2021 MotoGP Championship Standings After Round 18, Valencia, Spain

1 Fabio Quartararo Yamaha 278  
2 Francesco Bagnaia Ducati 252 -26
3 Joan Mir Suzuki 208 -70
4 Jack Miller Ducati 181 -97
5 Johann Zarco Ducati 173 -105
6 Brad Binder KTM 151 -127
7 Marc Marquez Honda 142 -136
8 Aleix Espargaro Aprilia 120 -158
9 Jorge Martin Ducati 111 -167
10 Maverick Viñales Aprilia 106 -172
11 Enea Bastianini Ducati 102 -176
12 Pol Espargaro Honda 100 -178
13 Alex Rins Suzuki 99 -179
14 Miguel Oliveira KTM 94 -184
15 Takaaki Nakagami Honda 76 -202
16 Alex Marquez Honda 70 -208
17 Franco Morbidelli Yamaha 47 -231
18 Valentino Rossi Yamaha 44 -234
19 Luca Marini Ducati 41 -237
20 Iker Lecuona KTM 39 -239
21 Danilo Petrucci KTM 37 -241
22 Stefan Bradl Honda 14 -264
23 Michele Pirro Ducati 12 -266
24 Andrea Dovizioso Yamaha 12 -266
25 Dani Pedrosa KTM 6 -272
26 Lorenzo Savadori Aprilia 4 -274
27 Tito Rabat Ducati 1 -277
28 Cal Crutchlow Yamaha 0 -278
29 Garrett Gerloff Yamaha 0 -278
30 Jake Dixon Yamaha 0 -278
Round Number: 

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2022 Top 5 + Rookie OPEN...add your picks below.

No exact repeats, so check what is here already. If you see this post and wish to join, just hop on in. All are welcome until full.

Total points AND most correct order will determine your placing (when tie on Pts, win goes to most correct order).

Di Giannantonio


Motoshrink: 1) Marquez 2) Bagnaia 3) Quartararo 4) Mir 5) Martin 6) Bezzecchi


1. Bagnaia 2. Quartararo 3. Mir 4. Martin 5. Miller 6. Gardner

1: Bagnaia; 2: Martin; 3: Marquez M; 4: Mir; 5: Morbidelli

ROTY: Fernandez

Thanks for picking Bez as your rookie Shrink, made my choice easier, I will choose Remy.

Apical; 1) Pecco 2) Quartararo 3) M. Marquez 4) Miller 5) Martin 6) Remy Gardner

I'm assuming you went for Marc rather than Alex M.

I love Remy, best Rookie methinks. Went bike and recent form trajectory on Bez, but will be cheering for Remy for sure.

Ape, if there is a tie can you pick up sorting who has the best order? It may be a bit subjective. Ivanhoe can put a letter A in front of their reader username, his spreadsheet does alphabetical order for same Pts. (Delegation makes for community and democracy, and you are a good egg. Do they say that phrase in Australia?)


Sorting mail, Yes! Ivanhoe's spreadsheet sorting? This is a skill I will have to work on, will give it a go Motoshrink.

Yes we say "you are a good egg." I am good in parts at least.

Remy, Bez & Raul will be interesting. DiGi could be surprisingly fast, I haven't seen him ride that much. Darryn we'll see.

So who is checking for repeats or identical picks? Plenty of possible permutations.

If Suzuki bring a killer bike to the Jerez test we will all get nervous. A few support Mir. Yes he is a champion.

Alex Rins, dear oh dear, I made a blunder picking Alex in 2021. I really hope A.R.42 can stay on the bike & finish every race next year. Six DNF's this year, 20th at Jerez. Can't quite put my disappointment into words. Not happy Alex! Since he crashed at Assen 2019.

Pecco for champion, or Jack, as long as we have another epic season of awesome racing.



I will check for repeats, and let them know. Will make a list of them all. Then after Race 1 lovely Mr Ivanhoe posts his spreadsheet. If we gave a tie on Pts, you can pop in there.


1. Bagnaia 2. Martin 3. Quatararo 4. Mir  5. B Binder 6.Bezzechi

Good luck everyone. Apologies for the edit to complete my sixth selection. 

2021 Champ includes Binder AND Martin over Miller. Agreed on Martin, seems a gamble on consistency though eh? Jack is solid like the sunrise. It was a hard decision here. 

Buen suerte

You read me, 'shrink. It's a gamble. I've gone all in for speed. I love Jack, he's smart, the only rider who can shut Marc down, take the piss, force him to go the long way round. If I thought a fit Marquez would be on the grid I'd have chosen Jack like a shot. As it is, I'm already starting to hope I'm wrong. 

