Editor's Blog: What To Expect From MotoMatters.com In The Coming Weeks, And Some Personal Notes

It has been an intense 2020 for everyone in motorcycle racing. Fourteen races in eighteen weeks felt like rushing headlong into an infinite void at warp speed, with never a spare moment to catch your breath.

Add to that the wildest, weirdest, most topsy-turvy season in recent memory, and there was too much to write about and nowhere near enough time to cover it all. In a normal race season, I feel like there is a lot of stuff I can't cover during a race weekend. This season, despite seeming like I was engaged in a writing marathon, and covered a huge amount of ground, it still felt like I barely scratched the surface.

While all this was going on, there were bigger things going on in the background. My elderly parents were going through a health crisis which required attention and assistance. Fortunately, they have great friends and neighbors to help, and my brother, who is truly the best of us, was able to fly in from the US to provide care on the ground.

Now, it is my turn, both to get some rest from the rigors of the 2020 MotoGP season, and to provide the care and support my parents need and deserve. For the next few weeks, until we get a permanent and professional support system in place, a significant part of my time will be devoted to putting the necessary arrangements in place for my parents' care.

I am of course very fortunate in this, the nature of my profession giving me the freedom to rearrange my work around other matters. The other side of that particular coin were the 18 weeks which preceded the current period, during which my life was dictated by the rhythm of the MotoGP season, and my duty to the readers who pay me to do this.

All this rather unusual and frank incursion into my private life is a circuitous way of announcing the plans for the coming couple of months on the site. After a stream of content on the site, I will be stepping back the pace a little, and concentrating on quality rather than quantity. There will still be articles coming – there is still so much to write about the 2020 MotoGP season – but they will not be quite so frequent as previously.

News will be covered when it is significant and will have an impact on racing going forward. But there will not be coverage of every minor occurrence in the racing world. If Marc Márquez decides to have a third surgery on his right humerus, we will cover it. If you feel the need for completeness, follow my friend Peter McLaren's updates on Crash.net, and see GPOne.com for more coverage.

I hope to write about the forces which dictated the way the 2020 season played out, and examine how each factory and all of the players adapted to it. I want to examine what this means for 2021, and how much we might expect to change. Can Joan Mir and Suzuki repeat their success of 2020? Will Ducati's gamble on youth over experience pay off? Will KTM make another step to be serious championship contenders? What is to become of Yamaha, after a binary year of great success and terrible failure? Will Marc Márquez return fully fit, and will anything have changed? What next for Aprilia?

I also hope to be able to answer another round of subscriber and Patreon questions, on the 2020 season and beyond. There will be other subscriber specials as well.

There are also articles coming from MotoMatters.com contributors. On the role of test riders, on the 2021 WorldSBK season, on the 2020 Moto2 and Moto3 seasons, and much more, from regulars such as Steve English, Neil Morrison, Tammy Gorali, Gordo Ritchie, and others. There will be episodes of the Paddock Pass Podcast (though I will be a less frequent contributor for a while). And selections of photos from this year that didn't make the website, from Cormac Ryan Meenan and from Rob Gray of Polarity Photo.

The site will also take an almost complete break in the last week or so of 2020 and the first week of 2021. In early January 2021, if all goes well, we hope to return to a fuller coverage of MotoGP and WorldSBK. The emphasis on analysis of what truly matters will remain, however. The big stories will be covered. Social media spats between riders and other racing personalities will not.

Finally, a word of thanks to everyone who has subscribed to MotoMatters.com, or supported the site via Patreon, or just sent money via Paypal or Gofundme. At the beginning of the pandemic, I had no idea whether I would survive financially. With your backing, the site has come through this very difficult year still afloat, with our hopes and plans for the future still intact. The big plans for MotoMatters.com have only been delayed, rather than postponed.

Though the Covid-19 pandemic rages on, the prospect of multiple vaccines being approved means we are now closer to the end of the pandemic than the beginning. We are still some way from a return to normality, but the 2021 racing seasons will look more like 2019 than 2020, barring catastrophe. There is, to borrow the subtitle of a famous movie, a new hope.

