Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 244: WorldSBK Jerez & Portimão - The Dangers Of WorldSSP300, And The Burgeoning Rea vs Razgatlioglu Rivalry

Technical problems derailed the post-Jerez WorldSBK wrap up, so Steve English and Gordon Ritchie sat down after the Portimão round to take a look back at the last two wild weekends of WorldSBK for the Paddock Pass Podcast presented by Pirelli.

The big question after the tragic death of Dean Berta Viñales at Jerez was how to improve safety, especially in the WorldSSP300 class. Steve and Gordo ponder the purpose of WorldSBK's newest and smallest class, look at some of the riders, and consider ways of improving the class. Then they get into the WorldSBK class, and the growing and fierce rivalry between Jonathan Rea and Toprak Razgatlioglu, before looking ahead at how the rest of the season might go down.

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Unfortunately, I too miss about half what Gordon says. My bad!

Gordon is very hard to understand.  I don't waste my time trying to listen to him.

Hi all,

Yes, Gordo has quite a strong accent. Unfortunately, his audio was a bit rough in the past couple of podcasts, which doesn't help. We have ordered some new kit for him to improve the audio quality, which should make it easier to understand him.

It's worth making the effort though. Genuinely the most insightful and knowledgeable WorldSBK journalist working. And with Steve the second most knowledgeable, always plenty in the WSBK shows!

Gordo's accent isn't that strong. As an Englishman in Scotland, I'd have to say he's one of the softer Glaswegian accents I've heard. wink

And yes, it's well worth listening to these two. They're very knowledgeable.

but I figured it was just my old ears. Neil Morrison is borderline for me, with his rich voice.

Since these podcasts are edited before posting, there has to be way to post-process these and raise the EQ to boost the treble / duck the bass? Just a little?

I notice that when Neil's on, they do precisely that, to raise the listenability.

The Zoom calls don't help either, and I know it's a requirement, but...

I think part of the problem is his equipment (iPhone earbuds?) he's using to record. I would love if someone from Paddock Pass Podcast would set up a collection for better audio equipment, then I could toss $25 into the pot👍👍👍

(Poking fun at Gordo, humor bits)

His father at the pub:

And, his elder brother was on the news when his sheep were stolen

You have to hand it to him on his knowledge! He is spot on about SO much, deeply/technically, and historically over time. He knows a TON. I enjoy accents, including his, and can understand him fine most of the time. The old guy in the pub up there? Not a damn word. 


v Larry, my family is Highland Scot, kilts and all. Grandpa had a great accent. Ended up in BC Canada. This must help, the N Irish sound just a bit different? MacLeod, Andrews and Sangster - I often just wear Blackwatch because it wears well and loud MacLeod yellow is too bright. What clan mate? Is it bad I cheer on Toprak? Just plain glad to have a legit challenger to a single Green overdog. Sincere hope that Beautista in Red AND Redding in White/Blue join them straight away. Glad to not be caught up in just one the RACING.

His cousin spoke quite plainly in Parliment (honest to shite, I can understand every wee bit - can't everyone?)

Speaking as one whose great-great-great grandfather gave up a career in Belfast at Bushmills' for farming in Canada. Why the hell the silly bugger didn't set up a distillery I'll never understand, lol.

I love his knowledge, but evidently it's not just myself who's having difficulty to sometimes understand him, that's why I would love to help out towards better audio equipment. 

Have to say that Gordo is to understandable spoken English as Motoshrink is to understandable prose.  In this case anyway!  ;-)

and not really having any issue understanding Gordon with my non-native ears though sometimes the sound quality drops considerably. He could definitely do with a new earphone/mic set.