T-Shirts Still Available - But You'd Better Be Quick

The T-shirts are selling like the proverbial hotcakes, but we still have a small pile available for rapid-response readers. You will have to be quick, as all sizes are selling fast, and XXL is already completely sold out. Next time, we'll produce more XXLs. In fact, we'll produce more of everything!

So why is the T-shirt selling so quickly? We could go on about the fact that they are beautifully designed, produced on high-quality 6.1 Oz cotton, and printed meticulously using a silkscreen process by skilled experts. Instead, we have a shot of a T-shirt spotted in the wild: T-Shirt, as modeled by Moto2 engine designer Chris Cosentino

Before purchasing his t-shirt, Chris Cosentino was a mild-mannered engineer for Cosentino Engineering. After* purchasing it, Chris went on to design and build his own V4 600cc Moto2 engine, as you can clearly see in the photos. It may just be coincidence, and advertising legislation the world over almost certainly prevents us from claiming that the two events are causally related in some way, but we're just pointing out that a guy in a t-shirt designed his own motorcycle racing engine.

So if you want to look like you are the kind of person who might design and build their own racing motorcycle, then hurry up and order your t-shirt. If you want to find out about how Chris' V4 engine is coming along, check out his blog, where he is chronicling the build.

* OK, so maybe it was before. But in geological terms, the two events were virtually simultaneous.

Prices and ordering:

US Orders

$22.95 plus $6 shipping


Orders for Canada & Mexico

$22.95 plus $12 shipping


Orders for all other countries

$22.95 plus $14 shipping

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FYI, friends, we are LOW on Small and getting low on Medium and XXL, only a handful of each left.

As I am at Laguna Seca, I will get this weekend's orfder in the mail on Monday. Thanks!


I was actually looking foward to wearing my motomatters shirt at laguna :(

Scott is at Laguna, and has some t-shirts with him. If you can arrange to meet, you might be able to get your t-shirt handed over to you by Scott in person.

I got mine and have been wearing it out. Next time you do an order, I need to put in another special. The shirts look great and wash well too.
Thank you for another quality product.

First, thanks to everyone who has purchased a shirt since the order page went back up. We really appreciate the response we've received to our All About The Rider shirt.

I'd like to let you know what we have left in case we're getting low on your size:

Small: 2 left
Medium: 3 left
Large: 10+
XL: 5 left

I will try to keep this list up to date.

Thanks again!

I didn't come back to check. But I'm in socal Scott so I guess Ill order one and wait for it to come by mail.. thanks though :)

I'm out of town Wednesday afternoon to Friday mid-day, but if you get your order to me before I leave I'll get it right out. We find orders within CA usually arrive the next day.

Sorry if I'm doing something wrong, but whilst it seems from earlier comments that size Small is available, I'm unable so far to pursuade the website to let me order one in that size. Any suggestions - short of eating more pies - would be very welcome. Thanks. Cloverleaf

If you transfer the appropriate amount ($28.95 in the US, $36.95 for Europe) to via Paypal, quoting MotoMatters T-shirt, size Small, and including your address, then we can ship one to you. but the numbers are very limited.

love the shirt...wish i would have bought 2 but the shipping is a little outta hand...well its only out of hand if my theory is correct. did you have shirts printed in the u.s. in california?? if so shame shame....if they were sent from europe to turn 2 to be distributed here i guess i will let you slide...having owned a screen printing biz i know what it cost to ship a t-shirt....i still love ya though david and will support no matter how much you charge for shipping...hahahaha

The shipping costs only suck because I haven't finished building the shopping cart application yet. That's up next, so when we produce the next t-shirt (which is going to be even cooler than the current one), you should be able to order two and pay reasonable shipping costs. 

thanks david...i was really only busting you're bored at work today

A: Very, in my new t shirt. It arrived at the speed of light and, better yet, her indoors approves and she normally hates my t shirts. Thanks fellas.

Shirt came quickly, looks great! Although I've discovered these mediums run on the smaller side! (and I'm fatter than I thought!) I put it on and immediately took it off, any chance of being able to exchange it for a Large? No worries if not, I would just starve myself to fit into it!

I bought 2 being I am designing a new type of race bike myself .I will tell everyone the details later being im afraid the santioning body will change the rules if they find out what im up to . Chris on the other hand should be running for a political office on the other hand , if he can sell T shirts on the premise of building a V-4 for Moto2 and get away with it , he destined for politics lol

Sorry I thought you where joking and the money was for site upkeep. A V-4 for Moto 2 ? Love to see new designs comminfg out and will now follow the progress . What is the 600cc engine for ? Moto2 have set Honda 600cc engines .