Dorna Get Their Man: Corrado Cecchinelli appointed MotoGP Director of Technology

It's been hard being Carmelo Ezpeleta these past few years. Ever since the capacity reduction to 800cc, MotoGP fans all around the world have been baying for the Dorna CEO's blood. The fans blamed Ezpeleta personally for killing off the spectacular 990s and allowing the 800s to degenerate into the rather sterile racing that it has become.

Yet Ezpeleta had little say in the capacity change: under the terms of the contract between the MSMA (the manufacturers' association) and Dorna, the MSMA would get to draw up the technical regulations, and the other parties in the Grand Prix Commission (MotoGP's rulemaking body) would accept what the MSMA put forward. The MSMA, it was felt, knew what they wanted from the series, and as they were providing the bikes, they should get to make the rules.

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KTM Building Moto3 Machine

When the rules for the Moto3 class, due to replace the 125cc two-stroke class from 2012 onwards, were announced, the entry of existing motocross and supermoto manufacturers seemed only a question of time. The new class is to feature 250cc, single cylinder four-stroke engines, with a maximum bore of 81mm and rev limited to 14,000 rpm, and all of the current companies building motocross bikes have an engine which - with a little modification - would fit that bill. 

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Moto3 Regulations Announced - 250cc Four-Stroke, 14k RPM, 12K Euros, Spec ECU

The long-awaited rules for the replacement of the 125cc class were announced at Valencia on Saturday, with the details finalized for the 250cc four-stroke formula. The rules contain few surprises from the information that has leaked out over the past few months, with the thought process behind it very clear: a lot of technical regulations have been imposed to avoid the costs from spiraling out of control.

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