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“We believe in the importance of reality” — why virtual MotoGP races fail to thrill

MotoGP esport is better than no racing at all, but it seems like some fans might be confusing the two

“Nowadays, with the spread of PCs and games, children tend to be satisfied with simulated experiences. But we believe in the importance of reality.

“Through motor sports, we will continue our daily activities so that as many people as possible can understand the preciousness of life and the excellence of experiencing with one’s own body.

“Motor sports are dangerous sports. Sometimes we realise the crisis of life.

“That is why it is always important to work seriously, and facing the realities and difficulties makes it possible to experience a sense of fulfilment that cannot be obtained by simulated experience.

“We believe in this kind of ‘the experience gained from actual experience will create a healthy spirit, and we will step forward.”

These fine words appeared on the Japanese website of Technical Sports Racing, the team run by the great Masa Fujii, winner of the Suzuka Eight Hours and Endurance World Championship.

TSR’s eagerness to divert kids from virtual reality to reality, so they learn more about life – both the good and the bad – is to be applauded.

Read the rest of Mat Oxley's blog on the Motor Sport Magazine website.


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Things you dont get from real racing:

you can see the faces of your favorite athelete while they perform.  You can see their facial responses. 

You can see them communicate amongst each other, sometimes seriously, sometimes jokingly.

The best part; as serious as Vale, Jorge, Pecco, Marc. etc....all took the esport competition; at the end, they were all smiling and joking like a bunch of friends.  It didn't look anything like Sepang 2015; or Jerez 2013.

Ofcourse its not real; and watching the pro F1 driver kids drive into each other on purpose while casually practicing does lose some of the competitive risk that gets our blood flowing.

But right now a little bit of escapism and happiness is good for everyone.