafar, he's my fave character on the MotoGP player.

Can we once and for all put an end to April fool crap? Can we this year just say we survived without it and from now on just forget that it was ever a thing? The real holiday is in 19 days; celebrate that one instead. Cheers to all in this grim time. This too shall pass...

Thanks so much for the Simon Crafar videos. Not only is his information interesting to listen to, it's nice to put a face to the name and voice. And it's not just some talking head, this is someone who won a World Championship round, took podiums, and has competed at a very high level. Nice guy, to boot.