AMA: Daytona American Superbike Race 1 Results

Results of American Superbike Race 1

1. Jake Zemke

2. Tommy Hayden

3. Larry Pegram

4. Aaron Yates

5. Blake young

6. Chris Ulrich

7. Taylor Knapp

8. Shawn Higbee

9. Shane Narbonne

10. Barrett Long

11. Chris Clark

12. Eric Haugo

13. Josh Hayes

14. Johnny Rock Page

15. Eric Pinson

16. Trent Gibson

17. Skip Salenius

18. Ben Bostrom

19. Jeffrey Tigert

20. Brett McCormick


David Anthony

Scott Jenson

John Hopkins

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AMA: American Superbike Daytona Final Qualifying

It's always good to make the boss happy. Jordan Suzuki's Aaron Yates made his boss, Michael Jordan, very happy by taking the inaugural American Superbike pole of the 2010 season and the team's first pole ever at Daytona International Speedway.  Jordan, who was perched on the pit wall surrounded by his entourage, smiled broadly and fist-bumped every one in his proximity when the session ended with his rider on top.  Second place qualifier Larry Pegram claimed to have a traction control problem that sabotaged his session in the waning moments. Pegram was also a bit irritated at 4th place qualifier Blake Young 's supposed following tactics. Rockstar Makita Suzuki's Tommy Hayden merely had his brother, former MotoGP World Champion Nicky Hayden, in his pit to consult with when he took the third slot. Jake Zemke  had to qualify on his back-up bike after the  motor on his National Guard Suzuki blew late in the last practice session.

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Kevin Schwantz: "Spies Can Win A Race In His First Season"

One of  the big questions MotoGP fans have this year is just how well Ben Spies will do in his first full season of MotoGP. The Texan has already impressed Europeans and outperformed the expectations of Americans by winning the World Superbike title at his first attempt, but so far, World Superbike champions have had a rather patchy record of success in MotoGP. Consequently, fans are fishing about for any data they can find from experts and former riders, to help them make their own minds up.

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The Saga's Over: Hopkins AMA Deal Now Official

After a month of intense speculation about the fate of John Hopkins, and whether the American would be joining the brand new FB Corse MotoGP project or heading back to the US to ride for John Ulrich's Team Hammer in the AMA Pro series, Hopkins' destiny is finally sealed. Last night, the newly christened Team M4 Monster Suzuki issued a press release announcing that John Hopkins will be riding for the team in the American Superbike class in the US in 2010.

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Hopkins Announces Intention To Race In AMA

The John Hopkins saga is over. An announcement has been made. The time, place and method used to make the announcement exemplified just why Hopper's decision to return to the AMA or move to MotoGP has become such a saga. For at the Anaheim Supercross round on Sunday, John Hopkins announced to the assembled crowd that he would be racing the M4 Suzuki GSX-R 1000 in the AMA Pro American Superbike class for 2010. This news was then disseminated further by Cycle World's managing editor Matthew Miles, who posted the following tweet on Cycle World's official Twitter page:

John Hopkins just announced to the crowd at Anaheim that he will race an M4 Suzuki GSX-R1000 in AMA Pro American Superbike in 2010. MPM

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Hopkins Closing On AMA Deal? #21 Entered In AMA Superbike Series

The signs are growing that John Hopkins has come to a decision about his future. That future, it seems likely, is in his home country of the United States of America rather than Italy. The grounds for such a conclusion were first spotted by the Italian website The entry list for the American Superbike class in the AMA includes the following line item:

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FB Corse Reaffirms Hopkins Will Be Riding MotoGP Bike

Normally, the month of January is a quiet time in the world of MotoGP and motorcycle racing. Last year, that quiet was ruptured by the fallout from Kawasaki's decision to withdraw from MotoGP, and one of the major players in that scenario is making waves in 2010. John Hopkins, who lost his 2009 ride when Kawasaki canned their team, has been desperate not to be caught out for the second year in a row, and has had been linked with a number of options.

The main team the American has been associated with is the brand new FB Corse project, which is to field a three-cylinder 800cc bike designed by Oral Engineering, based on the bike the Italian engineering firm originally built for BMW. However, the FB Corse 34100, as the machine has been christened, is still very much under development and the question of how much racing the team will do is still unclear.

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John Hopkins To Return To AMA For 2010

After a year which started without a ride and was later blighted by injuries, John Hopkins career looked to be heading into a dead end. The competitive rides in both MotoGP and World Superbikes filled up, leaving the former factory Suzuki and Kawasaki MotoGP  rider without a seat in 2010.

His salvation looked like coming from Italy, where the FB Corse MotoGP team had pencilled him in as their rider for the development year 2010. The role would mainly involve a lot of testing of the 800cc triple, designed by Oral Engineering and based on the previous design for BMW. However, the FB Corse team were confident of competing in several MotoGP rounds as a wildcard, and possibly even racing a full season. But given that development on the FB Corse MotoGP bike is still at an early stage, the bike is unlikely to be competitive.

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Could Mat Mladin Race In WSBK? UPDATE - With BMW?

Ever since Ben Spies entered the World Superbike championship, all eyes have been on his former teammate at Yoshimura Suzuki, Mat Mladin. The 7-time AMA Superbike champion initially decided to stay in the US, but his disillusionment with the way the DMG - the rights holders for AMA Superbikes - was running the series became more and more prominent, and he eventually announced his retirement from racing at the end of July 2009. 

At the time, speculation was rife that this retirement was merely from the AMA, and that the Australian veteran was planning a secret return to World Superbikes for the 2010 series. Mladin denied it, telling's Dean Adams that he intended to stop racing altogether once the 2009 AMA season had concluded.

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