Termas de Rio Hondo, Argentina

MSMA Solves Aero Crisis By Splitting MotoGP Class In Two

As many of you will have spotted, this was in fact an April Fool's story. Splitting the MotoGP class into two is a severely unlikely proposal, and would be a lot to ask. The splits between the manufacturers over aerodynamics continue, but should be solved by creating clearer regulations. This story was just an excuse for me to make a truly terrible pun.

After the past three weeks have been filled with controversy over aerodynamic appendages, a compromise has been reached among the manufacturers involved in MotoGP, MotoMatters.com has learned. At a meeting of the MSMA in Termas De Rio Hondo, Argentina, on Sunday, the six manufacturers agreed to a new format for MotoGP which would allow both the opponents and advocates of aerodynamics to get what they want from the series.

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2019 Argentina Sunday MotoGP Fast Notes: Initial Thoughts On Winning Margins, Managing Races, And Jump Starts

Regular readers may have noticed that my race have been getting longer, and as a consequence, also getting later. So for the next few races, I want to try something different. On Sunday night, I will be posting my initial thoughts and reactions in bullet point form. Later in the week – late Monday or early Tuesday – I will be posting a full, in-depth race report, trying to cover as much as possible. The initial thoughts will be for MotoMatters.com subscribers, the full race report will be for all readers. Send me your thoughts on this change to feedback@motomatters.com.

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