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It has been a strange time. Not just for the MotoMatters.com website, or for motorcycle racing, but for the entire world. The COVID-19 pandemic put everything on hold, in many ways. Most of them bad.

In March, the world ground to a halt in an attempt to deal with the pandemic. Three months later, things are slowly stirring into motion again. The pandemic has been largely contained in Europe, and the authorities have deemed it safe for sports, including MotoGP, to start up again. On July 19th, MotoGP returns at Jerez, followed two weeks later by WorldSBK.

The pandemic leaves a trail of destruction in its wake. As of June 21st, over 455,000 have died, according to statistics assiduously collected by UK newspaper the Financial Times. The efforts to prevent that number being an order of magnitude or more greater have had a huge economic impact, with businesses closing and many millions out of work around the world.

Having had to keep an eye on how the pandemic developed from a professional point of view, to understand when and whether racing might be possible again, I am acutely aware of the damage done by the COVID-19 pandemic, both in human terms and economically. I saw the impact it had on the people around me: journalists and broadcasters left with no work, photographers with nothing to sell pictures of. MotoGP as an industry is composed largely of freelancers, and it has been freelancers who have borne the brunt of this crisis.

So it has been heartwarming to have had the support of MotoMatters subscribers, Patreon backers, and people making a donation to help keep the site running. Despite the lack of racing to report on, and the weirdness of the situation, you have sent money you may have had to think twice about spending to us, to help keep the site running. We have weathered the storm so far, and that has been entirely due to your generosity. I am humbled, and I am grateful.

Your generosity has also helped keep afloat contributors and writers to the site. During the pandemic, we have published more material than usual from people such as Steve English, Tammy Gorali, Niki Kovács, Peter Bom, and Gordon Ritchie. The money saved by not traveling to races has gone towards paying for the articles, blogs, and features they have contributed to the site. I have always tried to prioritize quality over quantity, and it costs money to keep quality writers in a position to keep producing articles.

With that in mind, I would like to point out that much of what makes MotoGP coverage so special stands to be lost in the pandemic. Photographers, even the most talented, have seen their income dry up, and a worryingly large number have had to take other jobs just to feed their families. Magazines and websites have seen advertising incomes fall, journalists have seen income from writing press releases dry up.

Many of the freelancers who pack the media center at motorcycle races have struggled badly. And even when racing returns, photographers and journalists will be kept out of paddock, forcing many to find alternative employment and give up chasing their dreams. It will be a much sparser, emptier, and poorer media landscape that covers the 2021 MotoGP and WorldSBK seasons.

I started 2020 with a sense of optimism at rising subscriber numbers, and with plans to continue to expand and improve our coverage of the sport. When the pandemic hit and put racing on hold, I feared that we might not survive. Your generosity has allowed us to do just that.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Your faith in MotoMatters.com is deeply touching, and your willingness to support us financially in a time of economic hardship means more than I can say. You quite literally put your money where your mouths are. That is a powerful expression of support, and I cannot adequately express just how grateful I am.

Thanks to everyone who has supported MotoMatters.com. If you haven't done so already, you can help by either taking out a subscription, supporting us on Patreon, by making a donation, or contributing via our GoFundMe page. You can find out more about subscribing to MotoMatters.com here.


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Love sent your way. Thanks for the ever present Alien journo work, and Motomatters community.

Hang in just a TAD longer, we need you and your team. We have racing to report coming now. There will be journo staffing very soon. (Lost half my patients too. Belt is SNUG)

Let's race!

Thank you muchly for keeping MotoMatters going.

I appreciate the news and the old stuff. The forum is a great place to talk .... about motorcycles and racing.

If it wasn't for MotoMatters I would have to book some therapy with MotoShrink.

Keep up the great work D.E. see you again sometime I hope.

Or perhaps we should be thanking you for giving us something to clutch on to. Yes it's all about the racing, however I've gained much insight to many other critical and relevant aspects to our favourite sport that were previously unknown or given little consideration.  Your team has made the anticipation that little bit more exciting. Cheers

You have, over the years, created a haven where passionate fans can debate and comment in a varied, respectful and thoughtful way. That isn't easy, to attract this kind of follower and for those fans to know we can't (or won't) disrespect your site by, well, being a clown basically. Even if for that reason alone, for me, in these troubled times, Motomatters has become a haven where I can take a break, have a read, or a dog walk with the podcast, and feel like I've learned something, and that that something is trustworthy and reliable. You don't punt at windmills unless you can back it up; integrity.

Almost a decade ago, I wrote and narrated a 6-7 part series called the Temples of Speed, aired on Motopod, about the classic racetracks-abandoned or otherwise- connected to the history of Moto, not Auto racing history. I'm in the process of rewriting and re-narrating the episodes. Just so you know the standing I hold your work in, when it's finished (and it could be a while), I will offer them- free of charge of course- to this site. Firstly because I believe they are a very interesting collection, my travelling around chasing the racing since 1985 hopefully counts for something, and secondly, if they are anywhere near as good as I think they are, Motomatters would be the only vessel I'd like them to be available on, because if Motomatters and their subscribers feel they are a welcome distraction in these strange times, that for me would be satisfying enough. Thank you David and your team, I've had to chalk two GPs off already but I'm really hoping Aragón could welcome us...😊

Just as I try and support our local restaurants and businesses during this recession, I consider MotoMatters.com, David and his extended team part of the same fabric of providers that I can't imagine living without.  No government bailouts for him, so please consider subscribing or sending a one off donation.  

I renewed my subscription a few weeks ago despite my general pessimism regarding the ability of sport to start back up, and more importantly stay started. David, your reporting and insight, along with Steve and the rest of your crew, are easily worth the $40 USD, even when there is no racing. 

Funsize, great point, that Motomatters subscribers are civil! Hard to think of many sites where I look forward to reading all the comments! (and I can respectfully disagree with Motoshrink without getting torched). Please forgive me, but I selfishly hope that Motomatters doesn't become too popular, beyond the current thoughtful and passionate subscribers.

I'm only too happy to support you and all of the other journalists and contributors to motomatters. The content has been the best available for years and continuously improving. The podcast offers depth and insights which I couldn't have imagined back in the days of reading a fortnightly issue of AMCN. 
The community of contributors and their comments generally reflect the quality of the journalism.

Very pleased that you have found a way to continue in these tough times, and my dollar is here to stay.

Now let the racing commence!


thankfully your reminder was received before i lost too much access to work behind the pay wall! I simply love this site and have since ‘07 or ‘08? Feels that long anyways. If only i would work out as frequently as i check the site i would be able to fit into my leathers. Lastly, Thank you for the likely many sacrifices you and your colleagues have made to keep us in the game. 

Best - Missing Super Sic 58 (MSS58)

David, motomatters is like no other website and worth every penny. I was late on my renewal and if you could add a feature/option where we can opt for reminders to renew, it would be useful. Lazy people like me would benefit. 


Motomatters is not only my go-to site, it is practically the only moto site I frequent anymore. Well, I go to MotoGP.com, but that is usually only to watch the races with my VideoPass. It was a no-brainer to renew my subscription, even with the pandemic. That too shall pass, eventually.

I do feel for those affected, though, and in many ways am fortunate I am retired. Though the fixed income is not the greatest, it is at least steady. I would have either lost my job or had hours curtailed.

Stay safe, everyone.