Editor's Blog: Choices Have Consequences - A Tale Of Food Poisoning

Our lives are defined by the choices we make and the choices which are made for us. On Monday evening, I made the choice to ignore the sell by date on a packet of nuts I found in a cupboard in my mother's house and give them a quick roast to put on a salad.

That turned out to be a mistake.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, I was struck down by a severe bout of food poisoning. My wife followed a couple of hours later. Thankfully, my elderly mother had wisely chosen to forgo the mixed nuts, and was completely unaffected. Having eaten the most of the nuts, I suffered the worst and spent two days in bed recovering. My wife was already much better yesterday, for which I am eternally grateful. The good news is that we now both feel pretty much back to normal.

What does all this have to do with MotoGP, you ask? Well, I had set aside Tuesday to finish the 2022 season so far/Silverstone preview, and post a couple of other items. That proved to be simply impossible, so I find myself at least two days behind schedule (in addition to the days I always feel I am missing). I will also not be heading to Silverstone today, Thursday, as I normally would for a race, but will wait until tomorrow, Friday, just to be certain. Fortunately, I have the assistance of a fine group of journalists with whom I collaborate.

I hope to have a post up later today condensing the season so far, as well as a wrap up from anything we learned today.

My apologies for a lack of updates, and or a lack of content. But I hope to get things back on track now.


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Don't sweat it man

Wishing you a steady recovery

it food poisoning from a contaminated non-meat product, however you have tested positive for elevated blood testosterone levels in your recent WADA test. This will result in an 18-month suspension. You may appeal but it will of course be rejected as motoGP does not currently support those who consider modeling an alternate career path or 1250GS riders . Your many efforts to support Ducati's takeover of the sport have been noted, and while Gigi and Massimo offered their (very time limited) support, the WADA rules must be adhered to for the integrity of the sport.

All the best.


I can attest to your plight. Sell by dates can be confusing and it 's meaning differs from country to country. When I travel, I keep a bottle of activated charcoal capsules in my luggage. With the first onset of symptoms, or that first stomach flip, I start taking the charcoal caps every 4 hours. The  purpose is soak up the toxins generated by the invading bacteria; without the toxins, the symptoms will be light; giving your immune system time to attack the bacteria. Drink a lot of water; replenish your gut biome (eat some yogurt for a week) and I hope you feel back to normal soon. Ciao!

Sorry to hear about your doom legume.   Don’t worry about us David.  We all feel greatly looked after by you.