Suzuki Press Release: Danilo Petrucci To Replace Joan Mir In Thailand

Suzuki today announced that Danilo Petrucci is to replace Joan Mir for the Thailand Grand Prix in Buriram. the press release appears below:

Team Suzuki Press Office – September 27

Former MotoGP star Danilo Petrucci will stand in for a side-lined Joan Mir at the Thai Grand Prix this weekend in Buriram.

As Mir continues to struggle with the right ankle injury he suffered at the Austrian GP in August, which includes a fracture to the talus bone and ligament damage, another MRI scan means he has been forced to sit out yet another MotoGP race.

Following stand-in rides from Kazuki Watanabe and Takuya Tsuda in the San Marino and Japanese GPs respectively, the next rider to jump onboard the GSX-RR will be motorsport stalwart Petrucci. The rider affectionately known as Petrux is a 10-time MotoGP podium sitter, including two victories. After leaving MotoGP at the end of 2021 he went directly into the legendary Dakar Rally. He took a stage win in the infamous desert race, one of only a handful of rookies to do so, and the first ever former GP winner to achieve this feat. For the 2022 season he has been racing in the MotoAmerica series, securing five wins, and narrowly missing out on the championship crown at last weekend’s season finale. Now he’s ready to step onto Suzuki’s MotoGP machine for another shot in the premier class.

Rins scored a fifth place finish on MotoGP’s last visit to Thailand in 2019, and the Spaniard is raring to go after a competitive but ultimately disappointing Japanese GP last week.

Alex Rins:
“It’s really nice to come back to Buriram, not least because the fans here are incredibly passionate about motorcycle racing and the atmosphere is always really exciting. As everyone knows, Motegi wasn’t a positive race for us, but I did get a huge boost from the Japanese fans and I want to take that support into the remaining races.”

Danilo Petrucci :
“Needless to say, I’m so happy for the chance to race in Thailand with Team Suzuki Ecstar. I want to thank the Team for giving me this fantastic opportunity. I also want to thank Ducati and my current team management for letting me take this stand-in ride. I’m really curious to jump on the GSX-RR and try it, it looks very fast and we know it’s a winning machine. I’m also eager to work with the Suzuki crew, that I’ve known for a long time now and we have a wonderful relationship. I know it won’t be easy, so I’m not putting any expectations on the experience, I just want to enjoy it. I’m also excited to be one of the few riders in history jumping from a MotoGP machine to a Dakar bike, a Superbike, then another factory MotoGP bike!”

Livio Suppo:

"Unfortunately after a new MRI, doctors have confirmed that Joan’s situation is improving but not enough to allow him to race in Thailand. Therefore, he will continue his rehabilitation in order to be fit for Phillip Island. He will be replaced in Buriram this weekend by Danilo Petrucci. We would like to thank Ducati for allowing Danilo to take this opportunity. We know Danilo is a "flagship" for them and we really appreciate it – it goes to show that passion and understanding is more important than anything else in our sport. We therefore welcome Danilo to our team, we will do our best to make this weekend unforgettable for him!"

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I cannot remember who or when, but I *THINK* someone here listed Danilo as a potential replacement but then instantly contradicted themselves by saying "As cool as that would be, no way Ducati lets that happen".

Here's to a better memory.....


It was before Misano the rumours started about that. But he had another race in the MotoAmerica series the week after, so it's no surprise he wasn't allowed to substitute, in case of injury or whatever. As it is, he finished second in the U.S. series, and I read somewhere today that he'd be back there next year. of the mutterers would be up with the play. Totally blanked on that one and wouldn't have expected it at all. I guess Sylvain still isn't better then. I wonder if there's any data going back Ducati's way for letting Petrucci ride the Suz. 

He's back in motoA its title win or out.

My question is where does Ducati Corse get all this $$ to burn? Selling Panigales with 500% margins or something? Is VW throwing them a bunch of cash to develop motorcycles with non-prismatic batteries? It's almost like Ducati is the United States - just able to print $$ at will. Something tells me there will be a scandal, just doesn't smell right.

Still, that MotoA performance was supposed to clean up against comparatively low budget operations. Sound familiar? Guess those yanks on Jap bikes can ride motorcycles sometimes too. What I wouldn't give to see Gagne unload his Yammy from a old chevy van for the first round next year. I'd reckon he'd be guaranteed the win!

... no comments on American rider talent, but Cam Beaubier and Joe Roberts, not to mention Sean Kelly, have had a pretty torrid time in Moto 2. There's a lot to consider ... bikes of course (although Moto 2 is pretty much a spec series), teams, tracks, being well away from home ... All credit to Gagne for his second American title; hope he does well in his wild-card ride in Portimao.

with the outcomes. Nothing against the US National Series guys, they are fast enough for the series, and maybe if circumstances were right fast enough in other series as well. I just think Ductati needs some hillbillie shinannigans to get the message themselves!

Yes, hope Gagne does well. Good opportunity to show himself.

Always happy to see Petrux on a racing bike, just hope Suzuki provides fireproof leathers.

... how in Dawg's name the leather mfrs manage to create new sets of leathers for substitute riders, complete with all decorations and necessary sponsor logos, with no notice at all. Never mind, in this case, getting them from Italy to Thailand by Thursday!

Mr. Emmett, that might make a fun article for the off-season!

Out of curiosity, approximately how much would Danilo earn for a one-time deal like this? I ask because I wonder if he is doing it for the sake of riding a MotoGP bike (as in not much pay at all, just expenses) or because he can make a nice profit. I do not mean to suggest Danilo would or would not do it for only money or experience, I am just curious how these types of things work. As someone watching at a distance, it makes me wonder the extent to which substitute rides are for the experience versus for the pay.

I'm guessing it all depends on which way their career is going...on the up it's for the experience and on the way down it's for the money. As an aside for that there's always...'cos it's fun!

…to see Petrux on a MotoGP bike again. I hope he enjoys himself on an in-line four. Generous of Ducati but they have nothing to lose with Suzuki exiting stage left.

Can't see any reason for giving Petrucci the ride.  Suzuki should be rewarding their test/domestic sbk riders with a GP.  

Petrucci has got far more attention since leaving GP's by doing Dakar and then stepping down to domestic level racing.  Maybe he rode a Suzuki at some point in his career (cant be bothered to check wikipedia), if not i don't get this move by Suzuki.

Pure speculation, but Livio was at Ducati (then Honda) and is now at Suzuki.

Because this is Suzuki, there is a short list of possible riders for a MotoGP substitution. The Japanese Superbike riders are not competitive, nor further the program. BSB has a few Suzukis, but need to be a fit. Really, who else is there?

I like it! Welcome back and enjoy Danilo!

You’ve got a proven race winner, appreciated by teams, fellow riders and above all liked by most fans.

Good move.

I’ve been following him ever since he made his first steps in STK series, nothing but admiration for what he achieved.

Suzuki needs a rider to keep sponsors happy, and by using a popular guy like Petrux, it’s probably getting far more media coverage. He’s a nice guy, freely admits he just wants to do it and enjoy the experience, and let’s face it, even if he comes last we’ll be reading about it. Hope he finishes in the top ten 😊