2022 Assen MotoE Race 2 Result: Rain Spoils The Fun

The final race of the day started under the threat of rain, with a delayed start due to a shower just before the start and then a red flag on the warm-up lap, the notorious Assen weather adding some more spice in an almost impossible attempt to improve on Saturday’s racing. A shortened six-lap race eventually got underway, at the third attempt and with spots of rain still floating around, but that did not stop riders going five-wide into turn one. Mattia Casadei was the winning party out of turn one, ahead of poleman Dominique Aegerter, while Matteo Ferrari was up to third in front of Eric Granado and teammate Miquel Pons.

Casadei was quick to get a few bike lengths’ lead while Aegerter was busy fending off Ferrari over the opening lap, but the world cup leader soon closed the gap, Granado’s attack on Ferrari at turn one dropping the Italian behind both LCR machines. Granado went on to demote Aegerter by the end of the second lap and then attack Casadei into turn one at the start of the third lap, just as rain flags started waving again. The first victim of the conditions was Pons, the Spaniard losing control at turn five, with Marc Alcoba unable to avoid him and joining him in the gravel trap.

The incident left four men in the leading group, Granado ahead of Casadei, Aegerter and Ferrari, but only Aegerter managed to sneak in an overtake for second at the final chicane before the red flag came out, while Pons received some medical attention at the side of the track. The result was declared with three laps completed, Granado securing a third victory of the season and joined on the podium by Aegerter and Casadei, with Ferrari and Niccolo Canepa completing the top five.

Half points being awarded means that Aegerter’s lead in the world cup is reduced only slightly to 31.5 points over Granado, while Ferrari loses ground with a 45.5 points deficit.


Pos No. Rider Bike Time/Diff
1 51 Eric Granado Energica 05:21.0940
2 77 Dominique Aegerter Energica 0.270
3 27 Mattia Casadei Energica 0.556
4 11 Matteo Ferrari Energica 0.646
5 7 Niccolo Canepa Energica 2.784
6 17 Alex Escrig Energica 2.805
7 34 Kevin Manfredi Energica 3.751
8 6 Maria Herrera Energica 4.143
9 21 Kevin Zannoni Energica 4.216
10 4 Hector Garzo Energica 5.519
11 78 Hikari Okubo Energica 9.943
12 72 Alessio Finello Energica 10.094
13 70 Marc Alcoba Energica 0.000
15 12 Xavi Fores Energica 0.000
16 40 Jordi Torres Energica 0.000
17 38 Bradley Smith Energica 0.000
Not Classified
  77 Miquel Pons MV Agusta 03:51.0350
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And quite a pretty one too ;-)

Maria Herrera seems way to small for these heavy porkers. I think it's quite impressive how well she does, sometimes she's even up there in the top-8, like now. I wish she was consistently at her best, because she does show real speed on occasion. I remember she was fighting for 4th at Misano some 2 years back in MotoE, and she has a couple of points scoring finishes in World Supersport as well. And some good points scoring races in Moto3 before that. I've always hoped she would make that extra step, but it didn't materialise so far. Would like to see it happen after all. I rate her higher than Ana Carrasco, Herrera was usually faster when they were together in Moto3. By the way, remember that historic last corner of Misano, when two women crashed out of a Grand Prix together..? Unique incident.

Well, I'm sure he has his admirers both among women and men. But Fabio is not my taste, I like women. Although that may be considered narrow-minded or divisive nowadays. I was just giving a compliment, but I sense that this is not appreciated. I think I made it clear that I value her performances in several world championship classes, and that I'm impressed that she can wrestle these 250-kilogram electric bikes around a track this fast, among the fastest men in the world. It is harder for women in general, it's just a matter of biology, things like the needed physical strength and aggression. And she is small too, and not a manly kind of girl either. Hence my remark. So I think it is an impressive achievement, that was just my point.