More From Jules Cisek: Photos From The Monday Test At Brno

On Monday morning, Jules Cisek had a final chance to take some photos during the Brno test. He had to be quick, though, as he was soon chased out of pit lane by overly officious security guards.

Pramac - because Ducati's don't necessarily have to be red

Nicky Hayden's wrist was sore, but he had work to do, so he got on with it

Still crazy after all these years: Italian veteran Loris Capirossi

Andrea Dovizioso gets behind the bubble

And then gets on the bike

Lorenzo listens

Alvaro Bautista only rode a few laps this morning, before deciding he was too banged up

Luckily, Frenchman Sylvain Guintoli was on hand to take Bautista's place

Finish quality doesn't get any better than on Honda's MotoGP bikes

Two men who will be busy next year. Ducati team boss Vito Guareschi talks to Italian journalist Paolo Scalera

Alex Briggs tweets that he can't say whether he's going to Ducati as well for about the twelve millionth time

It's good to be back: Interwetten Honda's Hiroshi Aoyama was looking fit and healthy, and was surprisingly fast in Monday's test

Going fast is all about mental preparation

Marco Melandri is not having an easy year in the San Carlo Gresini team

Guintoli gets the green light to go testing

Moto Porn: The RC212V's tail end

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Good work Mr PopMonkey & Mr Kropotkins. Top photos.

I love the @Alex_Briggs Twitter ref !!

Also, nice to SG50 back on a MotoGP bike, if only for a short ride.

The RCV tail pipe is pure HRC Porn !!

Loris looks a little old and tired to me lately. After all his years of racing, it can't be much fun to ride around closer to the back of the field than the front, which is where he is most of the time. And since he isn't going to get a factory ride again, you have to wonder if that'll ever change. He must have enough money by now. While he has a certain presence in the paddock, you have to ask if it might be better if he retired at the end of the season.

But I guess if he still has fun regardless, and someone wants to hire him to ride a bike...

Maybe when they go to the bigger bikes he'll have more success.

Great fotos; thanks for posting them. And thanks to Jules.

Refreshing change from the usual formulaic images.
They look like the truth, not massaged to suit the PR boyos.

Someone give this man a job.

Well done, matey, it's good to hear you're getting chased out, start worrying when you don't.

That's Bernard with Alex Briggs, strange how Belgians never get mentioned with all those mouthy Oz wallahs around.


these photos do give a real feel to the aspect of "being there" i am sure anyone over a certain age feels sick and tired of PR spin and pre prepared press conferences where no one says anything. The younger generation maybe be satisfied with 'sound byte' PR but any one with a little maturity gives it a miss. even the riders look 'warts and all" real.

Talking of 'real' photos.. who took,and where did it disappear too, that photo of Michel fabrizsio[?] on a ducati in australia[?] giving the finger at 280kmh or so. now thats non PC!!!

I gotta say - I am liking very much seeing photos in a different style.
And yep, that HRC exhaust is sweeeeet! haha

Oh yes, Fabrizio... that is an awesome pic as well. hahaha. I don't think he's going quite at 280Km/h, but it's impressive nonetheless.
So of course I saved it as soon as I saw it...