Razlan Razali Forced To Issue Apology For Statements On Petronas Split

Razlan Razali, Team Principal of the Petronas Sepang Racing Team until December 31st, and after that, team boss of the new RNF Racing Team which takes its place, has been forced to issue an apology to the Malaysian petroleum giant Petronas. In October and November, Razali gave a couple of frank and openhearted interviews to the German-language publication Speedweek, in which he explained the background to the split with Petronas and the search for a new team.

The two interviews covered a lot of ground, including details of the split between Razali and Johan Stigefelt, who had shared leadership of the team from the beginning, and his regret at having signed Valentino Rossi after a strong start to the 2020 season for the Italian. He also talked about how he declined the first offer made by Petronas, with a reduced budget, and how he regretted having turned that down.

The interview which caused the trouble, however, was the one in which Razali delved into the details of the split with Petronas. The SRT team boss explained how the negotiations with Petronas had gone, and appeared to blame staff changes in Petronas' marketing department for the decision to withdraw sponsorship for the team.

This has not gone down well with Petronas, which wields considerable political power in Malaysia. As a result, Razali has been forced to issue an apology for the interviews he gave. In a statement, issued yesterday, the RNF team boss said that he sincerely regretted "the outcome of how the articles were written and the impact they have received. It was never my intention to create any friction between myself and the parties involved. With that, I apologize if the parties mentioned by these journalists are offended in any way."

How that will impact Petronas' further involvement in MotoGP – as title sponsor for the Malaysian GP at Sepang, and as official fuel supplier to the Moto2 and Moto3 classes – remains to be seen. One of the questions highlighted by Razali was the fact that Petronas were dropping his team, but not pulling out of the sport entirely.

Below is Razali's press release:



In reference to several online news article published in regards to the discontinuation of PSRT’s title partner, Razlan Razali, Team Principal of the PETRONAS Sepang Racing Team responded.

“I sincerely regret on the outcome of how the articles were written and the impact they have received. It was never my intention to create any friction between myself and the parties involved. With that, I apologise if the parties mentioned by these journalists are offended in any way. We have mutually agreed that the partnership have reached its purpose and objectives and given the economic situation globally due to the pandemic, I respect the decision made by the title partner to discontinue with the team. The team together with its title partner have achieved and accomplished so much in the three years of our collaboration and I thank our partner for the commitment and support given as we concluded on a positive note at the last race in Valencia.”


“The said articles do not express the views or opinions of SIC as the team owner, and neither are shared, supported or endorsed in any manner. We respect PETRONAS’ decision to conclude the title partnership and stand firmly that the separation was mutual and importantly, amicably agreed. We would like to thank PETRONAS for their constant support throughout the partnership.”


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He regrets he signed Rossi, he regrets he didn't negotiate a deal with Petronas, he regrets what he said about Petronas - he sounds like a solid leader😂😂😂

Won't work with Speedweek, they do everything they can to prevent you using Google translate. To translate Speedweek you need to copy the text of the article, sometimes twice, and post that into Google. Google will then make a total hash of translating the article, fail to rearrange the words from German sentence structure into English and tell you the winner was actually the person who came third.

But its better than trying to use my GCSE German to tranlate it.

What a bummer! They came out of the dugout swinging and looked really professional and switched on, best yamaha satellite results since WCM Redbull and it appears to have gone south in a big way. That sucks.

Herve said in an interview that even if he could afford full factory bikes Yamaha wouldn't lease them to him.

What changed within Yamaha to have a third factory bike on the grid? Was it down to production capacity, who knows?

Research the marc vds / bartholemy split.

Eerily similar to raz / stiggy split.

" what do you mean you own everything and have been merely leasing it to me ? ! "

Don't these people have people who read the fine print?

Giant egos at the top level of anything create friction by the mutual exclusivity of their goals and the intensity of the need to reach them. I'm thinking egos don't get much bigger than the ones involved this offseason. This situation plus the whole Vale will he/won't he Bone Saw seem to involve the biggest egos possible. Can't wait to see how all this plays out. I have plenty of popcorn, let the reality show,,,er,,,offseason proceed.

Speaking of quotes, Alex Marquez today inadvertently said something I find funny/revealing. Re the 2022 Honda, drivegrip is better and "turn in is safer." Safer! Hah. Well well.