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Take all the time you need David. Family comes first for you, and for us, absence makes the heart grow fonder so we'll be gagging for it in January 


enjoy the break



Seems like you have a great writing support network behind you. Riders take a break over winter and so should you! Quite honestly, I don't expect to hear much news - the racing community is exhausted and needs a couple of months. Hope all goes well making the arrangements for your parents. Thank you for your hard work this year. It jas been a challenging one!

My Dad's 94, he's still smiling but I feel for him as we enter December, it's a slog for him when he can't do much. Thank you for the explanation David, though you don't have to, this is the measure of the site and its camaraderie. To me Motomatters has always been about quality not quantity (though we are sometimes much blessed and get BOTH!). And anyway David, us lot can keep the job afloat with our ramblings, just check in whenever..!!

All the best to you and yours through the holidays and into the new year. 

and you are as entitled to exercise yours as anyone.

I for one, will be grateful for what we get, when we get it.

Wishing you and yours all the best for the future, and if we don't hear from you before, Season's greetings, and a Happy New Year!

You treat us readers so well! Thank you for everything you've done, all the hard work and we'll be here when you are. Till then, take care of Family...and yourself!

And thanks so much for your in-depth analysis and telling of the human side of racing here and in the Paddock Pass Podcast.

As a good son (I'm sure you're) do take the time to care for your parents, also have a good and deserved rest, looking forward for more lyrical, Shakespearean prose from you, take care and happy holidays !

Health and family are more important than racing, work, etc.  I just lost my closest family member to Covid.  Shit is real out there.  And some things are so much more important.  God bless.

Hey friend, SUPER sorry to hear your loved one was taken by the pandemic. Sad with you, horrible news. Blessings to you and their caring community, hug sent from afar. If you are struggling and want to connect I can share my contact information here for you. If I may, take extra good care of you - basics of regular sleep, meals, mild exercise, and connecting with people that feel good (whether you feel like it or not, reach out and plan it). Sorry that so many of us say dumb stuff that doesn't help much, we don't know what else to do. Me included. Toasting your loved one right now. 




I know what you're going through. My life partner died of covid last April, after fighting for 28 days. We were in lockdown then, I could not go to the hospital. I couldn't even organize a proper funeral.

I'm not sure that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. What I'm certain of is that no man is an island : we can only survive if we are not alone. Family and friends are the most precious thing in life.

My thoughts to you and to all those who lost someone. 


F*ck! SOooo very sorry!

These are troubled times. Many are struggling. But each and every time that someone arrives with their deep real loss it cuts through everything. There is nothing that can be said. Yet we need to be connecting, which is impossible when one has lost their vessel of connection and care. 

Deepest warm wishes and recognition of your partner, you, and everyone they touched. Thank you for letting us know. Motorcycle racing is second to something. A close second for lots of us, but second. 

So sad. HUG mate. Please let me know if you ever want to talk. Even if it is just about motorbikes going in circles quickly. 

Quite new here but have grown really fond of the site. I appreciate quality over quantity any day, as do all of us here I believe. So a nice festive season to you and yours, and read from you around the bend. 

Thank you David for all the amazing work during this strange season. Exciting for motogp fans, but dreadful for humanity.

The best of luck to you and your family.

I look forward to next year.  But now the most important is family and loved ones. 

Take care


Hi David, best wishes to you and all your family for Christmas and New Year. We'll be here "when you get back" !!

Well done this season David & all other contributors. Priority now for taking a break and making sure your parents are in good hands. You still have them and only when you don't you will realise what you've lost. You can be assured of my subscription for next year.

So appreciative of your site David, and others contributions.  The quality is even reflected in the comments section!  As mentioned quality is greater than quantity, and there is also the matter of making time stretch.  Very difficult to get all three but you come close.  Thankyou.  Take it easy and enjoy quality time with your parents.  May the force that is greater than ourselves be with us...

Probably tired of these comments by now, but another one wishing you the best. Thank you again for the coverage this season, despite your insistence that it was insufficient. It's always a comfort to read after the craziness of a race weekend, and lots of news bits that I always manage to miss!

Yours is my go to site for the sport I love, and no one does it better than you and your contributors.
Take care of your parents, as well as yourself, and we'll be here when you get back. Looking forward to every word you write and insight you provide.

