Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 287: What Does Ducati's MotoE Bike Mean For The Future Of Motorcycling

In this week's episode of the Paddock Pass Podcast, David Emmett discusses Ducati's MotoE project with Jensen Beeler. Fresh back from Bologna, where he attended the launch of the electric bike Ducati has designed for the MotoE championship from 2023 onward, David tells Jensen what he learned at the launch, and what makes the bike unique.

As one of the motorcycle industry's leading experts on electric bikes, and as someone who has ridden pretty much every electric bike on the market, including the current MotoE machine, the Energica Ego Corsa, Jensen puts Ducati's MotoE bike into perspective. What does it mean for a future production bike by Ducati? And what should we read into Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali's enthusiasm for hydrogen machines?

This episode was more than just a discussion of MotoE, and Ducati's new bike. Jensen and David try to put the whole project into a wider perspective, of what it means for motorcycle racing and what it means for road machines.

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the Kool-Aid has such a cobalt and nickel aftertaste. Never forget that Jim Jones was once a door-to-door monkey salesman at one point. Oh, and don't plug your Tesla in today from 3-8 in Texas please.

Ok, back to riding my '74 TY250 2-smoke now. Gotta keep bean oil alive somehow.

Thanks Podcast crew.

Listened to this one, like almost all the PPPs, it was interesting.

I'm assuming the new GS has lots of bars etc, so tipping over in a tight space is just another bingle.

Two wheels good, to paraphrase George Orwell. I usually paraphrase better than I quoth. I doesn't matter if it has an electric motor or burns fermented ancient algae. 4 banger or 2-stroke, even those kids bikes with no pedals are a step on the way to being a "Wild One" As long as it has the correct number of wheels, TWO, it is ok.

Even cyclists aren't all totally evil.

I prefer watching a video on You Tube, but when I go to the You Tube page, the only pods listed are a few weeks old.....

Is that normal or am I missing something?



I used to click to SoundCloud, switched to better experience on Spotify. There is a free version w ads Mark. They go up quick, just audio. I paid for no ads. 

Cheers! Sorry for any perceived rudeness about your name mate! Glad you're here.

No need to worry about using my name, that is why I put it there!

The only one that worries me when my name is used is my wife............!