Make Sure You See The 2008 Laguna Seca MotoGP Race

If you haven't already seen the 2008 Red Bull US Grand Prix at Laguna Seca, then make sure you do, as quickly as possible. Beg, borrow, steal a copy of the race. Head on over to and sign up for the rest of the season package, just so you can watch the race online. Whatever they're asking, just pay them, because it's worth it. That race was a piece of history. If you love motorcycle racing, or even if you only have a mild interest in motorcycle racing, watch that race.

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As an Australian myself, I thought Casey's comments about Valentino's passing moves as being "a bit tough" churlish and unsporting. He's with the big boys now. Surely he didn't exprect Valentino to let him get away for another easy victory? He was fairly beaten by a better rider on the day. I wish he had acknowledged this.

It does make him look a touch a poor looser Jeff.

Still, heat of the moment, after an embarrassing fall and a loss in a race he must have thought was his not long before. I mean most of us did after the previous sessions. Big win for his opponent.

Also Rossi did nearly have him off the track because of his own difficulty in the corkscrew. Not purposefully but it would still annoy you if you were Stoner.

I'd let it slide this time, he's just being human, they looked reasonably friendly on the podium.

My anger as a Ducati fan is totally incomprehensible. I fully understand and comprehend that Valentino Rossi is the Messiah of motorcycle racing, the Buddha of the track, the Saviour, the truth, the light, and the way. Regardless, the man can't race. He is on infrerior machinery to begin with, and because he has nothing left in the tank, he resorts to using stupid, childish mind games to "break" the opposition. I could never understand why Sete quit after 06, and now it's really clear-he got tired of playing with Rossi's mind. Stoner too, if not careful, will go down the same route. Why not race like a man,and brake like real racer? Why base his whole race on trying to unsettle Stoner, instead of racing his own race. I'm sorry for Stoner fo making that mistake, for which he fully understands. Lat night was the last time I watch Moto GP until Rossi leaves, because is I'm looking to be entertained using stupid, psychological games, I'll watch Oprah. Enjoy the rest of the season.

.. to win..And thats wht its all about. If everyone went out there and raced their own race it wouldnt be a sport and it wouldn't be entertainment. It is a show after all.

Its good to be a Ducati fan but better to also be a fan of the sport. Rossi pushed to the limit.. and clearly so did Stoner.. And for this, the race was truly great. If Casey had stayed on and they had been tooth an nail to the finish line, it could have been anybody's race. And I'm sure if Casey had won Vale would have said well done to him with a big smile on his face. Thats the difference.

Peachy race indeed!

I'm sure UK folks already know, but they can watch it free (For ten days or something.) on the BBC iPlayer once it's up. Doesn't seem to be there yet but I'd imagine it will be sometime monday.

Jeff, I've been roundly criticised on a riding forum for saying the same thing. I live in Australia as an ex-pom. I don't see Stoner through tinted specs and his continual whining irritiates me. I saw some real hard racing, by a rider who knew that if Stoner got past, that that would be it, race over. I didn't see any crazy moves and even the corkscrew was more a mistake from Rossi that he couldn't get back from, rather than an attempt at something dangerous. His whole body language post race was sulky and childish.

What do others think? I know Rossi isn't an angel and some of his moves in previous years have been questionable but I didn't see anything like that today.

I'm sure Stoner was very frustrated that Rossi was holding him up.  Casey clearly had more speed than the Doctor, yet he couldn't find a way to get past and break away.   And then that dumb mistake of pushing too hard into turn 11, the slowest corner of track, must of put him over the edge.  Thus, the nonesensical comments.  But, that is just my guess.


Stoner's comments weren't broadcasted on CBS here in the USA.  I'm sure he was disappointed with the result and was letting that show, but he's got nothing to be ashamed of.

I can't remember seeing two riders race so closely for so long.  So much of the racing since the 800's came has been one rider taking off and winning by a big margin.  That's what made this race such a treat to watch.

It seemed to me that Stoner had the best of Rossi from the final turn until the fast left hand kink that is turn 1.  Rossi seemed better around the remainder of the track.  Casey looked like he was having some trouble at Rainey, with the rear of his bike stepping out pretty big a few times.

Great race, though.  I'm still buzzing.

