Red Bull Rookies Cup

Red Bull Rookies Cup Series To Be Broadcast Online

The Red Bull Rookies Cup provided some of the most entertaining racing of the year for spectators attending the European MotoGP rounds, but given the nature of the competitors, that was to be expected. Having thirty-odd teenagers with hyperactive hormones and no fear of death all racing for glory on identical bikes is a recipe for both spectacle and disaster. Fortunately, the skill these young boys and girls displayed helped avert disaster in most cases, leaving just the spectacle to enjoy. My personal favorite moment was at Assen, watching the Red Bull Rookies head into the final GT chicane eight abreast, none of them with any intention of giving ground to each other.

Unfortunately for people who weren't at the races, or couldn't follow the races live on the Red Bull Rookies website, there was little coverage on live TV. That appalling error has now been remedied, with the online broadcaster VBS has put together an eight-part series covering the 2009 Red Bull Rookies Cup. You can watch all of the episodes over on the VBS website, or watch the trailer or the first episode below.


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KTM To Pull Out Of 125 Class?

When KTM announced they would be withdrawing from the 250cc class at the end of last year, it was generally put down to the bitterness felt by the Austrian factory over the way the Moto2 class was forced through. That announcement was followed shortly by both the onset of the global financial crisis, and a string of very poor financial results by KTM. Since then, KTM has been gradually screwing back its involvement in two-stroke road racing, including withdrawing support from the US Red Bull Rookies series, causing that class to collapse before the start of the season. Earlier this month, when the 2010 Red Bull Rookies Cup was announced, the press release made no mention of KTM, and the Red Bull Rookies web site states that the bike the rookies will be using next season is the Metrakit Pre GP 125.

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2010 Red Bull Rookies Cup Applications Close September 20th

Good news for aspiring MotoGP champions. The Red Bull Rookies Cup is to be run again in 2010, giving teenagers between the ages of 13 and 16 a chance to race at some of the finest racetracks around the world on motorcycles close to Grand Prix spec, with professional coaching and under the watchful eye of some of the great names in the sport. The fact that the current 125cc Grand Prix field contains a number of riders who came up through the program such as Johann Zarco and German sensation Jonas Folger is proof enough of the value of the program, and this season's top riders Sturla Fagerhaug and Jakub Kornfeil have made their Grand Prix debuts as wildcards.

The selection process is set to be much stricter this year, as the level of entries has increased each time the program is run. The rising quality of entrants is a result of the increasing popularity and name recognition of the series, and it is becoming one of the best ways into the MotoGP championship. As a result, applicants will need to have proven experience on high performance motorcycles. This does not necessarily mean that they must have road racing experience; any form of motorcycle racing experience will do, or some other form of participation in high-speed motorcycle activities.

The Red Bull Rookies cup is open to boys and girls born between January 1st,1993 and March 31st, 1997, though exceptions will be made for those born within a year of the entry dates under exceptional circumstances. Applications need to be submitted by September 20th, 2009, via an online entry form which can be found on the Red Bull Rookies website. The entries will be judged by a panel of experts including KTM's race team director Harald Bartol, Austrian racer Gustl Auinger, former 125 and 250 racer Raul Jara and the former team manager of the WCM 500cc and MotoGP racing team, Peter Clifford.

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2009 Red Bull Rookies Championship Standings After Round 4, Assen, Netherlands

1 FAGERHAUG Sturla NOR 95  
2 HIURA Daijiro JPN 52 -43
3 KENT Danny GBR 50 -45
4 KORNFEIL Jakub CZE 49 -46
5 MARINO Florian FRA 39 -56
6 SCHOLTZ Mathew RSA 35 -60
7 KRISTIANSSON Alexander SWE 30 -65
8 GAGNE Jacob USA 28 -67
9 RUIZ Daniel SPA 27 -68
Round Number: 

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2009 Red Bull Rookies Cup Standings After Round 2, Mugello

1 FAGERHAUG Sturla NOR 70  
2 KENT Danny GBR 50 -20
3 KORNFEIL Jakub CZE 38 -32
4 HIURA Daijiro JPN 32 -38
5 SCHOLTZ Mathew RSA 29 -41
6 MARINO Florian FRA 26 -44
7 PARDO Alejandro ITA 21 -49
8 KRISTIANSSON Alexand SWE 20 -50
9 RUIZ Daniel SPA 18 -52
Round Number: 

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2009 Mugello Red Bull Rookies Cup Race Result

Sturla Fagerhaug won the Red Bull Rookies race at Mugello on Saturday, after a mature recovery from a terrible start. The Norwegian got away from the line terribly, crossing the line at the end of the first lap well down the order. But Fagerhaug settled down into a rhythm and fought his way forward to catch leader Jakub Kornfeil, then break away from the chasing pack together with the Czech rider.

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2009 Red Bull Rookies Cup Championship Standings After Round 1, Jerez

1 FAGERHAUG Sturla NOR 45  
2 KENT Danny GBR 41 -4
3 SCHOLTZ Mathew RSA 29 -16
4 PARDO Alejandro ITA 21 -24
5 KORNFEIL Jakub CZE 18 -27
6 HIURA Daijiro JPN 16 -29
7 MARINO Florian FRA 13 -32
8 KRISTIANSSON Alexand SWE 13 -32
9 CALIA Kevin ITA 12 -33
10 GAGNE Jacob USA 12 -33
11 HOOK Joshua AUS 11 -34
12 MAJOR Nelson FRA 9 -36
13 BINDER Brad RSA 9 -36
14 RUIZ Daniel SPA 7 -38
15 FIGUERAS Xavier SPA 7 -38
16 GILLIM Hayden USA 6
Round Number: 

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