Valencia MotoGP Saturday Round Up: A Closer Title Fight Than Anyone Expected

When I went for my motorcycle license nearly four decades ago in The Netherlands, I turned up for the test in the middle of January, in the pouring rain, and with a hangover after staying out the previous night. As I rode out of the test center to start the practical part of the test, feeling the odds stacked against me, I accepted I would fail and relaxed, riding around thinking I would try again a few months later. I passed first time.

The test for my car license in the UK, nearly a decade later, was much the same story. As I was about to drive off to start the test, the examiner asked me if I had perhaps forgotten something, pointing at the seatbelt I had not fastened. Failed at the first hurdle, I thought, and was surprised when I passed that as well.

What does a quaint tale of driving tests back in the Pleistocene era have to do with MotoGP? Quite a lot, as it turns out. I passed the tests because I had no nerves, having believed that all was already lost. I relaxed, focused on just riding or driving round, and forgot about the stakes.

Abandon hope, and prosper

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2022 Valencia Moto2 FP3 Result: Advantage Acosta

Sunshine looked a bit more convincing by the time the intermediate class took to the chilly track in Valencia but the top of the timesheets saw the same names in the limelight. Friday leader Pedro Acosta started and finished the session at the top of the pile, retrieving the lead from his teammate in the final minute of FP3. Augusto Fernandez led the way halfway through proceedings, before dropping to second by six hundredths of a second. Aron Canet made a late jump into third, ahead of compatriot Alonso Lopez, with Jake Dixon the first to break the Spanish dominance in the top five.

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