Le Mans, France

2011 MotoGP Le Mans Sunday Round Up: Impetuosity, Or How The Best Passes Are Saved Until The Last Lap

There has been much lamenting of late that the MotoGP paddock has been full of talk and not much action. There have been plenty of complaints about the dangerous riding of certain riders, and not much evidence to back the accusations up with. Well, that certainly changed at Le Mans.

But before we get to the controversy - and there was plenty of it, and this time, it was real, not artificially stirred up by the media (mea culpa) - it behooves us to talk about the race. For there was a lot of interesting data that got buried under the polemic, which may prove key for the rest of the season.

The winner was entirely predictable, though the difficulty Casey Stoner had in securing the win, at least for the first third of the race, was rather less expected. Stoner, he said, had had about as near a perfect weekend as it was possible to have, blitzing every session and going on to win the race by an obscene amount - though obviously assisted by the removal of Dani Pedrosa and Marco Simoncelli from the proceedings. The Casey Stoner we saw at Le Mans this weekend was the Casey Stoner that most pundits had backed at the start of the year, after he had dominated much of preseason testing. With the 2011 Ohlins forks now working for him, Stoner looks like being a very hard rider to catch.

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Dani Pedrosa Breaks Collarbone In Race Crash

The crash on lap 18 of the Le Mans MotoGP race could have serious consequences for Dani Pedrosa. The crash, caused when Marco Simoncelli cut across Pedrosa's bow entering the Chemin aux Boeufs esses, leaving Pedrosa nowhere to go but into Simoncelli's back wheel, saw Pedrosa flipped off his back and land heavily on his right-hand side. Pedrosa got up clutching his right shoulder, and was taken to the Clinica Mobile where X-rays diagnosed a broken collarbone.

According to various media reports from the track, the break is a relatively clean one. This is good news for the Spaniard, as it offers his best chance of recovery for the next races. But the bad news is that Pedrosa could be forced to miss at least one race, the next one being his home race at the Montmelo track in Barcelona.

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2011 Le Mans MotoGP Race Result: Comfortable Victory In Controversy-Filled Race

Results and summary of the incident-packed MotoGP race at Le Mans:

Casey Stoner has rounded out a weekend of domination at Le Mans with a convincing victory, breathing life back into his championship hopes for 2011, but Stoner's runaway win will not be what the Le Mans race will be remembered for. The race saw several high-profile incidents and crashes, ending in a broken collarbone and a ride-through, allowing a surprise podium.

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2011 Le Mans 125cc Race Result: Thrilling Duel Settled In Last Corner

Results and summary of the 125cc race at Le Mans:


Maverick Viñales has taken victory in the 125cc race at Le Mans, after a race-long knife-edge battle with Nico Terol, spoiling Terol's perfect record this season, and upsetting expectations of another Terol win.

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