Stoner is now alleging that Rossi brake checked him. Read Autosport for the story.

Brilliant race, and while it was physical and highly spectcular, I think Rossi at the Cork Screw was over the limit. And no, trying to run into your fellow riders is not racing in my book.

While everybody seems to pinch into Casey for being honest, direct and, yes, a bit of a moaner (guys, he's only 22...let him the space to grow...), I don't think he will go down the Biaggi/Gibernau line and that Laguna Seca episode will make him stronger.

Truly one of the great races. In case anyone hasn't yet read Rossi's autobiograaphy, get hold of a copy and erad it. Aptly titled "What if I hadn't tried it?', it reflects his mind and how he applies that mind to the sport he has made all his own. There to me is the paradox that Rossi is - that makes him an immortal rider. The ability to combine entertainment with the deadly serious business of winning motorccyle races such as these. He has the ability to not smiply provide a spectacle, but draw you into his world. He has the refreshing honesty, confidence and candour to make it clear that he needed to do something different. I think he handed Casey a masterclass in tactical riding coz he knew if Casey went past and stayed ahead for more than one corner he would have disappeared. He simply had to do what he had to do. With all that, I don't think Rossi is a saint - I do remember he made noises about Lorenzo's passing moves earlier on in the season when JL was doing his 'porfuera' stuff - overtaking on teh outside.

From my name you can guess where my leanings are, and I do think Casey is of a different cut to Gibernau or Biaggi - he has an inexorable quality to him when he starts winning. He will come back tougher, harder and will want to pull a Rossi on Rossi himself. The lines between 'clean' and 'dirty' will get muddied. But I do wish he had shown more grace and class - he clearly was having a go at Rossi even when talking with Vermeulen and the rest of the Suzuki crew once they were back in parc ferme. He needs to learn to win even when has hasn't won the race. Public support can be a wonderful restorative when the chips are down. Like Jihem has already said above, he is only 22 and will only grow stronger.

I am simply biting my fingers off at the prospect of the greatest of all time being challenged by someone who will put his name too up there pretty soon. It is going to be truly awesome, the rest of the season.

Kropotkin - I anticipate your report which I shall read and re-read. Thank you.




Looked like Rossi braked early to me.  He's a wily rider with many tricks up his sleeve.  Some moves were a bit tough (especially that one), and I can understand Stoner saying something - maybe he hopes it  will make Valle think twice before pulling such a trick again.  More likely he is just sore about losing that way, which is understandable.  Rossi has always pulled tough moves when he has been desparate.  It makes for wonderful racing!  It would have been a boring race if he hadn't stuffed his bike in front of Stoner at every possible opportunity.  Can't wait for the next round.  Hope Danny's fit as well.

Its great to see the Ducati fans upset that there was actually a race.  I guess it is more enjoyable when their rider dissapears, but then.

Why not race like a man,and brake like real racer?  lol that was real racing. 

I guess Ducatsi's or Stoners boys forgot what it was like, the 125's where not that many years ago.  Casey spent his time using the same tactics on others.

That was one of the most exciting races I've seen in awhile and I've been a GP fan since the 80's.

What marred it for me was Stoner's comments at the end and his negative attitude. Did he forget what real, hard racing was like? Did he forget some of his close nasty 250 races from before? Would he prefer to go back and race with Hector Barbera?!?

Go back and watch Roberts and Sheene and Spencer and Mamola and Lawson and Rainey and Schwantz and Mick Freakin Doohan. Or better yet, go ride WSBK with Haga and Bayliss and Corser and Biaggi and Xaus. This was just another day at the office for any of those boys. How would Stoner handle racing with Matt Mladin? Jesus, he'd be reduced to tears. All those guys raced to win, all those guys did what they had to do to get it done. I think Jerry Burgess said it right, in the 80's and the 90's that was what the racing was like EVERY_WEEKEND.

I like Casey, I like Rossi. I LOOOOVED THIS RACE (except for the end). How was this race so different from Assen last year when they went at it, hammer and tongs? I would have loved to see what happend if they had gone to the wire.

All I can say is, don't make Rossi angry, don't say he raced dirty. That NEVER works out for you (i.e. Gibernau, Biaggi).