2021 MotoGP Championship Standings After Round 16, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

1 Fabio Quartararo Yamaha 267  
2 Francesco Bagnaia Ducati 202 -65
3 Joan Mir Suzuki 175 -92
4 Johann Zarco Ducati 152 -115
5 Jack Miller Ducati 149 -118
6 Marc Marquez Honda 142 -125
7 Brad Binder KTM 136 -131
8 Aleix Espargaro Aprilia 113 -154
9 Maverick Viñales Aprilia 106 -161
10 Miguel Oliveira KTM 92 -175
11 Alex Rins Suzuki 91 -176
12 Pol Espargaro Honda 90 -177
13 Enea Bastianini Ducati 87 -180
14 Jorge Martin Ducati 82 -185
15 Takaaki Nakagami Honda 71 -196
16 Alex Marquez Honda 54 -213
17 Franco Morbidelli Yamaha 42 -225
18 Iker Lecuona KTM 38 -229
19 Danilo Petrucci KTM 37 -230
20 Luca Marini Ducati 37 -230
21 Valentino Rossi Yamaha 35 -232
22 Stefan Bradl Honda 13 -254
23 Michele Pirro Ducati 12 -255
24 Dani Pedrosa KTM 6 -261
25 Andrea Dovizioso Yamaha 6 -261
26 Lorenzo Savadori Aprilia 4 -263
27 Tito Rabat Ducati 1 -266
28 Cal Crutchlow Yamaha 0 -267
29 Garrett Gerloff Yamaha 0 -267
30 Jake Dixon Yamaha 0 -267
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Congratulation Fabio for his amazing season. Next year might be a lot less interesting with the form Marc is starting to show.

Aside from 2007, Stoner and that Ducati, all the seasons that stick in my mind are the ones where more than one rider dominated. 2000, 2006, 2012, 2015, 2017, 2020, they all went down to the last or last couple of races. It's more fun when two or more challengers step up to the plate, the years Marc (or Valentino, Mick) had it done and dusted with half the season left to race were impressive but anti-climactic.

Let me be the first to suggest a five deep vs 3 for next year's (ahem, betting) results.


Or, pick 3 and add a unique 4th tie breaker? 

There will be a change TBA. Ears open for suggestion. What do folks prefer? Ivanhoe what do you prefer?

(I have my top 3 already, no 4th yet)


I think picking top 5 would be good. As for tie-breaker - maybe total points of champion?

What a race hey, none of the protagonists seemed to want to keep Fabio from winning the rider's championship...

Congratulations to TZnRDracer and St Stephen for picking the World Champion correctly 🏆🍾

Here are the latest standings, interesting battle left for top positions!


Cloverleaf__618__1._Jack Miller__149__2._Francesco Bagnaia__202__3._Fabio Quartararo__267

Motoshrink__584__1._Marc Marquez__142__2._Fabio Quartararo__267__3._Joan Mir__175

D999__558__1._Marc Marquez__142__2._Jack Miller__149__3._Fabio Quartararo__267

Lilyvani__558__1._Marc Marquez__142__2._Fabio Quartararo__267__3._Jack Miller__149

TZnRDracer__525__1._Fabio Quartararo__267__2._Johann Zarco__152__3._Maverick Viñales__106

Rholcomb__525__1._Maverick Viñales__106__2._Johann Zarco__152__3._Fabio Quartararo__267

Iannis_Z__484__1._Joan Mir__175__2._Franco Morbidelli__42__3._Fabio Quartararo__267

Richtea__469__1._Johann Zarco__152__2._Marc Marquez__142__3._Joan Mir__175

St Stephen__464__1._Fabio Quartararo__267__2._Alex Rins__91__3._Maverick Viñales__106

SP_won__443__1._Johann Zarco__152__2._Marc Marquez__142__3._Jack Miller__149

WaveyD1974__426__1._Marc Marquez__142__2._Francesco Bagnaia__202__3._Jorge Martin__82

Mr.X__400__1._Johann Zarco__152__2._Maverick Viñales__106__3._Marc Marquez__142

Buccatini__396__1._Johann Zarco__152__2._Francesco Bagnaia__202__3._Franco Morbidelli__42

Apical__385__1._Marc Marquez__142__2._Alex Rins__91__3._Johann Zarco__152

Brian__385__1._Marc Marquez__142__2._Alex Rins__91__3._Johann Zarco__152

Daddyrat__385__1._Johann Zarco__152__2._Marc Marquez__142__3._Alex Rins__91

stumo__385__1._Marc Marquez__142__2._Alex Rins__91__3._Johann Zarco__152

Peterday__359__1._Franco Morbidelli__42__2._Joan Mir__175__3._Marc Marquez__142

Pool Pirate__276__1._Johann Zarco__152__2._Franco Morbidelli__42__3._Jorge Martin__82

Ivanhoe__275__1._Alex Rins__91__2._Franco Morbidelli__42__3._Marc Marquez__142

^ Thank you for the tally Ivanhoe! What do you think of top 5 for 2022?

