Saturday Photos From Brno

While Scott Jones,'s own photographer is back home in California, our friend Jules Cisek is here at Brno instead. And fortunately for us, Jules is a dab hand with the camera as well. Here's his photos from Saturday.

It's decision day for Rossi on Sunday at Brno

A ride through the forest: Brno provides a beautiful setting for motorcycle racing

Alvaro Bautista is getting pretty beat up this year. His big crash on Saturday morning left him thankfully just bruised

Marco Simoncelli: Fastest of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers

Toni Elias is famous for his peculiar riding style. Fast enough to lead the Moto2 title chase, though

Moto2 in a nutshell: lots of bikes, close racing, fast and eager riders

The morning session was grey and misty. But that didn't stop Jorge Lorenzo

Saturday morning's rain clouds had given way to heat haze by the afternoon

Two corners later, he would fall. But Rossi's luck held, and he came away unhurt from the crash

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Wish I could be there, too, Jules, but nice to see you're wearing the colors proudly. LOVE those green leafy backgrounds! Keep up the good work, brother.

Nice work Jules, I always appreciate the photos.

If I may be so bold as to make a small request... if it would be possible for the next back of photos to be at a larger size like Scott usually does, I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to use these images as a desktop wallpaper... that would be sweet.

Looking forward to tomorrows images.


i will provide desktop size images when i return to the states. just didn't have enough bandwidth (time/network) to do it on the fly.


I love Scott Jones shots, as mugget mentions above they are the best desktop wallpapers. But it is also great to have Jules shots here, well done!. Jules is not only a great photographer, he is also a great web broadcaster and he is beating everyone at the RO2 tipping competition (for second year in a row). Greetings from Mexico Jules! Good job mate!

thanks for your comments [Don] Ciccio ;)

sadly i missed the deadline for brno in tipping this weekend /: