2022 Jerez Moto2 FP3 Result: Dixon In Control

A sunny Jerez welcomed the intermediate class for their final attack on the top 14 and improvements came quite early in the session, Sam Lowes picking up the lead after a handful of laps and going unchallenged until the final set of flying laps, when compatriot Jake Dixon got ahead. The British riders were separated by a mere hundredth of a second at the chequered flag, with small margins throughout the field, one second covering the top 25 riders.

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Portimão Moto2 Chaos: Could The Red Flags Have Come Out Earlier?

It is the sight every MotoGP fan fears. At the start of lap 9 of the Moto2 race in Portimão, bike after bike went down, bikes firing through the gravel at stricken riders like unguided projectiles. We sat holding our breath until the crashing had stopped, and miraculously, no one had been struck by a bike, the MV Agusta of Simone Corsi having gone up in flames after hitting the Kalex of Zonta van den Goorbergh.

After the race, there was a great deal of debate about the crash. Ten riders had gone down at Turn 2, the leaders of the race the first to go. There was anger in some quarters at how slowly Race Direction appeared to bring out the red flags after the race. With so many bikes ending up in the gravel, and at high speed, it should have been stopped earlier, the critics said.

Should Race Direction have ordered a red flag earlier? To test that assertion, I went back and watched the incident several times, and dived into the analysis timesheet on the results page of the website. Taking the timestamp from the video of the race on, I timed how long it took for the red flags to come out.

A matter of seconds

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2022 Portimão Moto2 FP3 Result: Vietti Leads After A Windy Red Flag

The intermediate class started their Saturday in possibly the worst conditions of the weekend, with on and off rain and strong winds leading to the session being red flagged halfway through. After a short wait for the wind to calm down, FP3 was restarted but there were not many takers initially. The final 10 minutes got busier and although conditions didn’t look like they allowed much progress, the final handful of minutes finally saw some serious changes to the combined standings.

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2022 Portimão Moto2 FP2 Result: Schrotter Sets Sail

The intermediate class closed a very wet day one at Portimão, but the rain calmed down enough to allow the FP1 benchmark to drop only 15 minutes into the session. Although Joe Roberts and Barry Baltus were the main actors in the first half of the session, late crashes for both riders allowed some challengers to sneak ahead while navigating a multitude of yellow flags, with Marcel Schrotter picking up the lead for the final four minutes. The German rider ended the day half a second quicker than Jake Dixon, who in turn had two tenths over Cameron Beaubier.

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