Editor's Blog: Plans For The Summer Break

As some of you might have noticed, updates to the site have been less frequent over the past week. This is in part because, with MotoGP on a five-week hiatus, there is not much going on in the world of Grand Prix motorcycling, other than a lot of managers frantically texting Lin Jarvis and Johan Stigefelt about the vacant Yamahas for 2022. But it is too early for anything to come of that.

The other reason for posting to be a little slow on the site is also because I need a break too. It has been a very long, hard 12 months: first, the insanely compressed 2020 MotoGP season, with 13 races in 18 weeks, and barely a moment to catch your breath. Then I traveled to the UK to help my mother and brother care for my severely ill father. And after he died, I have had to balance the care for my grieving mother - nearly 57 years is a long time to spend together, and the loss of that love has left a gaping hole in her life - with covering the start of a fascinating 2021 MotoGP season.

It has taken its toll, and so I will be taking it easy, and taking a bit of a break from motorcycle racing. There are still some exciting and interesting things lined up - next week I hope to have an interview on the site with Sebastian Risse, the engineer leading KTM's MotoGP project - and I have one or two side projects on the go, some possibly of tangential interest.

Stick around to ensure you don't miss out on the regular episodes of the Paddock Pass Podcast, and Jared Earle's excellent coverage of the WorldSBK series, with the next round at Assen on July 23rd-25th. And as I said, there will be one or two other things lined up as well. And I hope to be mentally refreshed and back up to speed when MotoGP resumes in early August.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported, and continues to support the site through subscriptions and the Patreon program. You have given me the motivation to keep going through some difficult personal times.


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Thanks for the update Mr Emmett. I think we are all here because of the quality not the quantity.

So take a well deserved break ! Given the quality of this site, we can all wait a bit.

take care


Thanks for your amazing work during these troubling times. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Thank you for the past 12 months. We want you back, of course, but only when you and yours are rested, refreshed and ready to go again.

Thanks David. Happy to just listen to you on the podcast and read the in-depth stuff when you are ready.

ps, please suggest to Yamaha that Alex Marquez would be a good fit... I have studied gp racing since the 80's and I just think he has a smoothness that Marc doesn't and would fit the Yamaha to a T. 

REST UP , enjoy come good food and your partner!

Enjoy a cool down lap or three DE#1

I will pop on here w some Breaktainment links for folks. Been focused on other things, a racing fix will be needed in coming weeks. 

Viva Motomatters.

Breaktainment, 4 min "rewind" video of the Dutch GP for the non Dorna paying folks. Lovely camera shots, and tells the story well. 


FIM CEV Repsol Euro Championship Moto2 Round 4 Race 1 (Portimao)


Race 2


Round 3 Race 1 (Catalunya)


Round 3 Race 2


Round 1 Race 1 (Estoril)


Race 2 


I recently retired after 48 years on ships. This may seem obscure or like pretzel logic but I sympathize. Do something relaxing. Like, nothing. Thanks for your wonderful blog.

Thank you David for all your hard work work and attention to detail. Your articles are always worth the wait and makes my favorite sport even more enjoyable. All the best to you and your loved ones. 

have a little 'slow' time , than regurtitated, made up,sound bite news! still by far the MotoGP site, so I'll be here, when you'll be back.heartsmiley

all work and no play makes jack a dull boy

Thank you for the on-going insights in your articles, written with intelligences and some sneaky humour dropped in 


Condolences, my dad passed a few years ago and it was very tough for my mom, understandably so. Took about a year before she was back to her old self, although I'm not sure its possible to ever fully recover. Enjoy the break

David - your committment to your readers and supporters is astounding, so a break is very well deserved! I practically subscribe to motomatters and the PPP crew as some sort of religion now, but you folks are human, so let's all just chill for a bit now and enjoy summer!!


Take the time you need, and best wishes to your mother. When my father passed away, the biggest impact my mother experienced was months later when other people's lives moved on and hers didn't. It is hard. Spend the time you have, or make the time you need.


Take care, we will be here when you return.

Time to take a well-deserved breather.  It'll be tough, but the collective "we" will survive.

If you don't mind unsolicited advice, take the time to really talk with your mom.  Ask her questions about all the family stuff you've wondered about, but never really understood and/or got to hear about in full.  You'll be glad you did. 

For your hard work and your positive approach through what sounds like the most difficult of times. The effort you put into your reporting and analysis really shines through. Also what fantastic good will is evident in these comments - it's the best forum I have ever come across - so thanks Motomatterers.

Be well, David. Thank you for continuing to broaden our perspectives and to provoke enlightening comments here, too. We'll be here when you return.