Good luck David. Did the family care thing for the last two years, and it is not the most fun you can have, especially when you need help. Good on your brother for helping. Just watch out for those hard to open windows.

All I would ask for the next change for MM is a chart showing what you get for free vs a subscriber vs patreon. You've been great as always. Thanks.

All the best to you and your family.

Looking forward to next season and to the enormous layers of extra understanding and enjoyment which you and your contributors and audience add to my experience of the greatest sport on earth.

Long may MM and Paddock Pass Podcast prosper.

I always hate the end of GP season because the racing goes dark and Sunday's suck and i am forced to pretend i like watching overpaid prima donnas play football. But worse yet, when the racing stops your writing stops and that really sucks. 
Hoping all goes as well as possible with your parents. 
i guess it is time to start watching Faster and all of the sibling movies for the 1,000th time!


Don't forget to catch Moto2, Moto3, WSBK, WSS, and BSB. There was some Road Racing too, right? Enough to keep us busy a while. Did we miss anything? I need the Spalding book. No good asking Santa, I wasn't very good this year. 


I always hate the end of GP season because the racing goes dark and Sunday's suck and i am forced to pretend i like watching overpaid prima donnas play football. But worse yet, when the racing stops your writing stops and that really sucks. 
Hoping all goes as well as possible with your parents. 
i guess it is time to start watching Faster and all of the sibling movies for the 1,000th time!

Thank you so much David for all your hard work over this crazy season.

Take care of your folks, family is #1. And above all stay safe.

Appreciate the tips on other outlets, but I've no desire to read other sites.

Good on you doing for family. 

Keep up the great work, for your family and for us! 

Glad your site survived the pandemic. It is very robust for us readers these days so I hope you can find more ways to generate revenue to smooth out your business. I look forward to reading content from your selected writers as they broaden my appreciation of your work. Regarding your parents, I went through that several years ago. Like you I had a sibling to help out because I was 3000 miles away and didn't have control of my time. But it worked out for all of us and I am sure it will for you too. It is an important time to be a son or daughter. 

Thank You, David. Take care and my best wishes for you and your family. And commenters, too. This is the best site on the internet. Stay safe, everyone, so we can have a better '21.

I thought we were getting quality AND quantity, but what do I know?

Take it easy and hopefully we'll read all about it next year.


(Makes one wonder if they might be going to not renew w Yamaha?) - AND it may foreshadow Rossi's VR46 Kids Team. Really! Allowing myself hopeful excitement. There are lines to read between that assist the crystal ball. 

Congrats Suzuki and Co. 

I don't see Rossi with Suzuki; they seem to like an ensemble cast rather than a huge personality around which everything orbits. My crystal ball has Dovi on a satellite Suzuki in '22. With the Monster money they should be able to tempt him back into the saddle. Also, I see '21 as the year of Rins - this year I see him staying on the bike and if he does no one can beat him. Pol, Frankie, Jack along with the factory KTMs will be stiff competition, tho. Already sweaty with anticipation even while I'm still celebrating Mir's championship. The Golden Age, she is here.

Hey Krop, warm wishes and thanks here as well. Lost Pop, and nearly lost Mom not long ago. It sucks, I lost sleep over it and it is still difficult. Glad yours have loving kids. 

Motomatters is WONDERFUL. Great work. Makes a favorite thing even better. Gracias to all the staff, and community in here. Thanks MotoGP circus for the fabulous 2020 show! Let's keep up with things in here while things out yonder are too quiet, eh?


As a long time reader but first year subscriber, I want to thank you for the outstanding coverage for the year and look forward to many more as a subscriber.

A bit late to this, David, but have a great break from all the stress and try not to 'do a Marc' (come back too soon!)

Relax well

A bit late, but best wishes David for you and your family’s well-being. You, Zara, Steve and all the others, commenters too, have done so much for my own well-being during this crazy year. I've been following GP since the end of the MV Agusta era (Saarinen was my first GP hero) and this year ended up being one of the best ever for two wheel racing. Thanks for explaining all the complexities which helped so many riders be fighting for the wins. 

Sorry to hear that David, hope everything goes well with the family and you manage to take a well-earned rest.

Thanks for all your musings this year. With the short season it was easy to get lost in so much going on, but your articles really helped make sense of things.