1 Bagnaia 2 Marquez M. 3 Quartararo 4 Miller 5 Martin + Fernandez

If Yamaha somehow finds 25 more horsepower I would move Q up to 2nd.

The longer it went on the better it got. So much new talent, and more to come next year. Martin and Bastiani are looking threatening. They outperformed a few notable rders. Commentors rave about Brad Binder, however I don't quite get it. Same with Oliveira. They are good, but just aren't doing it.

It will be very interesting to see how long it takes Gardner and Fernandez to adapt to the KTM MotoGp bikes. In my dreams they will push and outperform the official KTM team. Being an Aussie I live in hope (Go Jack!). Alex Rins is needs to go. Suzuki need someone that can actually finish a race and score points. Ducati Rules!!!

1: Marc 2: Pecco 3: Fabio 4: Miller 5: Mir Rookie: Fernandez

I'm certainly going to join this party for 2022, with a bit of wishful thinking in the mix:

 1. Bagnaia, 2. Mir, 3. Bastianini, 4. Marini, 5. Aleix Espargaro, rookie: Bezzecchi

Thanks! If my house was at stake, I would have picked slightly differently, to be honest ;-)

It seemed like a fun idea to have a different line-up, and also then I didn't have to check for others doing the same ;-)

Still, I have a real sense that both Bastianini and Marini will improve significantly in their second year, on newer machinery. They fought hard for the title in Moto2 last year and if not for the nasty crash at Le Mans, Marini would have been champ instead of Bestia. So both know how to run at the front, and Marini is known for taking a little longer. He already showed some real speed towards the end of the season on his Bolognese youngtimer, so I see possibilities there, in Vale's team.

Aleix had to be in my team because I love Aprilias, but I also think there is a realistic chance he will do really well. Considered Viñales too, because I think he will shine a couple of times, but I still doubt his consistency.

Red is on a roll, especially in the hands of Pecco. Yamaha will bring an evolution based on 2020 bike, hopeful of better engine. Ducati another evolution, trimmed off the fat to make more nimble. Suz' will have new engine with more hp. Suz' and Duc' will make Yamaha's life hell 🤔

Pecco #1. Difficult to chose between Miller and Martin 2.0. He had how many poles this year?

Marc will continue to have issues is my very unfortunate expectation. The Honda will be brand new and unstoppable probably a little later in the season, and hopefully Marc will return and ride the seat off it.

Peterday, our thinking is alligning, not sure you want to do that based on 2021 results 😂 and here goes:

1. Pecco

2. Fabio

3. Joan

4. Jack

5. Franco

Rookie: Raul









Thanks a bunch for taking care of the stats, Ivanhoe. So yeah, since my reasoning served me so well for this season's predictions, why not apply the same logic to next years picks? Personally, I see Raul Fernandez as the most talented of the rookies, but KTM currently looks a bit lost for consistency in motogp. They might right the ship in 2022, but the murmurings are that Raul really wants out of his contract. Their partnership for next year doesn't seem to be in the best faith. That kind of unfinished business can affect the spirit in the pitbox and overall results on track. I really wanted to pick Raul as top rookie, but went with a Ducati guy based on the performances of Martin and The Beast this year. 

Good luck! (If you do well, so will I...)

Cloverleaf__711__1._Jack Miller__181__2._Francesco Bagnaia__252__3._Fabio Quartararo__278


Motoshrink__628__1._Marc Marquez__142__2._Fabio Quartararo__278__3._Joan Mir__208


Lilyvani__601__1._Marc Marquez__142__2._Fabio Quartararo__278__3._Jack Miller__181


D999__601__1._Marc Marquez__142__2._Jack Miller__181__3._Fabio Quartararo__278


TZnRDracer__557__1._Fabio Quartararo__278__2._Johann Zarco__173__3._Maverick Viñales__106


Rholcomb__557__1._Maverick Viñales__106__2._Johann Zarco__173__3._Fabio Quartararo__278


Iannis_Z__533__1._Joan Mir__208__2._Franco Morbidelli__47__3._Fabio Quartararo__278


Richtea__523__1._Johann Zarco__173__2._Marc Marquez__142__3._Joan Mir__208


WaveyD1974__505__1._Marc Marquez__142__2._Francesco Bagnaia__252__3._Jorge Martin__111


SP_won__496__1._Johann Zarco__173__2._Marc Marquez__142__3._Jack Miller__181


St Stephen__483__1._Fabio Quartararo__278__2._Alex Rins__99__3._Maverick Viñales__106


