Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 242: Marquez Wins, Donuts Disappoint, And Answering Listener Questions

In the latest episode of the Paddock Pass Podcast presented by Fly Racing and Renthal Street, Steve English, Neil Morrison, Adam Wheeler and David Emmett look back at the Grand Prix of the Americas at Austin. After a quick discussion of the dramatic incident in Moto3 - more of which to come in the Follow Up Show Fueld by Elf Marc VDS Racing later this week - we go through our moments of the weekend, and then our big talking points to emerge.

We discuss why Austin produces such stretched out races, and where else MotoGP could race in the US. We investigate the mystery of the Safety Commission, what goes on, and why we sometimes do, and sometimes don't hear from it. We talk Marc Marquez win, and what it means going forward. And we ask if the championship is done already. Finally, we finish up with a look at our winners and losers of the weekend.

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that I thought the Jett Lawrence/MM93 doughnut stunt was silly/refreshing/fun. Lighten up guys. And in today's world of ultrafit, scripted diet athletes, even better.

How apropo that it was done in the U.S. eh? I guess because I occasionally partake in one, or two, that makes me a remote co-conspirator?  :)