D9's and Lilyvani how do you fancy your chances in Miller vs Mir for the last rounds? I think you two could draft up into 2nd and 3rd here. Cloverleaf has this in the bag though, right? 

(Ignore except Season 1,2,3 interested)

Great! One Q por favor to plan with. If there are no exact repeats next yr of Top 5 in same order, can we see to ranking who is closest to correct via their different order of the same riders Ihoe? Example: Daddyrat be ranked higher than Brian (sorry mate!), because he has Zarco ranked higher = more accurate tip? A) make sense? B) easy for you to arrange? Idea from luddite, if spreadsheet auto orders alphabetically by name for equal points total then consider adding a letter in front of their names like "a Daddyrat" and "b Brian" so it sorts? 

Brian__385__1._Marc Marquez__142__2._Alex Rins__91__3._Johann Zarco__152

Daddyrat__385__1._Johann Zarco__152__2._Marc Marquez__142__3._Alex Rins__91

Lastly, 25 entrants as limit for ease, or allow more? Your preference matters. If that sorts, we are ready for 2022. Sincere thanks Ivan!

Yes 'shrink that could be pursued. But... Is it better to have your #1 closer or your #3 closer and how do measure? We could do a differential, but it might require some intricacy. Who is the better predictor that has 1. Pecco 2. Fabio 3. Mir vs 1. Fabio 2. Mir 3. Pecco. Needs a thinking hat... Will go searching for one and prepare a proposal 🤔

On the topic of picking world champion - it was just kudos / feather in cap / honorary mention. Heck, I might even mention myself for coming dead last hah!

Still of the opinion that Winner takes all, and Cloverleaf is ever so close but not quite there yet - if one swallow did make summer and the Marc is back and somehow magically Mir pulls it together, then the house 'shrink is in with a shout. Bring it on!

1. Pecco 2. Fabio 3. Mir vs 1. Fabio 2. Mir 3. Pecco...

The second one because got a higher placed rider correct. 

OK, we can get something for next yr that is an upgrade and not too convoluted.


This contest blossomed organically, so no complaints here! But it is really a contest of most points, not a contest of who will be the champion. I apologize if this seems like a complaint, it's not! Do we want a Who Will Be the Champion contest, or a Who Can Guess the Most Points Contest, which is what I think we have in 2021. Or maybe both?

Anyway, what a great scene...Fabio celebrating, Marc celebrating, Vale celebrating, Pol, hugs all around. I love Italy.

Good thought! Top 7 people all have Quarty. Maybe they overlap some. Nothing is ideal. The total points seems a pretty direct good way to quantify how well you place riders for the year, providing a scale. 

You get an honors feather in the cap for picking THE winner though. That's still something! Ivanhoe wins for being the most friendly and involved backmarker ever. Cloverleaf is winning this thing though with his tip on Ducati Factory riders plus Fabio. If someone else had the same riders in a more correct position, they would win. 

Way back, we ranked the ENTIRE grid. Then got 2 riders each based on our tips, in an interesting way. That was interesting, but flawed upon review. This one looks pretty good, but is getting an update. Ideas welcome! After Portimao will be a heads up here. Then here after Valencia will be sign up. I organize them and send over to Ivanhoe the spreadsheet meister. Hope you do it again! Top 5.


It's always that fairness is complex and simplicity is not as fair. Shrink, Ivanhoe, please don't feel you have to make it perfect for us on here on the MM comments section, you know we will never agree anyway! For us here, simplicity should win out. 

Thanks for creating this contest.

Yes mate we can all win it! You, me and Brian. Daddyrat should be the winner of our gang of four cause Daddyrat has JZ5 first.

We seem to be in alphabetical order in the standings now.

Marc Marquez may overtake Zarco before the season is done. Judging from recent form Johann Zarco hasn't got a hope in hell!

R.I.P. Paul Smart another huge blow to Ducati. We lost a great rider there.

Loosing the front? That's racing, move on.


Come on, Jack. You're team leader, no need to ride shotgun for Pecco anymore, you know why you're qualifying well but having much the same accident in the latter stage of races. The time has come to address the problem, get your concentration and focus back, stay on the bike and finish the season strongly. Fourth place or better. For my sake and yours. I know you can do it. Could be trouble if not. The competition is closing in on both of us and it's looking extra hungry. 

Marquez out ringing his bell training? (He's OK, means nothing, he gets nice rest. Will miss him this wknd though, the kid is back).

Congrats to our 2021 1,2,3 Champion Cloverleaf w Fabio, Pecco and Jack! Time to call it methinks.