Marc Marquez To Participate In Misano MotoGP Test Next Week

There is more good news for Marc Marquez. After receiving the go-ahead from the medical staff to return to riding motorcycles, the Repsol Honda rider is to travel to Misano and take part in the Misano test on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Spaniard has already ridden a Honda CBR600RR around the kart track at Motorland Aragon twice this week, to test his fitness and see how well his arm holds up riding a motorcycle. Those tests appear to have been successful, and so the next step is for Marquez to ride a MotoGP bike.

As a result, Marquez will attempt to take part in the official two-day test in Misano next week. The objective for the Spaniard will be to get a first taste of the 2023 Honda RC213V, and provide input on the first prototype of next year's bike. Marquez is likely to limit the number of laps he will ride, and focus on quality rather than quantity.

What this means in terms of a return to full-time racing is too early to say. The Motorland Aragon round in two weeks may be too early for Marquez, but on the other hand, it is one of his favorites. It is also the first of a triple header, with Motegi and Buriram on subsequent weeks. That is demanding at the best of times, and may prove too much for a rider coming back from such a long injury.

However, that Marquez will return before the end of the season is now a racing certainty. The question is now only when and where.

The press release from Repsol Honda appears below:

Marquez to travel to Misano

Satisfied with the condition of his right arm, Marc Marquez will travel to Misano with the intention of riding the Honda RC213V during the post-race test.

After two positives tests aboard a Honda CBR600RR at the MotorLand Aragon circuit on August 31 and September 02, Marc Marquez has gained valuable knowledge on the condition of his arm. With the information gained and satisfied with the progress of his right humerus, Marquez will now travel to the San Marino GP with the intention of testing his physical condition further on his Honda RC213V during the post-race MotoGP test. The eight-time World Champion will arrive in Misano on Friday evening to once again observe and work alongside the Repsol Honda Team and HRC before aiming to take to the circuit on Tuesday.


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It feels too soon for him to be trying to ride a MotoGP bike in anger (which he'll have to do if he's to provide any useful feedback whatsoever).

I'd much rather be wrong and have everything go smoothly.  There's an awful lot on the line here. 

Could be but it could also be an indication that the op went well, no infection as there was previously, right angle etc. Previous to this episode nobody would have raised an eyebrow if a rider was back on the grid in 4 weeks.

Yep, exactly. The fact that they've taken so much time to be sure it's spot on is more reassuring than anything else imo. For a guy that's constantly bullshitting the media (and with good reason) about condition/recovery/intentions etc, his smile doesn't lie. That's gen-u-ine relief and happiness.

So it's all muscles and ligaments now and there's only one way to do it, and that's on the bike. The more work he gets in this week the better and his nervous system/muscle memory should get him up to speed far quicker than us mere mortals could ever hope for!

Thumbs up! Not 30 degrees over, straight up.

He's back. Things are good.

My concern is his risk of crashing hard yet again on a still unwieldy bike. He IS maturing and settling in to himself, but same leopard/same spots. 

He is about to win. And crash. 

Betcha the Honda is about to improve in rideability. Marc will be on my Top 5 2023 list, only Honda likely. Both Mir and Rins could arise along with that bike. Tough call, need to see the Testing and new bikes. Pecco, Quarty, M.Marquez, Bagnaia, and A.Espargaro. All looking strong.  We haven't seen the last of Vinales. 

Yamaha besides Quartararo? Two bikes for the first time in AGES. A bit more motor may be en route, but this is Blue we're talking about.  I've lost confidence in Morbidelli, hoping for a Toprak seat swap. Not hopeful. But Quarty will be strong nonetheless. 

KTM, lost at sea. Next yr too. Dead horse beating, but where the hell is our new front tire?!

(I miss Suzuki already)

If he just wants a waz around, he could just do one or two of the practice sessions at Aragon or Misano...

Presumable someone (Marc probably) has worked out that if he practices at a race weekend he wouldn't be able to resist trying to get into Q2. And If he makes it into Q2 why not see if he can get on the front row? And if he's on the front row why not start? And if he starts, why not see if he can get up the inside into turn one?

Pretty soon he'd be trying to go around the outside of Pecco in the curvone at 250k, so maybe not a terrific idea!