2021 MotoGP Championship Standings After Round 14, Misano, Italy

1 Fabio Quartararo Yamaha 234  
2 Francesco Bagnaia Ducati 186 -48
3 Joan Mir Suzuki 167 -67
4 Johann Zarco Ducati 141 -93
5 Jack Miller Ducati 140 -94
6 Brad Binder KTM 124 -110
7 Aleix Espargaro Aprilia 104 -130
8 Maverick Viñales Aprilia 98 -136
9 Marc Marquez Honda 92 -142
10 Miguel Oliveira KTM 87 -147
11 Jorge Martin Ducati 71 -163
12 Takaaki Nakagami Honda 70 -164
13 Alex Rins Suzuki 68 -166
14 Pol Espargaro Honda 64 -170
15 Enea Bastianini Ducati 61 -173
16 Alex Marquez Honda 50 -184
17 Franco Morbidelli Yamaha 40 -194
18 Iker Lecuona KTM 38 -196
19 Danilo Petrucci KTM 37 -197
20 Luca Marini Ducati 28 -206
21 Valentino Rossi Yamaha 28 -206
22 Stefan Bradl Honda 13 -221
23 Michele Pirro Ducati 8 -226
24 Dani Pedrosa KTM 6 -228
25 Lorenzo Savadori Aprilia 4 -230
26 Tito Rabat Ducati 1 -233
27 Cal Crutchlow Yamaha 0 -234
28 Garrett Gerloff Yamaha 0 -234
29 Jake Dixon Yamaha 0 -234
30 Andrea Dovizioso Yamaha 0 -234
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Hopefully the order is correct this time for the equally placed participants...

4 rounds left make it a total of 204 points still up for grabs folks, and Cloverleaf is pulling ahead aggressively! Marc will have to pull a few tricks out of his hat to keep you from the top flight.


Here goes:

Cloverleaf__560__1._Jack Miller__140__2._Francesco Bagnaia__186__3._Fabio Quartararo__234


Motoshrink__493__1._Marc Marquez__92__2._Fabio Quartararo__234__3._Joan Mir__167


TZnRDracer__473__1._Fabio Quartararo__234__2._Johann Zarco__141__3._Maverick Viñales__98


Rholcomb__473__1._Maverick Viñales__98__2._Johann Zarco__141__3._Fabio Quartararo__234


D999__466__1._Marc Marquez__92__2._Jack Miller__140__3._Fabio Quartararo__234


Lilyvani__466__1._Marc Marquez__92__2._Fabio Quartararo__234__3._Jack Miller__140


Iannis_Z__441__1._Joan Mir__167__2._Franco Morbidelli__40__3._Fabio Quartararo__234


St Stephen__400__1._Fabio Quartararo__234__2._Alex Rins__68__3._Maverick Viñales__98


Richtea__400__1._Johann Zarco__141__2._Marc Marquez__92__3._Joan Mir__167


SP_won__373__1._Johann Zarco__141__2._Marc Marquez__92__3._Jack Miller__140


Buccatini__367__1._Johann Zarco__141__2._Francesco Bagnaia__186__3._Franco Morbidelli__40


WaveyD1974__349__1._Marc Marquez__92__2._Francesco Bagnaia__186__3._Jorge Martin__71


Mr.X__331__1._Johann Zarco__141__2._Maverick Viñales__98__3._Marc Marquez__92


Apical__301__1._Marc Marquez__92__2._Alex Rins__68__3._Johann Zarco__141


Brian__301__1._Marc Marquez__92__2._Alex Rins__68__3._Johann Zarco__141


Daddyrat__301__1._Johann Zarco__141__2._Marc Marquez__92__3._Alex Rins__68


stumo__301__1._Marc Marquez__92__2._Alex Rins__68__3._Johann Zarco__141


Peterday__299__1._Franco Morbidelli__40__2._Joan Mir__167__3._Marc Marquez__92


Pool Pirate__252__1._Johann Zarco__141__2._Franco Morbidelli__40__3._Jorge Martin__71


Ivanhoe__200__1._Alex Rins__68__2._Franco Morbidelli__40__3._Marc Marquez__92


Special kudos must also go to our only 3 that have a shot at guessing the world champion correctly, Fabio by TZnRDracer and St Stephen, and the long shot Joan by Iannis_Z - who will it be?!