No flash but pure class- great site, as your heart and soul does the talking. You put everything into this and it shows. Take a well deserved break and I am sure we will be in for a great 2nd half season. One request to think about- would it be possible during the winter break to have a series of interviews with the 6 legends of the past- King Kenny, Freddie, Eddie, Wayne and Kevin and Mick- maybe by then Rossi too - and get their view on the technical changes, the strategy, the fun,  the PR and of course on the latest MotoGP riders? Have a great summer break. 

and I would like to hear from not only the aforementioned list, but some of the other men, like Franco Uncini and Alex Criville. Maybe Tetsuya Harada and Jeremy McWilliams? Maybe even the embattled Freddie Spencer?

Maybe have Tammy Gorali conduct them, primarily for her keen insight into rider psychology? I'm not looking for dirt, just a penetrating insight to what drives them and makes them tick.

Maybe even interview Alberto Puig? Tammy may be able to get past that gruff exterior and reveal what makes Mr. Puig operate the way he does?

More Breaktainment links to come, popping in w ponderings (thoughts?).

1) Increased aero is causing increasing arm pump issues. 

2) Sharp eye kept on Supersport Class change rolling out. BSS was first, no big Duc Twins yet but may be coming, unclear what they get to run specifically. But at the last BSB Round the Dynavolt Triumph 765 "Street Triple" with Kyle Smith did the business already. Q pole, led race, fell off near end unfortunately. But the change has begun. Anyone seeing a Duc Twin being prepared for BSS 2022 yet? WSS rulebook following suit?

Although an avid reader of your work, I'm sure that I can take a break too! Yours is well deserved and with your batteries recharged you can come back stronger.  My sincere condolences for the loss of your father.

10 mins highlights of our 2020 Red Bull Ring visit. Yes, there is a very lucky T3 shitesplosion. We now have new safety barriers in case Zarco decides to cut through a front end. But with some time behind us, the rest of the story is more apparent, and interesting.

Mir and Miller give a great fight. The Ducati will shine, but isn't it time for KTM as well next Round? What bike does Mir get under him? I think he is making a step up right now. What can Quartararo and Yamaha do for a response? And then of course we have a Marc arriving to watch improve while his bike tries to provide physio workouts and dice rolls. 

While a Red Cup stirs in prep for 2022, it may be Oliveira that pops through to shine. Of the Duc riders, both Miller and Zarco appear more known quantities, with Bagnaia of a different shade. Things are always so odd for the Bologna Boys, but their whole program has risen a notch. While those three haggle, Martin won't straggle. If he podiums I won't be surprised. 

Then there is the Silly news getting inked. One surprise is in the shuffling cards. Harshness to older established riders not intended, but excited to have Raul et al arrive to race and Dovi go Black Test Team. Unless, Dovi can go Aqua. He could bang out a quick resurgence? Youth is the name of the game right now. 

Just watched this twice


Perfectly good word, noun and verb, correctly used. Takes me back to Junior School in the UK, teachers would round up the stragglers in the playground - those who, like me, were hanging back - and herd us into class.  I know, no racing and the pedants come out. At least it gives me the opportunity to say how much I enjoy your contribution to the forum. 

It appears that my neurons were moving or proceeding slowly in a scattered or irregular group! Thanks Cloverleaf. And a half-apology to 'Shrink, since he does obviously have an irrational dislike of pronouns.  ;-)


None needed.

David Emmett did you review the application for a volunteer editor internship? Great opportunity here!


Thanks for the update David - quality not quantity is what we need which you deliver in spades!

I look forward to the good stuff after the break!


Take all the time you need David. Enjoy the break & family time. You deserve it.

Franko Morbidelli may have an extended summer break. Missed Assen & may skip the Red Flag Ring 1 and 2 as well.

Razlan Razali says "Franco is recovering well from his knee surgery. We want to ensure that he is at 100% before he comes back, so I think that we won’t expect him to be racing again until Misano - although I wish it will be sooner. This is a track that he loves, he knows well and it should be a good one to see his return at. We all continue to wish him well in his recovery and to come back only when he feels completely fit."

Saw this in an interview with RR, boss of Petronas Sepang racing team.


SRT not doing as well as I had hoped. Garrett Gerloff may raise the team morale a bit.

Often wonder why suddenly Pedrosa is the only guy who's created new life for KTM, while Kallio seems to have been totally forgotten.

I can only assume it's because Pedrosa is able to develop the bike better. He is getting universal praise from everyone at KTM for the fantastic job he's doing.

Whilst Mika did a great job getting the project up and running and heading in a particular direction, he probably hit a development/riding  ceiling and that's where Dani stepped in to raise that ceiling again.