Losail, Qatar

2021 Doha MotoGP FP4 Result: Zarco Takes Control

Despite the still significant amount of dust and sand making it look like rain when riders got off the racing line, the premier class made good use of their final practice session. Amongst the standout performances of the evening was FP4 leader Johann Zarco, the Frenchman taking control of the timesheets early on and following it up with an impressive series of mid to high 1:54s.

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2021 Doha MotoGP FP3 Result: Quartararo Fastest In Dusty Doha

The premier class started their third practice session in such poor visibility due to dust being blown around the track that even the bright orange KTM machines were difficult to recognise at times. Understandably, not many riders were tempted to join the action from the very beginning (or at all) but Fabio Quartararo started and ended the session at the top of the timesheets. The Frenchman’s final flying lap put him nearly three tenths of a second ahead of Alex Rins but was almost three seconds slower than the benchmark set on Friday.

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2021 Doha Moto2 FP3 Result: Lowes Leaps Ahead

There wasn’t much to learn from the third practice session at Losail, given the pretty hot, notably windy and increasingly dusty track surface. That was not encouraging any changes to the combined top 14 classification and riders fought off the wind and sand to at least claim the headlines. After a quiet but steady start to his weekend, Sam Lowes showed up to the party in the final couple of minutes of FP3 and took the checkered flag as the fastest man on track.

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2021 Doha Moto3 FP3 Result: Dupasquier Tops Windy Session

There were no miracles in store for any riders hoping to join the combined top 14 of the lightweight class on Saturday afternoon. Although the temperatures were quite a bit cooler than FP1, conditions got notably windier and dustier throughout the session and the fastest times were nearly two seconds off what was needed for Q2. So although Jason Dupasquier put his name at the top of the timesheets towards the end of FP3, the Swiss rider will join the Q1 lineup later today, together with the second fastest man of the afternoon, Dennis Foggia.

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Qatar 2 MotoGP Friday Round Up: Changing Conditions, Reusing Tires, And Why Morbidelli's Engine Issue May Be Fine

Plus ça change... if you put the top four from FP2 of Qatar 1 from a week ago next to the top four of FP2 from today, what difference would you see? The same four names, with only the names of Johann Zarco and Fabio Quartararo swapped around, the Yamaha rider now fourth instead of third, as he was last week, the lone M1 amid an army of Ducatis.

Even the times are virtually identical: the time difference between Pecco Bagnaia's second place last week and this is just 0.036. The time difference between the third-place times is 0.038. And the difference between the fourth-place times was 0.003, a mere three thousandths of a second.

Only Jack Miller really improved his time. In fact, Miller set a blistering lap, improving his time from last week by nearly a quarter of a second. That was faster than he had been in qualifying last week, though he still would have started from fifth on the grid.

The factory Ducati rider was satisfied with his days work. As well he might be: he set his fast lap after having a huge moment in Turn 15 on his previous run, when he was thrown out of the seat and forced to come straight back in again. He was not phased, banging out his quickest lap on his first flying lap out of the pits.

Different conditions

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2021 Doha MotoGP FP2 Result: Miller Time

Fully aware of the unusual importance of FP2 given the high temperatures expected on Saturday afternoon, the premier class had a good few goes at a time attack to secure a top ten position. After going under the radar throughout the day, Jack Miller arrived under the spotlight with a massive rodeo ride at turn 14 but then he buckled up and headed to the top of the timesheets with two minutes remaining, ending the day three tenths of a second faster than Pecco Bagnaia.

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2021 Doha Moto2 FP2 Result: Fernandez Fights Back

Nightfall brought much improved track conditions for the intermediate class and they definitely know better than their younger colleagues, with much of the top 14 line-up settled quite early on in FP1. One significant change was exceptional rookie Raul Fernandez dethroning Fabio Di Giannantonio from the top of the timesheets in the final handful of minutes and claiming the lead by over half a second. The Italian did not push for another time attack at the end of the session and settled for second, similarly to Remy Gardner in third.

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