Edit: spoken too soon! With 4 rounds left Johann and Jack are also still in the running albeit mathematically at best wink

It was very good of you to take over as custodian of the scores. I entirely agree, as someone who almost certainly hasn't chosen the next world champion, special kudos should go to the subscriber who selects that rider. Bonus points, perhaps? 

Thanks so much for running with the tipping scores, mate. Perhaps next year we can add some extra spice because tipping/fantasy always brings a little something extra to race weekends!

Exciting race, less knife fighting of course than last one w Marc. But the stalking from Fabio was intense. He was overriding a wobbly bike all weekend. Did you all see how much of a limp Fabio has still from his foot/ankle bike collision a few races ago? He's hurt! Plenty was going on elsewhere too. Glad it was dry.

Pecco Bagnaia is in form. On the Ducati, which has taken a step of evolution putting it at the top as most complete bike. It's weak point has been developed. Fabio was so curious about Pecco's soft R after the race that he snuck in there and pulled the cover off of it...twice for lengthy genuine analytical stares. Pecco's riding style and this bike are gelled.

Martin fell off whilst ripping good pace. In Q Marc had "that crash" the Honda does, but his race was measured. Decent result! Right handed track, his adversaries have extensive time on it. Rins did his unfortunate 2021 toss. Mir hung in there, but Suzuki have not brought more bike. 

BASTIANNINI! On the 2019?! Hoeleee shite! Giving Luca the top bike is a bullshit move Vale. Somewhat understandable, but given your unresolved iffy decision making around this step, you are not being given the benefit of doubt. How is that for you? Uncomfortable? That is something to listen to. Bastiannini was brilliant, a joyful surprise. Wow! Ducati has a great stable.

Has anyone seen Maverick's moment off track or missing a corner or whatever it was? Not a bad start, but at some point he suddenly was 18th. Then clawed forward a bit again. Not bad. Mav 98 pts, Aleix 104? We have a top Black 2021 race!

Dovi back on A Spec, Morbidelli back on Factory kit for the first time, neither got TV time. But very  happy to have them with us. 

Binder did his usual Sunday business. KTM are working hard, multiple chassis experiments etc. Oliveira was no where. Iker had a swing and a miss. Brad is earning his keep. 

I don't see Pecco title challenging now. But yet this is still a big deal to be excited about just that he is here in this fine form on that Red bike. Miller? Good race, but that's it. He and Zarco are not doing what Pecco is and even Martin looks to be arriving at. Watching the riders, Miller and Zarco are at zenith. Great rides. But, Ducati finally have a couple riders doing that next step with a bike that is doing the same. Incredible and wonderful. Great season even w the gap to the front. A gap not too that one guy on that one team, but a fantastic French kid making more than mortal of a underpowered and less rideable/easy to set up than it appears under him. We have an Alien again, but he is joined by a handful of great astronauts swapping turns taking points. Some close hard fought racing, and friendly thoughtful slow burn Pecco is ablaze yet steady. It is REALLY hard to pass a Duc rocket when it also tips in and carves well after giving up nothing on the brakes. Pecco!!!

^ Grazi Ivanhoe, you are very appreciated. If it is ok with you and participants we will do another evolution of it with input considered from everyone, and a sorta democratic decision with me making the final call (in the interest of it working smoothly/easily). Then perhaps it can just be everyone's thing, facilitated by Ivanhoe for the time being but not stuck with it forever. I like my 2nd place! Not catching our Quartararo of Cloverleaf, good picks mate.


If it's not too difficult, would you please credit Rins with whatever position he is in when he crashes every race? That would really help me out, thanks.  ;-)

Seriously, thank you for tabulating the rankings, much appreciated. And props to 'Shrink, who has been on the Bagnaia bandwagon for several years now and has never wavered. Pecco has arrived!

Think I saw the same footage, but the camera angle/position is misleading. It's actually his own tire he's investigating. Or I missed part of the video...

Yup, as I thought, it's the yamaha tire cover he moves a bit and at the same time he's lookin from a distance to the avintia rear tire