Miller Motorsports Park, Utah, USA

WSBK: MMP Day 1 Notes -- Duck Soup

Ducati took maximum advantage of  a 3 kg (6.6lb) weight reduction to dominate free practice and the first qualifying session under a partly cloudy Utah sky at Miller Motorsports Park today.  Prior to  the beginning of practice, rain showers were spotted over the Stansbury Mountains, which form the western edge of the Tooele Valley, and raindrops were felt on pit lane.

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OnTheThrottle World Superbike Pre-Race Show From Miller Motorsports Park, Utah

As ever, the guys at have released another pre-race show for this weekend's upcoming World Superbike round. Making the logistics of the show much easier is the fact that the race is in the US, and so David Williams, Jonathan Green and Steve Martin can talk directly, instead of via a more cumbersome Skype link. That's the theory, anyway, but Steve Martin had flight problems, and so Green and Williams receive a succession of guests at their table in a bar in Salt Lake City, including Roger Lee Hayden; John Larsen, GM of Miller Motorsports Park; Simon Buckmaster, manager of the Parkalgar Honda World Supersport team, and Alan Bell, one of Eugene Laverty's engineers. Once again, another great way to kick off the World Superbike Weekend.

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