Buccatini__472__1._Johann Zarco__173__2._Francesco Bagnaia__252__3._Franco Morbidelli__47


Mr.X__421__1._Johann Zarco__173__2._Maverick Viñales__106__3._Marc Marquez__142


Daddyrat__414__1._Johann Zarco__173__2._Marc Marquez__142__3._Alex Rins__99


Apical__414__1._Marc Marquez__142__2._Alex Rins__99__3._Johann Zarco__173


Brian__414__1._Marc Marquez__142__2._Alex Rins__99__3._Johann Zarco__173


stumo__414__1._Marc Marquez__142__2._Alex Rins__99__3._Johann Zarco__173


Peterday__397__1._Franco Morbidelli__47__2._Joan Mir__208__3._Marc Marquez__142


Pool Pirate__331__1._Johann Zarco__173__2._Franco Morbidelli__47__3._Jorge Martin__111


Ivanhoe__288__1._Alex Rins__99__2._Franco Morbidelli__47__3._Marc Marquez__142



Thanks ivanhoe good job mate.

Apical equal fourth from last in a feild of twenty, hoping for a better result next year.

Shrink wants me to sort out ties ivanhoe, can I call you Van? guess I will be in touch.

Seizure later.

Guess someone has to make you all look good, so here's my 'foot of the table' contribution, but with a little less sympathy for the underdog this time - though I couldn't resist at least one 'curved ball'

1. Bagnaia   2. Marquez   3. Martin   4. Miller   5. Dovi and   Rookie Fernandez

Thanks for organising this bit of fun too.

think I'll go mostly Blue ;)

1) Quartararo   2) Bagnaia   3) Marc Marquez  4) Mir  5) Morbidelli  R) Gardner

^ Great! Keep them coming. 

Lots of variation and interesting decisions. Looking fwd to off season discussion. A bit nervous about how all the riders will do! 2/3rds of the grid are starting to feel like my children or something. The psych phrase used there is "cathect," to experience something as a part of yourself. You can pick them because you love them, then love them even more for the picking.


If you don't get the obscure reference don't worry...    ;-)

I have sent my resignation from the Alex Rins Fan Club to Spain, and I have demanded a refund! Guess I'll have to pick through the gravel to find it though...

OK, here's my prediction for 2022:





Dovi (yes, Dovi)

Raul, rookie

Who knows what two years of engine moratorium will produce?? Could be crazy, can't wait!




There are a few Dead fans around you can be sure, there is a Dicks Picks cd around here still somewhere. Dovi got tipped more than once! Wouldn't it be nice to see him do it on the newer bike?


Good luck mate

1.Marquez 2.Bagnaia 3.Miller 4.Quartararo 5.Zarco 6.Bezzecchi

Welcome, solid picks.

Pecco is getting HUGE belief/support/hope right now, eh? Changing of the guard. Bikes too, look at all this Red. I don't think as well of the Yamaha as some folks do, Quarty won somewhat despite it. 

We are about to see quite a bit at upcoming Winter Tests. The freeze is over, there will be advancements. David mentioned caution at bringing too much change. I don't share that. I worry about too little for Yamaha in the engine dept. Also very much anticipating that the all new revolution Honda is hugely better in nearly every way (that is NOT a wish btw). David's KTM example of too many change variables being problematic doesn't resonate so well here. The tires changed away from them. They worked HARD and smart to bring new chassis and there was a good improvement. It didn't adhere and build further. Not sure that it is down to too many changes. They are a bit of an outlayer. 

The Suzuki is coming together well closing the season. The first go w the 2022 motor was same character, more power. I can't say the same for Yamaha. 

I'm sure the new bike will be much improved but unless Marc actually reaches full fitness I'm not sure if the rest of the Honda riders will be championship material. Yam is Quarty only right now but Morbidelli might do something once he comes good. Be interesting to see if Brivio is really on his way back to Suzuki. That and a few hp and look out for Mir.
Spoken as a proven mid-pack guesser.


Seems 2022 is going to be about speed. The bike's already a rocket ship remember, Brad Binder hit 362.4 in May 2021 in practice for the Italian Grand Prix. Ok, power delivery was harsh, which of course couldn't be addressed, the bike and tyres didn't work so well together, which seems to have been the root cause of the problem in finding a base setting, there were injuries and maybe rider selection lacked coherence. But KTM are about bikes, they don't have greater priorities in other areas attracting their most able talent. Focus, clever people (including Dani) and resources should lead to a very much improved package for 2022.  I'll be watching progress in testing with great interest. Get the aero right and I think they could be capable of running with the Dukes. Binder B for top 5.